The Legend Of Futian Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Confession

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The news that the martial arts battlefield had collapsed spread throughout Divine Sky City like a virus. Long Mu and Chen Wang had managed to enter the ninth level, astonishing countless many. They displayed the glory that Long Yitian had in the past. They did not enter that level with their own powers, but the people in the world would only look at the outcome.

Of course, the more shocking news was about the mysterious person who had caused the battlefield to collapse. Countless people started guessing who exactly he was. The Top Three Schools checked all their disciples who left the battlefield but still to no avail.

It was as if this person was non-existent at all. However, the issue would clearly not end so easily. The place of martial arts fate was destroyed but the person who had obtained the strongest fate was not found. The Top Three Schools would certainly not stop their investigation. Nevertheless, Ye Futian seemed to be unconcerned about all these. After recovering gradually, he started to cultivate, secluding himself from the outside world.

In the martial arts battlefield, he had obtained eighteen types of martial arts fate just in the ninth level. After he left the battlefield, the martial arts fate would no longer increase his combat power, but they all turned into fate and willpower which fused into his body. This was the great benefit the Top Three School disciples had been talking about.

These 18 martial arts fates could bring a lot of benefits. Ye Futian needed to learn their real powers and merge them with his own abilities. Of course, the greatest reward of this trip was not the 18 martial arts fates, but the three beams of divine light.

The three beams of divine light contained the willpower of the saint. The sun, moon, and stars could change in thousands of ways, giving him many new skills and allowing him to learn a lot. The saint here was the founder of the Top Three Schools. All the most powerful abilities of the Top Three Schools were developed from the Saint’s Will.

At the moment, each of the Top Three Schools only had one of the abilities available. On the other hand, Ye Futian had received the complete Saint’s Will.

It was not just Ye Futian himself. He also cultivated together with Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, and Loulan Xue. As he released the divine light, they could feel the powers contained within it as well. Even if they could learn just a tiny bit of the Saint’s Will, they would still grow stronger.

That time on Turtle Mountain in the Eastern Barren Territory, the Turtle Hermit had allowed them to watch the rules of the world, which was the ability of sages. After they left the mountain, they also became stronger. However, Ye Futian and his friends could feel that the Saint’s Will was really too mysterious and unfathomable. At the moment, they could only see the surface of it. They learned and improved gradually day by day.

At the moment, two people were fighting on a battle platform in the backyard of Celestial Pavilion.

With a dark-gold battle ax in his hand, the violent Yu Sheng fell down from the sky like the god of war. He struck out the ax, bringing along a terrifying storm. In the sky, a straight line appeared and even space seemed to be cut into two.

Below him, Ye Futian raised his hand. Many violet-gold bolts of lightning around him converged wildly from all directions. They fused into one and contracted rapidly. Eventually, an astonishing lightning shield appeared before Ye Futian. The shield was even glittering in a golden radiance.

The battle ax struck down and was blocked by the lightning shield. The terrifying lightning destroyed everything around it, trying to crush the ax.

Yu Sheng gave a cold roar. The battle ax traced out an arc in the air as his body made a rotation. Then, he struck out the ax for the second time, bringing along the frightening powers of the earth. With the wind, he attacked again.

“Punishment of the Thunder God!” Ye Futian roared coldly. The terrifying lightning shield suddenly turned into countless bolts of violet-gold lightning which swept towards Yu Sheng like a Thunder Raid.

As Yu Sheng’s ax danced in the air, however, even the lightning seemed to be cut apart. In the sky, earth-elemental Spiritual Qi raged and many meteorites gathered. In the Evil Dragon Zone, Ye Futian had seen a top noble fight with his third brother with this ability. He, therefore, learned it from the Saint’s Will.

“Star Burial!” Ye Futian waved his hand. Immediately, countless meteorites converged towards Yu Sheng, trying to bury him completely.

Buzz! Yu Sheng’s devil-like wings opened. Then, he struck out his ax continuously, creating many shocking beams of light in the sky. As the Star Burial spell converged towards him, many cracks appeared on the rocks. The meteorites cracked directly before they could even bury their target. Yu Sheng was still floating in the sky.

“Stop, stop. No more!” Ye Futian said, depressed. “This is so sad.” If he cast this spell on someone else at the same level as him, it would definitely destroy his opponent at once. However, it was pretty useless against Yu Sheng. The two were having a friendly fight to train their combat powers. Ye Futian knew that he would never be able to defeat Yu Sheng without trying his best.

“Okay.” Yu Sheng landed on the ground. The wild aura around him vanished, and so did his battle ax.

Loulan Xue had been watching the battle at the side. Two freaks… she thought. After the battles in the martial arts battlefield and learning from the Saint’s Will over this period, their levels had increased again. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had both already entered the fifth level of the Arcana Plane. However, even the battle scene of Upper Arcana Plane cultivators would not be as terrifying as theirs.

Loulan Xue could even feel the destructive powers at the side. If anyone of them was changed to another person, the new person would lose terribly.

“Shen Yu came just now. She said that Ling’er is here to visit you,” Loulan Xue said. Whenever Ye Futian and his friends cultivated here, nobody else would be allowed to enter, not even Shen Yu. She could at most ask Loulan Xue to pass the message.

