The Legend Of Futian Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Stepping In Jinxiao City

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Li Xun was a bit surprised. He didn’t think Ye Futian would be so decisive and come to die not so long after capturing Qin Yin’s group.

After entering the city, Ye Futian gazed at Li Xun. His expression wasn’t very intense and he didn’t roar either. He was frighteningly calm. “I’m here,” he said coolly. “Where are they?”

“Brother Ye is indeed loyal. Qin Yin and the others are waiting inside the city. Welcome,” Li Xun said, smiling. It was as if they were still good friends. No one could tell what he had done.

Ye Futian didn’t say anything. He just continued walking into the city.

Countless people watched Ye Futian from the city gates until his backside grew unclear. It felt so sad to them. Now, they could only pray for Ye Futian.

As Ye Futian walked forward, many strong cultivators stepped out powerfully. Ye Futian stopped and gazed at Li Xun. “I want to see them.”

“Brother Ye, Young City Lord Ning wants to see your head. If he sees your head, Qin Yin and the others will be fine.” Li Xun was still smiling. Since Ye Futian was inside Jinxiao City, he wouldn’t be able to live anymore. As for Qin Yin’s group, Li Xun had never thought about releasing them so soon.

In the near distance, the disciples of the Blazing Sun School arrived as well. They hovered in the air and stared coldly at Ye Futian’s group. The Son of the Starry School was extremely brilliant and had inherited the Divine Path. He was known to be unparalleled in the eastern region of the Barren State. Was he going to die here on the Holy Road?

“All here?” Ye Futian muttered. It seemed that many of the people who wanted him dead were gathered in Jinxiao City.

The Polearm of Divine Destruction appeared in his hand. Dazzling light spun around him and flowed into the ritual implement. Instantly, the Polearm shone blindingly. A starry world formed in the surrounding sky.

“This ritual implement’s aura is so strong.” Many people stared at Ye Futian’s Polearm. The aura coming from it was threatening.

Boom! Wild aura burst from Ye Futian’s body. Everyone saw the shadow of a divine ape come out and rest atop Ye Futian. Extremely domineering power emanated from it. Ye Futian seemed to be filled with chaotic strength. Dazzling golden wings also unfurled behind him. Those were from the golden Roc. Its light was blinding.

“Double life spirits?” Everyone’s eyes flashed. Then Ye Futian floated in the sky, catching everyone’s eyes.

Li Xun furrowed his brows. He stared at that dazzling figure. Was this Ye Futian’s full power? So he was actually this strong. At Nine Saint Mountain, Li Xun had thought Ye Futian was a typical Arcana Plane cultivator. That was laughable. Ye Futian could probably fight with a Noble at that time already.

Thud! Ye Futian’s feet lit up with electric light. Wind and lightning flashed as two wings cut across the sky. The Thundering Illusion Step and the golden Roc wings overlapped. Ye Futian was extremely fast, arriving before Li Xun like a gold bolt of lightning.

Everyone around Li Xun instantly felt extreme might. It was as if a world of stars was weighing down on them. Their spiritual mind and body all became immovable and reacted slowly.

At the same moment, Ye Futian’s staff grew to be hundreds of meters long. People from afar looked up at this in shock. Instead of Ye Futian’s Polearm, it looked more like a huge ape. It swept down with horribly aggressive power.

“No” Some with weaker cultivation were totally shocked. Even some of the Grade-7 Nobles had changed their expressions. They all activated their ritual implements to defend themselves with their biggest power.

Boom! With the huge sound, the sky shook and countless strong cultivators were killed by the strike. The others all spat out blood from the hit. Li Xun fell to the ground. He spat out blood and his face turned white as paper.

How could Ye Futian be so strong? That strike was definitely at the peak of the Grade-7 Noble level. It wasn’t a typical Grade-7 Noble either. Li Xun was the young city lord of the White Sovereign City and had fought with many Nobles before. Naturally, he’d fought with the stronger Grade-7 Nobles too. However, Ye Futian’s strike had surpassed all of the ones that he’d fought against before.

At that moment, iciness descended. Frost covered Ye Futian’s body, trying to freeze his blood. It was a controlling ice spell to stop his movements. It could only stop him temporarily, but Li Xun used this chance to step on the ground and retreat quickly. Then he shot into the air, getting away from Ye Futian. He could feel Ye Futian’s dangerousness.

Ice exploded and various spells attacked Ye Futian. However, his staff swept past again. Everything shattered. He walked down and his 90,000-pound-heavy Polearm was supported by divine light. It was terrifying as if the sky and earth would crack.

As another huge boom sounded, a few more people were killed. Someone tried to escape, but Ye Futian’s staff swept by. It landed on the man’s head, killing him instantly.

