The Legend Of Futian Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Dominating The Generation

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Be it Long Mu or Jin Yunxiao, their attitudes in front of Ye Futian was all captured by Ye Wuchen: Arrogant. Apathetic. Opinionated.

Even on the day of the school’s examination, when Ye Futian revealed his extraordinary potential, their attitudes remained the same. What right did they have to be so self-centered?

To Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao, apart from their superior family background, they had a strong battle ability and phenomenal potential. Yet to Ye Wuchen and Yu Sheng, their supposed potential and battle ability was only because Ye Futian did not get serious with them. The only thing that they could rely on was their background. Today, at Ye Futian’s crowning, the two of them dared to doubt him? Were they even qualified?

Jin Yunxiao even dared to use a Sage ritual implement to launch a sneak attack. Adding on to the sword slash in the Martial Arts Battlefield, if they did not have any apprehensions, Jin Yunxiao would have a blade in his throat now.

Feeling an icy feeling coming from his throat, a drop of blood appeared at Jin Yunxiao’s throat. His entire body was shivering, not only from the fear of nearly losing his life but also the humiliation. He had the advantage of a Sage ritual implement, yet even Ye Futian’s follower Ye Wuchen could kill him with one slash. If this was a life-and-death duel, the blade would have already taken his life.

The Starry School’s genius, the Jin Clan’s prodigy? From today onwards, Jin Yunxiao would no longer be able to lift his head in public.

Many people looked at the handsome lone-armed figure and recalled the day of the examination when Yu Sheng and Jin Yunxiao clashed. If Ye Futian had not stopped Yu Sheng that day, would Jin Yunxiao already have been defeated?

“Get back here.” An expert from the Jin Clan shouted at him. Jin Yunxiao’s expression was ashen, he stared menacingly at Ye Wuchen and Ye Futian before stepping back.

Ye Wuchen stared at him expressionlessly, yet he suddenly heard an expert from the Jin Clan say coldly, “Although the duel has no rules against ritual implements, as a disciple of the Starry School, how can you have no values? Go back and reflect on your actions.”

Ye Futian’s nonchalant gaze swept across the expert, and he smirked, would there need to be a rule in such an official duel? Jin Yunxiao had already lost and still used the Sage ritual implement to launch a sneak attack.

The expert from the Jin Clan appeared to be berating Jin Yunxiao but was actually protecting him. However, no one cared to criticize the Jin Clan. Their attention was all on the lone-armed swordsman who had already stepped off the stage and was quietly standing among the crowd.

Long Mu had also silently left the arena with a heavy heart.

Now, everyone’s attention gathered once again onto Ye Futian. Donning the holy robes, he defeated the geniuses of the Starry School Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao with just a few strikes.

He was in the fifth level of the Arcana Plane, but in the Middle Arcana Plane, there was probably no one who could defeat him.

Ye Futian continued forward, looked at the crowd and said, “My cultivation level may be low, but the College Chief has graciously crowned me as the Son. There are innumerable experts in the Divine Sky City, and every generation has its geniuses. Even in the Starry School, there are too many disciples who have higher cultivation levels than me. Thus, I know it is hard to convince all of you.”

The crowd’s gaze looked towards Ye Futian. Today was his coronation and the last thing he should be as humble, or the hype that the College Chief had created for him would be wasted. So why was he saying this?

“However,” Ye Futian continued, “since I have been given the holy crown, naturally I have to bear its weight. To not let down the name of the Starry School’s Son, I, Ye Futian am willing to accept a challenge from all the Middle Arcana Plane cultivators in the Divine Sky City. If there is anyone who wishes to challenge me, you can step onto the arena. If I am defeated, I will have sullied the Son’s name, and I will take off the holy crown and remove the holy robes.” After saying all this, Ye Futian’s gaze swept across the crowd and he said, “I anticipate your challenges.”

Although his voice was not loud, it struck everyone’s hearts like thunder. The air was filled with silence and countless gazes fell onto Ye Futian. His holy robes swayed although there was no wind, and his hair flew freely. His handsome face was calm, yet prideful.

Being humble? They were too naive.

Ye Futian wanted to challenge the entire Divine Sky City’s Middle Arcana Plane experts with his fifth level of the Arcana Plane cultivation level. This included the Blazing Sun School’s geniuses, the Bright Moon School’s geniuses and even the members of clans.

Challenging every single one of them! It was as though he was affirming the College Chief’s desire since he was crowned the Son, he should dominate his generation. He would stand at the top of the hundreds of thousands of people.

What an insane notion. Even a genius in the Upper Arcana Plane would probably not dare to say such words. If all the Middle Arcana Plane experts joined forces, it would be an intimidating force to deal with. A sea of spells could drown an Upper Arcana Plane expert.

The College Chief looked at Ye Futian. Since he had organized today’s coronation ceremony for Ye Futian and invited the masses to watch, he was pushing Ye Futian towards them for him to withstand the pressure. When Long Yitian had risen up, it was also through crushing all his opponents all the way to the top.

Ye Futian had received the divine teachings, so if he wanted to reach the end goal, he would have to dominate his generation and reach the pinnacle. The other matters would be settled by them.

