The Legend Of Futian Chapter 463

Chapter 463 Acquirement

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Jin Yunxiao did not even think about obtaining the sage martial arts fate himself. Based on his level, it was clearly not his turn yet. However, Ye Futian and his friends actually wanted to battle for it. How ridiculous was that? After becoming famous on the Starry School assessment day, and receiving Celestial Pavilion from Dragon Clan, Ye Futian could not even seem to remember who he was.

Zhen Rong wanted to rope him in, but only as her battle servant. Long Ling’er had a very good relationship with him, but even the next leader of the Dragon Clan, Long Mu, did not acknowledge his position. Was Ye Futian trying to join them just because of his identity as the owner of Celestial Pavilion? That would be impossible. Ye Futian and his friends could at most stay in the seventh level.

Yu Sheng looked at Jin Yunxiao, wanting to walk up, but Ye Futian extended his arm to stop him. On the other side, the spirit was annihilated and the martial arts fate was obtained by Jin Yunxiao’s brother, Jin Yunlang. Realizing this, the smile on Jin Yunxiao’s face grew brighter. Since Jin Yunlang had obtained the fate, he would certainly have his share as well. He would surely be able to enter the eighth level.

Some people looked enviously at Jin Yunlang but did not say anything because of the agreement. Jin Yunlang could obtain the martial arts fate not because he was stronger than everyone else, but because of his sage ritual implement.

“What’s happening?” Jin Yunlang asked, looking at Jin Yunxiao.

“Nothing. A few people want to sneak into the team and obtain sage martial arts fate,” Jin Yunlang mocked him.

“Who are they?” Jin Yunlang glanced emotionlessly at Ye Futian and his friends. He did not know who they were.

“You need to ask Long Mu that.” With a smile on his face, Jin Yunxiao looked at Long Mu, who only had a cold expression. Ignoring Ye Futian, Long Mu said, “They’re not with me. Let’s continue forward.”

“Wouldn’t more people make our journey easier?” Gu Ming frowned and looked at Jin Yunxiao in dissatisfaction.

“We don’t need that.” Jin Yunxiao smiled, after which he turned around and left.

“Let’s go,” Chen Wang shouted. Zhen Rong glanced emotionlessly at Ye Futian and did not say anything. It seemed like Ye Futian’s journey would more or less end here. Jin Yunxiao and Long Mu both disliked Ye Futian and would certainly not bring him along. Moreover, Ye Futian also rejected her and Chen Liu.

“Brother, why not we go with Ye Futian instead?” Gu Yunxi said to Gu Ming, intending to team up with Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at Gu Yunxi in surprise. She had a slender body and charming appearance and had always been very friendly towards him. However, at such a moment, Gu Yunxi would actually want to follow him instead. It was indeed unexpected.

Gu Ming frowned and said, “If we team up, we should be able to pass the seventh level, but not the next one.” Then, he glanced at the people who were already leaving. If the rest all passed the eighth level but he did not, he might miss many things.

“Miss Gu, you should go with them. Don’t be bothered with us,” Ye Futian said.

“But…” Gu Yunxi was somewhat hesitant. The attitudes of Jin Yunxiao and the rest just now were very disrespectful. Furthermore, the hit from Jin Yunxiao earlier was very dangerous.

“Thank you for your understanding,” Gu Ming nodded at Ye Futian.

“Just go,” Ye Futian said to Gu Yunxi, who nodded gently. Smiling, she said, “Mr. Ye, be careful then!”

“Of course,” Ye Futian nodded. Gu Ming and Gu Yunxi left to catch up with the others. He smiled and said, “It seems like we need to acquire some sage martial arts fate before we can pass the seventh level. Well, let’s begin!” After speaking, he walked in the opposite direction.

Soon, Ye Futian and his friends came to a place. Not far before them, a huge sword was inserted vertically into the ground, where there were also many deep and frightening cracks. Darkness surrounded them as if it was the end of the world.

Around the huge sword, there were countless sharp swords as well, all releasing a terrifying wave of Sword Will. On the giant sword, a martial arts spirit was standing. He stood there quietly, but everyone could feel much sharpness from him as if he had fused completely with the Sword Will around him.

Suddenly, the swords started trembling, producing a clanking sound. An invisible wave of Sword Will whizzed over in the air, and even the sky turned dimmer. Then, the figure on the sword pointed his finger forward. Immediately, endless Sword Will charged towards Ye Futian and his friends simultaneously. Looking at the boundless Sword Will, Ye Futian felt that he was extremely tiny, while the figure standing on the sword looked like an unparalleled Sword God.

“Don’t be tricked by the willpower.” Some sharpness suddenly flashed across Ye Futian’s eyes. They were facing against a sage martial arts fate. It was as if the spirit before them had the will of a sage. Hence, they must not be careless.

The martial arts fate around Ye Futian’s body converged and turned into an astonishing light curtain right before them. At the same time, the martial arts fate roared wildly and a powerful force gathered around him. Reaching out his hand, Ye Futian held the Five Element Rod and stomped fiercely on the ground, after which the brilliant wings of the Roc appeared on his back. As he waved the Five Element Rod, a formidable curtain appeared before him, blocking the Sword Will.

Ye Futian struck the Five Element Rod down, bringing along a monstrous force produced from the martial arts fate. However, the figure on the huge sword looked at Ye Futian and pointed his finger out at Ye Futian again. Three thousand gusts of Sword Will seemed to have converged and charged out at him. Following a loud bang, the appalling power of the swords blocked Ye Futian’s incoming attack before he could actually strike the rod fully. Meanwhile, an endless amount of Sword Will howled and continued attacking the intruder, attempting to eliminate the powerful field around him.

