The Legend Of Futian Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Conflict Outbreak

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The eighth level of the martial arts battlefield was far smaller than the previous seven levels. In nine different directions on the eighth level, there were nine sky-high bridges. They went all the way up, as if they were divine bridges leading to the heavens.

One of the nine divine bridges, however, had already collapsed. It seemed like it was completely destroyed in a terrifying battle. The central portion of the bridge was ruptured.

The place where the bridges led to was precisely the destination of the martial arts battlefield, namely the ninth level. When Ye Futian and his friends entered the eighth level, they immediately saw vague images of heavenly palaces.

Looking at the scene before them, they all felt somewhat surprised. Apart from the bridge that had collapsed, the other eight all had a frightening sight on them and were guarded by very powerful figures. They were the first group to arrive here. The allied cultivators from the Top Three Schools needed to obtain even more sage martial arts fate as they had more people. Thus, they were not on the eighth level yet.

“It is said that over hundreds of years, only Long Yitian managed to pass this level. Did he walk up the bridge that has already collapsed?” Ye Futian muttered. If just like before, one could only enter the ninth level after obtaining the martial arts fate on the eighth level, then even though those cultivators had allied, they could not all pass through. Only a few of them could at most.

Of course, they had to defeat the guardians of the eight divine bridges first. Moreover, if Ye Futian, his three friends, and the Black Wind Condor all wanted to go through, they also had to destroy five bridges.

“Which one do we choose first?” Ye Futian asked. They had already found the fights in the seventh level very challenging. At the moment, the guardians of the eighth level must be stronger. Before they battled, they were also not very confident.

Why did the geniuses from the Top Three Schools who had sage ritual implements team up? It was precisely because they wanted to pass the eighth level and enter the final place of the battlefield.

“You decide,” Ye Wuchen said.

“Then let’s just try the one in front first.” Ye Futian looked before him. The rest nodded, after which they walked forward and stepped onto the bridge right before them.

In the middle of the bridge, there was a shocking golden symbol. An endless amount of golden radiance poured down, as if there were countless ancient characters as well. The whole sky was filled with the color of gold.

In that place, there was a person standing. He was wearing a piece of golden armor and looked like an all-powerful divine general. As he scanned Ye Futian and his team, they realized that even his pupils were gold in color. His hair looked as sharp as many golden blades. There was no wind and yet his hair was swinging in the air, looking very formidable.

“Be careful,” Ye Futian reminded. The person before him gave him a sense of extreme danger. Even though he had obtained sage martial arts fate, he still dared not to be even slightly careless. Even in the seventh level, they needed to team up to defeat their enemies. At the moment, their opponents in the eighth level would only be more powerful. After all, over hundreds of years, only Long Yitian managed to succeed.

With the martial arts fate, Ye Futian could unleash the combat power equivalent to the peak of the Arcana Plane, but his own level was significantly lower. Therefore, his combat power would clearly be affected.

The figure before them glanced emotionlessly at them with his golden pupils. Then, both of his hands rotated slightly in the air. At once, a horrifying wave of sharpness filled the sky. Ye Futian and his friends raised their heads only to see many razor-sharp golden spears appear above them.

“Attack!” Just after Ye Futian said so, he dashed out like a bolt of lightning. Almost at the same instant, the golden spears in the sky fell down vertically and turned into many beams of golden light, attempting to nail the intruders onto the bridge forever.

Loulan Xue moved and ascended into the air. She looked at the sky with her silver pupils and the Sage Treasure Book bloomed. At once, an appalling snowstorm erupted and the falling spears all seemed to be frozen and slowed. However, they were still releasing their dazzling golden radiance and continued their way down.

A frightening silver radiance was released from Loulan Xue’s eyes. She lifted her hands into the air and an even stronger snowstorm swept out towards the sky, as if she was supporting the entire sky.

The sharp blades stopped gradually and were frozen within the snowstorm, but Loulan Xue only felt very worried. The first attack was already so powerful.

On the other hand, Ye Futian approached their opponent. At the moment, the figure before him was floating above the divine bridge. He extended his arm and right away, a formidable golden symbol appeared from his palm. The symbol rotated and enlarged rapidly, eventually turning enormous. Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, and Ye Wuchen’s attacks landed on the symbol, producing a loud bang. Many cracks appeared on the symbol, but it was not completely destroyed yet.

The figure rotated his hands again and the symbol dissipated. Then, many golden spears appeared and charged towards the intruders, but this time at a very close distance.

Ye Wuchen’s arm trembled. Immediately, a sword veil was formed in the sky, blocking at spears in the same way. After that, he struck the Alkaid forward and thousands of blades of light charged towards the figure continuously.

On the other hand, Yu Sheng leaped into the air and fell down from the sky. Martial arts fate circled around him, and he looked as powerful as an ancient god who could crush the earth beneath his feet and turn into a devil. Ye Futian’s body rotated in the air. Thousands of golden vines swept out and blotted out the sky.

The figure still looked as calm as ever. He moved his arms and immediately, three halos appeared around him. The sides of the halos seemed to be carved with many ancient characters. Then, the halos rotated wildly and turned into enormous symbols again. When the attacks of Ye Futian and his friends landed, they were all blocked by the symbols. Furthermore, as the golden halos rotated rapidly, they actually turned into very sharp blades that destroyed everything around them.

