The Legend Of Futian Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Long Mus Words

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The Starry School Musical Spell Department’s elders and the disciples who had lost felt more at ease after hearing Gu Yunxi’s words. Since Ye Futian had such high musical achievement and was someone that was highly valued by Madame Long, it became much easier for them to accept their loss.

Many people looked towards Gu Yunxi, the prided daughter of the Gu Clan, well-read, proficient in the Guqin, not only was she extremely talented, but she also had impeccable character.

Her words elevated Ye Futian’s ability while saving face for the Starry School. This was a win-win scenario for both sides and an excellent display of her intelligence.

Although she admitted that she was not Ye Futian’s match, her frankness won the respect of others. She was humble and beautiful, and even had the honor of listening to Ye Futian’s guqin piece, and headed to the Celestial Pavilion to seek Ye Futian’s teachings. The tense atmosphere became a lot lighter because of a few simple sentences from her.

Gu Yunxi continued to maintain a faint smile, bowing in the direction of the Starry School’s viewing platform, saying, “In the battle between the Jin Clan’s young roc and Long Ling’er, Jin Fei was indeed too outstanding, which was why Ling’er lost. Both of them are stellar individuals. If we just kick Ling’er out like that, it’s truly unfair to her. I hope that our esteemed teachers can consider again whether to give Ling’er a second chance.”

Ye Futian looked at Gu Yunxi upon hearing her words. The impression that she had given him was a gentle rich young lady. Now, he had a higher appraisal of her. In just a few sentences, she could almost clear up the dispute between both parties.

Sure enough, some of the Starry School elders nodded their heads. Gu Yunxi had given them an out and the timing was just right for the Starry School to express their opinion.

“Indeed, in Long Ling’er and Jin Fei’s battle, although she was defeated, she has redeeming qualities as well. She exhibited extraordinary battle ability, and has the qualifications to enter the school,” declared one of the elders from the School.

“That’s right. Since many of us have differing opinions, why not we let Long Ling’er battle with a few other people, so that we can judge if her ability is enough to win us over?” another person said. The other people who were listening understood that it would not be a problem for Long Ling’er to be admitted into the School.

In reality, even if the Jin Clan members wanted to prevent her admission, and use it as an excuse to embarrass the Dragon Clan, if Long Ling’er ultimately did enter the School, they would not be able to stop it from happening. After all, her potential was clear for all to see.

Regarding this, both the Jin Clan and Dragon Clan members had the same understanding. What both parties were fighting over was simply the process, however, Ye Futian’s interference disrupted everything and complicated matters. Thankfully, Gu Yunxi’s arrival managed to bring the proceedings back on track.

“Do you have any objections?” The Starry School looked towards both parties and asked.

“If that’s the case, let’s give her a chance to try again,” the Jin Clan representative nodded his head and replied.

“Sure,” the expert speaking up for Long Ling’er similarly nodded his head and replied bluntly. The Jin Clan wanted them to suffer disgrace, but the Dragon Clan would remember this grudge.

“Since both parties do not have any objections, then it’s decided. Long Ling’er, step up.” The expert from the Starry School addressed her. Long Ling’er looked in the distance, and her eyes trailed towards Ye Futian who was on the battle platform. Likewise, Ye Futian was also looking at her. He heard Long Ling’er say, “Big Brother Futian, I don’t want to enter the Starry School to cultivate anymore.”

Many people’s expressions changed upon hearing her words. The little princess of the West Mountain Dragon Clan also had a temper. Now that she had been bullied, she was starting to throw a tantrum.

If it was an ordinary person, they would naturally not have the right to do so, but Long Ling’er was different. Even if she did not enter the Starry School to cultivate, people would not feel surprised, since the Dragon Clan had their own resources.

“Ling’er, don’t be ridiculous.” From among the Starry School disciples, Long Mu looked at Long Ling’er and said, “Uncle hopes that you can enter the School to cultivate and mature, don’t let uncle and aunty’s hopes be wasted.”

He did not say anything previously because he knew very well that even if Long Ling’er was picked on, it would not change the outcome. Ling’er had to learn to face difficulties by herself, as the road ahead for her was still very long. Regardless, Long Ling’er would be able to enter the Starry School to cultivate, even if Ye Futian did not stand up for her. The words of the Jin Clan members would not be able to deny her admission, at the very most it would just displease the Dragon Clan.

“I’m not being ridiculous.” Long Ling’er looked back and Long Mu, and turned to face Ye Futian. In the days that she had been with Ye Futian, she had gotten more reliant on him. This reliance was like that of a younger sister towards her brother and had started ever since Ye Futian taught her how to play the guqin piece.

“If you don’t want to, then let’s just not enter.” Ye Futian’s reply was simple. Cultivation was not dependent on the Top Three Schools. He understood that even if one entered the Top Three Schools, it would just be an environment conducive for cultivating. With Long Ling’er’s background, she did not need the Top Three Schools to provide any cultivating resources or experts to advise her. Her family had all these. In fact, an extremely strong Dragon Master resided in the West Court.

