The Legend Of Futian Chapter 475

Chapter 475 I Refuse

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The entire ceremony platform was engulfed by a deafening silence. Countless people looked in the same direction. When they saw the person who walked out, many people were wildly astonished. Some even started trembling.

The figure who walked out was extremely handsome. He walked very slowly up the stairs, and with every single step that he took, he seemed to be stamping on everyone’s heart.

Where is he going? Where?! Jiang Nan’s face was distorted as he yelled crazily in his mind, Why is it him? Why He had thought of all possibilities but Ye Futian. Even though he had once hypothesized that Ye Futian was hiding his real identity, he was only attempting to get Ye Futian involved because of his hatred towards Ye Futian. However, at the moment, Starry School was going to crown the Son in front of the entire city. The brightest person in Divine Sky City was actually the person whom he hated the most. It was thus obvious how he would feel now.

Realizing that Ye Futian was walking up the stairs, Wang Yuqing was similarly stunned. Even her breath seemed to have stopped.

The Son of Starry School was Ye Futian?

At this instant, she could not help recalling the unparalleled cultivator in a silver cloak. A self-mocking smile actually appeared on her face.

Was it him? The Son was Ye Futian. What did this mean?

Life was indeed like a dream.

Long Mu stared firmly at the back of Ye Futian who was walking up the platform, but in his heart, he was only shouting, Why?!

Three days ago, Chief Chen had announced himself that he was going to confer someone the title of the Son, and would invite the entire Divine Sky City to come and observe the ceremony. That time, many people guessed if it would be Long Mu, but he knew that it was unlikely. After all, her aunt had never mentioned anything like this to him before. Nevertheless, he still hoped that it would be him.

At the moment when Chief Chen invited the Son up the stage, he knew that it was not him. However, he still did not think that it would be Ye Futian. He could not help thinking about Jin Yunxiao’s words. It seemed like Madame Long had been bringing Ye Futian with her these few days really because she was trying to help him; she was helping him to become the Son.

He turned around and looked in Gu Clan’s direction. Gu Hanshan had a smile on his face and did not seem to be surprised at all. Clearly, he had already known the result.

Then, Long Mu looked at Gu Yunxi. At the moment, Gu Yunxi was somewhat shocked as she gazed at Ye Futian. After the initial surprise, however, her charming face was only filled with delight. She was obviously happy for Ye Futian. From her face, Long Mu could even vaguely see some admiration, an expression which she had never displayed in front of him.

Gu Yunxi was clearly elated and her face was filled with a bright smile. She thought that Ye Futian had been humiliated in the martial arts battlefield. However, it turned out that he had been lying to her. Of course, she knew that since the Son was Ye Futian, the mysterious person in the silver cloak in the martial arts battlefield was obviously him as well.

So he was not only adept in music, but also very outstanding in martial arts.

Everyone present could feel their hearts racing. When Ye Futian reached the top of the stairs and turned around slowly, everyone stared attentively at him.

“Brother Futian!” Long Ling’er blinked her pure eyes, after which she started giggling. It turned out that the Son was Ye Futian.

“Crown the Son,” Chief Chen announced officially. The two sages walked forward and put the brilliant robe and dazzling crown on Ye Futian themselves. It was indeed truly glorious.

“Thank you, seniors.” Ye Futian bowed to show his gratitude. The two sages smiled and stepped back again.

Then, with the holy crown on his head and the holy robe on his body, Ye Futian faced everyone directly. At this instant, he seemed to have gathered an endless amount of glory on him, and the already handsome he looked even more elegant. The holy crown and robe displayed his heroism perfectly as if he was destined to enjoy such an honor.

Sunlight poured onto Ye Futian’s body, adding to the sacred environment.

The faces of Jin Yunlang and Jin Yunxiao, on the other hand, were extremely dark, perhaps even gloomy.

Looking at Ye Futian, Zhen Rong recalled the scene in Celestial Pavilion. She was all-superior and asked Ye Futian to seize the opportunity to become her battle servant.

Chen Liu also asked Ye Futian to join Blazing Sun School.

How about now?

Starry School was granting him the position of the Son in front of the whole city. He had defeated all the other geniuses in the martial arts battlefield and gained all the martial arts fate. Then, he even caused the battlefield to collapse and tricked everyone else.

At the moment, he looked bright and glorious.

Battle servant?

Follow them?

Now, Ye Futian’s status was already no lower than them. In some sense, it was even higher than theirs.

The Coronation Ceremony today represented the attitude of Starry School. The school was recognizing Ye Futian as the absolute core of this generation and the leader of all disciples. Perhaps he would even be the next ruler of Starry School. On the other hand, the others were not even heirs in their families.

In the young generation of Divine Sky City, nobody would be able to have a status higher than Ye Futian.

Wang Yurou was also in the crowd. Standing at an isolated corner, she looked at the elegant figure on the stage and sighed in her heart. Some people would always be in the limelight regardless of where they were. Ye Futian was like this in Yunyue City, and still so in Divine Sky City.