This time, Ye Futian was recommended to him by Madame Long and Gu Hanshan, so they would naturally have to bear the pressure together with the Starry School. Today, they would witness how far Ye Futian could go, and if he was worthy of their expectations.

“Since the Son has such an idea, do you not want to witness it yourself?” an important figure in the Starry School said suddenly. It was an expert from the Jin Clan, and in an instant, many experts stepped into the arena.

“You all should also go and experience his strength for yourselves.” The elders from the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School also followed suit.

The two other schools also had numerous experts. Now that the Starry School wanted to create a Son, they would naturally want to ruin the plan. Since Ye Futian wanted to challenge everyone, they would grant him that wish.

“Chen Liu.”

“Zhen Rong.”

“Jin Yu.”

So many experts. This was the thought in many people’s heads. The Top Three Schools and the major clans all had geniuses in the Middle Arcana Plane that were not inferior to Jin Yunxiao. At this moment, they had all stepped out. Adding on all the people that had walked out from the crowd, a terrifying alliance surrounded the arena.

“They’re really going to join forces,” someone in the crowd said.

Geniuses all had their own pride, but at this moment, they had all put down their pride and joined forces to battle Ye Futian.

From watching Long Mu and Jin Yunxiao’s defeat, they had probably realized that defeating Ye Futian alone was not realistic.

“Please,” Ye Futian emotionlessly said, and a few figures flew out from the crowd. One person flew into the air with an imposing sword will, as though he was one with his sword. One slash of the sword and a brilliant glow appeared from the heavens.

Another person specialized in spells and gathered a terrifying hurricane around hi, flying straight towards Ye Futian. The roared typhoon was sharper than knives or blades and could tear a person’s body to shreds.

Yet another person released his Life Spirit, revealing an intimidating giant golden ape. It flew down from the heavens, as though trying to crush space itself. The giant golden ape’s footprint crushed its way down, trying to erase the being below it.

As the wind blew, Ye Futian’s holy robes billowed. He stood on the spot and raised his head, looking in the air.

As the giant golden ape’s footprint got closer, he stretched out his palm and countless thunderbolts formed. In the air, a thunder dragon’s shadow appeared, biting the giant ape, horrifying thunderbolts coursing through its body, causing it to become paralyzed. He then shrugged his arm and the ape’s body was shrugged by the dragon into the ground.

The typhoon and light blade descended at the same time. Ye Futian stretched out his other hand and countless flashes of lightning formed the Thunder God’s shield in front of him, swallowing the light blades and fighting the typhoon.

“Go.” As he moved his arm, the Thunder God’s shield turned into countless thunderbolts. The Punishment of the Thunder God’s spell instantly swallowed everything and struck the hurricane in the air, causing the expert to grunt as he was struck by the thunderbolt and cough up blood. The swordsman avoided the attack like a blade, however, the Fatal Entanglement was faster and covered the skies, grabbing straight at his body, pulling him downwards and smashing him into the ground.

Seeing the three people being defeated in an instant, many experts in the arena stepped forward. The Spiritual Qi in the air appeared to have been drained dry and in an instant, numerous spells descended and several figures stepped into the air, a neverending barrage of spells landing from the skies, attempting to drown Ye Futian within.

The crowd stared intently at Ye Futian. How was he going to deal with thousands of spells?

Ye Futian looked into the air, an awe-inspiring Qi flow around him. He stretched out both arms like he was lifting up a piece of the earth. In an instant, meteorites started to appear in the surroundings and revolved around Ye Futian’s body. Within the meteorites, there appeared to be countless sandstorms, thunderstorms, hurricanes, just like an operating planet. When the spells descended, they were all blocked out and trapped within the sandstorms, drowned in the thunder and lightning.

“What is that spell?” Many people felt confused and even the elders were shocked. The Starry School had some strong star spells, but they had never seen this spell. Could it be something that the College Chief had recently created?

This spell was naturally not from the Starry School’s cultivation. Back in the Cottage, Ye Futian had learned many spells from the old fellow. This was one of the extremely strong spells that he learned, combining multiple elements and was named Quicksand Storm. It was an exceptional group combat spell that had high requirements in one’s Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Qi control.

After Ye Futian had deciphered the sage martial fate and the divine light’s ability, he made changes to the Quicksand Storm and included the star’s revolution in it.

The new spell that was created should be named Meteorite Storm.

In the air, the Meteorite Storm revolved rapidly, like the stars in the sky. It swallowed everything in its path and the experts in the air experienced an extremely strong gravity trying to pull them into the storm. All their spells were all buried within.

Ye Futian stretched out both his palms and waved them towards the air. In an instant, the Meteorite Storm moved towards the air, its destructive power sweeping everything in its way. The experts in the air started to escape frantically, yet they continue to be struck down, either by the meteorites colliding with their body or the storm cutting through them. Many of them started to vomit blood and in an instant, the strong alliance fell to pieces.

Ye Futian felt that it was a pity. His cultivation level was low, so his control over the spell was limited. Otherwise, the spell could continue to become stronger and its true power would be able to match the heavens and level everything in creation!