The Legend Of Futian Chapter 479

Chapter 479 A Familiar Ruse

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Chen Wang’s sun sword struck forth and waves of light blades rushed within the circulating meteorites, each sun ray blade containing immense destructive power, threatening to drown out the meteorites. However, when the light on the meteorites glowed, the sun’s flames would extinguish. When the waves of sun ray blades had completely been warded off, the meteorite formation around Ye Futian’s body was still there.

Chen Wang’s expression froze. His attack was not able to break through Ye Futian’s defenses? How could his ability be so strong? It was similar to the meteorite storm from before, yet different. It was like a mini starry dimension.

Ye Futian opened his arms and stood in the center of the dimension, as though the entire starry dimension revolved around him. There was an extremely brilliant glow circulating around his body, intersecting with the light from the meteorites, as though he had created an indestructible dimension.

Ye Futian’s eyes were sparkling. His body moved forward and the dimension moved together with him towards Chen Wang. Chen Wang leaped through the air, swords in both hands, the sun’s rays firing down. Boundless Spiritual Qi resonated with him at that moment, slashing towards Ye Futian. The blades of light appeared to drown out everything else on their way to Ye Futian.

Fizzle, fizzle The meteorites around Ye Futian ignited, becoming fireballs and exploding into pieces. Many people were astounded, was this slash finally going to cut through him?

Eventually, the sun blades’ destructive power came to a halt. Ye Futian emotionlessly gazed at Chen Wang, the meteorites that had been shattered coming back together again, continuing to circulate around him. Ye Futian gradually moved closer to Chen Wang.

Chen Wang’s expression paled slightly. His sun’s blades appeared to have a Three-legged Golden Raven merged within, and he lashed out with an even stronger force. However, the ending was the same. He was still unable to break through the meteorite storm.

Ye Futian was already there. Chen Wang started to retreat, but he saw Ye Futian take a step forward, his body teleporting through the air, landing in front of Chen Wang. Although Chen Wang’s cultivation level was higher than Ye Futian, his teleportation speed was slower. His already pale expression turned even paler, and he slashed his blade rapidly, but Ye Futian continued to get even closer. As the meteorites exploded under the force of the blades of light, Chen Wang’s body entered the same dimension that Ye Futian was in. He had been trapped in the meteorite storm.

Hummm Ye Futian moved his arm and countless meteorites smashed towards Chen Wang’s body. Chen Wang’s sword slashed at the meteorites frantically, and a rapid clashing sound could be heard. At that moment, a shining meteorite shattered the sun blade and collided with Chen Wang.

Pshhhhh A stream of blood burst out from Chen Wang’s mouth and his body arched inwards from the impact. Ye Futian did not stop there, he balled up his fingers into a fist and meteorites descended rapidly. The crowd saw Chen Wang’s body being pulverized by the continuous impact and blood streamed from his mouth.

“That’s enough.” A cold voice sounded from the direction of the Blazing Sun School. Ye Futian waved his arm and with a loud bang, Chen Wang was slammed into the ground, hanging on to his last breath and covered in blood.

Ye Futian’s eyes were blazing, yet his aura was cold. Since they had insisted he battle an Upper Arcana Plane expert, he would give them their just deserts. There would probably be no other challengers after this.

Among the silence, many people looked towards Chen Wang. The genius of the Blazing Sun School, the prodigy of the Chen Clan, standing at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane. He had also stepped foot into the ninth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield, yet he had suffered such a crushing defeat.

Everyone understood that there would be no need for Ye Futian to prove himself after this battle. The Starry School’s Son Ye Futian was capable of dominating his generation. He could overcome the difference in cultivation level and defeat Chen Wang, who was at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane. What more could they want from him?

Gu Hanshan and Madame Long looked at the teen standing in the air. When Long Yitian was still young, he had not been this outstanding. Today, Ye Futian was pushed up to the position of Son by them, and the College Chief had pushed him even higher in hopes that he could become the next Long Yitian. However, from what they saw today, they understood that he had the potential to achieve even more.

The Sage plane experts from the Starry School also looked towards Ye Futian. They did not completely agree with the College Chief’s decision previously, and they even had their objections. Now, it seemed that the College Chief had his reason for doing so, he wanted to create a legend that could overwhelm the entire generation. However, the experts of the Starry School also understood that to create such a legend would put them under immense pressure. Back then, it had been the same for Long Yitian.

The Starry School’s College Chief kept a poker face, so nobody could tell what he was thinking.

“Is there anyone else with objections?” the College Chief asked. He then proceeded to say, “If there are any Noble Plane disciples within my Starry School that remain unconvinced and can do better than him, you can replace him.”

The Starry School’s disciples all fell silent. Being able to sweep the entire plane at the fifth level of the Arcana Plane, who among the Arcana Plane had the ability to do better? Even in the Noble Plane, who could perform better than what Ye Futian had? At this moment, everyone understood that there would only be witnesses, no more challengers.

“What did you obtain in the Martial Arts Battlefield’s Divine Chamber?” Someone from the Blazing Sun School broke the silence.

When Ye Futian was battling Chen Wang, there was a dazzling glow surrounding him. They had all felt a strong, mysterious power. What was Ye Futian’s reward for stepping into the Divine Chamber on the ninth level of the Martial Arts Battlefield that made the Starry School’s Sage plane experts crown him as their Son?

Many people’s expressions turned interesting. They had already guessed that Ye Futian was the mysterious person, but now that an elder from the Blazing Sun School had popped the question, it was finally time for the truth to be revealed. This exceptional teen had caused the Martial Arts Battlefield to crumble a few days ago.

