The Legend Of Futian Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Rob Martial Arts Fate

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Ye Futian didn’t look at Wang Yuqing. He kept looking at the individual space.

The martial arts battlefield had no Spiritual Qi. It only had omnipresent martial arts fate. Cultivators who entered the battlefield had their own plane but could only use their Spiritual Qi to fight while stealing martial arts fate from the battlefield. They would use up their Spiritual Qi, but if they stole martial arts fate, they could continue fighting.

These were the rules of the battlefield. Some said that it wasn’t real; the field was just a mirage created by an early sage. One couldn’t tell real from unreal. Others said that this battlefield truly existed. Everything was real. The sage had just used a special force to turn it into a training ground.

The battlefield was vast with nine levels of space on top of each other. Each level had more martial arts fate than the last. Now, the disciples of the Top Three Schools had split. They went forward and started snatching martial arts fate.

Many amongst them had come last year and was familiar with the battlefield. For example, Long Mu’s eyes were extremely sharp now. This time, he must surpass the seventh level. Next year, when he improved more, he could challenge his father’s glorious record and try the ninth level.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said. As soon as he spoke, the Black Wind Eagle flapped its wings. Four people stood on its back so they could conserve energy.

The battlefield on this level was like a barren city. They forged onward, following the disciples of the Top Three Schools. Many figures appeared before them. They seemed unrealistic, like hallucinations that could disappear at any time. They wore silver armor and had long spears. Martial arts fate snaked around them and they seemed undefeatable like Nobles.

“Everything in the battlefield is martial arts fate. You can take it all,” Loulan Xue said. The disciples of the Top Three Schools have already charged into the crowd and started fighting.

The stronger ones swept through without anyone able to block them. The weaker ones could barely walk.

A silver-armored army appeared before Ye Futian’s group too. The martial arts fate filled the sky and formed a terrifying force.

“Steal by yourself and try not to use it up before arriving at the fifth level,” Ye Futian said. The creatures on each level were different. The later ones were stronger. This was why the people of higher cultivation were more likely to make it to the end.

Right now, they were in the mid-Arcana Plane. Ye Futian’s goal was to try not to use up their Spiritual Qi before reaching the fifth level.

Four figures flew off from the Black Wind Eagle’s back. Before them, the silver-armored army’s spears shot out. Their martial arts fate transformed into horrible and shocking power. Like a Noble attack, it pierced through everything.

These spirits made Ye Futian feel that they were filled with Noble fate and created by Noble martial arts fate. However, they could only display power from the first Arcana Plane. Even still, their attacks were much stronger due to the martial arts fate.

The silver-white light cut through everything. Yu Sheng walked like a demon god. With a huge boom, all the spirits around him shattered. Martial arts fate instantly wrapped around him. He grasped a silver spear and snatched it. Then he charged forward; no one could stop him.

Ye Wuchen seemed to transform into a sword. He shot forward, creating pops of air. Various spirits were destroyed, their martial arts fate stolen.

Loulan Xue was a bit at a disadvantage. She majored in sorcery so she had to use Spiritual Qi. She released her life spirit and melded into the horrible cold light. Everything was sealed in ice and destroyed. She tried to fight as fast as possible.

Like Yu Sheng, Ye Futian ran straight into the crowd and clashed physically. Everything in his path was destroyed. He practiced the body-enhancing technique. The spirits of the first level couldn’t stop his terrifying body.

The Black Wind Eagle also crashed around. The four people and one beast swept through, quickly destroying the army. Rather than stopping, they continued forward. Other spirits would come, but the ending was all the same

“Mr. Ye,” a pleasantly surprised and gentle voice said. Ye Futian turned around and saw Gu Yunxi in the near distance. There was a young man beside her. He looked extraordinary. It was Gu Ming from the Gu Clan. Other than them, the place was filled with students from the Top Three Schools.

Ye Futian smiled and nodded. Gu Yunxi smiled and asked, “How did you enter?”

She didn’t guess like Wang Yuqing and just asked.

“I walked in,” Ye Futian said jokingly. Gu Yunxi blinked. She’d thought that Ye Futian would miss this chance, but unexpectedly, he came.

