The Legend Of Futian Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Divine Light

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Ye Futian was also momentarily puzzled, and he looked at Jiang Nan. Feeling the stares of many, a strange expression appeared on Jiang Nan’s face. He did not really mean what he just said. Unhappy that Wang Yuqing spoke for Ye Futian, he only wanted to find an excuse to prove that his words were not unreasonable and that Ye Futian could not prove his innocence in that way. However, after saying those unintentional words, he suddenly had a strange feeling and stared at Ye Futian.

What if it was real?

Impossible! Jiang Nan was shocked by his own thought. How can such a powerful person be Ye Futian?

When one disliked another person, one could truly hope that the person would not be too strong. Ye Futian was the owner of Celestial Pavilion and had displayed an astonishing talent on the assessment day which had already caused Jiang Nan to be extremely unhappy. If he was really the person who broke through all obstacles and caused the martial arts battlefield to collapse, Jiang Nan would simply not be able to accept that fact that he was so mighty. That would mean that Ye Futian was even more outstanding than Long Yitian. After all, during that time, even Long Yitian did not manage to do what the mysterious person did, namely causing the battlefield to be destroyed.

Realizing that many people were looking at him, Ye Futian tried his best to remain calm and frowned gently. He looked at Jiang Nan and said, “Jiang Nan, you have humiliated me multiple times and I never argued anything with you. Now, you even try to maliciously find various excuses to get me involved in this. What a crafty person you are!” Ye Futian also knew that Jiang Nan was only finding a random excuse. Unfortunately, what he said was the key behind everything.

“I’m only telling the truth. The seniors will judge this themselves,” Jiang Nan forced himself to say. Obviously, he would not admit that he was accusing Ye Futian.

“Tell me about the situation in the Evil Dragon Zone in detail,” an elder from Starry School said. Although Ye Futian might be suspicious, nobody would think that he was certainly the culprit just because of Jiang Nan’s words.

A disciple walked out and explained roughly what had happened in the Evil Dragon Zone. A strange expression appeared on the face of an elder from Starry School and he said, “So the mysterious person that time was skilled in music and indeed a powerful Musical Sorcerer. Moreover, he was probably able to control demons.”

“Yes. The giant bird he was riding on and the demons charging with him were probably all affected by his music,” the disciple confirmed.

“Alright,” the elder from Starry School nodded. Then, he looked at Ye Futian. “On the assessment day, your music also seems to be quite strong.”

Immediately, many people stared at Ye Futian. Chen Wang, Jin Yunlang, Jin Yunxiao, Long Mu, Gu Yunxi, and many others all seemed to be surprised.

“They also managed to enter the eighth level of the martial arts battlefield but did not defeat the defenders on the bridge there. After we arrived, we chased them out of the eighth level. The cultivator in silver cloak appeared after that,” Jin Yunlang said.

“So they are indeed somewhat suspicious.” The cultivators from the Top Three Schools looked at Ye Futian and his friends. Someone said, “What did you do in the ninth level?”

Realizing that the person who just spoke was staring at him with a fierce look, Ye Futian knew that they were testing him. Hence, he gave a bitter smile and said, “Senior, do you really think that we have the ability to do so? In this case, why don’t we join the Top Three Schools first and then enter the battlefield? Why would we do this?”

Everyone frowned. Ye Futian’s words also seemed to be reasonable.

“In addition, there are so many musical spells. Why you are suspecting me just because of this similarity? As for the camouflage, Jiang Nan was only being ridiculous and trying hard to get us involved. That time, there were so many people present,” Ye Futian continued. “Apart from all these, I was only in the Lower Arcana Plane in Yunyue City. How did I manage to snatch the Dragon Grass from the Top Three School disciples? I wouldn’t be able to hide my level. What treasure or equipment could allow me, a Lower Arcana Plane cultivator, to cross so many levels and defeat everyone else?”

Hearing Ye Futian’s words, many people started thinking again. In the martial arts battlefield, it was still possible for Ye Futian to become much stronger by relying on martial arts fate. However, in the Evil Dragon Zone, how could Ye Futian, a Lower Arcana Plane cultivator, defeat so many disciples?

The logic behind this was indeed flawed.

If Ye Futian was really the person who did this, many things could not be explained. Using a spell to create illusions that he was escaping also did not seem to be very sensible.

At the moment, it could already be confirmed that the mysterious person disguised himself. The appearance of the young man in the silver cloak was definitely fake. There were two possibilities, the first being that after disguising himself and taking the Dragon Grass, the mysterious person entered the Top Three Schools this year with his real identity. Then, he entered the martial arts battlefield and snatched the martial arts fate of everyone else. If this was the case, the person must really know the information of the Top Three Schools very well, as he first went for the Dragon Grass and then the martial arts battlefield. It was possible that he was a junior of some secret clan who came out to train himself.

The second possibility was, just like what they had guessed earlier, that the person was someone among Ye Futian and his friends.

