The Legend Of Futian Chapter 527

Chapter 527 The Whistling Wind

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Ning Huang’s people had cold expressions after hearing Ye Futian’s words. Then their Noble Will flared and many figures walked out at once. At the same time, the people around Ye Futian walked out to kill the others. A huge battle burst out at once.

Spiritual Qi went wild and the wind raged. Powerful martial arts spells were everywhere. A golden bird rose up behind one man. It shot towards Ye Futian like lightning or a beam of blinding gold light. It was incredibly fast.

“Master Ye, be careful!” someone called out.

A horrible starry storm emerged around Ye Futian. Starry light flowed through the Polearm of Divine Destruction, wrapping around him.

Boom. With a huge sound, the man, body like a divine bird, charged. He actually broke through the outer defenses of the starry storm and went for Ye Futian’s body. However, the moment he sank into the starry storm, he felt like he couldn’t breathe anymore. Heavy might pressed down on him as if the stars were repressing him.

He slowed down considerably. However, his aura was still sharp and kept charging forward. The divine bird clawed at Ye Futian. It covered the sun and was about to snap Ye Futian’s head off.

Boom The Polearm multiplied in size, turning into a hundred-meter-long staff. Ye Futian struck out. The ritual implement carried the stars’ weight and landed, almost forcing the other down. He could barely move. Shocked, he looked up at the Polearm. Instead of a staff, it felt as heavy as all the stars in the sky.

With a loud boom, there was no more suspense. The Noble cultivator plummeted to the ground. All his bones and tendons were shattered, his internal organs ruptured. He convulsed and spat out blood. He stared up at Ye Futian in the sky and soon stopped breathing.

This violent hit shocked many people. They all gaped at Ye Futian, thinking how powerful he was. He’d killed a Grade-8 Noble with one strike. It seemed that everyone had underestimated Ye Futian’s combat ability and the ritual implement. They were all frightened. Even they had felt the horrible power from that one hit. It felt like the galaxy falling down. How could anyone withstand it?

Mu Zhiqiu glanced at Ye Futian. Before the relic opened, she’d guessed that Ye Futian would be at the level of a Grade-8 Noble with the Polearm. Now, his cultivation had entered the eighth tier of the Arcana Plane. Even more importantly, he’d comprehended the power of Noble Will. The Noble Will also matched the celestial power and Polearm, allowing Ye Futian to release even more of the Polearm’s strength.

Thus, even a Grade-7 Noble wouldn’t be Ye Futian’s match nowadays if he had the Polearm.

At that time, two more figures rushed out, attacking Ye Futian’s ritual implement from both sides. A horribly aggressive beast charged over, along with sharp sword Spiritual Qi. They were about to destroy Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s staff whirled. The frightening starry storm in the surrounding sky seemed to go wild. This place seemed to turn into a world of stars. Starry light flowed as meteorites turned into stars. Ye Futian struck with his staff again. Those two immediately felt stars shooting towards them. As various explosions sounded, their attacks kept crumbling. The horrible stars arrived and killed them directly.

Ning Huang’s group’s expressions changed. Was Ye Futian really this strong? Many people were helping Ye Futian and now they had a disadvantage in numbers. It was practically impossible to kill Ye Futian now.

“Retreat,” someone said. People instantly started retreating, no longer wanting to fight.

One figure was the fastest, but a fat person stood quietly before him. He smiled and said, “Since you’re here, there’s no need to leave.” As soon as he spoke, Emperor Vines burst forth, covering the sky. Each leaf transformed into the sharpest golden blades, blocking all exits. The man’s face paled. He crazily attacked the incoming leaves, but they were as resilient as divine weapons. Practically indestructible, they stabbed into him, pinning him in the air.

The people behind him were stunned. Yi Xiaoshi stepped forward. A huge ancient tree appeared behind him, filling the vast space entirely. The emperor-like tree shook and the green and gold light sparkled.

The others followed, blocking all exits. Ye Futian stepped forward. “Don’t keep anyone,” he said coldly.

A massacre was unleashed there. Many people watched from afar, their hearts trembling. These people from Jinxiao City had followed Ning Huang to Flaming Prison City. But now, they were stuck in this situation and getting killed.

It seemed that other than Xiao Junyi and Gu Feiyang, there would be another huge fight between Jinxiao City and the Flaming Prison City.

“We’re only following Ning Huang’s orders. Please forgive us,” someone started pleading after more and more people died. However, Ye Futian’s group had no mercy. They continued killing.

Following orders?

Their attitudes hadn’t been like this earlier. They thought they were with Ning Huang so they could be arrogant. They killed and stole, performing every kind of evil, but now they wanted to be the victims. It was laughable.

