The Legend Of Futian Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Dark Saints Successor

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A line of figures came from the distant sky speedily. They were the ones who’d chased Ye Futian and were now arriving gradually. The airship from the Mortal World and Yan Jiu from the Sword Saint Villa were the fastest. Behind them were people from other top powers. They looked at Ye Futian in the relic coldly for they’d never expected that they would be fooled by a guy who was only in Arcana Plane.

Ning Huang also arrived. Bathing in bright light, he looked powerful like a god.

Everyone was looking toward the relic’s direction. They all had a profound background, so they knew things others couldn’t know. They sent people to spy on Ye Futian. Once Ye Futian collected all the holy badges, they would rob Ye Futian. For them, Ye Futian wasn’t the enemy at all. It was impossible for them to let a guy from Arcana Plane open the relics before them. Their real enemy was each other.

However, Ye Futian didn’t open the relics himself, but the one who opened the relics still left the relics to Ye Futian.

Born elevated, they had never been fooled like this. This was especially embarrassing for Ning Huang. He was at such an elevated status but was fooled to fight for an ordinary ring.

Ning Huang’s group looked up at that enormous shadow of the fire god. The Flaming Prison City was left on the Holy Road by ancient Saints of the Holy Zhi Palace for the descendants to cultivate and inherit.

Most of the relics on the Holy Road were remains of those ancestors from the Holy Zhi Palace. They died and their bodies turned into a part of the path, nourishing their descendants. Common people didn’t know the history of the Holy Road.

“Anyone that gave me a holy badge can enter in the relic for cultivation. Others are not permitted,” said Ye Futian loudly. He stood in the middle of the shadow and his voice could be heard from the distance. Those on the way became excited, especially those who had handed Ye Futian their holy badge.

Ye Futian opened the big relics successfully and was ready to fulfill his promise. This time, he had no intention of making the relics known to everyone on the Holy Road as he had done before. Only those who had given him the holy badge would know. In this case, those who had coveted the relics for long but refused to give would have no chance to reap without sowing. They all knew that there were too many such people who thought that as long as they followed Ye Futian, once Ye Futian opened the relics, they could all enter and cultivate just like last time.

Obviously, they were wrong this time.

People who had handed over the holy badge walked toward the relics one by one. At this moment however, Yan Jiu in the sky pointed his finger up and horrible Sword Intent flew over all of a sudden. Countless swords hung in the sky and made clanged. Amazing destructive power broke out.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Yan Jiu from the Sword Saint Villa. He stepped out with dreadful Sword Intent around him. The surrounding space grew more and more oppressive. He stared at Ye Futian and lifted one of his fingers. Endless Sword Intent gathered at one point and rocketed toward Ye Futian.

The sword flashed through the air with sharp sounds and scary Sword Intent. Though the distance between the two was quite far, the Sword Intent still rushed toward Ye Futian accurately.

In the relic, some strands of fire fell down and surrounded the rushing sword. The sword was suddenly wrapped in fire. It didn’t stop, but it was melting bit by bit.

Yan Jiu didn’t give up. He moved forward and a horrible shadow appeared behind him. All of a sudden, strong Sword Intent rolled over as if a sword saint descended. Spiritual Qi in the world seemly resonated with his body and turned into Sword Intent, rolling in the air.

The endless Sword Intent descended and rushed toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian looked up in the sky. Seeing the endless Sword Intent, his face turned cold. At this time, a flute was heard. It was Xiao Junyi playing his flute beside Ye Futian. Light transformed from the flute music clashed with the Sword Intent like lightning. In the end, both disappeared.

Xiao Junyi attracted people’s attention with his music which soon turned into a powerful musical storm that became stronger and stronger. The musical rhythm flew around him and suddenly rushed into Ye Futian’s mind. The rhythm was invisible. Before Xiao Junyi sent his attack, no prelude was heard. No one in the relic even knew that Ye Futian was attacked. However, the music turned straight into a mental attack and disrupted Ye Futian’s spiritual energy. Xiao Junyi remained facing Yan Jiu. He looked gloomy but still handsome.

Beams of rhythmic light invaded Ye Futian’s brain and turned into the scary light of darkness. Ye Futian’s mentality was disrupted heavily. Coldness dug into him. Ye Futian had presumed that after the relic was opened, he only needed to wait for his cultivation to rise. He had never expected there was still a deadly attack waiting here.

While he was calculating the other talents on the Holy Road, people were calculating him too. Someone had been waiting here to send the last deadly attack then robbing everything Ye Futian worked for.