“I have nothing to say to that.” Before Ye Futian had the chance to answer, the Starry School’s College Chief had already replied.

“The Martial Arts Battlefield is guarded by all Three Top Schools. Now, this young one has caused the Martial Arts Battlefield to collapse, we’ve lost a land of opportunity. The Starry School has crowned him as your Son, so how are we going to settle the issue of the Martial Arts Battlefield collapsing?” the expert from the Blazing Sun School retorted. The crowd’s interest was piqued, now that Ye Futian had shown his exceptional talent, the two other schools would know that they were unable to cause trouble at the coronation, so they were using the Martial Arts Battlefield as an excuse to create trouble

Now the Starry School had their own Son, and he had taken all of the Martial Arts Battlefield’s martial arts fate. The Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School were naturally displeased.

“For thousands of years, the disciples of the Top Three Schools have entered the Martial Arts Battlefield to fight for the martial arts fates and raise their cultivation level. It has always been survival of the fittest, I see no issue to settle,” an expert from the Starry School also spoke up. From his perspective, it was a ludicrous request.

“If the Martial Arts Battlefield was still around, we could still maintain the survival of the fittest. However, he has caused the Martial Arts Battlefield to collapse. Should you not give us an explanation for that?” the Blazing Sun School’s expert retorted.

“That’s right, the Martial Arts Battleground is a land of opportunity belonging to the Divine Sky City. Now that it has collapsed because of one person, and that person is the Starry School’s Son, the Starry School should account for it,” another person exclaimed.

“What explanation do you all want?” the Starry School’s College Chief coldly asked. When he crowned Ye Futian, he had expected that he would withstand pressure from the two other schools, but he did so anyway. Since Ye Futian had unrivaled potential, he would naturally have to withstand inhumane pressure. Today’s coronation reflected the College Chief’s attitude towards Ye Futian as well. Everything was done formally so that the other two schools would not underestimate Ye Futian’s position in the Starry School and use underhanded means to deal with him.

“Since he was able to obtain something, it’s his own fortune. However, the collapse of the Martial Arts Battlefield, the loss of a land of opportunity, requires an explanation by him. In the Divine Chamber, did he remove the item securing the martial arts fates in place?” an expert asked.

“So what if he did?” the College Chief replied bluntly.

“The Martial Arts Battlefield is jointly protected by the Top Three Schools. If he has removed the item securing the martial arts fates in place, it’s only right that he should return it,” the expert insisted.

“The battlefield has already collapsed, how can he return it?” Elder Nie said, “If you have anything that you want to say, just get to the point.”

“Since it’s protected by all three schools, naturally it should be owned by all three schools,” the Blazing Sun School finally expressed its objective.

There was silence in the air. Many people looked at the arguing key personnel of the top three schools. Ye Futian’s performance had been too phenomenal, so much so that even the Sage plane experts of the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School were unwilling to let him keep the treasure while being crowned as the Son of the Starry School. In the past, the Starry School had Long Yitian. Now, they had Ye Futian.

Pffff. From within the silent crowd, a laughing voice sounded out and it sounded especially clear. Many people’s gazes moved into the crowd, and they saw a teenage person standing within.

“Please carry on,” the teen saw many people looking at him and said, still laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” An apathetic voice sounded out from the direction of the Blazing Sun School. A Noble Plane disciple’s frosty gaze landed on the teen.

“I’ve long heard of the reputation of the Top Three Schools as the holy land of the Eastern Barren Territory. Passing by today, I decided to come and take a look, and it so happened to be the crowning of the Starry School’s Son. I’ve previously heard of the Martial Arts Battlefield, I did not think that items obtained from the battlefield could be shared between three parties. I found it interesting, so I laughed. Please forgive my intrusion.” Luo Fan smiled while speaking, having a flippant expression.

The crowd’s expression was funny. Was this fellow not afraid of offending them?

As expected, the Noble Plane disciple stepped out and walked towards Luo Fan. A Noble Plane’s might descended onto Luo Fan, and he cruelly said, “When the elders of the Top Three Schools are speaking, you have no right to interfere. Slap yourself and get lost.”

This Noble Plane expert was also from the Chen Clan. Chen Wang was his cousin, and the Chen Clan had lost face when he had been publicly defeated. Now, someone dared to quip in when the Sage plane experts of the Top Three Schools were conversing. The cheek of him.

Luo Fan was stunned, and replied, “I didn’t say anything wrong, did I?”

“Slap yourself.” Chen Yu continued forward with his horrifying might. The elders of the Starry School frowned, it seemed like Chen Yu was using this as an opportunity to damage the Starry School’s reputation.

“Senior, what should I do when I meet someone unreasonable?” Luo Fan turned to Xue Ye and asked.

“If he can’t be reasoned with, then use your fist,” Xue Ye replied.

“The other party has Sage Plane elders around, how can I be a match for him?” Luo Fan asked again.

“Teacher has said that the reason why Sage plane experts are able to reach that level is because of the magnanimity they have. Surely they would not interfere in a junior’s battle?” Xue Ye replied playfully.

“That’s true.” Luo Fan nodded his head seriously.

When the crowd heard that, they were dumbfounded. Chen Yu was a Noble plane expert from the Chen Clan. What would the difference be even if the Sage plane experts did not step in?

In the air, Ye Futian was dumbstruck and looked at Chen Yu with sympathy. Like he had predicted, it was the same familiar ruse!