The Legend Of Futian Chapter 493

Chapter 493 Hidden Mastermind

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The elder looked at the two coldly and then turned to Ye Futian. Since they were enemies, Ye Futian should know that it would be up to him.

Right now, Ye Futian was covered in blood. He breathed weakly and his steps were unsteady when he walked. Clearly, he was badly hurt. But when he walked to the two, his expression was extremely cold. He wasn’t the only one who was hurt. The people beside him had been hurt while trying to protect him. And yet, he didn’t even know the two who’d almost killed them.

“The Yunyue Business Alliance Is Shang Yunfeng your son?” Ye Futian asked coldly. Wang Yurou had said that they were from the Business Alliance. That obviously meant the one from the Yunyue City.

Ye Futian had only killed two people in the Evil Dragon Zone. One was Shang Hai, who’d had conflicts with him; the other was Shang Yunfeng. He remembered Wang Yuqing had told him that Shang Yunfeng cultivated at the Blazing Sun School. He was from the Top Three Schools, so these two were clearly talking about him.

Ye Futian had almost forgotten about this person. He’d killed Shang Yunfeng while in his silver cape. No one knew who he was before he revealed his identity. But after the coronation ceremony, the people of the Top Three Schools all learned of his identity. If the parents wanted to take revenge for their son, they would naturally find out too.

“Yes.” The woman glared at Ye Futian, eyes still bloody and filled with murderous intent. Shang Yunfeng was their only child. They’d had high hopes for him, but he died tragically in the wilderness. How could they not take revenge? They wanted to kill Ye Futian even if it meant dying themselves. Unfortunately, they failed.

Now, they could only hope that the one who found them would have other ways to kill Ye Futian. This assassination would end with them. They’d come to take revenge for their son.

Since the two admitted it, Ye Futian’s expression turned colder. If he’d really died this time, it would be truly tragic. Back then, Shang Yunfeng and Shang Hai had wanted him dead. He naturally wouldn’t go easy on them. There was nothing to say now that his parents had come for revenge.

“Do it yourself,” Ye Futian said coldly.

The two struggled, seeming to try to take one last desperate stab. But the elder wouldn’t give them the chance. He pressed down on them with his powerful might.

Suddenly, the woman laughed. As she laughed, she started crying. It was easy to talk about death, but one couldn’t be so calm when the time really came.

The couple met eyes. “Let us go accompany Yunfeng,” Shang Zhan said. With that, he slapped his forehead. Blood spurted out immediately and he fell over. Seeing that her husband was dead, tears rolled down the woman’s face. Then she used the same tactic and lied down beside Shang Zhan. Her breathing soon stopped.

They came to assassinate Ye Futian after knowing his current identity. This meant they were prepared to die. They knew that even if they killed Ye Futian, the Starry School wouldn’t let them escape the city.

Looking at the two corpses, the surrounding people couldn’t calm their hearts. They didn’t expect to witness such a shocking assassination today. The cause had been a seemingly unimportant figure. They might not know him, but the Son of the Starry School almost lost his life. This was the rivalry of the cultivation world.

The assassination attempt had losses. Gu Yunxi of the Gu Clan was badly hurt and the others weren’t well off either. A group of Arcana cultivators had gone against an upper Noble. They were lucky they didn’t die.

Ye Futian ignored the corpses. He turned to check on the others. Wang Yurou was the most badly hurt. She was the weakest and also had the weakest ritual implement. After seeing the assassinators die, she fainted. Her body was covered in blood.

“Senior,” Ye Futian said, turning towards the Sage cultivator. The elder came to Wang Yurou’s side. He placed a hand on her and warm power enshrouded her. Spiritual Qi surged into all her body parts. Spiritual Qi was strength. It could protect her heart and veins, saving her life.

“Call the medicine master from the school,” the elder ordered. He didn’t go personally. After such a big event, he didn’t dare be careless. The event had been too dangerous. Even with his high cultivation, he’d almost been too late. Everything had happened too quickly.

“Yes.” Someone nodded and went.

“Take them to rest. They won’t die,” the elder said to Ye Futian. “You need to rest too. Don’t worry about them.”

“Alright.” Ye Futian nodded. Seeing all the hurt figures, his eyes reddened. They’d all attacked without caring for their own safety just then.

Yu Sheng went without saying. He would never worry about the situation and just protect Ye Futian with his own body. Ye Wuchen also had many life-or-death experiences with them along the way. Loulan Xue was only a servant. They’d interacted for a long time, but they hadn’t had these experiences before. Ye Futian had never expected Gu Yunxi or Wang Yurou to act without hesitation either. He didn’t know how to repay them.

“You all can go. The Celestial Pavilion will close for today,” the elder said. Finally, the crowd dispersed. What happened at the Celestial Pavilion quickly stirred up an uproar and spread quickly throughout the Divine Sky City.

