The Legend Of Futian Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Overwhelming The Nine Cloud Palace

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Lu Wang led his people to the Nine Cloud Place, with the ones at Starry School speculating if Nine Cloud Palace would hand over their people.

Outside the trial court, Chen Yuan said, “Assemble all mighty ones who are available, and stand by outside Starry Temple.”

“Yes, sir.” Everyone nodded, knowing well that big trouble had made it to their doorstep. Seems like the chief thought that even if Lu Wang was to head there himself, Nine Cloud Palace would still refuse to hand over the people.

They knew well of Nine Cloud Palace Lord Jin Chengfeng’s temperament. With the Starry School breaking up with Nine Cloud Palace and ordering Lu Wang to claim their people, the entire issue had become the talk of Divine Sky City. The possibility of Jin Chengfeng simply handing over who they demanded was close to nil. The Nine Cloud Palace would have lost all face otherwise. The act of the chief assembling mighty ones to stand by outside Starry temple was seen to be no less than an act to declare war on Nine Cloud Palace.

“Shouldn’t you all head back and get prepared?” Chen Yuan turned around and asked Gu Hanshan.

Ye Futian the Son was sent to Starry School with recommendations from West Mountain Dragon Clan and Gu Clan to be conferred the Son. With Starry School guarding Ye Futian’s Divine Path, there was simply no way the aforementioned two clans would have been able to stay out of the conflict.

“The assassination attempt had Yunxi severely injured, and that is naturally something I cannot ignore. I’ll go get ready,” Gu Hanshan replied.

“I will gather people and head there as well,” Madame Long added before leaving.

“Get back to Starry Temple. Ye Futian, head back and wait for further news,” Chen Yuan said.

“Yes, sir,” Ye Futian nodded. The group left the trial court one by one.

Chen Yuan went back to Starry Temple and stood outside. Several silhouettes appeared and gathered around him; all of them important figures of Starry School.

Elder Nie walked to Chen Yuan’s side and asked, “Why are you here, sir?” He knew well of the implications of what took place today: the Blazing Sun School and the Bright Moon School had been up to no good. With the power of Starry School diminished, further developments of things from here on out would turn unpredictable, should Starry School choose to wage a war against Nine Cloud Palace.

Chen Yuan lifted his head and looked afar, and spoke slowly with misty eyes, “Since the days of the saints, the divine school split into three schools. Seven clans immersed themselves within. For countless years, all three schools never achieved anything glorious. The eastern regions of the Barren State might have conferred sacred land status, but one look at the entire vast lands of Barren State, one couldn’t help but realize the three schools were nothing in comparison. My student, Long Yitian, was a glorious figure himself once, and yet he too perished on the Divine Path.

“There have been many proud ones since ancient times. Every headmaster, including my own mentor himself, yearned for the Divine Path, and all failed to attain it. I’m aware that my talents are limited, and the Divine Path is something I couldn’t even dream of. Just how many Holy Roads will there be in a place like the Barren State?”

Chen Yuan’s tone turned solemn and he continued, “Now, the heavens have bestowed a sacred one right before my eyes, one who carried the heritage of the Sacred Path. This is an opportunity, one that had not been here for years. How could I possibly give it up? My own wish to witness the Divine Path aside, in the school’s perspective, the birth of a saint would create yet another Holy Road. When that happens, the top figures all over the Barren State will all flood the Holy Zhi Palace, and they will also study at Starry School. When all that came to be, all three schools will become one again, marking a return to the glorious days of the ancient saints. Do you not wish to witness such grand events taking place yourself?”

“We remained behind at the school for cultivation and never went to create our own clan forces. We remain here to teach the people of the world and to seek our own path. It is only natural for us to wish to witness the Divine Path.” Elder Nie nodded. There was no one who did not yearn to witness the fleeting Divine Path. It was just that it all just seemed too far away.

“If one were to witness the Path in the morning, one will have passed on contented in the evening.” Chen Yuan smiled. “If I was able to bear witness to the birth of the Divine Path in this very Starry School, I will have had no regrets in this life.”

