The Legend Of Futian Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Collapse

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Chen Wang and Long Mu seemed to sense something. They turned around to see a silver-hooded figure walk over. They both furrowed their brows.

They didn’t know this man.

After they’d entered, other people were probably trying to break in but no one came in. And yet this unknown man had entered. This naturally made them alert. The abilities of people who could come here were undisputed. If he came alone, then it was even more frightening. He must be someone extremely dangerous.

Since when did the Top Three Schools have such a strong cultivator?

“Who are you?” Chen Wang asked.

“Why don’t you go up?” Ye Futian ignored his question, gazing coldly at Chen Wang.

“It isn’t easy to climb up. How about we team up?” Chen Wang asked. He and Long Mu couldn’t do it, but the three of them could try together.

“Do you even qualify?”

Ye Futian glanced at him in disdain. Chen Wang’s expression stiffened. Seeing Ye Futian’s disdainful eyes, he felt extreme humiliation. But then, Ye Futian walked forward to the steps.

Martial arts fate wrapped around him. The strongest was still the fire martial arts fate, which he’d received from the fire spirit in the eighth level. Right now, the burning Emperor’s Will carried the martial arts fate. Ye Futian was instantly bathed in horrible fire.

He closed his eyes, feeling the power around him. The Sage martial arts fate seemed to be made from a bit of Sage Will. When some type of spell was merged into it, martial arts fate was created.

Urged by the Emperor Will, his perception of the Sage martial arts fate intensified and strengthened. If the spirits at the steps were similar to the ones guarding the bridges, there would be no suspense.

At this moment, Ye Futian seemed to sense the power of the spirits guarding the bridges earlier. It was so clear.

Boom. Extremely dazzling handprints hovered around Ye Futian. They all glowed with frightening gold light as if divine fire was inside them.

Ye Futian waved his hands and all the handprints came from all directions. They wove a frightening image before him. It was like the power released by the bridge guards but different. He had his own comprehension and had added the earlier martial arts fate and Emperor Will.

The moment he opened his eyes, shocking light burst from his eyes. Then he waved his hand and the rays of light shot from the image. It wasn’t fiery light. Instead, it was destructive fiery handprints with golden light, driven by the Emperor Will.

Thud. At almost the same time, Ye Futian took a step forward onto the stairs.

The first strong cultivator bathed in endless thunder and lightning. Seeing the attack, the shield of a thunder god appeared before him. The handprints attacked crazily. Cracks snaked through the shield formed by boundless lightning. Fire crept in and burned it bit by bit. Finally, the shield shattered with a boom. The thunder might went wild.

Boom. Ye Futian disappeared and reappeared before the spirit. He moved like lightning, instantly arriving there. The image before him crushed down on the spirit who instantly burned under it. Its martial arts fate landed on Ye Futian.

“This” Long Mu’s arms trembled. Chen Wang also gaped at Ye Futian’s figure. How could he be so powerful? When they’d been going through the bridge, they’d only succeeded by working together with many others. Then they couldn’t take a single step at the ninth level. But this man went up by himself and destroyed the strong cultivator there. When did the Top Three Schools have such a powerful disciple?

Another ring of martial arts fate circled him. Ye Futian paused at the steps. Then he released a second martial arts fate. It transformed into the shield of the thunder god before him. The entire sky was filled with boundless electric light. Legendary divine light flowed through the shield.

“Impossible.” Long Mu stared at this with wide eyes. It wasn’t perfect yet, but how could someone comprehend the martial arts fate so quickly?

Ye Futian had just used Freedom Meditation to comprehend it and then used the Emperor Will to activate the martial arts fate. It wasn’t perfect, but Long Mu and Chen Wang were still impressed.

Boom. There was another huge sound. Long Mu and Chen Wang saw a second spirit get destroyed. Ye Futian continued forward. Each step contained extreme power. He seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

After that, the third, the fourth As Ye Futian kept climbing, Long Mu and Chen Wang realized that these steps probably couldn’t stop this man.