The frenzied battle continued. After a while, it finally ended. The ground was dyed red with blood and many corpses lay strewn all over. Ning Huang’s people were all dead.

No one was happy seeing these corpses. They deserved to be dead, but they were still Ning Huang’s men. Once Jinxiao City received the news, they would most likely come for revenge. If Ning Huang and Mo Jun arrived, it wouldn’t be this kind of ending.

“Brother Ye, you are talented and now have this kind of power. You won’t be weaker than Ning Huang in the future. You should avoid the spotlight now,” someone standing on the ground advised Ye Futian.

“Yes, stay alive to fight another day,” someone added. They advised Ye Futian because they felt grateful. They didn’t want him to die in Ning Huang’s hands.

“This news will spread to Jinxiao City soon. Brother Ye, speed is important.”

“Ning Huang’s men took my friends,” Ye Futian said.

Everyone’s faces darkened. Ning Huang’s actions were extremely lowly, but if Ye Futian went now, it was basically suicide.

“Plus, many of the people who cultivated with us in the relic these past days may have died in the hands of Ning Huang’s people,” Ye Futian continued.

“Brother Ye, don’t be impulsive.” Someone felt something was wrong with Ye Futian’s words. Would he really go to Jinxiao City? What difference was there from killing himself?

The thousands of cultivators in Jinxiao City were enough to completely destroy Ye Futian even if Ning Huang wasn’t there.

“Since you cultivate with me, can you all help me with something?” Ye Futian asked everyone.

“Of course,” someone said, nodding.

“I’m sure many people will watch when I go to Jinxiao City this time. I will enter the city myself. There’s no need for you all to risk it with me. But can you all help me and seal the city?” Ye Futian asked.

“Seal the city?” Everyone’s eyes hardened as their hearts trembled.

“Jinxiao City?”

“Yes, Jinxiao City.” Ye Futian nodded.

“Brother Ye,” someone tried, looking at Ye Futian.

However, Ye Futian waved his hand. “I’ve already decided on a battle in Jinxiao City.”

“What if you don’t return?” Everyone looked at him. He definitely wouldn’t return from the city this time.”

“Then I don’t return. If I die, Ning Huang won’t take his anger out on you all. At that time, you all can leave,” Ye Futian said. “If I live, then he will escape. Can you all kill those who run from the city?”

Crazy, everyone thought. Ye Futian actually said that the people of Jinxiao City would run away.

“Alright,” someone said, nodding. “If that moment comes, we will definitely do it.”

Many people stood out. More and more wanted to join because they were affected by Ye Futian’s charisma.

If he dared to fight inside Jinxiao City, how could they be scared to seal the city? They would only be guarding outside. If Ye Futian really died within, they wouldn’t be in any danger.

“Let’s go,” Ye Futian said. He stepped forward and the vast crowd immediately rose, marching towards Jinxiao City.

In the Flaming Prison City, everyone was shaken when they heard that Ye Futian was heading towards Jinxiao City. They followed as well, so the crowd grew bigger and bigger. It formed a huge force. Other top prides also went forward to other cities.

The news quickly shook the entire Holy Road: Ye Futian had stepped out of the relic and was heading towards Jinxiao City.

After hearing this, Chu Shang and Bing Yi of the Mortal World both felt that Ning Huang was too cruel. He’d actually forced Ye Futian to take this step. It seemed that even if he was so talented, Ye Futian would still die this time.

They took a warship and hurried towards Jinxiao City. After the other forces received the news, the monstrously talented figures all set off with strong cultivators, heading for the city.

Jinxiao City quickly became the focus of everyone’s eyes.

At this time, the huge crowd had already arrived outside the city. Ye Futian stood by the gates. There were many people in the city. Seeing Ye Futian, they sneered. Had he come to die?

Ye Futian nodded at the crowd and his people spread out. The disciples of the Starry School were there. There was only one entrance and exit of cities along the Holy Road. The other three directions were all places of nothingness. Thus, it was easy to seal the city with enough people.

Many people spread out as if coming to watch. Gu Yunxi looked at Ye Futian, a bit worried. However, she knew that if Ye Futian had decided, it was impossible to change his mind.

“Be careful,” Gu Yunxi whispered.

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded. Then he said, “Seventh Senior Brother, Yu Sheng, Condor, follow me into the city.” As soon as he spoke, he stepped out towards Jinxiao City. Yi Xiaoshi, Yu Sheng, and the Black Wind Condor followed behind.

The wind blew and dust flew. Their backs seemed tragically heroic.

Li Xun was inside the city, along with many strong cultivators. They sneered at this scene. He’d really come to die!