The Legend Of Futian Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Good News

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Ye Futian saw his fifth brother Luo Fan step out and he knew that Chen Yu was in trouble. Out of his many brothers and sisters, his big brother was stable and strong, his second sister ‘kind and gentle,’ his third brother prideful, sister Xing’er virtuous and caring, the only two jokers were his fourth brother Xue Ye and fifth brother Luo Fan. They were all here, as for the punching bag Yi Xiaoshi, he was automatically ignored by Ye Futian.

Fatties had no position to speak of.

This Chen Yu should be from the Chen Clan, he was probably not weak. Xue Ye and Luo Fan weren’t as awe-inspiring as third brother, but as disciples personally selected and taught by that old fellow, their strength would definitely be up to mark. After one year of not seeing them, they were likely to be even stronger.

Loulan Xue did a double take upon seeing Luo Fan and thought that Ye Futian’s other brothers were weirdos. The battle had not even started and he had already set a trap for Chen Yu. By first complimenting the Sage Plane experts, they would not be able to settle the score with him afterward.

“Ignorant. Get out here,” Chen Yu cruelly said. The Starry School wanted to interfere, but seeing as Luo Fan looked carefree, they did not step in but chose to watch the situation.

“Sure.” Luo Fan smiled and walked forward. The people around started to frantically step back and make way for him, Chen Yu was a Noble Plane expert and the damage he would do when battling would be on a larger scale. Very soon, there was no one around Luo Fan but the three brothers.

An even stronger flame will descended upon them. Chen Yu’s eyes contained a scary Flame Intent and the entire area was scorching like it was burning up. Chen Yu raised his hand and grabbed the flame current flowing in the air, and a giant flame palmprint formed instantly. It shadowed the heavens and headed straight for Luo Fan.

Luo Fan raised his arm. In it, there was a fire stick. He waved it around and it started to coil around like a flame whip, the flame current in the air started to cluster and with a flick of his whip, the flame palmprint was split from the middle.

Chen Yu hovered in the air, his arms waving. Countless fire-elemental Spiritual Qi formed currents and a flame world appeared in the skies.

A Noble Plane expert’s vigor was naturally much stronger than an Arcana Plane’s.

Chen Yu’s finger pointed towards Luo Fan and Sun Swords started to rain from the skies as if trying the destroy the entire area.

“Playing with fire?” Luo Fan laughed and his whip began to move. Along with its movement, a flame storm started to brew, like a flame dragon that could devour everything. It absorbed all the Sun Swords into itself, causing the flame dragon to become even more violent and terrifying while flying in Chen Yu’s direction.

Chen Yu’s expression turned solemn. All of a sudden, the flame dragon let out a furious roar and spit out all the Sun Swords, as if it was imitating his attack.

Chen Yu struck out with his palm, attempting to use his Blazing Sun Print to shatter the Sun Swords. However, the flame whip that spiraled towards him ignored his attempts to shield himself, and opened its mouth like a storm, attempting to swallow him. He stepped backward and the flame storm started to chase him all the way until he had retreated to where the Blazing Sun School’s experts were at. A three-legged Golden Raven shadow appeared on his body, its body covered in flames, allowing that terrible force to flood his body.

Booom A vehement current swept past and Chen Yu repeatedly stepped back, looking flustered. This was when Luo Fan finally recalled his whip and stood there, smiling at him.

“I think it’s easier for you to slap yourself,” Luo Fan said, smiling. Chen Yu’s expression was especially somber.

“Who are you?” someone from the Blazing Sun School asked. Although Luo Fan and Chen Yu were just casually battling, Luo Fan had demonstrated extraordinary flame controlling ability.

“Just a cook, not worthy of mention,” Luo Fan smiled and replied.

Chen Yu looked coldly at him, was he mocking him for not even being able to defeat a cook?

“Fifth brother, that’s going too far,” Ye Futian addressed him while smiling.

Those who heard Ye Futian’s voice were astonished. Fifth brother? This person who had suddenly appeared was actually Ye Futian’s senior. It was no wonder that he mocked the Blazing Sun School’s actions just now.

“This is called being low-profile, unlike you.” Luo Fan looked at the brilliant Ye Futian disapprovingly and continued, “Luckily you did not lose face for any of our other brothers and sisters. Am I right, fourth?”

“I believe very much in our little brother,” replied Xue Ye.

“Fourth brother, you’ve become even more handsome,” Ye Futian smiled and said.

“That’s to be expected.” Xue Ye nodded as though it was something natural.

“Seventh brother, why have you gotten even fatter?” Ye Futian looked towards Yi Xiaoshi.

“Nonsense” Yi Xiaoshi looked at Ye Futian with anger. He had evidently become thinner.

“Be more serious.” Luo Fan stared at Yi Xiaoshi, then turned towards the Starry School College Chief and said, “Elder, thank you for your kind treatment towards my little brother. Although this fellow’s potential may not be as high as mine, it’s still manageable, worthy of the position of Son. However, this little fellow is playful, so I hope that you can discipline him properly.”

The crowd was blushing in shame. Ye Futian’s strength was visible for all to see, yet Luo Fan actually said that Ye Futian’s potential was not as high as his and only manageable. How could there be someone this shameless?

“Since the few of you are Ye Futian’s seniors, I believe your potentials are also exceptional. Since Ye Futian is crowned as our Son today, why not the rest of you enter our Starry School to cultivate?” Elder Nie asked. Although this person was a Middle Noble Plane cultivator, his personality was interesting.