Long Mu grasped his ritual implement. His father had given it to him. He also knew that his father had failed on this path. He hoped he could walk up here and see the end of the martial arts battlefield. However, he couldn’t take a single step. And yet this mysterious silver-hooded figure kept walking up steadily. Gradually, he reached the last step.

Chen Wang stared at him blankly. At the last attack, the figure stepped down from the air. The godlike figure was ingrained in Chen Wang’s mind, unable to be erased. He’d learned all the power contained in the 18 strong cultivators.

The silver hood flapped despite the absence of wind. The man walked to the door of the palace.

Long Mu and Chen Wang shot forward. They wanted to step into it desperately. But when they were about to climb up, Ye Futian turned around. He stared at them with cold eyes. At that moment, a figure appeared in their minds. Like a god, the figure made them feel powerless. Then they saw the god cast a handprint that covered the sky and shrouded the entire world they could sense.

They fought back, but there was no suspense. When the hand fell down, they’d returned to the bottom of the steps. Sprawled on the ground, they spat out blood. Their organs felt shattered.

Long Mu looked up at the figure with difficulty. Martial arts fate wrapped around him. He really did look like a god. Then he saw Ye Futian turn around and walk into the palace.

Boom. The gates closed shut. Formless power shook. That instant, the entire battlefield seemed to tremble.

“What’s going on?” That moment, everyone in the vast battlefield froze and looked into the distance. The battlefield had actually shaken.

Long Mu and Chen Wang sat on the ground. Looking at the closed doors, they felt horrible.

Back then, Long Yitian had reached this place and was known as the most talented man in the Divine Sky City. They’d reached this spot too now, but they had used other people’s help to get here.

And then they witnessed someone who was probably more powerful than Long Yitian. Not only had he reached this spot, he’d also broken into the palace. But right now, they didn’t even know who it was.

A while later, they heard booms. Long Mu and Chen Wang’s expressions changed slightly. They looked up to see the palace flash with extremely dazzling light. The light radiated through the entire battlefield. Like some kind of divine power, it splashed across the place.

The palace was shaking.

Then, the battlefield started shaking too. It grew stronger until the people were trembling too. Rocks fell from the palace as if it was collapsing. At that moment, the people trying to get martial arts fate discovered that the spirits before them suddenly disappeared.

“What’s happening?” Countless hearts quivered. Was the battlefield collapsing? What had happened?

“Look at the ninth level.” Many people looked over. They discovered in shock that the blurry palace was breaking down bit by bit. It was getting destroyed.

Long Mu and Chen Wang were there. When they witnessed it with their own eyes, they realized that the battlefield was probably self-destructing because it had found the one it was looking for.

Just at that time, a figure charged out of the palace. It was that silver-hooded figure. He was so fast, directly shooting out of the ninth level.

When he’d returned to the eighth level, he saw that the Black Wind Eagle had already transformed into a demon bird and was waiting for orders. Yu Sheng and the others were there too. When Ye Futian landed on the bird’s back, it flashed hurriedly and rushed out from another exit.

Even if the battlefield wasn’t collapsing, Ye Futian would still take them away. They couldn’t stay on the eighth level.

Right now, the strong cultivators outside the battlefield all looked up in shock. The mysterious space was buzzing. It seemed to be shaking.

“What happened?” Some strong cultivators had sharp gazes. Nothing like this had happened in countless years.

“Mother, what’s going on?” Long Ling’er asked her mom.

“I don’t know.” Madame Long shook her head. “It must be something big.”

Her expression was solemn. The martial arts battlefield was extremely important. It was a significant place for the martial arts fate of the Top Three Schools. However, just as the shaking grew stronger, someone rushed out.

“What’s going on?” many people asked at the same time.

The disciple who’d escaped looked up at the crowd with incredulous eyes. “The battlefield is collapsing,” he said.

“That’s impossible,” a strong cultivator said. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I just saw the palace on the ninth level flash, the light reaching the entire battlefield. Then the palace started collapsing. The battlefield followed,” he said, body trembling.

After that, more disciples walked out. Someone said in shock, “All the spirits disappeared.”

The battlefield will probably become history. This shocking thought appeared in many minds. They couldn’t calm themselves!