“If they really have the silver cloak, they must be hiding it on themselves. We’ll know the answer by looking in their storage rings,” Jin Yunlang said emotionlessly. Although he also felt that it was probably not Ye Futian, he would not ignore the possibility since Ye Futian was somewhat suspicious. Among the people who entered the martial arts battlefield, only they were not from the Top Three Schools. Therefore, it would be easy to check on them first.

Frowning, Ye Futian looked at Jin Yunlang and said, “I think that would be too much.” Storage ring was a private item of a person and may contain some secrets. Clearly, nobody would easily give their storage ring to another person to be checked.

“Since you claim that it’s not you, let’s just take a look. Do you think that we’ll even want anything from your ring?” an elder said.

Ye Futian’s face darkened. Who could say that their storage ring did not have any secrets? However, noticing the looks of everyone, Ye Futian knew that he would not be able to get away without giving his storage ring.

“All of you are seniors. Since you want to check, how do I dare not to give it? However, I can’t fully trust every one of you. How about I let Madame Long check it instead?” Ye Futian said, looking at Madame Long.

“What do you mean? You really think that we’ll want anything from your ring?” the elder who spoke just now said coldly.

“It’s indeed inappropriate for you to check it. If he really has nothing, you’ll actually be bullying him. If you believe me, let me take a look,” Madame Long said.

“Of course we believe you. That sounds fine,” someone said. Ye Futian took off the storage ring from his finger and said, “Storage rings are precious and I only managed to pick this one up in the Evil Dragon Zone. There is only one of these between all of us. Madame, please.” Then, he threw the ring at Madame Long.

Madame Long’s Spiritual Energy entered the ring, after which she said, “The thing you’re looking for is not inside.”

“It’s not that I do not trust you, madame. However, the little princess of the Dragon Clan is very close to him, right?” a cultivator from Jin Clan suddenly said. Madame Long frowned and some coldness flashed across her eyes.

“Madame Long, in this case, please give it to another person whom you trust to take a look,” Ye Futian added. Madame Long nodded gently at Ye Futian, after which she gave the ring to an elder from Starry School. The elder checked the contents of the ring. Then, he shook his head and returned the ring to Ye Futian.

“In this case, can we leave?” Ye Futian said emotionlessly.

“Just leave,” Madame Long said. Ye Futian looked at everyone and then said to Long Ling’er, “I’m going back first.”

“Sure,” Long Ling’er nodded gently. Then, the Black Wind Condor flashed and brought Ye Futian and his friends away.

Many people stayed at the same place, ready to continue their investigation.

Ye Futian and his friends returned to Celestial Pavilion when he heaved a long sigh. So close! The fact that he had used a mirror spell to create illusions in the Evil Dragon Zone was also almost exposed. Luckily, he had been cautious and worried that he would be investigated after leaving the battlefield. Therefore, he left the silver cloak on the battlefield. Apart from that, he did not take any of the sage ritual implements inside. He also asked Yu Sheng and the rest to leave them in the battlefield.

He could feel his heart bleeding. Nevertheless, he did all those to make sure that nothing would be exposed.

Night soon arrived. Ye Futian sat cross-legged in the courtyard in Celestial Pavilion. Suddenly, a few beams of light appeared on his body. All of them looked particularly dazzling.

Very soon, three extremely bright beams of light shot out from his body. In the next instant, the three beams of light actually turned into an unmatched radiance and lit the entire area like divine light. A sun, a moon, and countless stars appeared. Then, within the sun, moon, and stars, three illusory figures appeared. One of them was sitting inside the sun, one on the crescent moon, and the last controlling the movements of the stars.

Without Ye Futian realizing it, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Loulan Xue were already beside him, attracted by the mysterious radiance. At the moment, the scene in the sky was extremely beautiful. The three illusory figures were sitting in the air like saints.

Just then, Ye Futian controlled the light with his mind. Immediately, the fascinating scene in the sky turned into three beams of light and flew back into his body, vanishing gradually.

Puff. Ye Futian felt somewhat weak. He was not in the right state to cultivate yet and had to rest for a few days.

“What’s that?” Loulan Xue asked.

Ye Futian raised his head to look at her. Then, he said, “In the pavilion in the martial arts battlefield, there were three beams of divine light. It was where a saint died.”

“Not three saints?” Loulan Xue’s heart raced.

“Nope, only one.” Ye Futian shook his head. “This saint was the founder of the Top Three Schools. In the past, they were not yet divided into the three schools, and there was only one divine school. Later, it was split into three and slowly became the Top Three Schools today.”

“The saint was waiting for the juniors of the Top Three Schools in the martial arts battlefield. You stepped inside and obtained the three beams of divine light, after which the whole place collapsed. Did the saint not mind this?” Loulan Xue took in a deep breath. Ye Futian actually obtained the inheritance from a saint.

“Yes, you could say that,” Ye Futian nodded. Then, he smiled bitterly and said, “I did not want to enter the Top Three Schools, but in the end, I obtained the inheritance from the founder of the Top Three Schools. Err…” After that, he shook his head, still feeling somewhat strange.