The Legend Of Futian Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Undercurrents

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At Ye Futian’s command, some people went to guard the entrance of the Celestial Pavilion. Those who weren’t involved in the matter moved to a side as well. Upon seeing Ye Futian staring at him, Jiang Nan grew especially uncomfortable. “What are you going to do?” he asked, his voice filled with trepidation.

“What did he say before I arrived?” Ye Futian asked Shen Yu. He had only caught the last few lines of their exchange just now.

“The two of them came here looking for someone. Then they kept insulting her.” Shen Yu glanced towards Wang Yurou as she spoke. “I requested that he leave, but then he began to insinuate that I had risen to this position using underhanded means.”

Looking at Shen Yu’s lowered head, Ye Futian was fully aware of what she meant by “underhanded means.”

Ye Futian turned to Jiang Nan once more, disgust apparent on his face. Jiang Nan had made snide remarks at him many times before, but Ye Futian had mostly ignored him, thinking that there was not much point to arguing with such people. He didn’t expect that Jiang Nan would continue to stick around him. Perhaps Jiang Nan had grown bolder after being ignored by Ye Futian.

“I was only saying. I didn’t do anything at all,” Jiang Nan countered, feeling a little unsettled by Ye Futian’s cold expression. After all, Ye Futian had defeated Chen Wang back then. Furthermore, Jiang Nan had also heard about Ye Futian’s trip to the Zhaixing House. After taking their ritual implement, he had even managed to last a while in a fight against a Noble. Jiang Nan was well aware that he was no match for Ye Futian.

“How do you want to settle this?” Ye Futian questioned Jiang Nan.

“I’ll apologize and leave. From now on I’ll never step into the Celestial Pavilion again,” Jiang Nan replied.

Shen Yu chuckled coldly. How pathetic Jiang Nan was right now. Wang Yuqing was equally disgusted. It made her incredibly uncomfortable that she had once been with someone like this, and that she had even believed his words.

“And that’s enough?” Ye Futian shot back.

Jiang Nan stared insolently at Ye Futian and retorted, “I am a disciple of the Starry School too, and your senior. Even if you are the Son, you can’t just do whatever you want to me. Besides, I’m from a prominent family in Divine Sky City. It’s already a lot for me to apologize to you and promise to never come back again. What else do you want from me?”

Ye Futian didn’t bother to reply. With a flash of dazzling light, a polearm with starlight revolving around it appeared in his hand. It was the Divine Destruction Polearm.

“We’ll settle this with one swing. Whatever happens is up to your own luck,” Ye Futian announced calmly.

Jiang Nan’s expression hardened. He took a few steps back in an attempt to leave, but the door had been sealed off. Looking cornered, he protested, “You cannot do this.”

This was the ritual implement that Ye Futian was rumored to have obtained. It was the treasure of the Zhaixing House and weighed over 90,000 pounds. If he were to be hit by it

Jiang Nan was beginning to regret coming to the Celestial Pavilion. Ye Futian was supposed to be training at the Starry School. Jiang Nan had not expected that he would come back all of a sudden. It was even worse luck for Jiang Nan to bump into Ye Futian here.

“I’ll only swing the polearm using my own strength. Are you ready?” Ye Futian stared at Jiang Nan as he spoke.

“No” At the sight of Ye Futian standing before him with the Divine Destruction Polearm in hand, his face turned deathly pale.

The polearm whistled through the air as Ye Futian stepped forward. Jiang Nan’s face was ashen. Activating his Life Spirit, Jiang Nan summoned an armor ritual implement to defend himself. At the same time, a defensive spell surrounded his body. There was no intention to attack. Jiang Nan was only thinking of how he could defend himself from this attack.

With another step forward, Ye Futian sent the Divine Destruction Polearm slashing towards Jiang Nan. A frightening sound emanated from the swing, and Jiang Nan felt the immense pressure coming from the ritual implement. His face went deathly pale, and he even closed his eyes as he frantically released Spiritual Qi to defend himself.

With a loud boom, the polearm landed directly on Jiang Nan’s chest. In a flash, he was sent flying through the entrance and beyond. A figure landed on the streets, sending everyone scurrying away. Passersby looked upon the fallen figure in curiosity.

Has there been a battle at the Celestial Pavilion? people wondered, their expressions bewildered. Ye Futian was still the owner of the Celestial Pavilion. Who would dare to make trouble there when Ye Futian’s name was so well-known?

“It looks like someone from the Starry School,” someone declared, looking at Jiang Nan. Jiang Nan was convulsing on the floor, spitting out large amounts of blood continuously. He tried to pull himself up before collapsing again and spitting out more blood. It seemed as though his sternum had been shattered. He was in incredible pain.

“Ah” Jiang Nan let out a pathetic cry. He lay there staring at the sky, his eyes bloodshot. Ye Futian really had no mercy towards him. That swing of the polearm had almost killed him. Jiang Nan hated Ye Futian. He wanted Ye Futian to die a horrible death.

In the Celestial Pavilion, Ye Futian was paying Jiang Nan no attention. If Jiang Nan hadn’t provoked him first, he wouldn’t even have bothered with him.

Looking at Wang Yurou, Ye Futian asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for some work to do, then I remembered the Celestial Pavilion,” Wang Yurou smiled at Ye Futian.

“But you are a precious daughter of the Wang Family, do you really need to do this?” Ye Futian was confused.

“A precious daughter of the Wang Family?” Wang Yurou let out a self-deprecating laugh, “I was unable to enter the Starry School, and with my current plane, there are many things I can’t do. I don’t know what to tell the people at home if I go back.”

