The Legend Of Futian Chapter 517

Chapter 517 A Storm Brewing

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A group of people arrived at Ye Futian’s residence.

When Ye Futian stepped out, his gaze landed on a girl among the group, she was smiling at him, her hand brushing her fringe back. Her smile got even brighter while her eyes appeared to be a little red.

“Yunxi, why did you enter the Holy Road?” Ye Futian smiled and asked.

“To challenge myself,” Gu Yunxi beamed gently and replied. Beside her, her brother Gu Ming looked at her. He naturally knew what Gu Yunxi was here for.

The Starry School’s disciples looked at Ye Futian with mixed feelings. Along the way, they had heard that Ye Futian was rallying experts and collecting their holy badges. One word from him and over a thousand people responded and handed over their holy badges to him.

This Starry School’s Son should only still be in the Arcana Plane, right? Ye Futian’s gaze swept across the crowd with a glint in his eyes. He did not say anything and looked at the Starry School’s disciples. Although the Starry School’s disciples had mixed feelings, there were still people who saluted him and addressed him as the Son. After the first few, the rest started to salute and address him as well.

Chen Yuan had once said that seeing the Son was tantamount to seeing him. In the past, many people had been unconvinced by Ye Futian, but they all knew in their hearts that nobody could exceed Ye Futian’s potential. Not just in the Starry School, but in the entire Divine Sky City. Now, he was traversing the Holy Road, consecutively deciphering relics. Even in the Holy Road where geniuses from the entire Barren State gathered, he had made a name for himself. Even if they had objections in the past, they were all convinced now.

Ye Futian smiled and nodded. The Starry School’s disciples arriving was a great help to him. His gaze landed on a person and he smiled, looking at him.

Long Mu was conflicted. His emotions were undoubtedly the most complicated among all of them, but along the way, the Starry School’s disciples had discussed relying on Ye Futian. He was clear that Ye Futian’s potential and position were way above his league. He sighed in his heart and although he was unwilling to admit it, he had nothing to be proud of in front of Ye Futian.

“Son,” Long Mu saluted and said, but his tone was unnatural. Ye Futian did not mind, smiling and asked, “Long Mu, is Ling’er doing well?”

“Not bad, but her temper has been quite bad recently. It could be because of the news of your death. She must be very sad,” Long Mu replied.

“She will know the truth after this is over. Long Mu, you are her brother. In the future, do not make her abide by your wishes and consider more about her,” Ye Futian said.

Gu Yunxi looked at Ye Futian, surprised. Evidently, Ye Futian was salvaging his relation with Long Mu, displaying remarkable magnanimity.

“I will.” Long Mu naturally felt the goodwill of Ye Futian.

Ye Futian nodded lightly. He owed the Madame a favor and Ling’er was like a younger sister to him. As long as Long Mu did not go overboard, he would not grudge him. After all, Long Mu was full of youthful vigor.

“Who is it?” At that moment, a figure appeared in the air above the pavilion. There were many people who were protecting the pavilion and wanted to stop them.

“It’s fine.” Ye Futian looked into the air, smiled and said. The figure landed in front of Ye Futian like lightning and the earth trembled as a fatty appeared before the crowd.

“Long time no see. Brother’s figure has not changed since we last met.” Ye Futian smiled and thought to himself, how can a fatty be this fast?

Yi Xiaoshi glared at Ye Futian, then smiled and said, “I’ve just come from second sister’s place, and I saw Jieyu.” After saying that, he held his head up high.

Ye Futian was stunned for a moment, then walked forward and smiled with trepidation and said, “Brother, you’re still as handsome as before with great style. It’s no wonder that you’re my seventh brother.”

The crowd blinked in surprise. Where did his brother appear from? Moreover, Ye Futian’s change in tone was way too quick.

“Do you want to know how Jieyu’s doing?” Yi Xiaoshi looked at Ye Futian from the corner of his eye. See if you dare to be arrogant in front of your brother in the future, he thought to himself.

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded frankly.

Yi Xiaoshi gave Ye Futian a look with deep meaning, then pat Ye Futian on the shoulder and sighed, “Ah”

Ye Futian blinked and asked, “Brother, how is Jieyu?”

What did that sigh mean?

Yi Xiaoshi looked at Ye Futian and shook his head. “Brother, a great person like you would not bear a grudge against me, would you?” Ye Futian said anxiously.

“Jieyu should be in the Nether Road now. Moreover, she is faring better than you now. Little brother, you need to buck up,” Yi Xiaoshi replied in a heartfelt tone.

Ye Futian was bewildered for a second, then a brilliant smile appeared on his face.

“Still laughing?” Yi Xiaoshi asked, “Do you know how many people have attempted to look for second sister to try and get matched with her?”

“Why don’t you look at whose wife she is.” Ye Futian looked disdainfully at Yi Xiaoshi and continued, “Damn fatty, I was nearly scared to death by you just now.”

The fatty’s arms crossed over his hips. The speed of his change in tone was ridiculous.

“You’re really not afraid?” Yi Xiaoshi looked at the fellow in front of him, speechless.

“My Jieyu is so outstanding, how could there be a lack of suitors.” Ye Futian looked disapprovingly at Yi Xiaoshi again. What was there to be afraid of? As long as Jieyu was doing well, nothing else was important. His heart was at ease. As for her suitors, which of them could even hold a candle to him?

“That is to say after I step out of the Holy Road, I’ll be able to meet Jieyu? And second sister?” Ye Futian’s smile got even brighter. The fatty was really his lucky star.

