The Legend Of Futian Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Battle Against Ning Huang

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The Demon Bird killed several people before swooping about, flapping its giant swings, separating the captives and the ones serving Ning Huang.

The captives knew immediately what to do next. They leaped into the air and landed onto the Demon Bird’s back. The bird turned around and left immediately. It shot up and rose to a height of more than a thousand meters with one flap of its wings.

Many cast their gaze at the bird and immediately felt the domineering bearing about it. The prideful bird’s eye turned to look at all of them, and none dared to make any move against it. It was exacerbated by the fact that Ye Futian was still around down there.

Ning Huang spared a glance at the Demon Bird and thought it to be a truly unique being as well. That darned beast had actually worked with Ye Futian and save them all. He, however, did not care anything about it, for Qin Yin and the rest served no purpose to him. It was the idea of those working for him, and he simply delegated the task to said people. It did not matter one bit to him, whether Qin Yin and the rest ended up dead or alive.

What piqued Ning Huang’s interests at the moment, was the dazzling and seemingly peerless Ye Futian. He knew that if he remained where he was, there was no one working for him who would have been able to get out of this deadlock with Ye Futian. Top class figures were incredibly rare. Proud sons and daughters of all sorts walked the Dawn Road, and only a handful were of such caliber. Those who reigned supreme on the Dawn Road were all fearsome figures capable of taking down an army of ten-thousand on their own.

And it seems that Ye Futian is now one of those figures.

Before Ye Futian was able to unleash his full power, he was limited by his plane and as such, he was not anywhere near being top class. However, at the very moment, there was no doubt that he was one of those beings. The light of his Spirit emanating alone was enough to sweep in its way clean, and killing people became as easy as lifting a finger. No one dared to move against Ye Futian at the moment, for anyone but Ning Huang would have ended up dead fighting him.

Ning Huang began taking his steps. Every step he took shook the air around him, causing the hearts of many to beat harder than they would have been. All the mighty ones around cast their gaze at Ning Huang. So is he finally making a move now?

Ning Huang had not bothered to do anything but give the order to kill prior. Or rather, he simply did not see Ye Futian as someone worth his time. However, Ye Futian’s prowess had clearly caught Ning Huang’s attention and could have no longer be ignored. As such, Ning Huang made his move.

Boom. Ning Huang continued walking as both men stared at each other. While they were quite far away from each other, the step nonetheless weighed on Ye Futian’s chest, making his heart beating harder than it would have.

Ye Futian pointed at the Polearm of Divine Destruction and was surrounded by Starry Brilliance as he locked his eyes at Ning Huang, who was walking in his direction. Ye Futian wanted to experience for himself the power of the one who was lauded to be the supreme mighty one on the Dawn Road.

Boom. The stars around Ye Futian’s body shook and cracked. A peculiar feeling welled up in his head. The step that Ning Huang had taken seemed to be a giant beast stepping on his chest, so heavy that it would have been enough to literally crush one’s heart. Such was the testament to the pressure Ning Huang exuded.

The broken Constitution of Stars returned to normal. Seeing Ning Huang continue to walk, Ye Futian unleashed a terrifying ray of the sun’s fires, as if the Divine Sun Furnace was shining directly on Ning Huang’s body.

“Even if this secret art is something that let your powers enhanced to such levels, you are still far from being my match,” Ning Huang commented coldly. Dazzling lights burst and an infinitely divine-looking demonic beast appeared behind him. The beast had a dragon’s head and a lion’s body. Golden scales gleamed on its gigantic body, and every scale seemed to be the most sturdy armor plate that could have been made. The roar of the giant beast made it seem like a divine beast had descended upon them, demanding mortals to bow to it in reverence.

“A qilin.” Ye Futian’s eyes were fixed on the Spirit that just appeared. The giant, golden-scaled body was bathed in fearsome, gleaming fires. Its imposing figure spoke volumes of divine will. The large irises of its eyes swept around, seemingly to be an act to have all before it to yield.

Ye Futian finally understood why Ning Huang’s steps were able to suffocate those around him as if a terrifying beast of war had just walked over them.

When Ye Futian looked at Ning Huang’s eyes, he was able to feel the might of a qilin, the mighty beast of war, right inside them. The pressure the eyes exuded weighed heavily on his will. Ning Huang kept walking in his direction. Even if Ning Huang himself had no intentions of doing any harm to those around him, those nearby still felt thoroughly intimidated and shaken nonetheless.

Ye Futian fixed his gaze on Ning Huang without any intention of running away. There were the divine ape and the roc in his eyes, squaring off at the qilin in an equally fearsome manner, standing their ground and budging not even an inch. When Ning Huang took his next step, Ye Futian swept with his polearm. I don’t care how fearsome you look or feel, I’m going to swat you like a fly.

The terrifying build-up of pressure disintegrated immediately. The strike went straight for Ning Huang as if countless stars were falling onto him. Ning Huang shouted coldly and the qilin, the beast of war, took off. The instant did not feel like it was one qilin taking off, but a dozen, meeting the stars head on and crushing them.

The all-destroying sweep continued its course nonetheless.

Ning Huang felt the rush of terrifying pressure coming up. He lifted his palm, conjuring shimmering lights about him. An armor dazzling peerlessly materialized around hima full set of domineering, indomitable Qilin Armor. His arms seemed to have been infused with bottomless might in an instant, and his lifted his arms to block at the shaft rushing for him.

