The Legend Of Futian Chapter 532

Chapter 532 The Killer Yu Sheng

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Li Xun looked at Ye Futian’s expression and became even more determined. He could only use Li Qingyi as a threat now. If he did not do that, he would die immediately.

He exerted some force on his palm and Li Qingyi expression became pained as if she was about to suffocate.

Li Xun stared intently at Ye Futian. He had stepped into Jinxiao City to save people, now Li Xun could only hope that Li Qingyi was important enough to Ye Futian. Otherwise, he would have to drag Li Qingyi to the grave with him.

“You be my hostage and I’ll throw my ritual implement out,” Ye Futian said coldly.

“Throw it here now,” Li Xun replied.

“What if you don’t let her go after I give my ritual implement to you?” Ye Futian coldly said. “You be my hostage and I’ll hand over the ritual implement. Afterward, I’ll swap you for Li Qingyi, if you don’t agree, you die now.”

After saying that, Ye Futian stepped forward. Li Xun’s expression was sullen, he naturally did not want to be a hostage, but now, he had no choice but to gamble.

“Okay.” Li Xun nodded and handed Li Qingyi over to his subordinate with utmost prudence. He himself walked towards Ye Futian, his expression pale. In the past, Ye Futian had just been an Arcana Plane cultivator to him, but the Ye Futian now basked in the emperor’s glow, an unparalleled figure.

Eventually, Li Xun walked to Ye Futian’s side and Ye Futian stretched out his left arm, grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

“If I die, kill her immediately,” Li Xun shouted frantically. If Ye Futian wanted to kill him with no regard for Li Qingyi, he would have done so just now and not wasted his time to do this.

Ye Futian’s right hand flung the Polearm of Divine Destruction forward and a figure picked it up in a flash. However, the moment the person held it, his body started to vigorously fall towards the ground. With a bang, the Polearm of Divine Destruction nearly crushed his body and the Noble might on his body erupted, only then did he barely held on to the Polearm of Divine Destruction.

It was that heavy? Many people were stunned.

“Take it away,” Li Xun said. He wanted the Polearm of Divine Destruction to weaken Ye Futian’s strength and grasp a chance for survival. The person dragged the Polearm of Divine Destruction and started to walk further away, but Ning Huang stopped him, grabbed the Polearm of Divine Destruction and started to scrutinize the ritual implement.

“Swap hostages now,” Li Xun shouted. He was afraid that Ning Huang would give the order to kill Li Qingyi. He knew that Ning Huang did not care about his life.

“Swap hostages now.” Ye Futian stared at the other person and released his grip on Li Xun. The other person similarly let go of Li Qingyi, and both of them started walking to the other side. Li Qingyi did not dare to act rashly as he knew that he was not out of danger yet. If Ye Futian wanted to kill him with his Noble Will, he could not escape death.

Hummmm. Li Xun sped up all of a sudden and escaped far away. Ye Futian stepped forward at the same time, the Thundering Illusion Step descending beside Li Qingyi in an instant. Li Qingyi looked towards Ye Futian, her head lowered and tears in her eyes. Why was he willing to swap for her?

“Why aren’t you all moving, you all wanted to kill him just now, do you think that he will let you all go?” Li Xun yelled. The enormous crowd was dumbfounded, they had all attempted to kill Ye Futian previously, but were stunned by Ye Futian’s strength now.

“He’s using a secret move to increase his strength, he can’t last much longer, wear him down.” Ning Huang raised his head, looked towards the crowd and walked forward. Although he had been injured, his words still carried weight.

“Do it,” someone from the crowd shouted. In an instant, the experts started to cast their spells towards Ye Futian. If Ye Futian killed Ning Huang, their fate would be unpredictable and they might die as well. Even so, they only used long-range attacks and nobody dared to get close to Ye Futian anymore.

