The Legend Of Futian Chapter 497

Chapter 497 A Huge Uproar

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Chief Chen heard Ye Futian’s words, stared at him and asked, “Do you know what repercussions it will cause you if you do so?” He naturally understood Ye Futian’s feelings. He could help Ye Futian kill Jin Yunxiao, but he was unsure how drastic the Jin Clan’s reaction would be, or what they would do.

There was only one thing he could be sure of, if he ordered that Jin Yunxiao be killed, with his position, no matter what ruckus was caused, it would not threaten him. However, Ye Futian was different. He was only in the Arcana Plane, the grudge of Jin Yunxiao’s death would be placed onto him. Even with his protection, to be targeted by an influential force like the Jin Clan was still an unbelievably scary thing.

“I understand.” Ye Futian nodded. Jin Yunxiao had already attempted to kill him. If he still worried about the future, what purpose would there be? Even if he let it go today, Jin Yunxiao and the Jin Clan would not call it quits. If they had the chance in the future, they would definitely try to kill him again.

“Alright.” Chief Chen nodded as well.

“Jin Ze wishes to meet the College Chief.” At that moment, a voice sounded from outside the court.

Chen Yuan turned around and said, “Let us go out.”

After saying that, the group of them walked out.

Presently, at the bottom of the stairs, a group of people appeared. When they saw Chief Chen, they bowed and addressed him, “College Chief.”

“Is anything the matter?” Chen Yuan asked.

“We’ve heard that a disciple Jiang Nan lured in assassins to assassinate the Son and tried to push the blame onto Jin Yunxiao. We beseech the College Chief not to trust such rumors,” Jin Ze bowed and said.

“The truth will come to light after we bring Jin Yunxiao to the school.” Chen Yuan’s gaze swept across the people below. He could naturally see that the Jin Clan’s elites in the school were all here attempting to pressure the school.

“The Jin Clan has always maintained close relations with the school. All these years, we have already assimilated into the school and become part of the Starry School. Jin Yunxiao is the descendant of the Jin Clan, why would he attempt to assassinate the Son?” Jin Ze started to plead for him, “If the College Chief arrests Jin Yunxiao over a despicable person’s words, you will be putting the Jin Clan in a spot. My brother is the Jin Clan Leader, and Jin Yunxiao is a direct descendant of the Jin Clan. This would cause the school to fall out with the Jin Clan.” Jin Ze continued his persuasion, “Moreover, there is much to be suspicious about the incident. It could be the work of someone who wants to sow discord between the school and the Jin Clan.”

“I know.” Chen Yuan nodded. “However, there will be a fair trial to see if Jin Yunxiao was indeed involved in the incident after we bring him here. If I have wronged Jin Yunxiao, I will personally apologize to the Jin Clan.”

“If the College Chief does this, wouldn’t it make things awkward for the Jin Clan?” Jin Ze replied. “The Jin Clan has always regarded the College Chief highly, and when you crowned the Son, the Jin Clan did not even say a word of objection as we admired the Son’s demeanor as well. The Yunyue Business Alliance sent assassins to take the Son’s life, our Jin Clan hates the assassins as well. How could the College Chief drag the Nine Cloud Palace into it just by someone else’s words?”

“On the day of the coronation, I announced publicly that the Son would be the leader of the Starry School’s disciples. To see him would be akin to seeing me, now that someone has claimed that Jin Yunxiao is the mastermind, how could I not bring him forth for an investigation? Jin Ze, you’ve tried numerous times to stop me, what is your intention?” Chief Chen’s tone became chilly.

Jin Ze wanted to continue persuading him but heard Chief Chen shout, “My decision is final. Jin Ze, why not you go to the Nine Cloud Palace and bring Jin Yunxiao to the Starry School?”

Jin Ze raised his head and looked Chief Chen in the eye, then said, “College Chief, have you really made your decision?”

“If you won’t go, I will naturally ask Lu Wang to,” Chen Yuan replied.

Jin Ze bowed slightly and said, “Farewell.”

After saying so, he turned around and left. Among those following him were many experts from the Jin Clan. Not long after they had left, many figures flew through the air. About one-fifth of the elders in the Starry School were leaving, instantly causing a huge commotion.

Outside the trial court, with their cultivation level, Chief Chen and the rest could naturally feel people flying through the air and leaving the school. Chen Yuan stared into the air, his eyes like stars in the sky, deep and bottomless. The rest of them all fell silent, this matter was slowly brewing into a giant fiasco.

One after the other, there were people rushing over to report that experts from the various departments had left the school. Usually, some people leaving would not garner such attention, but this time, they were leaving on a large scale. Evidently, something extraordinary had happened.

Not just the elders, the Starry School’s disciples were also in a mess. Following which, more people started to soar through the air and leave. The entire Starry School was left devastated. More people started to gather at the trial court. Some of the elders had arrived as well.

“Jin Chengfeng’s style is as overbearing as always. Is he forcing the Starry School to make a decision?” someone said emotionlessly. The Jin Clan was withdrawing all its clan’s experts from the Starry School. Furthermore, they were bringing many talented disciples with them.