Just then, the Sage Treasure Book behind Loulan Xue released a frightening amount of coldness. Cold light bloomed wildly and shone onto the figure, causing the frequency of the trembling sharp swords to drop significantly. At the same time, Yu Sheng jumped into the air. His demonic wings flashed out and the demonic tripod in his hands expanded rapidly. Then, he struck it down from above and an endless amount of demonic force charged out as if there were numerous devils present.

Ye Wuchen’s sword also arrived. With the Alkaid in his hand, he struck the sword out and reached his target in an instant. The figure raised his head and looked at the sky. Then, he reached out his other hand and pointed it in that direction. Many gusts of Sword Will created a sword veil which blotted out the sky.

Bang! Then, Ye Futian’s rod destroyed the Sword Will in his path. His body rotated wildly in the sky, and an astounding illusory figure appeared behind him. It looked like a divine ape which, however, had an enormous pair of golden wings on its back. Ye Futian traced out a dazzling arc in the sky, after which he struck out the rod in mid-air, eliminating the Sword Will all around him.

Ye Futian’s rod continued to dance and martial arts fate filled the sky. Then, he struck out for a second time and crushed all the Sword Will before him.

Noticing the incoming Ye Futian, the figure below him reached out his palm. Right away, the endless Sword Will turned into a gigantic sword which appeared horizontally between him and Ye Futian. However, the rod broke the sword into two and continued its way down.

On the other hand, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Loulan Xue attacked together, with the Black Wind Condor cheering for them at the side. Their destructive attacks flew towards the figure. Accompanied by a loud bang, the figure was hit and trembled fiercely.

“Wuchen, come!” Ye Futian shouted. He and Yu Sheng stepped backward, while Ye Wuchen pierced into the head of his opponent with his sword. At once, the figure turned into a sword rain. Meanwhile, some martial arts fate landed on Ye Wuchen’s body.

The swords below them were all crushed in this instant.

“Such powerful martial arts fate,” Ye Wuchen remarked. They had been acquiring martial arts fate along with their entire journey so he could clearly feel the difference between this one and the previous ones. The fate this time was way stronger and it was as if it could even allow him to understand the art of swords better.

“You should feel it first. We’re not in a hurry,” Ye Futian said. Ye Wuchen nodded, after which he sat down directly and started cultivating. After quite a long while, some Sword Will flew around his body and his cultivation ended. Then, he nodded at Ye Futian.

“Let’s continue to find more martial arts fate.” Ye Futian smiled. There was so much precious martial arts fate in the seventh level so they definitely had to acquire more. It was indeed a great opportunity. It was no wonder that all the Top Three School disciples wanted to enter the battlefield. However, the seventh level had already given them a tremendous amount of pressure. The eighth and ninth levels must be harder. Nevertheless, Ye Futian was really looking forward to it.

They continued their advance and soon, they arrived at another place. Before them, there was an enormous, ten-meter-tall figure which looked like an ancient god.

Noticing Ye Futian and his team, the figure stomped on the ground with his foot. A loud rumbling was produced and even the ground trembled for it. Then, he raised his palm and slapped towards Ye Futian and his friends. Many giant palm prints pressed down from the sky, blotting out their view and crushing everything around.

Ye Wuchen suddenly moved. Having just obtained the sage martial arts fate, he would naturally bear the most amount of pressure. He struck out the Alkaid and immediately, the martial arts fate around him all turned into sword fate. Thousands of waves of Sword Will charged out from mid-air and actually split the palm prints open directly.

Ye Futian and the rest dashed forward together, surrounding their enemy. The figure stomped on the ground with an incredible force, after which he punched out fiercely. Ye Futian struck out his rod and actually felt a terrifying counterforce from his rod. He was blown backward, but the arm of his enemy also trembled wildly.

Ye Wuchen’s sword arrived like a bolt of lightning, striking onto that arm. However, a shocking light glittered on the giant, and the arm was actually not cut off. His defense was extremely strong.

Ye Wuchen turned into a sword and appeared before the head of the giant. Then, the sword pierced out towards his forehead with thousands of Sword Will whizzing over. The enormous figure closed his eyes and his body trembled greatly.

“Yu Sheng!” Ye Wuchen raised his head when he saw Yu Sheng descend from the sky. The monstrous demonic tripod landed onto the head of the giant, producing a continuous rumbling sound. Finally, the giant’s body was crushed and martial arts fate enveloped Yu Sheng’s body.

“He’s so strong,” Ye Futian said, smiling. “Yu Sheng, you should cultivate here.”

“No need. When we get more martial arts fate, we’ll cultivate together,” Yu Sheng said.

“That’s fine as well. We’ll acquire some more fate and cultivate together. After that, we’ll enter the eighth level,” Ye Futian agreed. Then, they left and headed for other places, looking for more martial arts fate.

Time passed by unknowingly.

In the martial arts battlefield, there was only a small minority who could enter the seventh level. Apart from the people in the alliance earlier, even if someone did enter the seventh level, it would be extremely difficult for them to acquire the martial arts fate here. Many people would even die in this place.

Outside the martial arts battlefield, the cultivators from the Top Three Schools and Divine Sky City were all waiting. They were all very patient. Every year, the opening of the martial arts battlefield was a major event for Divine Sky City. In particular, they would know who could enter the seventh level of the battlefield or even more. The people here all wondered which geniuses could do so this time.