Boom! A frightening beam of golden light bloomed and Ye Futian, as well as Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen, were all blown backward. Floating in the air, they gazed at the general-like figure and were all astonished. The eighth level was indeed much more difficult than the seventh. It was no wonder that over hundreds of years, only Long Yitian managed to succeed. From this, it could also be deduced how unparalleled Long Yitian actually was. It was no wonder that until today, many people still remembered him and would frequently mention his name.

Suddenly, a group of cultivators walked towards their direction from outside the divine bridge. They were precisely those from the Top Three Schools. At the moment, there were fewer of them left, but those who did were all powerful elites. When they saw Ye Futian and his friends, they could not help being momentarily stunned. Ye Futian and his team actually also managed to obtain sage martial arts fate and reach here.

“Mr. Ye is indeed extraordinarily talented.” Noticing Ye Futian and his friends, Gu Yunxi smiled brightly. Just now, she was still worried that they were left behind by the allied team. Now, it seemed like she was worried about nothing. Even without the rest, Ye Futian and his friends could still obtain sage martial arts fate.

On the other hand, Jin Yunxiao, Long Mu, and some others frowned. If they were alone, it would be quite difficult to pass the seventh level, but Ye Futian actually managed to reach here. Even though he had a few people with him, it was still an amazing result. This meant that they had still underestimated the group before them.

Ye Futian also sensed the people behind him. Turning around, he saw them walking towards him with Chen Wang in front. Chen Wang showed no intention of fighting and only said, “Continue the battle.”

Ye Futian looked at Chen Wang and frowned gently. With these people eyeing them, it was clearly inappropriate for them to continue fighting. In the seventh level, these people did not even allow Ye Futian and his friends to contest for the sage martial arts fate. In the more important eighth level, they would clearly not allow it as well. Obviously, Chen Want wanted to use their battles to see the power of the golden figure. Furthermore, he could use any opportunities present to attack suddenly.

“You can go first.” Ye Futian smiled and stepped backward. Yu Sheng and the rest understood his meaning and all retreated.

“Don’t be polite. When I ask you to battle, just go,” Chen Wang continued, staring at Ye Futian and his friends. He was confident about passing the seventh level, but not so much for the eighth level which only Long Yitian had managed to. Hence, he wanted Ye Futian to test it out first.

“We’re not strong enough, unlike you geniuses from various clans and schools. You should go first,” Ye Futian said “humbly.”

“Just go. Why are you talking so much nonsense?” a cultivator from Zhen Clan also said coldly. He knew the purpose of Chen Wang’s words.

Then, Ye Futian realized that the cultivators actually started to block off the path on the bridge so that they could not leave.

“What do you mean?” Ye Futian frowned.

Jin Yunxiao sneered and looked at Ye Futian. What do they mean? It was obvious; they wanted Ye Futian to test everything out.

“Since you’re already here, there’s no need for you to leave. Just go and continue,” Chen Wang said calmly. Since Ye Futian was not with him, he would use him as much as he could. As for the attitudes of Ye Futian and his friends, Chen Wang would clearly not be bothered.

“I’m sorry but I am no longer interested in it.” Ye Futian smiled. Just then, he ascended into the air and the rest also followed him closely, trying to retreat.

Chen Wang drew his sword out and struck forward. Immediately, the brilliant Sun Sword penetrated across space and many blazing beams of light charged towards Ye Futian and his team, incinerating everything in their path.

Loulan Xue’s silver clothes swang in the air and an ice storm appeared suddenly, blocking the incoming attack. However, at the same time, a Roc-like figure arrived like a bolt of lightning. It was Jin Yunlang. He took out his sage ritual implement, the ancient bell, and struck towards Loulan Xue. At once, the ice storm was torn apart and many terrifying Rocs charged towards Loulan Xue.

Loulan Xue’s hands danced in the air and many frightening ice palm prints pressed down, but they were all destroyed by the ritual implement. Jin Yunlang dashed out like lightning and launched his attack, which Loulan Xue could only hastily respond by punching forward. Following a sizzling sound, her sleeves were crushed, displaying her jade-like skin, and a blood mark appeared on her palm from Jin Yunlang’s scratch.

Jin Yunlang had similarly obtained sage marital arts fate. Furthermore, he was at the peak of the Arcana Plane himself.

Jin Yunlang wanted to continue attacking Loulan Xue, but Yu Sheng fell down from the sky and punched put fiercely like a demonic god. The attacks of the two collided into each other. The sky shook, and both of them were blown backward simultaneously.

Then, Bai Qiong, the genius of Starry School, looked at the sky. He extended his arm out at the sky and an extremely powerful gravity appeared, slowing the speed of Ye Futian and his team.

“Don’t waste any more time on them,” Liu Suqing said.

Bai Qiong nodded, after which he punched out, causing even the space to be shaken. An invisible punch seemed to penetrate across space and charge towards Ye Futian and his friends.

“Since you chose not to fight, then scram out of this level!” Bai Qiong said emotionlessly, glancing at Ye Futian and his team.