The Legend Of Futian Chapter 444

Chapter 444 Ye Futians Gift

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Long Huan’s body slammed onto the ground, shaking. He wasn’t hurt. Ye Futian couldn’t hurt him much in the Dragon Clan. But if he could choose, he wished that today wouldn’t happen.

He’d completely humiliated himself today.

He’d mocked Ye Futian’s music as little tricks and wanted to advise Ye Futian. But he ended up being destroyed. Ye Futian played carelessly but defeated him.

He wanted to compete in martial arts, but it was even worse. He couldn’t even take a hit.

Do you even qualify for martial arts? Those words slapped him strongly. He was a Dragon Master from the Dragon Clan, but he’d embarrassed himself so much before a study attendant. He had lost all face.

Everyone at the banquet stared at them. Their hearts pounded wildly. Study attendant? Little tricks? Who now still doubted whether Ye Futian had helped Long Ling’er?

Even Long Ling’er herself couldn’t believe this. She’d only listened to Ye Futian play a few songs and he’d taught her the Dragon Master music. She didn’t think Ye Futian would be so powerful.

“Brother Futian,” Long Ling’er called softly. She felt guilty. Ye Futian was so extraordinary, but she’d made him into a study attendant and had him get humiliated at the Dragon Clan. She felt bad because this was all due to her stubbornness.

Right now, Ye Futian turned towards Madame Long and bowed slightly. “Madame, today I only came to return the Celestial Pavilion’s badge and stayed because it was Ling’er’s birthday. I didn’t want to be humiliated, so I had to prove myself. I’m sorry if I caused any disturbances.”

“No, I’m not strict enough with my juniors. It isn’t your fault.” Madame Long looked at the handsome youth before him. She couldn’t find anything wrong with Ye Futian’s words. Long Huan had asked for this beating and it was good to teach him a lesson.

“Thank you for your understanding,” Ye Futian said, bowing. “I won’t disturb you any longer. Goodbye.”

“Ling,’er,” he continued. “I’m going now. I’ll move out of the Celestial Pavilion and we’ll see each other if fate allows it. This has nothing to do with you. Don’t be sad.” Ye Futian smiled at her.

Hearing that he was going to move out and thinking of how people told him before to leave, Long Ling’er felt that Ye Futian had been wronged. Her eyes reddened and said to the crowd, “Since you didn’t come genuinely anyway, let’s just stop this birthday celebrating. You don’t have to pretend anymore. Just go.”

With that, she walked out and jogged to Ye Futian. Grabbing his arm, she asked, “Brother Futian, you won’t stay with me anymore?”

Ye Futian looked at her teary eyes and felt a headache. He knew this girl was a good actress, but he really couldn’t stand the puppy eyes

The Dragon Clan were shocked too. The princess’ relationship with Ye Futian was better than they’d thought.

Ye Futian looked over at Madame Long. She just smiled and nodded, so Ye Futian also smiled wryly. He’d just beat someone from the Dragon Clan. Was this okay?

“I’ll spend some more time with you.” Ye Futian patted Long Ling’er’s head.

“Yay.” Long Ling’er’s eyes brightened immediately. She looked up at Ye Futian and giggled. She was very silly and nave. She took Ye Futian away, ignoring the Dragon Clan.

Madame Long looked at everyone and asked quietly, “Are you satisfied now?”

Everyone looked down. With Madame Long’s intelligence, she obviously knew what they were thinking. They’d wanted to make a scene over this, but sadly, Long Huan had lost too badly. It was too humiliating.

“If your attitude is still like this, there’s no need to waste time for another visit. Go back now. Act as if nothing has happened. You cannot mention it or cause trouble for him,” Madame Long said.

Long Huan was already up. Madame Long said they couldn’t mention it, but many people in the Dragon Clan would still know. He was still embarrassed.

Everyone rose, bowed, and retreated. The crowd quickly dispersed. Madame Long glanced at Long Ling’er and shook her head, smiling wryly. “Oh, that girl. Long Mu, spend more time with Yunxi. You young people should talk well.”

“Okay.” Long Mu nodded.

“I’ll go check Mr. Feng.” Madame Long left with a smile, clearly giving Long Mu a chance with Gu Yunxi.

They obviously could tell too. Gu Yunxi smiled and asked, “What do you think about him?”

Clearly, she was asking about Ye Futian.

“You’re skilled in music. The artistic conception is nice. I’m sure he’s quite talented. As for martial arts, it’s hard to tell from that simple exchange. Long Huan is good, but he’s not the best in the Dragon Clan. But if he can defeat Long Huan, he must be quite good too,” Long Mu said.

“Yes.” Gu Yunxi nodded. She thought back to Ye Futian’s brilliance while he played. He’d performed three songs. Did he really write those brilliant songs?

Long Ling’er dragged Ye Futian back to her room, but Ye Futian asked, “Ling’er, who was the woman beside your mother?”

Long Ling’er froze and then glared at Ye Futian. “You think Sister Yunxi is pretty, don’t you. Do you like her now?”