“Let us hope that it will come to be. It is near impossible to bear witness of the Divine Path after all.” A bitter smile was seen on Elder Nie’s face, “The Divine Path aside, one who was capable of being considered a sage, was naturally one exalted above mere mortals in the state of mind and perceptivity. Such a figure has a long way ahead of him.”

“The road is long and one’s study reaches far. We, who have been in the study of the arts, would not have bothered with that bit of time. The Jin Clan never said it out loud, but there has been a fissure between the later generations and the Son for ages. Furthermore, Ye Futian was sent into the school by the Dragon Clan, and it would only be a matter of time before change happened. They would not have simply chosen to bear witness to Ye Futian’s growth, and the break up with Nine Cloud Palace was bound to happen sooner or later. The storm had simply come early.” Chen Yuan smiled with a clear state of mind.

“Seems like you have had everything thought out, headmaster.” Elder Nie did not say much. More and more elders of the Starry School made it to where they were, and all heard the conversation between the two of them. It was apparent that Chen Yuan had meant for them to hear all that.

Lu Wang brought his men back after a while, without sight of Jin Yunxiao. It appeared that Nine Cloud Palace had refused Starry School’s request once again.

“It is time to depart.” Chen Yuan said little. He simply led his men heading for Nine Cloud Palace.

Nine Cloud Palace, imposing and luxurious, exuding a peerless flair of extravagance.

At the peak of Nine Cloud Palace, Jin Chengfeng wore a solemn expression, and the mighty ones of the Jin clan assembled at golden Cloud ancient temple. Each and every one of them wore solemn expressions themselves.

“My lord, the Starry School, the Gu Clan and the West Mountain Dragon Clan have all brought their men heading for Nine Cloud Palace,” someone bowed and reported to Jin Chengfeng, who was sitting at the golden temple.

“Chen Yuan. How dare you indeed.” Jin Chengfeng had golden, sharp eyes, which seemed to be capable of piercing the void and gazing at something far away.

Between the Jin clan and Ye Futian, Chen Yuan had unexpectedly chosen to side with the boy, a young one in the Arcane Plane. He had not wanted to have anything to do with Ye Futian; he had simply wanted Chen Yuan to leave all that behind. He had always had an arrogant, remarkably extravagant temperament, and it was only natural for him to not hand over Jin Yunxiao and bear such insult. As such, threatened Chen Yuan with force. He had not expected in the least that Chen Yuan would have made one such insane decision.

“Has Chen Yuan lost his damn mind?” an elder shouted in rage. While Jin Yunxiao had participated in the attempt, it was not him who set up the assassination attempt. He had simply used Yunyue Business Alliance for a bit. They had never thought Chen Yuan would dare cause such a fuss over something like that.

“The time to press on the case has passed. It is now time to think about what to do with the situation at hand,” someone among them added calmly.

With the Starry School allied with the Gu clan and the Dragon clan and coming for them, their position as the great Nine Cloud Palace would have been able to do little to avoid the conflict. The fight that was about to happen seemed inevitable.

Many turned silent. It was apparent that Nine Cloud Palace as a whole had not prepared for war. Even if they were to fight, there was no doubt that they would end up being on the losing side.

They had forced Chen Yuan’s hand before, and now, it was Chen Yuan who was threatening them.

Whose mind would prove more adamant?

Winds howled and clouds stirred from afar. A row of mighty ones appeared, all of whom eyeing the extravagant, golden Nine Cloud Palace. The men of the Starry School had arrived.

The earth-shaking howl of dragons was heard soon after, marking the entrance of the mighty ones from West Mountain Dragon clan. Mighty ones of the Gu clan appeared soon on the other side. An imposing force consisted of men from three sides, loomed over Nine Cloud Palace. It was akin to troops gathering outside the gates of an enemy fort.

Jin Chengfeng stood up and headed out on a golden cloud. Jin Ze, a former student of Starry School, who had led students to leave the school, stood by his side.

“Are you all here, asking for a fight?” Jin Chengfeng said as he swept his gaze at the opposing forces.

“Jin Chengfeng, Jin Yunxiao was a student of Starry School as well. He had participated in the assassination attempt of the Son, and yet, you hid him and refused to hand him over. My daughter, Gun Yunxi, almost lost her life in that attempt. Do you still refuse to hand him over?” Gu Hanshan stood at one side, emanating a condescending air. He was, after all, the head of the Gu Clan.

