The Legend Of Futian Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Divine Fire Of The Sun

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Ye Futian was not looking at Ning Huang; he was looking at the ones captured nearby: Qin Yin, Xie Wuji, Xuanyuan Bashan, and the others.

“Don’t do this, Mr. Ye,” Qin Yin uttered as she sighed. When they were captured and be held hostage against Ye Futian, she had thought they were all certainly going to die. They were, after all, little more than squadmates in the same party with Ye Futian, probably casual friends at most. They had never thought Ye Futian would have actually bothered to show up.

“We are in the same party. It’s a given that no one gets left behind,” Ye Futian said with a smile.

The hearts of Qin Yin and the rest of the captives were filled with warmth even though they were rendered speechless. However, they dared not imagine being able to walk out of it all alive, given their current dire predicament.

“How loyal of you indeed. Well, we shall send you all on your way then.” Members of the Jin clan were among the ones holding Qin Yin and the rest captive, and it was obvious that they had submitted to Ning Huang. Everyone who wanted Ye Futian dead had gathered at Jinxiao City.

The mighty ones surrounding Ye Futian walked towards him. Thousands were seen in the vast space, and there were many more on their way. Most of those present were Noble plane figures, and it was an utterly terrifying scene.

Spiritual Qi exploded in the skies. Sun God Sword, Ice Seal, Golden Palm, and a variety of other deadly skills and techniques lashed out against him as they seemed to have blocked out the sky altogether. All of them seemed to want to reduce him nothing in just one go.

Ye Futian’s Polearm of Divine Destruction stood tall before him as Starry Storm whipped out above him. It was as if he was clad in stars all around him. He stepped forward as countless spells came for his head. The polearm lashed out in response, meeting the spells head on, but it made it very difficult for him to move forward.

He boosted himself with a variety of tricks, yet his own plane proved inadequate and his basics lacking, rendering him incapable of swatting everything out of his way simply by blasting out his Spirit. That was something only the likes of Ning Huang, who was a mighty one who had reached a certain level, was capable of doing.

Seeing Li Xun, whose body was thrown back by the retaliation, Li Qingyi glared at him, who was then in shambles, with cold eyes and asked, “Li Xun, do you realize that you look like a dog now?”

Slap! Li Xun slapped Li Qingyi’s face hard. There was no gentlenesses on his face anymore, even the fake smiles were nowhere to be found. All there was left on his face was utter gloom and darkness. He was almost killed earlier by Ye Futian and had to endure Li Qingyi’s shaming right after.

A five-fingered mark was clear on her face, and blood spilled from the corner of her mouth. She, however, continued glaring at him with cold eyes as she spat, “I have long thought that while you were an utter fake. You at least had some reputation back in White Sovereign City. From the looks of things now, I have clearly overestimated you. Your life is forever a lowly servant’s.”

“Li Qingyi, I have many underlings who had a thing for you. I’ll give you up as a reward as soon as I get home,” Li Xun spoke in a gloomy tone while Li Qingyi never took her cold eyes off him. She turned her gaze to Ye Futian shortly after and saw most of his defenses were wrecked one after another by countless spells. His life was hanging by a thread, and she worried for him.

Ye Futian’s Polearm of Divine Destruction worked hard to tear down the attacks around him as if it was barely hanging there. One spell after another pounded on him, threatening to tear the space they were into shreds.

Li Xun’s eyes went cold. Is he finally going to die?

The Blazing Sun School wanted Ye Futian dead so feverishly that they played an active role in the assault. The Sun Sword attack was their work. The Jin clan moved as well, with the shadow of the Roc howling all the way as it attacked.

Ning Huang sat quietly on his throne at the top of the stairs. Ye Futian was not someone he had to deal with personally. He had moved against the young man that day for the holy badge. Since Ye Futian no longer had a holy badge with him, there was simply no need for Ning Huang to do anything himself.

Another burst of blinding light emerged from Ye Futian. As the attacks piled on him, a burst of violent energy seemed to have awakened within him, making his blood boil and strands of blinding light leak out from his body. Everyone present had troubled looks on their faces by then. Just what is with that light?

But no matter what, all the attacks will end up killing him eventually, and Ye Futian’s end is near.

Ye Futian took up the Polearm of Divine Destruction and took flight. Thousands of mirages of the weapon whipped out in astonishing brilliance, shaking both heaven and earth. Spells of all kinds were dispersed and shattered into oblivion, with one swing of the long weapon in his hand.

“What is happening?” The pupils of everyone witnessing the scene dilated somewhat as they gazed upon Ye Futian. He simply stood there, covered by dazzling lights, as if he was clad with an aura of divinity. The air and bearing about him felt totally different and utterly peerless, like an emperor of sorts had descended upon mere mortals and demanded awe and worship from all.

He stood right there, with the bearing of a king.

The faces of Jin Yunlang and Chen Wang from the Chen clan went pale. The scene reminded them of what took place in the martial arts battlefield back then. Ye Futian had demonstrated combat capacity far beyond what those of his plane was capable of. So he had not used any secret arts, and something like this only happened right now? Just what had he done to make his powers enhanced? Seemingly without limit

Ning Huang, who was having a drink, seemed to have felt something and shifted his gaze to Ye Futian. He frowned at the peculiar aura emanating from Ye Futian, which looked like a domineering brilliance declaring to rule over all like an emperor from the heavens. It was a sight to behold.