Indeed, she had been a precious young mistress of the family back when she was in Yunyue City. How superior she had felt back then. But when she arrived in Divine Sky City, she met with many obstacles, and not long ago she had almost been manipulated by others. After escaping them, she had come to the Celestial Pavilion. It was then that she understood that out in the real world, family backgrounds mattered little, especially if you were from a family in a small city.

She finally understood why so many powerful individuals, even those of the Noble plane, were willing to become bodyguards or attendants. After all, not everyone had astounding talent comparable to that of Ye Futian’s. Most people were average.

“That sounds rough,” Ye Futian chuckled, “how about I treat you to a meal as a friend.”

“Sure.” Wang Yurou laughed heartily.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian offered, and Wang Yurou nodded in response. Looking at Wang Yuqing, she said, “You should go back. I’ll take care of myself from now on, you won’t have to concern yourself with my affairs.” She then walked into the Celestial Pavilion with Ye Futian.

Wang Yuqing stood there watching the two figures, struck dumb. Ye Futian had not looked her way a single time ever since he arrived. It was as if she was invisible, or non-existent.

She was definitely disappointed. There was a twinge of discomfort too. But who could she blame for this? She had said many outrageous things to him in the past. It was already gracious of Ye Futian to not hold anything against her. Now, they were as good as strangers.

He was the Son of the Starry School, an incomparable talent at the forefront of an entire generation. His future was brilliant beyond measure, and yet her sister could still sit with him as a friend. As for her, she probably would only be able to look up to him from afar. After all, some opportunities don’t come knocking twice.

Walking out of the Celestial Pavilion a little dejectedly, Wang Yuqing saw Jiang Nan struggling painfully to get to his feet. She eyed him with feelings of disdain and pity before turning to leave.

Jiang Nan looked vengefully upon the leaving Wang Yuqing. After a long while of trying, he finally managed to stand up. Shooting a cold glance in the direction of the Celestial Pavilion, he hobbled away as well.

Ye Futian and Wang Yurou were having a meal together at the Fairy Pool of the Celestial Pavilion.

“Can I offer you a drink?” Ye Futian raised a cup at Wang Yurou, grinning.

“Sure.” Wang Yurou nodded, and the two drank together. After a few cups, her cheeks grew flushed. She turned her pretty eyes towards Ye Futian, and chuckled, “I remember back then when Wang Linfeng first brought you to see me, I was so suspicious of you. But because I trusted Wang Linfeng, I decided to hire you anyway. I still remember how proud you were back then. It pissed me off so much.”

Ye Futian laughed but said nothing.

“Life really is so unpredictable. Who would have thought that you’d be so outstanding? Even though you defeated the three other big factions, my grandfather and I still believed that you’d only make it to the Top Three Schools. Neither of us could have imagined that you’d be the top disciple in one of the Top Three Schools, and even be coronated as a Son. And the college chief proclaims you to be the best of a generation,” Wang Yurou gushed, seeming especially chatty after a few drinks.

Of course, Ye Futian’s presence was greatly inspiring to her. She had not thought that she would meet a person like him in her lifetime. She hadn’t even dared to think that there could be someone as brilliant as he was.

“Is your grandfather well?” Ye Futian asked.

“Yes,” Wang Yurou replied, “he had great hopes for me. He was awaiting my enrolment in the Top Three Schools. Before I came here, he even reminded me to keep relations cordial between you and my older sister after I found her. I never thought things between you would be so bad. I still can’t answer to my grandfather now.” Wang Yurou said all this with an air of self-deprecation. Her days in Divine Sky City made her feel the most defeated she had ever been.

“Your sister and I may be strangers now, but I hope you don’t take that to heart. You are still a friend of mine,” Ye Futian responded. “If you’re willing to help me, why don’t you stay at the Celestial Pavilion and help Shen Yu manage the place? You know I don’t have the time to do it myself, so I’ll have to trouble the two of you.”

“I didn’t come to the Celestial Pavilion to work in order to gain your pity,” Wang Yurou laughed. She knew that Ye Futian was only being considerate of her feelings by offering to let her help him.

“This isn’t pity; we’re just two friends helping each other,” Ye Futian insisted. “Also, didn’t you all help me take care of Yang Ting and Yang Yi? When they come to Divine Sky City in the future, they’ll be able to lodge here.”

Wang Yurou was taken aback at his words. Looking at Ye Futian’s bright, clear eyes, she asked, “Is there anyone you like?”

There was a brief moment of silence where Ye Futian was at a loss for words before he nodded.

“Yes, there is,” he replied.

“She must be really brilliant then.” Wang Yurou laughed.

“Yes,” Ye Futian nodded, “she’s even better than I am.”

Looking at the sparkle in Ye Futian’s eyes, Wang Yurou felt a twinge of envy. She would love to know just what kind of woman would be a good enough match for the young man before her.

Jiang Nan did not return to the Starry School. Seriously injured, he hobbled into a private residence in Divine Sky City.

An extravagantly dressed young man sat quietly in the courtyard. “You only went out to run some errands, why are you injured?” The young man’s gaze swept over Jiang Nan’s form.

“I ran into him.” Jiang Nan lowered his head, his gaze dejected.

A sharp golden dazzle shot through the young man’s eyes. “You were injured by him?” he asked.

“Yes.” Jiang Nan nodded.

The young man laughed coldly. “Since he has come back to the Celestial Pavilion out of his own initiative, we’re saved some trouble. I guess you were unfortunate to have made a wasted trip and even get injured for it. But vengeance will soon be yours. You’ll come with me from now on.”

“Thank you, young master.” Jiang Nan bowed to the young man. The attack he had endured was worth it.

“Come out, the two of you,” the young man ordered calmly. To his side, two people walked out, their eyes cold.

“Go ahead and take action. Remember, I have absolutely nothing to do with this.” The young man stood and turned to leave. He was not worried at all that they would betray him. These people had families, they would never dare to sell him out.