The Legend Of Futian Chapter 460

Chapter 460 The Truth Behind The Martial Arts Fate

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Of course, even though Zhen Rong’s absorption speed was extremely fast, Ye Futian was not frantic. The Martial Arts Battlefield had nine levels, which would get progressively harder. The middle three levels were a dividing factor; the fastest person would not necessarily be able to enter the final three levels.

These Upper Arcana Plane geniuses were able to speedily progress forward because they had been here before, and they were focused on moving even deeper. However, he needed more understanding of this place. At present, being surrounded by martial arts fate, Ye Futian faintly felt the mysterious power contained within the martial arts fate.

At that moment, a fifth level Arcana Plane demonic beast assaulted him. Ye Futian’s body rotated slightly, and the martial arts fate formed a hurricane. His fist struck through the air with an unstoppable force, and with a huge bang, the demonic beast blew up into pieces and the martial arts fate around him grew stronger. He naturally understood that to these martial arts spirits, their cultivation level would equate to the level of their martial arts fate. Killing stronger spirits would mean that the martial arts fate obtained was stronger. Furthermore, the martial arts spirits there were countless. It was no wonder that it was called the Martial Arts Battlefield.

Just then, not far away from where Ye Futian was, an expert soared through the air and looked at the ground. He saw Ye Futian had reached here, and his expression was frigid. He smirked and said, “The fourth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield is more fitting for you, why don’t you stay here and cultivate slowly.”

That expert was Jiang Nan. After the Starry School’s admission examinations, many people had ridiculed and mocked him. Even Wang Yuqing kept a distance from him, that woman was naturally not a good person, but she would act as though she was on a higher moral standpoint, the bitch.

After saying that, the person continued to advance forward. Now that he met Ye Futian again, he was naturally unhappy. That was why he wanted to show off his advantage, his cultivation level was higher than Ye Futian, so he was stronger.

Ye Futian looked at him and thought, how annoying. He did not care about Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing at all, but it seems like the other party was very concerned with him.

The martial arts spirits in the fourth level were from all levels in the Middle Arcana Plane, there were even those in the sixth level of the Arcana Plane. However, this did not stop them.

Currently, Ye Futian and his friends had reached the boundary between the fourth and fifth level. If they were to continue forward, they would be in the fifth level. He speculated that Upper Arcana Plane spirits would start appearing in the fifth level.

“Let’s not enter the fifth level, I need to comprehend the martial arts fate,” Ye Futian said, and the rest nodded. They found an empty space and sat down.

Ye Futian closed his eyes, he could faintly feel that his body was surrounded by countless martial arts fate, from the first to the sixth level. These martial arts fate enveloped him like shadows, and scenes started to play within Ye Futian’s head. He intently perceived and split the scenes, following which, he saw a robust Noble Plane cultivator. The person’s finger struck down and a Sword Will that reigned over the heavens appeared, tearing through everything.

Ye Futian saw yet another image, another sturdy Noble Plane cultivator, his body looking as though it was forged out of gold, countless golden lines coursing throughout his body. With one punch, the golden Noble Plane cultivator’s fist destroyed everything.

In his head, these images were constantly appearing, there were martial arts, spells, sword techniques, broadsword techniques, and many others.

Ye Futian had a conjecture. Within the Martial Arts Battlefield, all martial arts fate were experts’ spells incorporated into strong Spiritual Wills and converted into martial arts fate.

The martial arts fate was the fortune in martial arts. Gaining that fortune would allow one to comprehend the Martial Arts.

Ye Futian finally understood the purpose of the Martial Arts Battlefield. It was indeed a great opportunity, no wonder the disciples of the Top Three Schools were not willing to miss it. Members of elite clans would enter the Top Three Schools, not just because the Top Three Schools had an environment for cultivation, but also the resources they had.

“Do you feel it?” Ye Futian opened his eyes and asked the rest.

“Yes.” Ye Wuchen nodded.

“Looks like we can’t be in a hurry now, we’ll stay here and try to comprehend,” Ye Futian said, and Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng nodded in agreement. The group all closed their eyes and silently perceived the martial arts fate.

Regardless of martial arts techniques or spells, in reality, those that Ye Futian cultivated in was stronger than those contained within the martial arts fates. However, he needed to become more accustomed to using the martial arts fate to unleash a stronger power, to prepare for his entrance to higher levels.

He was merely in the fourth level and the fortune contained in the martial arts fate was already quite strong. What about the fifth and sixth level? What was even scarier was the seventh and eighth level. Then what about the ninth level that only Long Yitian had ever stepped foot into?

In the midst of their cultivation, many people passed by Ye Futian and his friends, but they simply glanced at him casually before continuing on. Among them, there were disciples of the Starry School who saw that Ye Futian and his friends had stopped here. They secretly thought that he was affected by his low cultivation level, even if he had outstanding potential, but his battle ability had a limit. If they were to continue further, there was indeed a great risk for them. They knew that the fifth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield would have Upper Arcana Plane spirits.

