The Legend Of Futian Chapter 533

Chapter 533 One Step Away

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Outside Jinxiao City, it was dead silent. Even the elite geniuses were aghast when they saw Ning Huang’s head on the city gate. They had gathered to watch the fun, to watch Ye Futian die.

What had awaited them was a peerless demonic figure. Ye Futian did not die. The person who had died was Ning Huang. The overbearing elite genius, commander of all the experts in Jinxiao City, was actually killed by someone else. This came as a great shock to them.

Even Nan Hao had not expected an ending like this. Perhaps, the teen that had come from the Eastern Barren State was much more of a prodigy than he had thought.

“How could this be?” On the air warship, Virgin Bing Yi from the Mortal World was mortified. What had just happened had subverted her understanding. Not just her, but everyone in the area was speechless. Thereafter, those who had followed Ye Futian in deciphering the Flaming Prison City’s giant relic broke into a craze. They felt emotionally charged, like their blood was on fire.

Previously, Ning Huang had sent his men to kill their friends and caused a storm in the Flaming Prison City. He had held Ye Futian’s friends captive to try and force Ye Futian’s hand. When Ye Futian stepped into Jinxiao City, they had felt tragic, but never in their wildest dreams did they imagine that they would bring out Ning Huang’s head after Ye Futian went in.

Ning Huang himself probably never expected it either. Otherwise, he would not be overbearing.

Mu Zhiqiu and the Starry School’s disciples were the most startled. Nobody knew what had happened in the city, and they were unable to imagine what the situation in the city was. Jinxiao City did not only have Ning Huang, but it also had thousands of his followers. Where were they?

At that moment, they started to stand up one by one, their auras bursting out. The experts who had followed Ye Futian all stood up proudly, guarding the city. Now, they would naturally take orders from Yu Sheng as they could partake in the glory as well.

They were very clear that with the Jinxiao City’s changing of ownership, Ye Futian was likely to open a second giant relic, which would be another opportunity for them. Although those guarding could not possibly fend off all the experts outside,who would dare to recklessly charge in?

Ning Huang’s head was on the city gate, even if they could manage to break through and enter Jinxiao City, were they not scared to die?

Ye Wuchen, Loulan Xue, Mu Zhiqiu and the rest of Ye Futian’s friends moved into the city in a flash. They wanted to see what had happened. Previously, Ye Futian had not allowed them to enter the city. They naturally understood that it was because their cultivation level was too low and would only be a burden in Jinxiao City.

“I’ll go and take a look,” Gu Yunxi said quietly, entering the city as well. She had only seen Yu Sheng and did not know how Ye Futian was doing, so she was a little worried. Moreover, with her relationship with Ye Futian, Yu Sheng would not kill her.

When Ye Wuchen and the rest arrived at the battlefield, they saw the floor littered with corpses and were startled. Qin Yin and the rest were clearing up the battlefield and preparing to bury the people. They knew that everything that they had just experienced had to be buried deep within their hearts. They could only treat it as a dream, but the dream was far too realistic and shocking.

“Loulan, do it,” Ye Wuchen said. He stepped forward and walked away, then drove his sword into the ground. The ground tore open, revealing a horrifying crack. Mu Zhiqiu also went forward to help, her strong Celestial Will erupting and causing the earth to shake as though an earthquake was happening.

“The Holy Road opens once every three years and experts from all areas of the Barren State will gather. Moreover, the death rate in the Holy Road is extremely high, so even if there are people who die in the Holy Road, generally people will not know how they died or who they were killed by. These people that are buried here should have no other companions, but after we have buried them, we cannot let anyone else step into Jinxiao City,” Mu Zhiqiu said to Ye Futian, who was sitting cross-legged a distance away. Her expression was solemn.

Ye Futian did not say anything, but Qin Yin’s group was extremely uneasy. They knew what Mu Zhiqiu meant. Apart from them, nobody else knew that they had come from Mount Jiuxian. If they had all died in Jinxiao City, nobody would know how they had died. Unless it was someone like Ning Huang who had died, then it would be inevitable, since everyone knew him.

However, the number of people that had died in Jinxiao City this time was huge. There might be people outside who knew that they had entered Jinxiao City, so there was still certain risk.

“The Holy Road is a trial by the Holy Zhi Palace. Entering the Holy Road means to put one’s life at stake. However, Ning Huang’s death might probably cause us some trouble. One of his elders is an influential figure in the Holy Zhi Palace.” Mu Zhiqiu looked knowingly at Yu Sheng. She did not know how Ning Huang had died, but Yu Sheng’s roar was to tell everyone that Ning Huang had been killed by him.

Seeing the situation in front of her, she knew that the truth was not that simple. Ye Futian was extremely weak now, like he had just been through a huge battle.

“It was Ning Huang who wanted to kill us. Moreover, this is the Holy Zhi Palace’s Holy Road, even the influential figure can’t do anything to us, right?” Li Qingyi stood beside Ye Futian and asked Mu Zhiqiu.

“Ning Huang naturally deserves to die. However, everyone has their own stand. The influential figure in the Holy Zhi Palace had high hopes for Ning Huang and is his elder, so his stand would naturally be on Ning Huang’s side. Now, Ning Huang is dead,” Mu Zhiqiu replied. Li Qingyi bit her lip nervously, she naturally knew that what Mu Zhiqiu was saying was not wrong.