“Chen Yuan, what do you propose to do with Jin Yunxiao?” Jin Chengfeng asked.

“For his crime of attempting murder of the Son, death,” Chen Yuan replied.

“Death, huh. The Jin Clan of the Nine Cloud Palace has done countless things for the sake of Starry School for all these years. Yet you disregarded the Jin clan with just one line all the same. Chen Yuan, you are something indeed.” Jin Chengfeng’s words seemed to have been laced with razors.

“If something like that hadn’t happened, or rather, Jin Ze had led people of the Jin Clan to simply leave after what had happened. Worse still, they take many who are not bearing the surname Jin, what would you make of that? Are they students of Starry School, or are they disciples of Nine Cloud Palace? Is the Jin Clan doing things for the sake of Starry School, or for the sake of the Jin Clan?”

Chen Yuan looked at Jin Chengfeng and replied, “We are here today for two reasons. We are here first for Jin Yunxiao. And then, those who are not of the surname ‘Jin’. I would not pursue the matter of members of the Jin Clan returning to Nine Cloud Palace. But those who do not bear the surname Jin, they have enjoyed using the resources of the school, yet followed members of the Jin Clan to serve Nine Cloud Palace. What do they think the school is? How is this any different from betraying the school? As such, as for any student who does not bear the surname ‘Jin’ and left the school for Nine Cloud Palace, I shall bring them back to the school to be dealt with at a later date.”

The Starry School students who had left the school to follow the Jin Clan felt shivers go down their spines as soon as Chen Yuan finished speaking, trembling where they stood.

Chen Yuan, the headmaster of Starry School, had never bothered himself with the affairs of the school. As the school was a place for cultivation, the school did not get involved with the future undertakings of their students and had never forced any student to stay. That was the very reason they followed the Jin Clan to Nine Cloud Palace. They had not expected the headmaster to be so forceful with the matter at hand.

“Chen Yuan.” Jin Chengfeng’s tone was as cold as ice.

“The disciples that you have sent to be nurtured by Starry School are now being used to fight against Starry School. Do you think I will simply let that slide?” Chen Yuan spoke in a calm tone, “Hand over the one responsible, or we shall resort to violence.”

Starlight shone above Nine Cloud Palace as soon as Chen Yuan finished, having seemingly thrown them into a starry world. Nine Cloud Palace, which bathed in the light of the sun, seemed to be encased in the night for a split second. Such was the power of the sages. One thought was all that it took to change the skies, summoning abnormal phenomenon of the cosmos.

The entire Nine Cloud Palace felt a strong pressure heaving on their shoulders at the very split second the starry sky appeared. There was an incredibly terrifying gravity in the air, bearing down on their bodies, making it difficult for anyone to move. Those who were of weaker cultivation felt it impossible to even make one step forward.

Jin Chengfeng leaped into the sky. An overwhelmingly huge shadow of the divine bird appeared, which materialized into the Roc shortly after, cutting down the night and spraying golden brilliance all over the place, covering the entire Nine Cloud Palace.

Infinite golden brilliance emanated through the body of the divine bird. The flowing light seemed to be deceivingly sharp, cutting the gravitational space to shreds. Two god-like figures seemed to be going at each other’s throats between heaven and earth.

“Jin Chengfeng, are you trying to destroy Nine Cloud Palace?” Gu Hanshan asked as he took a step forward. Men of Nine Cloud Palace all had had a dreaded look on their face. The Starry School alone proved adequate to shake Nine Cloud Palace. With mighty ones from renowned clansthe Gu Clan and the Dragon Clanthrown into the fray, the most lavish place in the entire Divine Sky City would have been razed if they were to actually fight.

People far away all had their eyes locked onto the abnormal astronomical phenomenon taking place, and all were terrified to the very core of their being.

Are the Starry School and Nine Cloud Palace really going to fight each other?

Of course, there were also people of other clans who were students of the school among the crowd, and they were smirking at the development. They wished to see both sides actually going at each others’ throats, as they would have left both sides suffering heavy losses!