The Legend Of Futian Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Enticement

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Ye Futian’s group landed from the sky, appearing before Longyuan City’s crowd in a shocking manner. The battle had not even begun and they were already conceding? What were they here for then? To make fun of them?

On Mount Jiuxian, there were experts who stared at Ye Futian’s group ruthlessly. One of the experts asked, “You landed on Mount Jiuxian, how can you admit defeat without even battling? What do you treat Mount Jiuxian as?” His expression was icy, thinking about the bolt of thunder in the sky. In this region, nobody dared to as arrogant as to walk right above Mount Jiuxian. Was this the reason these people had fallen from the sky?

If that was so, it would not be that easy for them to sneak off. Since they had landed here, they would have to abide by the will of the heavens.

Qi Yuan waved his hand and the four Arcane Plane experts surrounding Ye Futian’s group released their Arcana aura, they were all cultivators at the pinnacle of the Arcana Plane. In an instant, the Spiritual Qi around them started rampaging and the air started to roar.

“If you’re injured and concede, I will naturally order them to leave you alive,” Qi Yuan said. Ye Futian stood there with a glint in his eyes, as though thinking of a solution.

There were numerous experts on Mount Jiuxian. Evidently, there was an event going on, likely to be an entrance examination of sorts. Under such circumstances, what should they do?

After considering for a moment, Ye Futian saw that the other party was already preparing to strike, and so he decisively said, “Spread out.” After saying so, the four of them took one direction each, with the Black Wind Condor at the rear.

The four of them released their auras and the crowd had strange expressions. Ye Futian and his friends were indeed in the Upper Arcana Plane, moreover, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were only in the seventh level of the Arcana Plane, meaning that they were in the lowest level of the Upper Arcana Plane. Ye Wuchen was also only in the eighth level of the Arcana Plane. Conversely, Loulan Xue’s cultivation level was the highest at the ninth level of the Arcana Plane. However, much of the difference in the cultivation level between herself and the rest had been shortened and they were catching up soon.

However, at their cultivation level, how could they defeat Qi Yuan’s four experts? The four experts were not ordinary people. Among them was this person named Bai Yan, an extremely famous genius in Longyuan City. The Longyuan City Lord had the intention of betrothing his daughter to him to take him in as a son-in-law. If the Longyuan City was not the first to be challenged, causing them to lose face, Qi Yuan would not have sent him to battle.

With Bai Yan’s strength, he could probably defeat all four of them by himself. They had no idea of Ye Futian and his friends’ origin. Furthermore, the other three experts were also exceptional cultivators from Longyuan City, that was why they were following beside Qi Yuan, to prepare themselves to step onto the Holy Road with him. They were all geniuses in their own right.

“Do it,” Bai Yan’s voice sounded out emotionlessly, and a figure flew into the air and a huge gravity field descended, its weight crushing down onto Ye Futian’s group. At the same time, rocks started to surround Ye Futian and his friends, attempting to petrify them and restrict their movements.

The person who had flown into the air released his Life Spirit Dharma, a giant stone golem with horrifying strength. The Spiritual Qi in the air roared, and he landed from the sky, the shadow of the golem’s foot trampling down, attempting to squash the four of them.

The two on the left and right moved simultaneously. The person on the left had a demonic beast as his Life Spirit. He stepped forward, his body covered in a golden glow. A humming sound could be heard from the earth, resounding under his dreadful strength.

The person on the right fired a spell which caused dancing lightning snakes to appear and fly towards Ye Futian’s group. The only person who did not move was Bai Yan, who stood there, staring ahead. With Ye Futian’s group at the center, the Spiritual Qi exploded and the air flow became extremely unstable, as though trying to devour them.

Just as the attacks were about to reach them, Loulan Xue released a wintry aura and it felt as though there were snowflakes falling from the sky. Her silver eyes swept across the attackers, and the three experts felt as though they were covered by a layer of ice and were about to turn into ice statues, their actions slowing down.

At the same time, the stones on Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen’s bodies shattered. Yu Sheng launched off the ground, his muscular body flying into the air. He raised his arm and shattered the giant foot, and with a crash, the expert stomped onto Yu Sheng’s arm like his stone golem. However, Yu Sheng’s body did not fall as a dark golden light flowed around his body. He grabbed the other party’s foot with his hand and tossed him towards the ground.

At that moment, the stone golem that had fearsome strength actually lost its balance and the expert was flung down.

At the same time, Ye Wuchen’s lone arm stretched out and his finger pointed into the air. In an instant, countless Sword Qi stormed and tens of thousands of sword wills formed. Following his finger, the sword wills plunged towards the left and right. The expert with the demonic beast could only feel overrun by the countless razor-sharp sword wills, and he growled angrily and struck out, only to be pierced by the tens of thousands of sword wills that descended upon him. The sound of metal piercing flesh sounded went on endlessly, and the expert was covered in blood, standing still on the spot.

The other expert’s lightning snakes were decimated and he was overwhelmed by the sword wills, ending up equally as wretched as the other two.

Bang! The expert in the air was smashed into the ground by Yu Sheng and everyone’s hearts trembled as they heard the loud voice.

