The Legend Of Futian Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Investigation

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In the martial arts battlefield, everything was collapsing. The ground vibrated, many cracks appearing. In the sky, meteorite-like objects fell, and even the sky turned into a symbol.

It was an illusory world in the first place.

Everyone ran towards the exit, forming a giant steam. In the crowd, a Black Wind Condor flapped its wings and followed the flow. Ye Futian and his friends were on its back. At the moment, Ye Futian was extremely weak, which was the aftereffect of burning Emperor Will. Last time in the Evil Dragon Zone, he did not release all his powers, and, in addition, he ate the Dragon Grass which helped with his recovery afterward. On the other hand, he used all the powers in his body this time, and even his face was somewhat pale. However, the journey this time was very rewarding for them.

Loulan Xue stared at Ye Futian with her silver eyes. She knew that the collapse of the martial arts battlefield was clearly caused by Ye Futian. What did he do in the ninth level?

As they neared the exit, Ye Futian met a group of familiar faces, namely Jiang Nan and Wang Yuqing. However, Jiang Nan only glanced coldly at Ye Futian. None of the parties spoke.

Jin Yunxiao, Zhen Rong, and the rest also flew towards their direction. When they were chased out of the eighth level, the alliance had already disintegrated. Therefore, they all started training in the seventh level. At the moment, they also could not keep calm. They guessed that the person who caused the collapse of the battlefield was very likely the young man in the silver cloak who had chased them out of the eighth level. He was way too strong and could defeat everyone by himself.

When Long Mu and Chen Wang returned, they would know the answer.

“Mr. Ye,” someone suddenly shouted among the chaotic crowd. Gu Yunxi saw Ye Futian and his friends flying towards her direction and stared at Ye Futian with some guilt. Just now, the group who had allied with her chased him out of the eighth level. Ye Futian must be very disappointed.

“Mr. Ye, what’s wrong?” Gu Yunxi realized that Ye Futian was in a bad state, as if he was very weak.

“After I left just now, I tried to obtain more sage-level martial arts fate in the seventh level. I used all my strength and was injured, but it’s no big deal,” Ye Futian replied, smiling.

“That’s great,” Gu Yunxi nodded gently. “Please do not mind the incident that happened earlier. Soon after you left, we were also chased out of the eighth level.”

Ye Futian obviously knew that. He blinked his eyes, thinking that Gu Yunxi was indeed kind to use such a way to console him. She was worried that his self-esteem would be hurt as it was very embarrassing to be chased out. Therefore, she said that they were also chased out afterward. Of course, Ye Futian could not say that he knew that already. After all, he was the one who did it.

“What? Who’s strong enough to do that?” Ye Futian pretended to know nothing and felt somewhat sorry for her. He had to keep this a secret.

“I’ve no idea. It’s an extremely powerful cultivator in the silver cloak. The collapse of the battlefield is probably also related to him.” Some surprise appeared in Gu Yunxi’s eyes. Thinking about the action of that person in the eighth level, she still could not remain calm. The person was too mighty. Jin Yunlang had a sage ritual implement but it was taken away directly by the person. In the end, the ritual implement was thrown away.

“Such a person must be unparalleled,” Ye Futian complimented. Beside him, Yu Sheng glanced at him. Is he praising himself?

“Yup,” Gu Yunxi nodded gently. “Nobody in Divine Sky City in this generation can be compared to him.”

“It’s so unfortunate that I didn’t manage to see him!” Ye Futian sighed. Loulan Xue blinked her eyes.

As they spoke, they finally reached the exit. Then, they followed the rest and left the martial arts battlefield. Right after they left the battlefield, Ye Futian saw Jin Yunlang, Bai Qiong, and some others floating in the air and guarding the exit. They stared coldly at the crowd walking out of the martial arts battlefield.

Ye Futian immediately knew what they were looking for. They did not know that he had disguised himself. At the moment, they were outside the exit to wait for the person in the silver cloak.

Clearly, they also noticed Ye Futian and his friends. However, they only glanced at them briefly before turning their attention away. They obviously would not think that any of Ye Futian and his friends could possibly be that all-powerful young man.

“Brother Futian.” Noticing that Ye Futian had come out, Long Ling’er ran over and asked, “Brother Futian, what happened to you?”

“Nothing, just some minor injuries.” Ye Futian smiled gently.

“Brother Futian, who hurt you?” Long Ling’er asked angrily.

“The spirits in the martial arts battlefield. Do you want to revenge me?” Seeing Long Ling’er cute behavior, Ye Futian rubbed her head.

The little girl smiled timidly.

At the moment, the huge crowd outside the martial arts battlefield was having a heated discussion. Just now, they had received an astonishing message. This time, a few people actually managed to enter the ninth level of the martial arts battlefield, achieving what Long Yitian had once done.

Many people also reached the eighth level.

“Look. It’s Chen Wang and Long Mu!” someone suddenly exclaimed. Countless people looked at the two figures at the exit. Hearing Long Mu’s name, Long Ling’er also looked in that direction.

At the moment, Chen Wang and Long Mu’s breaths were unstable as they were injured. Although it was only one strike, their injuries were still quite major.

Chen Wang ignored the stares of everyone. Flashing, he approached an elder and urged, “Master, give orders to seal this place. Don’t let any of the Top Three School disciples leave!”