“How should we deal with the other people in Jinxiao CIty?” Yi Xiaoshi stood beside Ye Futian and asked. During the battle, although many experts had gathered, Jinxiao City was huge. There were still people who did not join in and were in other parts of the city.

“Just now, I asked Little Condor to watch the surroundings. Since those people did not gather to assist Ning Huang, leave them be. They had previously followed Ning Huang, now they follow us,” Ye Futian replied. He had already given the order to seal off the city, now he needed to control these people.

“Alright.” Yi Xiaoshi nodded and said, “You and Yu Sheng have a good rest, we’ll handle the matters here.”

“Okay.” Ye Futian was indeed lethargic. He looked at Yu Sheng, now that Yu Sheng had formed his own Noble Will, even though he had demonized, he had more control over the demonic power and would not completely lose control.

Closing his eyes, Ye Futian relaxed. He would not have to think about what would happen later.

The days passed but the news of Ning Huang’s death was still shocking. Moreover, another person’s death in the Dawn Road caused a commotion. Sage Duantian’s disciple Gu Feiyang had been killed by Xiao Junyi and his city occupied by Xiao Junyi. At the same time, Xiao Junyi had opened the giant relic and was cultivating in it, causing a huge ruckus.

Xiao Junyi was even more ruthless than the demon. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng were forced by Ning Huang, if they did not go to Jinxiao City, Ning Huang would not let them off easily. However, Xiao Junyi hunted mercilessly and killed countless people to create his dead spirit army and even killed Gu Feiyang.

Xiao Junyi and Yu Sheng were reputed to be the two demons of the Dawn Road that nobody wanted to provoke.

With such figures appearing in these two factions, the other elite geniuses were naturally unable to take it lying down. They sped up their actions both on the surface and secretly. There were many people who were killed mysteriously or had their holy badges plundered. Although it did not seem like those were done by the elite geniuses, nobody knew who they had sent out secretly to do it. The carnage in the Dawn Road was even more horrifying than past years and numerous people died as a result.

One day, Jinxiao City, which had been silent for many days suddenly released news that Ye Futian had given the order to gather a thousand holy badges. Those who were willing to offer their holy badge would be allowed into the Jinxiao City giant relic to cultivate. However, this time, the holy badges would not be returned.

Many people could understand that. Ye Futian’s reputation was not like before since they had been able to kill Ning Huang. Now he was not asking for a favor from the crowd, but offering them a chance. In a short time, many people gathered. Too many people wanted to enter Jinxiao City and hand over their holy badge. After all, there was already a precedent and they were all willing to trust Ye Futian.

Now, Ye Futian’s rallying power could be said to be the strongest in the Dawn Road. Although Xiao Junyi was equally as strong, who would dare to cooperate with Xiao Junyi?

Soon, Ye Futian had gathered a thousand holy badges. It was much easier than the previous time.

Presently, in Jinxiao City, a magnificent relic appeared. Countless golden rays shone like they were trying to light up the entire Jinxiao City. A colossal golden figure appeared in the air, like a peerless battle god. In the middle of the battle god shadow, a person floated there and countless rays landed on his body, causing the burly figure to become even more extraordinary. That person was Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian did not inherit the legacy of this giant relic but gave it to Yu Sheng to inherit. The demon might that Yu Sheng cultivated had not just demonic power, it also had an overbearing metal element ability. Therefore, the relic would be better suited to him. Even though Yu Sheng still wanted to let him have it, he rejected Yu Sheng determinedly.

Moreover, Yu Sheng had gotten Ning Huang’s Heavenly Halberd and the God Slaying Halberd skill. When Ye Futian was battling with Ning Huang, he had already felt that the God Slaying Halberd skill was extremely strong. If it could be used with Yu Sheng’s explosive strength, just the God Suppressing Strike would be a huge difference as compared to Ning Huang. Now, Yu Sheng had inherited the giant relic. His strength would definitely go up another level.

At that moment, Ye Futian stepped forward and walked into the relic, then looked at the crowd and said, “You all may enter the relic to cultivate.”

“Understood.” The crowd nodded and moved in a flash into the giant relic.

Outside Jinxiao City, there was a person in the air looking in the distance. From extremely far away, golden rays started to rise up and the person said, “The relic is opened.”

They knew that after Ye Futian had gathered the holy badges, adding on what Ning Huang already had, he would be able to open a second giant relic. Thereafter, word started to spread throughout the entire Holy Road and countless people were astonished.

Ye Futian had been able to open two giant relics by himself, even the Jinxiao City’s giant relic had been occupied by him.

After they had received the news, the elite geniuses from the other factions started to speed up the gathering of the holy badges. They were determined to open a giant relic in the Holy Road as well.

About ten days later, Ye Futian and Yu Sheng both broke through their cultivation level and stepped into the ninth level of the Arcana Plane, the final level of the Arcana Plane. They had planned to break through to this level in the Flaming Prison City’s giant relic, but because of Ning Huang’s coercion, they had to step out of the relic. Now, they had broken through in the second relic.

They were only one step away from the Noble Plane!