For many years, the influence of the Jin Clan, Gu Clan, and Dragon Clan had been deeply rooted within the Starry School and become native to the Starry School. Now, the Jin Clan had suddenly withdrawn all its members, the Starry School’s strength was bound to be affected.

The Top Three Schools were originally equally matched in the Divine Sky City, but after the Jin Clan’s members had left, the Starry School immediately fell to the weakest among the Top Three Schools. The Starry School had to be wary.

“College Chief, like Jin Ze has said, there could be another person behind the whole incident. The Son had obtained the divine teachings from the Martial Arts Battlefield, causing the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School to covet it. Now that the Starry School’s strength has been weakened,” someone said with a heavy heart.

“Jin Chengfeng must definitely know about this. That’s why he’s doing this to force the Starry School to forget the issue,” another person quipped in.

Their gazes landed on Chief Chen, only to see him with his hands behind his back, looking towards the sky. In reality, when he asked Ye Futian what he wanted, he had already thought about this possibility. He understood what kind of person the Jin Clan Leader Jin Chengfeng was, they were in the same generation and had already known each other when they were younger. He was arrogant and overbearing, so the Jin Clan would not hand over Jin Yunxiao even if they had to fall out with the Starry School. It was not just because Jin Yunxiao was Jin Chengfeng’s grandson, but also because Jin Chengfeng would not allow the Jin Clan to accept humiliation from an Arcana Plane junior, especially if it would cause the whole city to know about it.

With Jin Chengfeng’s arrogance, forcing him to make a decision with such means was also within his consideration.

“When I crowned him as the Son and organized the coronation for him to wear the holy crown and don the holy robes, I had already thought about it. Since I wanted to restore the glory of the saints and let him walk the Divine Path, the road ahead would definitely be tumultuous.” Chief Chen looked into the air and said slowly, “Before the coronation, I had asked Ye Futian, if he was to be crowned the Son, he would have to dominate his generation. I asked him if he could do it and he replied ‘yes’.”

“Since he can do it, everything else should be left to us to settle. Although the Jin Clan did not voice their opinion, they evidently object to my decision. Today’s incident is also an opportunity for us. From now on, the Starry School is united,” Chief Chen lowered his head, his gaze sweeping across the crowd, and said in a solemn voice. “Jin Yunxiao had participated in the assassination of the Son. If he is not punished, there will definitely be other clans who will do the same. I have decided to arrest Jin Yunxiao and incarcerate him.”

The crowd looked at Chief Chen. They could all feel his determination. However, it would not be easy to clear the Divine Path. Long ago, Chief Chen had great expectations for Long Yitian, yet Long Yitian had died away from his protection. Ye Futian was now the new hope that Chief Chen saw.

“Convey my orders to the Starry School. Jin Yunxiao from the Jin Clan schemed to assassinate the Son and has escaped to the Jin Clan after his failure. The Jin Clan has withdrawn all their members cultivating in the school to protect him.” Chief Chen’s voice was stern, and he continued his announcement to the crowd. “The Starry School is a place of cultivation, yet the Jin Clan has violated the school’s rules to protect their clan member. This has caused the school to be in an uproar, thus, from today onwards, nobody from the Jin Clan is allowed to step into the Starry School to cultivate.”

The crowd heard Chief Chen’s words and were astounded. The school was breaking off all relations with the Jin Clan which could not be reconciled. The Jin Clan had withdrawn their experts to force Chief Chen to make a decision between the Jin Clan and Ye Futian.

Chief Chen had chosen Ye Futian who was still in the Arcana Plane. Furthermore, his methods had been unyielding and decisive. Everyone understood that once the word had been spread, the Starry School would be at conflict with the Nine Cloud Palace.

“Lu Wang, bring your men to the Jin Clan and bring him here. Tell Jin Chengfeng that if he is unwilling to hand Jin Yunxiao over, I will personally bring my men to the Nine Cloud Palace,” Chief Chen continued to give orders.

“Understood.” Lu Wang stared at the elderly man in front of him, a surge of emotions coming over him. Chief Chen was willing to go to any extent to protect the Divine Path.

Lu Wang took his men and flew through the sky. Chief Chen’s words spread quickly throughout the Starry School, striking them out of the blue. This caused many people to be completely overwhelmed.

The Starry School was breaking off relations with the Jin Clan. From now on, members of the Jin Clan would forever not be allowed into the Starry School to cultivate. The Jin Clan’s experts leaving had left a huge mess for the school, it seemed like the College Chief had been angered.

The news traveled equally quickly to the Nine Cloud Palace, causing the Jin Clan to be equally stunned, many people were dumbfounded by the news. The Jin Clan’s experts withdrawing was a show of their attitude to force the school to accede to their request. However, they did not actually want to break off relations.

Chief Chen had done so nonetheless, breaking off all relations with the Nine Cloud Palace and cutting off the Jin Clan’s way out.

When Jin Chengfeng heard the news, he flew into a frenzy. How dare Chen Yuan be so decisive, he thought.

When Jin Yunxiao heard the news, he was scared out of his wits. He naturally understood how grave the matter was, but he had absolutely not expected that his actions would have such serious repercussions.

The entire Divine Sky City was in a huge uproar over Chen Yuan’s orders!