The surrounding strong cultivators were all stunned. They’d thought taking Ye Futian’s head would be easy, but his attacks were like lightning. He killed so many Noble figures instantly. He was terrifying.

Thud. He activated the Thundering Illusion Step again. Ye Futian charged towards Li Xun like lightning. Since this man wanted to die, Ye Futian would make it easy for him.

“You want to die?” a thunderous voice rolled out from the distance at that moment. Many people looked towards the heart of Jinxiao City. A huge figure steered his war chariot over in the sky with yaks pulling it. Lightning filled the air. He looked so powerful.

“Mo Jun is here.” Everyone’s hearts trembled, but they were relieved. They’d underestimated Ye Futian. He’d suddenly attacked with such frightening combat ability and killed several Nobles instantly. They all felt reassured after seeing Mo Jun now.

Li Xun sucked in a deep breath. It felt like he’d just had his life saved. What kind of ritual implement was Ye Futian holding? Why was it so scary?

The horribly aggressive yak-pulled the war chariot. Horrible thunder and lightning pressed down as the chariot charged towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian gripped his Polearm tightly. A star appeared around him like a god of stars. The yak-pulled chariot crushed down and the star cracked. The figure coming from the sky seemed to be undefeatable.

In that instant, Mo Jun arrived, crushing down. The yaks and chariot galloped past like an army of thousands of horses and soldiers. They could flatten everything.

The star shattered and Ye Futian twirled his Polearm. He struck towards the sky, almost splitting the heavens.

Boom The extremely violent collision seemed to crack the sky. Ye Futian plummeted down, his arm shaking. The power contained in the hit must be terrifying. He’d comprehended Noble Will, but his cultivation plane was still in Tier-8 of the Arcana Plane. He could fight a Noble with his power or kill a Grade-7 Noble with his Polearm and divine light. But Mo Jun wasn’t a typical a Grade-7 Noble. He was the most powerful and talented; he was unparalleled.

Mo Jun continued walking down. A horrible image appeared in Ye Futian’s mind. It felt like countless yak-pulled chariots brought thunder down on him. The sky and world cracked apart, shattering his will. This was how powerful Mo Jun’s Noble Will was.

Ye Futian’s body flew. He struck down in the sky. The divine ape roared and thousands of staff shadows appeared. They fell upon the war chariot and everything crumbled.

“Hand it to me.” At that moment, another figure came, shining brightly. It was Yi Xiaoshi who had released his Emperor Vines life spirit. It swept forth towards Mo Jun.

Ye Futian didn’t say anything. He turned and started walking forward. Li Xun’s expression changed. He turned and walked without hesitating at all.

Ye Futian stepped forward. The strong cultivators in the city gathered in his direction. At that moment, a powerful Noble released a spell. Without hesitating, Ye Futian stepped in the sky. He shot forward like lightning and brought his staff down to kill the other.

The people on either side were amazed at this scene. The person Young City Lord Ning wanted to kill was this powerful?

Ye Futian continued. People still attacked him, but they all died. Of course, the majority didn’t rush to attack. They just watched Ye Futian walk step by step.

Yu Sheng stood atop the Black Wind Condor, following Ye Futian. No one paid attention to them. They thought that with the two’s cultivation plane, they could be killed at any time.

Ye Futian was extremely fast. People going towards Li Xun and the Blazing Sun School kept retreating. The wind whistled and an elegant golden pavilion appeared before him. Above the throne in the sky, there was a figure wearing an elegant robe and drinking wine.

It was Ning Huang. He was surrounded by a countless number of strong cultivators. Nobles gathered from all directions. Jinxiao City’s eyes were focused here.

Ning Huang continued drinking with his head down. He didn’t look at Ye Futian. He didn’t actually know that Ye Futian had come out of the relic, nor did he care. He’d handed it all to Mo Jun and Li Xun to take care of. He didn’t know until someone reported that Ye Futian had entered the city.

Ning Huang was a bit surprised. Could Ye Futian really arrive before him?

Mo Jun and his men couldn’t take Ye Futian’s head. They really were a group of failures.

Ye Futian deserved to die, but Ning Huang didn’t want to kill him with these methods. Li Xun and the Blazing Sun School had suggested it though, so he had no objections. Now, it was taking this much effort to kill someone like him. Ye Futian was even going to appear before him. This was unacceptable.

Raising his cup of wine, Ning Huang drank it at once. Setting it down, he whispered, “Kill him.”

Ning Huang didn’t even raise his head to look at Ye Futian. Since the youth was here, he could only die. He really didn’t know to treasure his life!