The Legend Of Futian Chapter 466

Chapter 466 The Ultimate Land

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On the divine bridge, everyone stared at the silver-hooded figure, their hearts shaking wildly. They’d never seen anyone who dared to be as arrogant before them as this person. The abnormally cold features, proud eyes, and the emperor’s martial art’s fate wrapped around him were all undefeatable. He seemed to be born into a high position, looking down on the world.Furthermore, he had such powerful combat ability. He was so strong, but they didn’t know him.

“Who are you?” Jin Yunxiao stared at Ye Futian in shock. This was everyone’s question. There were thousands of disciples from the Top Three Schools this time. It was a huge number, so it was natural that there were people they didn’t know. They barely knew the people from their own school, let alone all three top schools.

But how could someone so frightening remain nameless?

Unless this person purposely hid in the Top Three Schools, or he’d entered in a low-key way earlier this year just so he could explode now and take all the martial arts fate.

Ye Futian scanned Jin Yunxiao coldly. He walked down from the sky like a true god. Jin Yunxiao was in shock.

Boom! With the loud sound, the man stepped onto Jin Yunxiao’s head. The horrible force caused his body to shake. Then he fell to the ground as if kneeling in worship.

Lowering his head, he spat out blood while his face drained of color. He’d never imagined suffering this kind of humiliation before.

“I am Liu Suqing from the Liu Clan. Who are you? Even if you wish to enter the ninth level, there’s no need to force us to leave.” Liu Suqing was beautiful and there was no arrogance when she spoke. She was even a bit humble. No matter who the man was, he was definitely an extraordinary figure with top talent and skills.

Ye Futian didn’t even look at her. He reached out and a horrible palm appeared in the air. Liu Suqing’s expression faltered. Then the huge golden palm, like that of an emperor’s, broke through the air. She gathered martial arts fate instantly, but she was forced back with a boom. Many people were speechless to see that she was hurt. How could he do this to such a beauty?

“All the martial arts fate here is mine. If you don’t scram before I step onto the second bridge, you’ll pay for it,” Ye Futian said arrogantly. Everyone’s hearts trembled.

All the martial arts fate here was his?

He’d come to take it all without leaving anything to the rest! He was so powerful but had come later than the rest. Did he get delayed from snatching all the Sage martial arts fate in the seventh level?

Watching Ye Futian step forward, Bai Qiong suddenly reached out. A huge starry handprint appeared in the sky instantly. Pressure fell upon Ye Futian. “Still not fighting?” Bai Qiong asked coldly.

Everyone’s eyes gleamed. All these prides were scared of one person.

“You’re looking for death.” Ye Futian scanned Bai Qiong coldly. At that moment, shocking martial arts fate around him formed countless emperor handprints. They spun around him wildly. When the starry handprint pressed down, the emperor handprints flew out, shattering it.

“As expected, he has more than one type of Sage martial arts fate.” Everyone studied Ye Futian. Each type of martial arts fate could bring domineering power.

Boom. The countless brilliant emperor handprints transformed into beams of light. They whistled and whooshed. Bai Qiong was shocked. He grouped his ritual implement to defend himself, but the handprints were too fast. Bai Qiong soon couldn’t hold on anymore. The handprints landed on him. He kept spitting out blood until he dropped to the ground. His breaths were weak; he was badly hurt.

Those who had prepared to fight Ye Futian froze. They were in despair. Even the spirits guarding the bridge up front shouldn’t be so strong.

They were hopeless. These top figures of the Top Three Schools actually felt powerless. How could someone so powerful be hidden in their school?

“I won’t say the same thing three things.” With that, Ye Futian walked forward towards the strong martial arts fate cultivator. That was a horrible being bathed in flames and light. He was surrounded by a world of fire with horrible fiery images around him. He stood there like a fire god.

Ye Futian walked forward. The emperor handprints hovered behind him. Following Ye Futian’s finger, they shot forward towards the horrible figure.

The strong cultivator reached out. A frightening fiery image was born. It was like a world-burning fire. Beams of dazzling flames shot out from the images. They were about to destroy the world.

Endless light burst forth and crashed against the handprint. The horrible handprint seemed to burn. It kept going forward, but it was melting.

Boom. An even more terrifying light bloomed from Ye Futian’s body. He walked forward, charging directly towards the other.