“Do you still have Son positions?” Luo Fan asked and Elder Nie was stunned. Luo Fan then smiled and continued, “I’m just kidding, we’re low-profile and don’t like being bound to one place, so we won’t be cultivating in the Starry School. The only reason we’re here is to visit our little brother.”

“Okay, I understand.” Elder Nie nodded his head and did not pursue the matter. This fellow is really ‘low-profile’, he thought to himself.

“Alright, now that today’s coronation has come to an end, please take your leave.” The Starry School College Chief looked at the crowd and announced, ignoring what the Blazing Sun School’s experts said.

Some people looked at the College Chief and did not say anything. They probably understood that the most they could do today were to apply a little pressure to the Starry School. Since the College Chief had already done so, he would naturally not care. No matter how much they said would be to no effect.

The crowd started to stand up and leave the venue. The Chen Clan experts cruelly glared at Ye Futian and his friends, they likely already hated Ye Futian.

The rest of the people could not bear to leave and continued looking at Ye Futian. What had happened today was absolutely spectacular. Not long ago, nobody knew that Ye Futian was the Son. It was a huge surprise, even though he had already made a name for himself in the Martial Arts Battlefield, no one knew that it was him. The Celestial Pavilion’s owner, the mysterious person that had caused the collapse of the Martial Arts Battlefield, the Starry School’s Son. From now on, the Divine Sky City had another genius.

From within the crowd, Shen Yu looked at her Pavilion owner and left unwillingly. When Wang Yurou left, she turned her head back from time to time, thinking of what her sister could be thinking at this point in time.

When everyone had left, the bustle came to an end, leaving only the Starry School’s disciples. They looked at Ye Futian, speechless.

The disciples had mixed feelings, some were happy and others troubled. Gu Yunxi was naturally happy for Ye Futian, Li Man was also smiling, she had not expected the little fellow that she had met in the Evil Dragon Zone to be this strong, much stronger than her. However, it was ironic for Jiang Nan. He was now hiding within the crowd with a grim expression. Ye Futian could defeat even Chen Wang. Jin Yunxiao and Long Mu were not even on the same level as him, this left him in despair. Especially when he recalled all the times when he had ridiculed Ye Futian, every word he had said was grating to his ear.

“Brothers, why have you come?” Ye Futian naturally did not care about how others felt. He was surprised to see his brothers.

“Now that the Eastern Barren Territory has settled down and everything is on track. Big brother has broken through in his broadsword skills, so there’s nothing left for us to do and we decided to come to the Barren State,” Xue Ye explained and Ye Futian’s eyes lit up. He smiled while asking, “Big brother has advanced to the next level?”

“Yes.” Luo Fan nodded. “Not only did he advance to the next level, but he also got a beautiful girlfriend.”

“Who?” Ye Futian blinked and asked.

“Why don’t you guess?” Luo Fan smiled and looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s eyeballs rolled in their socket and he replied, “Goddess Wangyue?”

“Smart, as expected of the pretty lady killer.” Luo Fan complimented him. Thinking back on Ye Futian’s luck with girls back then, it was not something they could hope to achieve.

Ye Futian let out a brilliant smile. Back then his big brother had headed to the Moon Clan to prevent the Qin Dynasty’s invasion and Goddess Wangyue had moved into the Book Mountain.

Goddess Wangyue was a stunning beauty and still single, supporting his big brother to run the Book Mountain. His big brother was outstanding, at the time Ye Futian had felt that the two of them were well-matched, as expected, they were now together.

“When will their wedding be?” Ye Futian asked. If his big brother was getting married, he would definitely go back to attend the ceremony.

“I’m not sure.” Luo Fan shrugged. “Big brother still cares about teacher’s matters.”

Ye Futian’s smile froze on his face, and his expression became serious.

“That’s right, have you met third brother?” Luo Fan asked.

“I’ve seen him once,” Ye Futian replied, nodding. “Third brother is doing well now, he could probably have gone to break through his current cultivation level.”

“That’s good.” Xue Ye and the rest nodded.

“What is your relation to the person at the Evil Dragon Zone that day?” at that moment, an elder asked and looked at Ye Futian.

Ye Futian looked at that person, it was Master Yun who had gone to the Evil Dragon Zone that time. He smiled sheepishly and said apologetically, “I hope elder doesn’t blame my third brother.”

Master Yun glared at Ye Futian. Since the moment he saw him crowned as the Son, he knew that Ye Futian was the person who had snatched the Dragon Grass. But, what could he say? He could do nothing about it.

Within the crowd, Tan Zhong’s expression was unhappy. It turns out that the handsome scholar who had defeated him in the Evil Dragon Zone was Ye Futian’s third brother.

Ye Futian looked at the College Chief standing above the stairway. He had been busy talking with his brothers that he had forgotten the College Chief was around.

“You go ahead.” The College Chief did not say anything, bringing his people and leaving.

Gu Hanshan also stepped out, smiling and saying, “Little fellow, good luck in your cultivation.”

“Thank you, senior.” Ye Futian nodded. Standing beside Gu Hanshan, Gu Yunxi smiled gently at Ye Futian.

“Big brother Futian, all the best.” Long Ling’er raised her small fist at Ye Futian, while Madame Long nodded lightly at him. The both of them then left. Ye Futian knew that he owed Madame Long a huge debt. Otherwise, he would be on the run now!