Shen Yu opened her mouth, unable to remain calm. The Son who was being crowned today was actually the owner.

Thinking about what she said to Ye Futian before she left for the ceremony, she did not know whether to laugh or be upset. Then, she recalled the day on which she first met Ye Futian. That time, he could not even afford to stay in Celestial Pavilion. All these really looked like but a dream.

Chief Chen walked to Ye Futian. Standing side by side with Ye Futian, he said loud and clear, “Today, Ye Futian will be the first Son of Starry School. All of you are witnesses. From today on, Ye Futian will be the leader of all Starry School disciples. When you see him, it’s like seeing me. All of you shall give him full respect.”

Countless people were astonished. Seeing Ye Futian was like seeing the chief. Such treatment had already exceeded what a disciple should receive.

Becoming the first Son was a glory that even Long Yitian did not enjoy in the past.

Was Chief Chen hoping to create another Long Yitian in Starry School?

Gu Hanshan and Madame Long both witnessed the historic moment and stared at Ye Futian. Would he become the next Long Yitian and stand at the peak of Divine Sky City for a generation? They were looking forward to it.

This day was only the beginning of everything.

Suddenly, at the most inappropriate time possible, someone shouted in a low tone, “I refuse to accept!” Many people were surprised and turned their heads to look at the Starry School disciples. Then, they saw the person who just spoke.

It was Long Mu, the son of Long Yitian, and also the next ruler of Dragon Clan.

“Mu’er…” Madame Long looked at Long Mu. She knew that Long Mu would probably be unhappy about this, as she had already felt it from Long Mu’s attitude on Long Ling’er birthday. Long Mu was arrogant and had always thought that Ye Futian was inferior. On the assessment day of Starry School, he even verbally insulted Ye Futian publicly, saying that Ye Futian was not entitled to interfere with the Dragon Clan’s issues.

At the moment, she pushed Ye Futian onto the position of the Son herself. How would Long Mu not have any feelings about it? After all, he was even beaten by Ye Futian in the martial arts battlefield.

“Aunt.” Long Mu bowed at Madame Long. He knew that he should not stand out to question the decision, but he still could not tolerate it. Looking at Chief Chen and Ye Futian, he continued, “There are tens of thousands of disciples in Starry School. Without any assessment, an outsider has conferred the position of the Son. I cannot accept this.” Then, he bowed gently. However, after that, he still held his head high.

Countless people stared at Long Mu. They could also understand his emotions at the moment. On the assessment day, there was some conflict between Long Mu and Ye Futian. Long Mu, who had an excellent background, did not place any importance on Ye Futian, even though Madame Long liked Ye Futian.

However, at the moment, Ye Futian had snatched everyone’s attention and was far more outstanding than him. Long Mu was the son of Long Yitian, but now Chief Chen was conferring Ye Futian the position of the Son personally, and he even held a ceremony for it. Chief Chen was viewing Ye Futian as the successor of Long Yitian. Furthermore, it was likely that Madame Long had played a part in catalyzing the decision.

In such a circumstance, Long Mu’s feelings could be easily imagined. Perhaps, he felt that something which belonged to him had been taken away.

“I refuse as well!” someone said in an extremely cold tone. In the crowd, a young man dressed in a gorgeous shirt stood out and stared at Ye Futian.

It was Jin Yunxiao.

This was somewhat surprising. Jin Yunxiao and Long Mu had always been unable to get along, but this time their attitudes were the same. They were both the top geniuses in Starry School and expressed their disagreement together.

Of course, the rest did not know that Jin Yunxiao stood out mainly because in the martial arts battlefield, the person in the silver cloak had asked him to kneel down and worship him.

At the moment, Jin Yunxiao had clearly also guessed that Ye Futian was probably the mysterious person. It was easy to see how he would feel.

Moreover, everyone knew that Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao were certainly not the only two people who would refuse to accept the decision.

There were too many geniuses in Starry School, from both the Arcana Plane and the Noble Plane. At the moment, the chief granted Ye Futian the title of the Son directly. How would those geniuses simply accept this?

Chief Chen and the sages of Starry School looked at the scene before them calmly. The sages did not say anything, regardless of whether they agreed or disagreed the decision. Since Chief Chen did so directly, he would definitely need to convince everyone.

It was sufficient for the juniors to speak up.

Chief Chen glanced at Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao. Then, he scanned everyone and said, “Today, I crown the Son and invite all of you to witness this. If the Son cannot defeat anyone in his generation, he will naturally not have the right to stand here. Today, whether you’re a Starry School disciple, or a person from the Top Three Schools, or even someone from Divine Sky City, as long as you question this decision, you can walk out. If anyone can prove that the Son is not worthy to enjoy this glory, it’ll all be my mistake.”

Then, he looked at Ye Futian and said, “If you want to wear the holy crown, you must withstand its weight. Go. Let the people of the world see the glory that belongs to you.”

“Yes!” Ye Futian nodded. With the holy crown and robe, he walked down the stairs step by step and stood in front of all the disciples!