Ye Futian was definitely the figure that everyone paid attention to this year. He’d collapsed the martial arts fate battlefield, was coronated as Son, defeated everyone in his own plane, and had no enemies in the Arcana Plane. He’d taken the Polearm of Divine Destruction from the Starry School and had become a legendary figure of his generation. But today, he’d almost gotten assassinated.

The Starry School had sent a Sage to protect him in the background. The Gu Clan, the Dragon Clan, and other clans were the first to get the information. The two families sent people quickly because Gu Yunxi was also at the Celestial Pavilion. Other than that, many strong cultivators from the Starry School also hurried over. The Celestial Pavilion quickly gathered strong cultivators from all over.

In one of the city’s private mansions, a youth in the courtyard learned about the news and his expression turned ugly. He yelled something about failures and not being able to take advantage of the opportunity. The upper Noble must be a failure if they couldn’t even kill an Arcana junior.

He’d imagined everything beautifully. Shang Zhan would kill Ye Futian to take revenge for his son and then get killed by the Starry School. It wouldn’t affect him at all. It was flawless. Of course, it wouldn’t affect him even though it failed. It was clearly a revenge mission. But he was still pissed because Ye Futian wasn’t dead.

It would be even harder to kill Ye Futian after this failed attempt too. He actually had a Sage to protect him. He would be more guarded now too. They might even send more people to protect Ye Futian.

Plus, there were no better candidates. If he chose someone else, the Starry School would do everything to investigate the mastermind. Only Shang Yunfeng’s parents from the Yunyue Business Alliance wouldn’t need instruction.

Many strong cultivators came to the Celestial Pavilion. Many from the Gu Clan came, including clan leader Gu Hanshan. Right now, Gu Yunxi was lying in bed. Her pallor was much better. A skilled medicine master was treating her.

“Clan leader, Miss is alright now,” the medicine master said to Gu Hanshan, but the man stared coldly at Gu Yunxi. He clearly looked angry.

“Father,” Gu Yunxi called softly, seeing her father’s expression.

“Yunxi, do you know what you did? You and Ye Futian are good friends, but why did you rush over in that dangerous situation? If something happens to you, what will your mother and I do?” Gu Hanshan was furious.

Gu Yunxi lowered her head and then smiled. “But Father, I’m alright now.”

“How dare you smile?” Gu Hanshan glared at her.

“Alright, Yunxi has just recovered a bit. Stop it,” the pretty woman beside them said. It was Gu Yunxi’s mother.

“Whatever.” Gu Hanshan sighed. “Girls can’t be kept after they grow up. This girl keeps running to the Celestial Pavilion and I don’t understand why. Is he that attractive?”

As a father, he obviously knew what Gu Yunxi was thinking to do all this for Ye Futian. She wouldn’t protect him if she didn’t feel anything.

“Father, what are you saying?” Gu Yunxi blushed as if her father had revealed her secret.

“I’ll mention it to Chief Chen someday and see what the guy thinks,” Gu Hanshan said. The Son of the Starry School was unparalleled in talent and quite matched his daughter. More importantly, his daughter liked him.

“Father, no.” Gu Yunxi’s expression changed.

“Why not?” Gu Hanshan asked.

“He has someone he likes.” Gu Yunxi looked at her father. Her voice was a bit sad.

Gu Hanshan was surprised. So the girl admitted it? She knew Ye Futian liked someone but was still like this?

“Father, don’t worry about me. We’re just good friends,” Gu Yunxi said.

Gu Hanshan sighed. Looking at his wife, he said, “Look at your daughter. What is this?” As the clan leader, he ruled the Divine Sky City, but he was helpless against his daughter.

Many people came to see Ye Futian in another room. Long Ling’er stayed beside Ye Futian, feeling belated fear. Madame Long had come personally too to check on Ye Futian’s injuries.

“Senior, Madame, how are the others?” Ye Futian asked after he’d recovered more.”

“Don’t worry. They’ll be fine,” Madame Long said. “Take this as a lesson too. If you anger someone in the future, you should still be careful.”

“Yes.” Ye Futian chuckled wryly. He’d indeed overlooked Shang Yunfeng’s death.

“After the Chief heard of this news, he ordered people to investigate whether the Yunyue Business Alliance participated in this,” the Sage said to Ye Futian. “If they didn’t, we will warn them that we won’t give them a second chance. If they did, you can decide what to do.”

Ye Futian nodded. Things shouldn’t affect the relatives. If Shang Yunfeng’s parents did this for revenge, he would accept it and wouldn’t involve the Yunyue Business Alliance.

But if they were involved, things would be different.

Neither he nor the Starry School killed for no reason. They followed the rules of the cultivation world. After all, he had a family too. He didn’t want to make enemies someday and have them hurt his family!