Yi Xiaoshi saw Ye Futian’s delighted expression and looked at him with a look of contempt.

“Wait a minute.” Ye Futian’s expression became odd and he looked at Yi Xiaoshi and asked, “If you’ve already been to the Zhuge Clan, why aren’t you at the Nether Road, but here instead?”

“I, your brother, was afraid that you would be bullied by other people and rushed here intentionally,” Yi Xiaoshi declared proudly.

“Second sister chased you here?” Ye Futian’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Yi Xiaoshi.

“You” The fatty was enraged. He traveled all this distance only to hear ‘chased here’? What was all his hard work for? Was Ye Futian not touched in the slightest? Although it was the truth

“Second sister treats me really well.” Ye Futian was indeed very touched. Yi Xiaoshi wanted to hit someone. He felt hurt.

The crowd looked at the two people and had skeptical expressions. The way these two brothers interacted was special. The Starry School’s disciples were thinking, the Zhuge Clan? Which Zhuge Clan?

Jieyu, Gu Yunxi thought to herself. This was probably the name of Ye Futian’s girlfriend. She had known long ago that Ye Futian had a girlfriend. Now that she was here, she might be able to meet her if she walked out of the Holy Road. The girl that Ye Futian loved, what kind of person would she be? From the conversation, she must be exceptional.

The news of Ye Futian collecting the holy badges spread across the Flaming Prison City and even out of the city to the entire Holy Road.

The dawn of the second day, there was an exclamation at the outer region of the pavilion where Ye Futian resided. Many people moved to a corner in the pavilion, where a few corpses were lying on the floor. Their faces had turned black, as if they had been poisoned. Their bodies were undamaged, but they had been dead a long time.

“He’s struck again,” someone said with a sullen expression. These few days, many similar incidents had occurred in the Flaming Prison City. Some cultivators had died mysteriously and everyone understood that it was for the holy badges. However, up until now, nobody knew who had done it. The person’s targets were at least grade eight nobles and there were even many grade seven nobles. This meant that the person was intentionally picking the strongest cultivators in the Holy Road as his targets. This showed how horrifying the mastermind’s strength was.

Many people gathered and debated about the incident. After Ye Futian heard the news, he also went there. When he saw the corpses on the floor, his expression changed.

“Does anyone know what happened here?” Ye Futian asked.

“It’s Death Qi,” someone said. “In the Holy Road, a horrifying necromancer has appeared.”

“Necromancer?” Ye Futian’s gaze intensified. It was rumored that necromancers would cultivate with Death Qi and were extremely scary. They could kill without leaving any trace, and stronger necromancers could even control dead spirits.

“The Holy Road has always had all kinds of people,” Mu Zhiqiu said quietly. “Moreover, the person is killing in the pavilion, so it’s very likely that he’s mixed in with the crowd. You have to be careful.”

“That’s right, the other party could be within the crowd and attack Master Ye at any time. Master Ye, do take extra precautions,” another person advised.

“I’ll be careful.” Ye Futian nodded, his expression serious. This type of mysterious expert was even more dangerous as they could kill without leaving traces or even revealing their identity. They did not even know who it was.

“Everyone, please be careful,” Ye Futian reminded them again. The crowd all nodded and felt a sense of crisis.

Ye Futian left, then turned to Mu Zhiqiu and asked, “Have you heard of necromancers before?”

“Necromancers are extremely rare. There is an extremely famous necromancer in the Barren State, a horrifying entity on the Barren Sky Ranking, the Dark Saint,” Mu Zhiqiu replied.

“Looks like people from all factions are arriving,” Ye Futian mumbled silently. He had a premonition that a storm was brewing, he needed to make the best of his time.

Just like Ye Futian had thought, a group of figures was marching outside the Flaming Prison City, their aura extraordinary. They were from the strongest clan in the Ruin Citythe Xia Clanwith Xia Hou leading them.

Among the nine cities of the Holy Road, the Flaming Prison City did not have people from an elite faction standing guard, thus the most people had gathered there. Now, there was someone using such an ingenious method to gather the holy badges. How could he not come?

Even those from the most elite factions could not plunder the holy badges as it would incite the crowd’s rage. The method that Ye Futian had used was indeed innovative. However, no one else could imitate his method.

“Are we going to look for him directly?” a person beside Xia Hou asked.

“No hurry,” Xia Hou replied and continued, “Now, he has probably only just started collecting the holy badges. There is no reason to disrupt it. Give him some more time. However, keep an eye on him, we are probably not the only clan to come here.”

“Understood.” The person beside him nodded.

The group of them entered the city. Not long after they had entered the city, another group of people arrived. The people from the Nantian House had arrived and Nan Hao stood there gracefully, his gaze sparkling and looking into the distance. He had heard that Ye Futian had to shot fame in the Holy Road in such a short time, he did not disappoint him indeed.

If that person was to step out, he would probably cause a huge storm. However, he would watch the performance first to see if Ye Futian could continue. He naturally understood that from the moment Ye Futian had started collecting the holy badges, danger lurked from all sides.

At that moment, an air warship flew towards the city. On the warship, there were two stunning girls with unmatched beauty. Nan Hao turned back and a look of adoration appeared in his eyes. The girls from the Mortal World were all gorgeous beauties that were lusted after.

On the air warship, Chu Shang and another girl stood together. Taking one look at the people from the Nantian House, they continued forward and the airship flew into the city.

There was a ripple in Chu Shang’s eyes. She had not expected that in the short span of about two years, he would have come to the Holy Road from the Eastern Barren Territory!