The fire spirit reached out. Instantly, the world-destroying images shrouded Ye Futian. The world of fire was aimed at him, about to burn his body. However, the emperor-like martial arts fate around him burned with golden light. Bathed in the flames, he walked forward like an indestructible figure.

The horrible flames couldn’t burn his body. They couldn’t even hurt him.

Liu Suqing trembled while the others all widened their eyes. This man was so powerful that they felt despair. He wanted to take all the martial arts fate on the bridge for himself. He’d hidden within the Top Three Schools just for today.

Ye Futian raised his hand. All spells converged into one. The countless handprints whistled and flew to the martial arts spirit. Ye Futian had turned into golden lightning, breaking the fiery images. Then he slammed down on the spirit’s head, destroying it.

In an instant, an even stronger martial arts fate surrounded Ye Futian. He was now strong enough, but he still wanted to take all the martial arts fate.He didn’t only want to take from the eighth level either. His ultimate goal was probably the ninth level.

Ye Futian flashed towards the bridge on the side. He looked back, staring coldly at everyone. Thinking back to his words, they all felt weak.

“Let’s go,” Gu Ming said. Liu Suqing nodded. They all retreated and left this battlefield.

Zhen Rong’s pretty eyes gazed at that undefeatable figure. She always worshipped the strong figures and she wanted to get to know him. How could she not know someone like him? Then she also turned around and left.

Bai Qiong was taken out by his fellow disciples of the Starry School.

When everyone left from the exit, Ye Futian grasped the frightening fiery halberd from the bridge. He stuck it into the ground at the entrance, blocking it. At the same time, the Black Wind Eagle brought the others in from another entrance.

There were nine bridges on the eighth level of the battlefield. Every bridge had an entrance in their respective direction. There were nine entrances to the eighth level from different places in the seventh level. The place they went out from wasn’t the same as where Jin Yunxiao and the others went.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said. He flashed and stepped onto another bridge. There was a majestic figure with a battle ax. There was another battle ax stuck in the bridge behind him. It was a Sage ritual implement, just like the fiery halberd.

Each of the nine bridges had a Sage ritual implement. However, the spirits here wouldn’t use the ritual implement against the intruders.

The figure with the battle ax was wrapped in a horrible gale of wind. When Ye Futian’s handprint attacked, he brought his ax down. The horrible wind wrapped around the ax. Instantly, the apparition of a huge tornado battle ax appeared in the air. It split the air apart, including the handprint.

The Five Element Rod appeared in Ye Futian’s hand and it turned into a golden staff. Those people weren’t here right now, so he didn’t have to hide his skills.

His Emperor’s Will burned and the martial arts fate was applied to the Five Element Rod. He spun and slammed down from the air. However, the figure’s second attack was even stronger. It also built up potential energy and rode the windstorm. It contained shocking power and attacked.

With a huge boom, it seemed even the sky would explode. The battle ax formed by martial arts fate was shattered, but Ye Futian was also forced back. However, his body danced like a streak of light. Even stronger might wrapped around him, slicing down.

The battle ax formed again and went for Ye Futian.

Boom. With another explosion, the battle ax extinguished again. The Five Element Rod fell on the spirit’s shoulder, cracking his body.

“Yu Sheng,” Ye Futian called.

Yu Sheng answered by hurling down the Demonic Tripod, crushing the spirit. Martial arts fate fell upon his body.

“It’s up to you here,” Ye Futian said, looking at Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng nodded and saw Ye Futian walk towards the end of the bridge. Long Yitian could succeed in this level back then. Yu Sheng had a lower plane, but after taking martial arts fate from the eighth level, he would be able to defeat the other guards.

Ye Futian couldn’t maintain his state for too long. He had to check out the ninth level.

The nine bridges converged at one point. That was the entrance to the ninth level. He could vaguely make out a blurry pavilion. Ye Futian kept walking forward to the end. He released his martial arts fate and walked amongst it.

Instantly, he disappeared from the eighth level.

The battlefield of the ninth level was the Ultimate Land. It had become smaller too. There was only one scene. A divine palace reaching the clouds in the sky was rooted there. There was only one staircase that led up to the palace. But right now, there were two figures at the foot. They were Chen Wang and Long Mu who’d reached the ninth level. However, they were still standing at the bottom and looking up, feeling helpless.

They couldn’t go up.

There were 18 figures on the steps. Each one was as powerful as the ones guarding the bridges in the eighth level. This already made them despair because they’d gotten help to reach this level. They didn’t do it by themselves.