There seemed to be a terrible deadly gray airflow in the rhythm. In an instant, Ye Futian felt like his mental will was falling apart. It didn’t give him enough time to use the relic’s power. That dreadful gray airflow swept every part of his body. His face darkened and the color spread through his body.

“What happened?” Seeing Ye Futian’s expression, people were stunned. Then they saw a horrible shapeless rhythmic storm enveloping Ye Futian. It seemed to want to isolate him from the relic.

“Xiao Junyi!” People looked again at that melancholy and handsome figure. Seeing what happened, Xia Hou grinned. He had fought with Xiao Junyi before. He knew Xiao Junyi’s terrible strength. Such a person wouldn’t be willing to follow Ye Futian. He’d disguised himself well, just like them!

Yi Xiaoshi stepped out at this minute. Extremely sharp golden foliage rolled out like spears. Xiao Junyi was still playing his flute. But at the same time, there was some dark light following the rhythm. Yi Xiaoshi’s vines turned black in an instant and withered.

“It’s the Spiritual Qi of Death.”

The sight of this shocked people and reminded them of the reason why those people died in the palace. It was him! Their hearts trembled. Xiao Junyi looked handsome with his outstanding temperament. Both his cultivation and talent were at the top level and was recommended to Ye Futian by others. No one expected that Xiao Junyi had such a dark side.

“He’s a necromancer.” Those top talents were astonished. They looked at Xiao Junyi who was still playing his flute. Ye Futian’s face had totally turned into dark. The dead spirit swept through his body, taking all his vitality. At the same time, the mental attack prevented him from communicating with the relic. He was being eaten away little by little.

But suddenly, blazing light appeared around Ye Futian. The darkness on his face disappeared gradually while Xiao Junyi could feel there was a power protecting Ye Futian from being encroached.

Whoosh. The horrible flames enveloped Ye Futian’s body and burned down the Spiritual Qi of Death. Then he opened his eyes and looked directly at Xiao Junyi coldly. The relic began to shake and a flaming light rushed into Xiao Junyi’s brain. Xiao Junyi groaned and was forced back. He put down his flute and glanced at Ye Futian. There was a mysterious power protecting Ye Futian. That was why he failed.

That instant, horrible flames rolled out toward Xiao Junyi, but dark smoke appeared around Xiao Junyi. The Spiritual Qi of Death went wild and he ran frantically, but the flames caught up and burned on. There was an explosion and the smoke turned into ashes. In the distance, Xiao Junyi floated down. He looked still handsome and extraordinary.

Xiao Junyi glanced at Ye Futian with no expression. He didn’t seem to care about this failure and just turned around, ready to leave.

“What’s your relationship with the Dark Saint?” Xia Hou came and asked Xiao Junyi. He didn’t feel wronged to be stopped by Xiao Junyi earlier.

Xiao Junyi ignored him and walked away. Xia Hou stepped forward and raised his hands. Instantly, endless flames appeared in the air. Xiao Junyi immediately took out his flute and played again. Dark figures loomed in the distance and rushed toward Xia Hou.

Xia Hou frowned and waved his hand. The flames rushed to envelop those figures, but it didn’t work. Those figures kept rushing toward him.

“Dead spirits!” Xia Hou’s face turned ashen. He lifted his hand and sent out a big handprint. Those figures were all burnt out, but Xiao Junyi was gone. He seemly had no interest in fighting with Xia Hou

“He can control the dead spirits. He must be the successor of the Dark Saint. It won’t be easy for this generation of the Barren State,” said Bing Yi on the air warship.

People like Ning Huang, Yan Jiu, and Yuan Zhan were all very strong cultivators. Now, there was also the Dark Saint’s successor. It was known to all that the Dark Saint was maverick and cruel. Countless people lost lives because of him. Too many famous cultivators wanted to eliminate him, but those who acted always had a tragic end. The Dark Saint was a very horrible name on the Barren State’s list.

Ye Futian had a very strong talent, but his level was comparatively low. He had encountered so many strong cultivators on this Holy Road and this was only one of the eight pathsthe Dawn Road. It was the most dangerous road. What would things be like when they exited the Dawn Road and gathered at the Holy Zhi Palace with all the strong cultivators from the other roads?

Even though Ye Futian had the relic, he still couldn’t defeat him. He was undoubtedly playing with fire. The relics could help him improve, but what about the future? Could he shoot up fast enough? After fooling people like Ning Huang, Ye Futian might lose his life on the Holy Road even with his outstanding talent.

“If the life couldn’t be guaranteed, the promotion of strength means nothing. Let’s go!” Bing Yi glanced at Ye Futian indifferently and left.