This The crowd was astounded. How strong were these people? There was no trace of their cultivation level disadvantage. Instead, they crushed their opponents.

Could it be that Ye Futian’s surrender was done on purpose to trick them into thinking that they were pushovers, only to shock the crowd when they revealed their true strength?

What a scheme to show weakness. Indeed, their actions attracted a lot of attention from the crowd and left them awestruck. Since their flashy entrance, everything had been within their calculations, to use the Longyuan City faction as a backdrop to show off their prowess. What an elaborate scheme.

Now, there was only Bai Yan left. All of a sudden, his body was surrounded by golden Spiritual Qi and a fearsome golden emblem appeared within the golden light. A myriad of golden arrows appeared around his body, each with a stinging aura.

Bai Yan took a step forward and his body moved like the wind, and crackling sounds started to sound from the arrows, as though they were being fired from their bowstrings. The arrows followed him forward, attempting to erase everything in their path.

The crowd was stupefied and looked towards Ye Futian’s group. Bai Yan’s strength was much stronger than the other three experts, could he deal with them? They saw Ye Futian move, thunder under his feet. He moved like lightning, descending before Bai Yan and slamming him with a giant golden palm print, crushing him under it. The brilliant arrows were shadowed by the palm print and the crowd saw Bai Yan being clapped into the ground by the palm print, vomiting copious amounts of blood.

The crowd was flabbergasted. A seventh level Arcana Plane had dominated Bai Yan, who was a ninth level Arcana Plane cultivator. Such battle ability could only be described as terrifying. There was probably only going to be one such battle. In the Arcana Plane, there were definitely not many people who could defeat this group.

On Mount Jiuxian, everyone’s gazes landed on Ye Futian’s group. The person in the middle of the spectators had radiant beauty, she was Qin Yin, the beloved daughter of the Wind Sage.

“Who are they?” Qin Yin asked quietly. The surrounding people all shook their heads, and someone at the side replied, “No idea.”

“Does nobody know them?” Qin Yin looked towards the rest and asked. Although this group of people was only in the Arcana Plane, they had a terrifying battle ability. They should have had some fame.

“The region around Mount Jiuxian is so huge. This time, experts from all areas are gathered here, it’s normal that nobody knows them.” someone explained, and Qin Yin nodded her head gently in acknowledgment.

What a pity. If these people were grade seven nobles, they could be of assistance to her on the Holy Road. However, no matter how strong an Arcana Plane cultivator was, there was a limit to their strength and would not be able to obtain too much on the Holy Road.

Perhaps they might have a chance three years later, but she was already a grade eight noble and could not wait three years. By that time, she would definitely have surpassed the Lower Noble Plane and be unable to step foot onto the Holy Road.

Qi Yuan’s expression was cold as he stared at Ye Futian’s group. He then looked at the people beside him and a figure stepped out with a noble aura around him.

“Although it might be unfair to battle a Noble Plane cultivator, but to be standing here, I believe you have made preparations,” said Qi Yuan.

Ye Futian looked at the Noble Plane cultivator standing before him, with his current cultivation level, he was not afraid of a grade nine noble, but he had just arrived here and had not understood what was going on until now. If he insisted on being high-profile, things might blow out of control. In the previous battle, he had already offended the person in front of him.

“We acknowledge that we are not a match for a Noble Plane cultivator and are willing to step out,” Ye Futian replied.

“Since you’re already here, how can you not battle and retreat?” As Qi Yuan finished his sentence, the Noble Plane cultivator released an alarming aura, the air resounding with it. Ye Futian’s group frowned as they felt the noble might, and they all got into their positions.

“Wait a minute.” At that moment, a voice sounded out, and the crowd’s gazes turned towards the person speaking. It was Li Xun, the Young City Lord of one of the Five Major cities, the White Sovereign City. Li Xun had a refined aura, although he was a grade seven noble with incredible strength, he was humble, amiable and approachable. There were many exceptional talents following beside him as he could win the hearts of many.

Li Xun’s gaze turned towards Ye Futian, nodding to him as he introduced himself, “Li Xun of the White Sovereign City.”

“Ye Mo,” Ye Futian replied. He used his younger brother’s name as an alias. Although this place was extremely far from the Divine Sky City and no one would know the name Ye Futian, he did not use his real name as a security measure. Otherwise, if he attracted his enemies from the Divine Sky City, he would be in a very passive situation.

“Where you have stepped up is tantamount to declaring war on the Longyuan City’s faction. Qi Yuan can dispatch Noble Plane cultivators to deal with you, and you can only accept it. Ye Mo, would you be willing to enter my White Sovereign City’s faction? If you do so, the White Sovereign City can also send out Noble Plane cultivators to battle them,” Li Xun explained.

A glint appeared in Ye Futian’s eyes. Indeed, he did not want to be too outstanding, but he was also unwilling to follow under Li Xun.

“The reason you are here must be for the Holy Road. Your battle ability is exceptional, but your cultivation level is low. You will need help to clear the Holy Road,” Li Xun continued his persuasion.

“For the Holy Road?” Up until now, Ye Futian still had no understanding about the Holy Road, so he nodded and agreed, “Okay.”

Now was not the time to battle. He had to understand the upcoming sequence of events first!