This was also why Ye Futian never intended to join any of the Top Three Schools. The martial arts techniques and spells that he had were not necessarily inferior to those of the Top Three Schools. Even if he entered the Top Three Schools, what could a Sage Plane cultivator even teach him, not to mention a Noble Plane cultivator?

His big brother, second sister and third brother were all at the pinnacle of the Noble Plane and had already grasped the Sage Intent.

“Okay.” Long Ling’er smiled brightly. Having big brother Futian supporting her felt great. Since big brother Futian wasn’t going to enter the Starry School anyways, she would do the same and have more time to often cultivate with big brother Futian in the future.

“When was it ever your turn to speak about this issue?” Long Mu uttered in a low tone. His voice was calm, but his arrogance laid under his composed tone.

This situation caused the atmosphere that had started to become slack to tense up again. Many onlookers had strange looks on their faces.

Ye Futian was on the Dragon Clan’s side and had close relations with the little princess. Long Ling’er addressing him as big brother Futian further proved that point. In that case, shouldn’t he be in the same faction as Long Mu? Yet, in this kind of occasion, at this time, Long Mu’s sudden outburst caused everyone to feel that something was very odd. Their relations appeared to be complicated and the crowd was confused.

The air became deadly silent again, and many looks turned towards Long Mu. Long Mu, the son of the West Mountain Dragon Clan’s legend, groomed as the successor of the Dragon Clan leader. Even though Ye Futian had been gifted the Celestial Pavilion, his position in the Dragon Clan was definitely not comparable with Long Mu.

“Brother.” Even Long Ling’er was stunned and glared at Long Mu. Why was he saying these things about big brother Futian? Could it be because big brother Futian was not supportive of her entering the School to cultivate?

Gu Yunxi also looked at Long Mu strangely. She did not understand, it was the Jin Clan that was aggressive to the Dragon Clan, so why then, was Long Mu saying these words to Ye Futian? Wouldn’t this put Ye Futian in a bad light?

If he was really Long Ling’er’s brother, he would naturally have more authority over Long Ling’er’s education. However, his words stripped Ye Futian completely of any dignity.

In reality, Long Mu did not say these words without reason. From his perspective, he hoped that Long Ling’er would enter the School. Even with the episode that just happened, it would not affect the outcome. Ye Futian standing out might look like helping the West Mountain Dragon Clan, but in actuality, it did not serve any purpose apart from putting him in the limelight. In fact, it might even affect the Dragon Clan.

Before this, if Gu Yunxi had not stepped out to resolve the issue and allowed Ye Futian to continue troubling the Starry School, who would the blame eventually land on? The West Dragon Mountain Clan.

Everyone thought that Ye Futian was from the Dragon Clan and could represent them. So, he was not thankful to Ye Futian. Conversely, he felt that Ye Futian’s actions were foolhardy, to actually treat himself as Long Ling’er’s elder, and interfering with her decision to enter the School. Was this something that he could decide?

Under these circumstances, Long Mu simply had to clarify with the crowd that Ye Futian did not have the authority to represent the Dragon Clan. Long Ling’er’s matters, were also not up to him to decide. Of course, Gu Yunxi might also play a part in this.

Jin Yunxiao smiled and thought, how interesting.

A glint appeared in the somber Jiang Nan’s eyes. Long Mu’s words gave him great satisfaction, as they had given Ye Futian a slap in the face. However, Ye Futian was oddly calm. He raised his head slightly and looked at Long Mu. That handsome figure had the same look as when they first met: indifferent and prideful. No matter how outstanding Ye Futian’s performance was, it did not faze Long Mu in the slightest.

“When I speak, when did you have the right to comment?” Ye Futian’s voice sounded cool, causing many people’s expressions to freeze again, the looks on their faces becoming especially interesting.

The two handsome teens stood there, looking towards each other, both unparalleled, with the same pride. It was as though both of them cared nothing about the other.

Just now, Gu Yunxi’s words had made everyone realize that Ye Futian could represent Long Ling’er. But one sentence from Long Mu had brought Ye Futian back down.

Just when everyone thought that Ye Futian would feel awkward about losing face, Ye Futian replied with the same tone, salvaging his reputation instantly. It was not about how arrogant his words or tone sounded, but the connotation that his words had.

He questioned Long Mu’s right to comment, suggesting that his conversation with Long Ling’er was never from the perspective of a Dragon Clan member. If it was about their positions in the Dragon Clan, Ye Futian was vastly inferior to Long Mu, and naturally would not have the right to refute Long Mu. However, he was Ye Futian, not a member of the Dragon Clan. He had never wanted to associate himself with the Dragon Clan, neither did he belong to the Dragon Clan or owe them anything.

That one simple sentence contained a wealth of information behind it.

Jiang Nan’s expression hardened. Ye Futian was not even going to give Long Mu face? Beside him, Wang Yuqing laughed mockingly at herself. This was the person they thought was currying favor?

The Dragon Clan, Long Mu, Long Ling’er? They all did not matter to him. He was just being himself, it was only the other people that overthought it.

Long Mu continued staring at Ye Futian, but Ye Futian did not pay it any attention. He turned around and started to walk down the platform. Everything that happened today would end here. However, what he thought did not reflect what others thought.