Seems like this one had more secrets about him than what he had let on. Ning Huang could not help but feel amused. Seems like I really underestimated Ye Futian indeed. Seeing how things are now, it’s no wonder that he was capable of taking one of the ruins out of my fingertips.

Qin Yin and the captives stared at the scene with dumbfounded looks on their faces, feeling their core shaken. They clearly have had misunderstood Ye Futian, seeing him to be someone seeking refuge from them. From the current looks of things, their presumptions were utterly laughable. Seeing what he was capable of right there, they were sure that he simply had not been serious back then.

But with so many mighty ones around, can he really make it out alive? Especially with Ning Huang around?

They were still worried nonetheless. If such a godlike genius were to perish right there, the heavens would have simply been too heartless.

The mighty ones up and about were dazed for a moment before continuing their attacks, and another round of spells began to pile on Ye Futian. He held the Polearm of Divine Destruction on his hand as the ferocity of his aura continued to climb, then being on par with levels of the Noble plane. Starry Brilliance and Imperial Brilliance melded, forming a Constitution of Stars, manifesting a divine body that seemed to be truly indestructible. Spells continued to be cast on him, yet the attacks all failed to move him for even an inch.

Rumbling sounds reverberated in the space as the powers in Ye Futian’s body continued to climb. Spells disintegrated wildly around him, as his Imperial Brilliance shone ever more brightly. The mighty ones out for his head all went pale in response.

Golden feathers of the Roc Spirit gleamed. Ye Futian stayed where he was and lifted his weapon to counter. A shadow of a thousand-meter long shaft swept by, wiping out just about everything that stood in its way.

“Retreat.” Many had a look of terror on their faces. How could he be so terrifying? The mighty ones at the Blazing Sun School all went practically colorless. At the very moment, Ye Futian caught sight of them and went in their direction.

“Disperse.” The mighty ones from the Blazing Sun School dispersed while looking terrified, as they whipped out their Sun Swords.

Ye Futian swept a glance at them coldly, with will of emperors laced within his Noble Will. It was a terrifying thing to feel. All of the mighty ones from the Blazing Sun School felt as if they were shouldering a star on their bodies, making their movements dull, and their speeds reduced to sluggish lumbering. All of them looked at Ye Futian with terrified eyes as he made their way to them.

A sun glowed behind Ye Futian. Bright and utterly dazzling, blazing with undying fires.

“Another Life Spirit?” Many were shaken to their cores. Just how many Life Spirits does this guy have?

The ones from Blazing Sun School felt themselves trembling all over and little else, seeing Endless Fires dropping down from the top of the conjured sun, congealing into the Divine Sun Furnace and shone directly onto their bodies, burning down everything. Chen Wang’s body burned immediately, he shouted terrifyingly as he took notice of his body burning, “No, nooo…”

“Spare me.” Chen Wang’s body remained burning with Endless Fires. He knelt, begging for mercy while feeling the excruciating pain about as the fires danced on him.

Ye Futian’s Sun Spirit flew out and turned into the true Sun Divine Furnace, casting down on all the ones from the Blazing Sun School.

“The Sun Scripture.” While they were terrified, they were nonetheless astonished. Just when did Ye Futian learn the pinnacle art of our school? This is impossible. While he is indeed the Son of Starry School, not even Chen Yuan knew of the Sun Scripture, let alone comprehending Noble Will with that. Unless the martial arts battlefield, the lineage of the saint.

Little did they know, that Ye Futian’s Sun Scripture, was taught to him personally by their own headmaster.

Ye Futian did not entertain their utter fear and begs for mercy. One body burned to ashes after another in despair under the Divine Fire of the Sun. The sages of the Blazing Sun School was cruel enough to want him dead, and it was Headmaster Chen Yuan’s declaration of his death that enabled him to escape, for fear of him being made a target in the future by the Blazing Sun School.

He had come all the way to the Holy Roads and did not bother messing with them in the first place; they still wanted him dead nonetheless

There was simply one thing left to do with them: kill them all.

The attacks around him never ceased. But as he had protection from the Constitution of the Stars, the attacks were rendered completely ineffective to him, as if he was a truly invincible being.

Ye Futian had been horrifyingly powerful even before. With his other secret art unleashed now, he became an even more fearsome being. What he had demonstrated at the moment, probably enabled to him to truly fight toe-to-toe with Ning Huang.

Li Qingyi, Qin Yin and the others continued to stare blankly at him. That utterly imposing figure struck fear into the hearts of everyone present.

Ye Futian turned around and looked at the captives. The ones holding the captives were thoroughly frightened. The mighty ones from the Jin clan shook. It seemed that what happened to the ones from the Blazing Sun School, was about to befall them soon.

Divine Beams of Flame shot out from his eyes, imposing his Noble Will on all those holding the captives. They felt their own will burned in an instant. Those of lesser training shrieked in terror, as feeling one’s own will being burned was not a pleasant thing.

Even those of grade seven Noble Plane struggled to resist Ye Futian’s fearsome Noble Will. At the very same instant, a domineering demonic bird of prey struck from behind at blinding speeds. The Demon Bird lashed out with its claws, tearing one body after another apart.