After a long while, Ye Futian and his friends started to open their eyes one after the other. They stood up and walked into the fifth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield. Before them, there had already been many experts who had come to absorb the martial arts fate. Therefore, they did not see any martial arts spirits upon entering the fifth level. They continued to progress forward and came to a vast space. At the front, there were many people battling with the martial arts spirits.

As expected, they realized that there were Upper Arcana Plane spirits, which had a strong battle ability. Seeing them appear, many spirits pounced towards them and attacked. The one standing before Ye Futian was in the sixth level, equivalent to the sixth level of the Arcana Plane.

Bam. Ye Futian’s body ignited, turning him into a flaming giant. The martial arts fate surrounded him also ignited, turning into fire martial arts fate.

Ye Futian stepped forward and struck out with a giant palm before the spirit had landed on him. The palms branded into flaming words, and with a bang, the martial arts spirit was directly torn into pieces, and its martial arts fate absorbed by Ye Futian.

He had already absorbed sixth level martial arts fate on the fourth level. This fortune could unleash the power of a sixth level Arcana Plane cultivator. Even though Ye Futian’s cultivation level was low, but he could leverage on the martial arts fate explosion to unleash battle ability that was beyond his cultivation level. Adding that on to the potential he had, it was a small matter for him to sweep the sixth level Arcana Plane spirits.

After he knew the benefits and uses of the martial arts fate, Ye Futian’s absorption rate increased and he swept the spirits at an insane rate. The sixth level Arcana Plane spirits were steadily cleared out and became his strength.

At this time, a sharp look shot towards him. Ye Futian’s gaze turned and he saw a seventh level Arcana Plane spirit walking towards him. The martial arts spirit’s aura was alarming, as though a Noble Plane cultivator had possessed it. Its arm stretched out and a huge handprint appeared in the air, golden light emitting from it. The handprint gradually became more corporeal and clawed towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian took a sudden step and flew into the air, his fingers piercing towards the front. In an instant, a huge amount of martial arts fate converted into a horrifying Sword Will and every strand of martial arts fate became a bloodthirsty sword that struck the giant handprint and shattered it.

Ye Futian continued to step forward, and crackling sounds could be heard as more martial arts fate became fearsome vines, shining with golden light, engulfing the martial arts spirit.

The spirit raised its arm and struck out, the handprint wiping out everything. However, all of Ye Futian’s martial arts fate erupted at that moment, assimilating into his Fatal Entanglement spell. Many of his martial arts fates were destroyed, but the rest of the sixth level martial arts fates still found their way past the spirit’s defenses towards its body. The golden vines struck out like sharp blades, and with a squelch, the spirit was impaled and a strand of seventh level martial arts fate started to encircle Ye Futian.

Ye Futian could distinctly feel that this strand of martial arts fate was stronger than the rest. He had to start from the lowest level and work his way up to the highest. He could do this because of his ability to defeat people of higher cultivation levels.

Similarly, if the disciples of the Top Three Schools were not able to do so after they reached a certain level, they would face their limit, even if the person was at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane. Ye Futian’s guess was that this limit was the sixth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield. There were already Upper Arcana Plane spirits appearing here. The sixth level would probably have martial arts spirits at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane.

Many people saw Ye Futian killing the seventh level martial arts spirit and looked at him. It seemed like it was true that his potential was outstanding, as he could use the martial arts fate to battle someone of a higher cultivation level and challenge a higher level of the Martial Arts Battlefield. Not only Ye Futian, but Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen and Loulan Xue could do so too.

In the fifth level, Ye Futian stayed for a very long time, absorbing a huge amount of martial arts fates, before he stepped foot into the sixth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield. He was very clear that the sixth level would be a dividing factor. The majority of the Top Three Schools’ disciples would also stop here.

The sixth level was very quiet, and Ye Futian walked forward step by step. He came to an enormous open space, and there were many stone pillars reaching towards the sky. Over there, he saw an immense amount of martial arts spirits, like a huge army camping there.

This martial arts spirit army was densely packed and blocked the road ahead. In front of the large army, the disciples of the Top Three Schools that had reached first all stopped here. They did not rush into action, rather, they were waiting for more people to arrive.

To the disciples of the Top Three Schools, they understood the Martial Arts Battlefield very well. Nobody would be reckless enough to rush into the huge army alone to try and reach the next level. Only by attacking together would they have an opportunity to break through.

When Ye Futian reached, he realized that apart from those with high cultivation levels, there were many people that he knew here. Long Mu, Gu Yunxi and the rest were all here.

Many people turned around and looked at him when they saw Ye Futian arrive. When they saw him, the disciples of the Starry School looked especially flabbergasted.

Him, a fourth level Arcana Plane cultivator, managed to get here? Moreover, Ye Futian was not the only one. However, when they remembered his performance during the day of the examination, they did not find it strange anymore. Reaching the sixth level was definitely possible for someone who could surpass the cultivation level difference, but this would be where he stopped. Not just Ye Futian, but the majority of the people would all stop here!