“The first three levels are easy, but in the middle, the difficulty multiplies. Each level is harder than the last. For the last three, only the top figures can enter, especially the ninth level. For thousands of years, only Long Yitian has done it. Mr. Ye, your cultivation plane is a bit of a disadvantage. Thus, you should try to get enough martial arts fate in every level. That way, you can release spells with them in the next level and help you go further.”

Gu Yunxi was more familiar with the battlefield and told Ye Futian in case he didn’t know. Ye Futian’s plane was low, but she wished he could go further. After all, there weren’t many chances before.

“Understood, thank you.” Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He continued forward and martial arts spirits kept appearing only to get killed.

In the other direction, a dazzling figure appeared. He had a pair of golden roc wings behind him. The wings flapped and swept past. The sharp feathers wildly snatched martial arts fate.

Jin Yunxiao scanned Ye Futian, surprised that they had come. Last time, he had been defeated by Yu Sheng at the Starry School’s exam day. He would never forget it.

This area was mostly disciples from the Starry School. Long Mu was also here, but he didn’t look at Ye Futian. He had his own goal on the battlefield and didn’t care about the others.

The people kept moving forward. There seemed to be a strange aura around Ye Futian. That was the martial arts fate. Ye Futian could feel clearly that he could use this martial arts strength. In addition, these martial arts fate were weak and couldn’t really help him. There was no need to go crazy to get them. However, Ye Futian discovered something strange. There were countless strands of martial arts fate around him. Each one was different. Just like the spirits he’d killed were different, the martial arts fate from them was different too.

Before him, another spirit came. Ye Futian got an idea. He instantly grouped much martial arts fate into a huge palm. He slammed it forward and killed the spirits, getting more martial arts fate and strengthening.

Ye Futian kept attacking with martial arts fate. It was actually unneeded, but he needed to use it later. Thus, he wanted to familiarize himself with it beforehand.

As he kept going, the strong and weak were gradually separated. The ordinary cultivators were left behind. The people with high cultivation had already entered the second level.

People of the Arcana Plane were naturally the fastest. The first few levels were nothing to them. There were also many silver-armored soldiers on the second level. The strong cultivators killed them all.

Ye Futian discovered that the people with high cultivation wouldn’t even take martial arts fate. They just walked past, overlooking it. Clearly, the fate from the first three levels was useless. It couldn’t help them, so they ignored it for higher levels. Soon, people crossed through the third level and came to the fourth.

Here, the spirits contained both human and beast. Ye Futian could even sense that they weren’t restricted to a single plane anymore. Their auras were horrible and some were even from the mid-Arcana Plane.

Ye Futian looked over. All he could see was an endless tide of spirits. Those from the upper-Arcana Plane finally started taking martial arts fate. Even they had to worry about energy usage later on. They must get strong enough fate to prepare for later battles.

Ye Futian also charged forward, but he didn’t use his own strength. The martial arts fate from earlier flowed through his body, protecting him. When a powerful beast rushed over, Ye Futian punched. His fist was like a dragon that roared like an ape. With a huge boom, the beast shattered. It transformed into martial arts fate and wrapped around Ye Futian.

Another demon wolf pounced like an alpha. Its demonic eyes were extremely cold.

Ye Futian turned slightly. His palm sliced across like a sword. With a squelch, the wolf was halved. Ye Futian’s palm glowed with gold light. It was as sharp was a roc’s feather. He continued charging. But then, a dazzling figure cut before him. He looked up and saw a huge gold beast sweep past. There were many poofs as countless spirits were destroyed. There was a beautiful figure on the demon’s back. It was Zhen Rong. Her fiery sword cut past, taking all the martial arts fate from the spirits her beast killed. She swept the place clean instantly.

Zhen Rong turned and looked coolly at Ye Futian before continuing. She was highly efficient at taking martial arts fate.

Ye Futian froze. The battlefield was mostly fair to the disciples of the Top Three Schools. People from every plane could challenge themselves somewhere. But those with powerful backgrounds naturally had a bigger advantage!