Around Ye Futian’s body, starlight glowed, protecting him and Li Qingyi. Countless attacks hammered on the shield and it wavered. As the attacks got even stronger, some people from illustrious backgrounds even used their ritual implements to attack, causing cracks to appear in the starlight veil.

Within the protective veil, Ye Futian raised his head and looked towards the vast group of experts. These people knew nothing about him, but all wanted him dead.

“Are you still hesitating?” At that moment, a voice sounded out. Many people raised their heads and saw a burly figure standing in the air. It was Yu Sheng.

Yu Sheng did not look at the crowd, but looked towards Ye Futian instead and said, “Before we arrived, we had already expected this kind of ending. When they helped Ning Huang to kill the people of the Flaming Prison City, they had no mercy. They never had any mercy towards killing you.”

Only Yu Sheng understood Ye Futian the best. Before entering the city, Ye Futian was furious and asked people to guard the exits and kill anyone who attempted to escape. However, when he saw the number of people who wanted to kill him, Ye Futian still hesitated. The vast area was filled with experts and countless attacks barraged him when Ye Futian was not resisting, even his sturdy defense was unable to withstand it.

When Yu Sheng said that, a demonic aura erupted from within him, his eyes turned crimson like blood was going to drip out.

Bam! His demon-like wings spread open and he was covered in demon might from head to toe, as though possessed by a demon. Behind him, an enormous demon shadow appeared behind him.

“Yu Sheng,” Ye Futian mumbled. On the Sky Mountain, Yu Sheng had demonized and rampaged once to save him.

Was he going to do the same now?

Yu Sheng likely knew that his emperor’s will did not have much time left.

“Perhaps the Arhat was right back then when he said that I’m destined to have blood on my hands. Those who attempt to kill you, even if there are millions of them, I will kill them all.” Yu Sheng’s voice was ice cold, like a demon lord.

Many people’s hearts trembled. Even if there were millions of them, he would kill them all. They saw Yu Sheng move, his demon-like wings flapping and spikes appearing on his terrifying dark golden armor, turning into frightening spears. He drew the spears with both hands and rushed towards two people at breakneck speed. The two people felt like a demon was trying to invade their head and making them kneel, the pressure making them unable to move.

With a squish, the spears impaled their heads and as Yu Sheng flew past them, the two corpses fell towards the ground.

Thump, thump Many people’s hearts thumped as they saw Yu Sheng gliding across the air with his demon wings, wherever he passed, people dropped like flies.

How could this be? Li Xun, who thought that he had escaped a crisis stared intensely at the scene. It was groundbreaking enough for one Arcana Plane to reach the level of an elite genius, but now, there were two?

“Surround and kill him,” someone yelled furiously. Many people reacted and started to surround Yu Sheng. However, Yu Sheng’s speed became even faster. Under the possession of the demon, he allowed the attacks to land on his body like he did not feel anything. He descended in front of an expert and a battle ax appeared in his hand. He cleaved the person as though he was a log and continued forward.

Bam, bam, bam In the air, there were people falling continuously, all killed by Yu Sheng. It was as though he was making good of his word to kill millions of them.

Seeing countless spells flying towards Yu Sheng, Ye Futian felt pained. Although Yu Sheng’s defense was strong, it was impossible for him to not feel pain. But even so, that was Yu Sheng. He understood that Yu Sheng did not have a ritual implement like the Polearm of Divine Destruction and could not kill that many people. He was inciting him to step in.

He naturally understood as well that Yu Sheng was not stupid, he saw things more clearly than anyone else. Suddenly, Ye Futian smiled, but his smile was desolate. He had thought of two people all of a sudden, Donghuang the Great and Emperor Ye Qing.

Back then, the two brothers had traveled the world, he wondered what experiences they went through to create such a magnificent piece like the Ukiyo. The piece attempted to trample the heavens and become the ruler of the world.

Ye Futian sat with his knees crossed, surrounded by a brilliant glow. His guqin spirit appeared in front of him, causing the crowd’s attention to focus on him again. He still had another Life Spirit?