Clang! A boom was heard, and Ning Huang, despite his peerless might, was thrown off his feet thousands of meters, landing hard on the palace before him. The stairs collapsed from his fall and the ancient temple was no more.

The hearts of countless people witnessing the battle shook to their cores as they watched Ning Huang being swept away. Not even someone as powerful as Ning Huang was capable of withstanding that stick.

A rumbling boom was soon heard as Ning Huang leaped back into action, flying into the sky and looking down on Ye Futian. The brilliance about Ning Huang’s body grew, and the beast of war grew in size as well, breathing fire as it went.

Ning Huang took a look at Ye Futian’s Polearm of Divine Destruction. The item itself was something incredibly precious on its own. That one hit from before felt what it like stars were falling onto him.

As he stood in the air, yet another Spirit Dharma appeared behind Ning Huang: a dazzling golden Heavenly Halberd. There was a shadow standing there as well, taking the golden weapon in its hand and looking imposing like a god. Ning Huang extended his arm and threw out a beam of blinding light from his palm. The godly weapon gradually took form as the metal-elemental Spiritual Qi around him were siphoned, imbuing the weapon with light shining for a thousand meters.

The Qilin Dharma rushed forward and Ning Huang leaped on it. An imposing figure remained behind him, shining brightly as if it was his image. Ning Huang, who had the Heavenly Halberd in hand, looked as dashing and regal as he squared off yet again with Ye Futian.

The qilin breathed golden fire as it rushed to overwhelm Ye Futian. Ye Futian’s Sun Spirit blasted with fire in response, clashing with the incoming golden flames in the air.

Booooommm… The beast of war galloped away at the moment, as one shadow of qilin after another trampled the void, ramming at Ye Futian. With his Life Spirit being the qilin and the Heavenly Halberd, it was no surprise that his martial abilities were formidable.

Ye Futian held onto the Polearm of Divine Destruction and commanded thousands of meteoric light at the void. The starry skies, meteors and the qilin shadows clashed maniacally, making it seem like the end of the world is near. Everyone around rushed to keep their distance, getting away from them for at least ten-thousand meters. They stared at the two figures from afar and thought their battle was practically one capable of changing the landscape itself.

Blinding golden lights glittered as if tens of thousands of the Heavenly Halberd were brought down from above, cutting in between the light of the meteors. Metal-elementals were thought to be indestructible, and many pieces of the meteors were crushed or shattered right away.

There was, however, no change in Ye Futian’s eyes. He simply looked up in the air. His body shining with godly imperial light remained just as imposing. A formless power emanated from him, encasing his body. When the Heavenly Halberd struck from the heavens, it landed heavily on the glittering screens of stars around him, yet was able to do nothing to pierce his defenses. Such was the power of the immense durability of the Immortal Celestial Bodies.

More terrifying rumblings were soon heard as the beast of war descended, overwhelming everything in its way, bursting into Ye Futian’s starry world. Ning Huang looked regal and dashing standing on its beast with the Heavenly Halberd in his hand. He went busting one meteor after another, setting flames to the starry sky and went about destroying everything in his path with blinding golden light.

Ning Huang had wanted to fight up close and personal with Ye Futian, and see for himself how powerful Ye Futian had gotten.

The beast of war roared as it galloped, and Ning Huang pierced his halberd below. The strike was imbued with the might of both the heaven and the earth, a divine force bringing about dazzling golden brilliance. It was nigh-invincible and nigh-indestructible, and it was too imbued with the power derived from the will of the sages. If Ye Futian was able to borrow will of emperors and divine lights, someone like Ning Huang would have been able to do the same with sages.

Boom… The stars around Ye Futian shook. The qilin came down with full intention to kill. Its imposing, gigantic body rammed on the defense of the Immortal Celestial Bodies. The Celestial Bodies cracked, and it continued cracking. As the golden Heavenly Halberd descended upon him at striking hard at a single point, the body shattered. The menacing light seemed to be adamant to kill Ye Futian right there and then.

Ye Futian’s Polearm of Divine Destruction, clad in Imperial Brilliance, danced. Countless beams of light seeped within, and he went on to lift it up high against the charging Ning Huang, then bringing the weapon down with earth-shattering force. As both weapons clashed, Incredibly dazzling lights burst. The beast took Ning Huang’s body around and galloped around Ye Futian, aiming to strike at his flank, attempting to catch Ye Futian in a pincer attack of sorts.

Divine Fire of the Sun on top of Ye Futian shone with blinding light, encasing his body with the Divine Sun Furnace, dispelling the looming death upon him. It locked the front of his body tight, as he took steps in the air. Seeing Ning Huang’s halberd come yet again, with thousands of lights from the weapon congealed into one point and intending to burst with heaven-splitting force, his Polearm of Divine Destruction split into thousands of images as they swept about.

Boom… One rumbling roar was heard, as the light of the Heavenly Halberd was completely shattered. Ning Huang was thrown into the air again as the two weapons clashed.

“Now I’ll see how many hits can you take,” Ye Futian said as his aura grew increasingly power. He leaped forward, roaring with the might of the heavens and the earth, imposing his will on all!