“Alright,” Ye Futian nodded. Then, he left the place and went to the courtyard, when he saw Long Ling’er smile and shout, “Brother Futian, what are you secretly doing there? So mysterious.”

“Why do I have to be secretive?” Ye Futian widened his eyes at Long Ling’er. She was young but full of mischief.

“Then why didn’t they allow me to go in and find you myself?” Long Ling’er giggled. Then, she said to the people behind her, “You can go out now. I have something to speak to brother Futian.”

“Yes, my lady,” Yang Xing and the rest nodded, after which they left the place.

“Go out as well,” Long Ling’er said to Shen Yu again.

Shen Yu replied and then left as well. Although Ye Futian was the owner of Celestial Pavilion, she clearly also had to listen to the orders of Long Ling’er.

“You are the person being secretive,” Ye Futian said, looking at Long Ling’er. “What’s up?”

Long Ling’er glanced at Loulan Xue. Ye Futian knew her meaning and said, “She’s with me.”

“Sure,” Long Ling’er nodded. “My mother asked me to come this time. She asked me to tell you that someone is investigating you.”

Ye Futian squinted slightly, having a bad feeling. It seemed like he was not completely safe yet. He had still left some traces after appearing twice. Even though he destroyed all the evidence, there were still people who suspected him. If they really managed to find out his true identity, he would not be able to escape from all these.

The Eastern Barren Territory was very far away from the Barren State and the people here did not really pay attention to the Eastern Barren Territory. However, if the people doing the investigating were from top clans, it would still be risky.

Of course, he knew Madame Long’s intention in reminding him. After coming out from the martial arts battlefield, he gave the storage ring to Madame Long not only because of trust. In addition, he might be able to hide the truth from other people, but definitely not Madame Long. She knew who he was and where he was from. Therefore, he did so to display his trust Madame Long.

Madame Long asked Ling’er to tell Ye Futian that there were people investigating him to remind him to be prepared.

“Brother Futian, my mother said that only I can know about this and I must not tell anyone else. Why are they investigating you?” Long Ling’er stared at Ye Futian with a naive look. She was smart and roughly knew that something might have happened with Ye Futian.

“You’re still young. Don’t think so much,” Ye Futian said.

“Who’s young? I’m almost fifteen!” Long Ling’er argued, pouting.

Ye Futian glanced at her with contempt, but in his mind, he was thinking how he should handle this. Should he just leave? If there were people investigating him, would they also ask someone to spy on his movement?

“Where’s the madame now?” Ye Futian asked Long Ling’er.

“West Court,” Long Ling’er replied.

“I’ll go and pay her a visit,” Ye Futian added.

“Great! You can accompany me then.” Long Ling’er giggled.

“You’re thinking too much,” Ye Futian remarked, smiling. “Loulan, I’m going out.” Then, he left Celestial Pavilion with Long Ling’er.

Ye Futian met Madame Long in an elegant courtyard in West Court. Bowing gently, he said, “Greetings, Madame Long.”

“You don’t have to be so polite.” Madame Long smiled and raised her head.

“Bring Ling’er outside to take a stroll,” Madame Long said to the maidservants behind her. They nodded one after another, but Long Ling’er said, “I want to be here too.”

“Don’t be mischievous.” Madame Long glanced at Long Ling’er. Long Ling’er twitched her lips in dissatisfaction and said, “Mom, then be quick.” After that, she left the place unwillingly.

Only Madame Long and Ye Futian were left in the courtyard. Ye Futian folded his hands and said, “Madame, please advise.”

“I don’t even know what happened. How do I advise?” Madame Long looked at Ye Futian and smiled.

Ye Futian smiled bitterly and shook his head. “You must have guessed it already. I don’t have to say it.”

“So it is you.” Madame Long gazed at Ye Futian. That year, her brother Long Yitian only entered the ninth level but did not manage to go further. Ye Futian actually did it.

“Yes,” Ye Futian nodded. Madame Long’s heart trembled. Although she had already guessed it earlier, she was still somewhat shocked by Ye Futian’s confirmation.

That time, Long Yitian was already unparalleled in the Eastern Region of the Barren State. Now, Ye Futian did what her brother did not. Did that mean that Ye Futian was talented enough to stand at the peak of this era? Furthermore, Madame Long managed to know Ye Futian, and his relationship with her daughter was very good.

“So Long Mu was hit by you there,” Madame Long said, looking at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian felt somewhat embarrassed. In any case, Long Mu was still the next leader of the Dragon Clan.

“I believe you have heard about his father’s story from Ling’er. That time when my brother was alive, he protected the whole family and his relationship with Ling’er’s father was also extremely good. He even viewed Ling’er as his own daughter and treated her better than Mu’er. After he passed away, we have been treating Long Mu in the same way as we did to Ling’er, causing him to develop some bad characters. Ling’er’s father and I are somewhat responsible for this,” Madame Long said slowly. “It’s good for Long Mu to learn a lesson now.”

Madame Long stopped after delivering her point and did not say anything else. Ye Futian, however, started to admire her in his heart. Her words conveyed her attitude.

“Madame, I understand,” Ye Futian nodded.