“Where do you get those ideas?” Ye Futian knocked against her head. “Didn’t she say that she would give you a song? That was the song I sold, so I’m curious.”

“Oh, then that’s coincidental. But it’s bad that there’s such a beauty before you, but you think of someone else.” Long Ling’er’s fierce expression was quite cute. Ye Futian was speechless.

“Yes, she’s a beauty, but it’ll be a few years for you,” Ye Futian said, smiling.

“I knew you don’t have good ideas. Sister Yunxi is the daughter of the Gu Clan and a famous beauty. She’s cultivating at the Starry School and likes the guqin. When my uncle was alive, the two families wanted her and my brother to get married. But we don’t talk about it anymore.”

“Understood.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Do you really have thoughts?” the girl asked cautiously.

“How come you’re so gossipy?” Ye Futian was speechless.

“I’m jealous.” The girl pouted. “The piece she gave me is better than your gift.”

“I” Ye Futian stared at Long Ling’er. “She bought that. Does it count?”

Her logic

“I don’t care. You have to give me something better,” the girl said, clutching Ye Futian’s elbow.

Ye Futian wanted to hit his head. His head hurt. He shouldn’t have stayed.

“Or at least give me something similar.” Long Ling’er shook his elbow. “Brother Futian, you can’t give up your sister for a beauty. Brother Futian, can you be a brother? You have to keep visiting me after leaving.”

Now, Ye Futian realized what the girl was doing. She was scared that he would leave forever, so she tried to keep him here.

Seeing Long Ling’er look at him with beautiful and innocent eyes, Ye Futian softened. “Okay, I’ll give you a song, but don’t tell anyone other than your parents that it’s from me.”

“Okay.” Long Ling’er nodded.

Ye Futian’s ring flashed and a copied score appeared in Ye Futian’s hands. He handed it to Long Ling’er. “Learn it well and comprehend as much as you can. Don’t force it.”

“Okay.” Long Ling’er clutched the score and giggled. Looking at Ye Futian, she said, “I know that you’re the best.”

“You suck too,” Ye Futian mumbled. He lost to a little girl.

“Who else?” Long Ling’er asked playfully.

“Your aunt,” Ye Futian said.

“Auntie must be pretty,” Long Ling’er said.

“Of course. She’s the prettiest girl in the world. She’s my wife, after all,” Ye Futian said proudly.

Long Ling’er giggled. “Brother Futian, you’re so self-conceited.”

“It’s called confidence.” Ye Futian patted Long Ling’er’s head. “Alright. I gave you the present and now I’m going back. Go spend time with your mom.”

“Then, this” Ling’er held the Celestial Pavilion’s badge.

“Put it away.” Ye Futian smiled and turned to leave.

Long Ling’er looked at his back, not wanting him to leave. “Brother Futian, I’m going to look for you tomorrow.”

“You’re so annoying,” Ye Futian muttered.

“I’ll annoy you to death.” Long Ling’er smiled brightly.

Not long after Ye Futian left, a woman stopped him and bowed. “Mr. Ye.”

“Who are you?” Ye Futian asked.

“My lady said that your music is worth more than what you’ve received. She has a private courtyard in the Divine Sky City and wishes to give it to you,” the woman said. She looked somewhere and Ye Futian followed her eyes. He saw a beautiful woman standing there. She smiled and nodded.

Afraid I have nowhere to live? Ye Futian thought. Then he smiled and shook his head, “Thank your lady for me. However, the music is worth more than this, but those who truly understand its value will treasure it more.”

With that, Ye Futian walked away. He didn’t accept the gift.

After Ye Futian left, Long Ling’er took out the music. She discovered that the piece was very difficult. She couldn’t play it even after many tries.

Seeing her immersed in it, Madame Long didn’t disturb her. She just watched quietly. Mr. Feng stood beside her.

“What piece is that?” Madame Long asked. “It seems very hard. She’s tried so many times. Is she bad at comprehending it?”

“I don’t know. Ling’er isn’t bad at comprehending.” The elder shook his head and listened quietly.

As Long Ling’er practiced more, she could play one part haltingly. The elder’s expression grew serious.

“What’s wrong?” Madame Long asked after seeing his serious expression.

“Listen closely.” The elder closed his eyes. Long Ling’er kept trying with a serene smile. She was immersed in it.

But then, the elder flashed and appeared before Long Ling’er. Madame Long followed with a shocked expression.

Long Ling’er looked up and said in confusion, “Grandpa Feng, Mother.”

“Ling’er, what song is this?” the elder asked.

“I don’t know.” Long Ling’er shook her head.

“Can I see it?” the elder asked. Long Ling’er hesitated.

“Ling’er,” Madame Long called. What was wrong with her?

“Grandpa Feng, you have to give it back,” Long Ling’er said.

The elder nodded and took the music score. His expression grew even more serious and he even shook uncontrollably.

“Mr. Feng.” Madame Long was a bit shocked. “Is the song very special?”

“Madame.” The elder put down the score and looked at her. “If I’m not wrong, this should be one of the top ten songs of the Divine PrefectureUkiyo!”