“Of course,” that person nodded. Then, he went to inform the people from the other two schools. Just now, they were already guessing the person who caused the battlefield to collapse. Chen Wang and Long Mu went to the ninth level and certainly knew more things. This issue was extremely important and they had to settle it right here.

Some people from the Top Three Schools immediately surrounded the space around the exit. They had to find out what happened behind the collapse of the martial arts battlefield.

“Blazing Sun School disciples, listen! After you exit, do not leave!”

“Bright Moon School disciples”

“Starry School disciples”

The elders from the Top Three Schools gave their orders one after another. All the people who had exited gathered at the space in front.

Chen Wang, Long Mu, and the rest were surrounded by the elders from the Top Three Schools and questioned. Soon, the elders roughly knew what had happened.

They also stared at the exit with the group. Even the elders of the Top Three Schools could not recognize every single person of their school. Nobody seemed to recall seeing any person in a silver cloak earlier. If they did not miss out anyone, such a person should not have existed at all.

Time passed by slowly. The martial arts battlefield was still vibrating and more and more people walked out, until there was no more. The person whom they were looking for was still not present.

“He’s not here,” Jin Yunxiao said coldly. In the eighth level of the martial arts battlefield, he was humiliated badly. Moreover, he could not tell anyone else about it. Such an embarrassing experience could only be kept to himself. He was even worried that someone who saw it would tell the rest.

“He disguised himself,” Chen Wang said.

Long Mu had a sharp expression on his face. They all knew that although the person was not out yet, it was impossible for him to be still hiding inside. Even if he was, how long could he hide for?

It was most probable that the person was already outside, but not having the same appearance as the one they saw in the battlefield.

That person had been hiding among the Top Three Schools disciples all the time. After he went inside the battlefield, he started attacking and snatching the martial arts fate of everyone. He even caused the battlefield to collapse.

Everything was taken by a single person.

Their faces all darkened. There were so many people who had entered the martial arts battlefield. If the culprit really disguised himself and was hiding among the crowd, how should they even start investigating? They could not check everybody one by one and did not know where to start.

“Who saw a person in a silver cloak inside?” an elder of the Blazing Sun School suddenly asked.

Many people looked at each other and shook their heads one after another.

“Silver cloak?” someone suddenly asked. Immediately, countless people turned their heads and stared at the speaker. It was Jiang Nan.

“Jiang Nan, did you see him inside?” Jin Yunxiao asked.

“No, but I saw such a person in the past. Furthermore, it’s not just me,” Jiang Nan replied. “Last time, when the Dragon Grass in the Evil Dragon Zone was about to mature, some people went there to take the grass. That time, a mysterious person in silver cloak appeared and took the treasure away.”

“That’s right. I was there at that time too.”

“I saw him as well,” many people who had been to the Evil Dragon Zone that time said. Wang Yuqing’s heart raced as she thought about that unparalleled figure. Was he the one who caused the battlefield to collapse?

“So it’s not the first time,” Jin Yunxiao said coldly.

Even back then, that person had already been staring at the Top Three Schools. Then, he must have entered the Top Three Schools in the assessment and kept a low-profile.

“Who has been there at that time? All step out,” an elder from the Top Three Schools said. This time, the Arcana Plane disciples of the three schools were almost all here. Therefore, those who had gone to the Evil Dragon Zone that time must also be in the crowd.

Very soon, many people stepped forward one after another. However, someone said, “These people should all be present at that time. The mysterious person charged in from the outside.”

“There are a few more people who were there,” Jiang Nan suddenly said, looking at Ye Futian and his friends.

Following Jiang Nan’s look, the people from the Top Three Schools also stared at Ye Futian and his friends. Ye Futian explained, “I was indeed outside at that time, but I did not participate at all.”

Jin Yunxiao seemed to be surprised, after which he asked, “Then is it possible that they disguised themselves?”

After he finished speaking, Long Mu, Gu Yunxi, and the rest all looked at them one after another.

It seemed that this possibility could not be eliminated. However, was it really Ye Futian and his team? Who among them was so strong? In addition, if it was really someone from them, why did they not defeat the cultivators near the bridge before entering?

“Do you think it’s us?” Ye Futian looked at Jin Yunxiao and glanced coldly at Jiang Nan. Jiang Nan was merely trying to get him involved.

“Seniors, I was outside the cave that time and did nothing. Moreover, I also saw the mysterious person escape from the cave myself. People who were present at that time can prove this for me,” Ye Futian said, looking at the people around him.

“Senior.” Suddenly, a charming figure walked out, who turned out to be Li Man. She looked at the crowd and continued, “Indeed, when the mysterious person escaped at that time, they were standing at the side and watching.”

“Yes, I can prove that as well,” Wang Yuqing also said, causing Ye Futian to glanced at her in surprise. He did not expect her to stand out and speak for him.

Ye Futian was not worried that he would be exposed precisely because of this. Although he had shown up twice, the last time when the mirror spell created the illusion that he and the demonic bird were escaping, he was standing at the side and watching the scene himself. Many disciples and elders of the Top Three Schools saw it. Hence, they would not suspect him to be the mysterious person in the silver cloak.

Realizing that Wang Yuqing actually stepped out for Ye Futian, Jiang Nan’s face turned gloomy. Even though he also saw Ye Futian beside him at that time, he still deliberately wanted to get him involved.

“Must the thing that you saw be real? According to what I know, there are many spells that can create illusions,” Jiang Nan said coldly. Right then, many people seemed to be stunned.