Ye Futian held the guqin and pleasing melodies started to play from the guqin. Ye Futian’s aura changed yet again. Although the emperor’s will was circulating around his body, he appeared to be cut off from the rest of the world, as though superior to all of them. Strong imagery brought everyone else into it, from calmness to passion, and onwards to attempting to trample the heavens and reach the peak.

Rays of the emperor will’s glow started to rise up, the golden light enveloping the entire area as the guqin melody reached every corner of the battlefield. In an instant, many people felt as though the area was changing. The Spiritual Qi became more apparent and landed from the air, merging into the guqin melody.

Ning Huang’s expression froze. He had seen a radical scene. The Spiritual Qi in the heavens appeared to be controlled by the guqin melody, accompanying the light of the emperor’s will, resonating with Ye Futian’s will.

The guqin melody was influencing the Spiritual Qi in the area.

At that moment, around Yu Sheng, a group of people was casting spells to attack him. But before they were able to finish the spell, it had already dissipated into nothingness. Their Spiritual Energy was unable to control the Spiritual Qi in the air, causing them to be unable to cast their spells.

They were flabbergasted and looked downwards at Ye Futian. The emperor’s light was shining radiantly and golden Fatal Entanglement vines were forming at their feet, coiling around their bodies. Thereafter, golden blades pierced their bodies, nailing them in the air.

“Noooo” There were people being coiled in succession and they were terrified. How could this happen? What guqin spell was that?

“When the Ukiyo sounds, no spell can exist.” Ning Huang stared blankly at the situation. In the skies, all spells were forbidden. The only person who could cast spells was Ye Futian. In the vast area, everyone’s life was under his control.

Even Qin Yin’s group, who was a distance away, were petrified. They shivered uncontrollably, looking at Ye Futian playing the guqin, it was as though it was just a dream, everything was too surreal.

In the skies, the experts were being hunted rapidly, but Ye Futian was not affected at all. His aura was remarkable and the guqin melody was like a god’s piece, not meant to appear in the humans’ world. The feeling was indescribable.

“Noo” In the air, when Li Xun’s body was coiled, he let out a blood-curdling scream, but the golden blades pierced his body one by one like a harsh punishment, slowly draining him of life. Li Xun felt pain beyond belief and looked towards the figure below. Apart from hatred, he also felt utmost remorse. Who on earth did he betray

Ning Huang was still resisting, but a demon-like figure descended from the skies, battle ax in hand, cleaving downwards. Blood trickled from between Ning Huang’s brows. He stared at the figure in front of him and said, “My death is not undeserved.” He had finally understood before he died what kind of figure the person he had tried to kill off casually was.

Yu Sheng’s palm gripped his head and ripped it off, then he turned around and walked into the air, the demon’s might rampaging. Yu Sheng said mercilessly, “If word of what happened today spreads, I will kill you.”

Qin Yin’s group heard Yu Sheng’s words and were startled. They naturally understood that those words were meant for them. The usually silent, burly teen, was now a demon.

Yu Sheng flew towards the outside of the city and he saw Yi Xiaoshi still battling with Mo Jun. He cleaved Mo Jun with one wave of his ax.

Outside Jinxiao City, there were countless people. At that moment, a distance away, demonic aura was brimming. A demonic might flew rapidly towards them and everyone’s gazes turned towards that direction. Next, they saw a scene that they would never forget.

Yu Sheng’s body landed on the city’s gate and he placed Ning Huang’s head there. Like a demon, his gaze swept across the crowd and he ruthlessly said, “Those who previously followed Ye Futian and entered the giant relic, stand guard here. Do not allow anyone to step into Jinxiao City. From now on, Jinxiao City has a new owner. Those who violate the rule, kill them all.” As he finished, Yu Sheng turned around and walked into Jinxiao City.

At the same time, a glacial voice sounded out, “The killer, Yu Sheng!”