The Legend Of Futian Chapter 539

Chapter 539 No Change At All

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The three days ended in the blink of an eye.

The floating mountain range in the center of the Thousand Holy Islands was the most majestic. It towered over the sea and rose up into the sky. Pavilions and towers were everywhere outside the mountain. It was like an otherworldly palace or a whole city. There were countless relics and cultivation paradises. This was the Holy Zhi Palace, passed down the ages. It was a true holy land.

The Holy River had thousands of mountains. These all belonged to the Holy Zhi Palace. However, people usually called this one mountain by the Holy Zhi Palace because only the core disciples could cultivate on that island. Regular disciples couldn’t enter without permission. They could only cultivate with an elder on one of the other islands. Other than that, they would occasionally have the chance to listen to a palace elder’s lectures on the Holy Island or cultivate in a relic.

Thus, those who could cultivate on the Holy Island were all monstrously talented. They were all the best of the best of the Barren State.

In the east of this majestic heavenly palace of the Holy Zhi Palace, there was a shorter island neighboring it. There was a vast empty space on the borders. At the foot of the Holy Zhi Palace, one could see stairs when raising one’s head. The stairs led up to the Holy Zhi Palace like the steps to heaven.

This was truly at the foot of the Holy Zhi Palace.

At the moment, there was a mass of people gathered here, stretching as far as one could see. They were the disciples cultivating on the Thousand Holy Islands and their family. Other than that, many important figures from the Barren State had come too from the various top forces. They knew this was the end of the Holy Road. Those who’d exited the nine Holy Roads had gathered here. Today was the day. Many elders who had high hopes for their juniors were here to watch.

Of course, there were also some top forces who were close to the Holy Zhi Palace and had come to give gifts.

This vibrant scene happened once every three years. All talents of the Barren State were gathered here. To the younger generation of the Barren State, this was true magnificence. To the important figures, some of these juniors may become significant in the future or even enter the Barren Sky Ranking.

At the moment, someone was playing the guqin beautifully. It was mesmerizing. Even many important figures were affected by the artistic conception in the song.

They looked over to one place. They saw a youth in a purple-blue robe sitting quietly on a smooth stone on the steps leading to the Holy Zhi Palace. He plucked at the strings and created heavenly music. From serenity to a powerful melody, it seemed to depict an epic poem.

This youth was untainted and had defined features. He was as handsome as a god. He didn’t seem to be from the mortal world.

Countless people from the vast space below the Holy Zhi Palace looked up at the youth. Many of the younger generation were filled with respect and worship, even if they were prides too. They wished to become someone like him in the future. Many beautiful girls had expressions of admiration too. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the youth on the mountain was the most beloved man of the girls of the Barren State.

Even the strong cultivators from the Holy Zhi Palace sitting beside the mountain path looked appreciatively at the youth. The people of the Barren State were clear that this youth would be one of the most brilliant figures in the future. In fact, he already was.

In the distance, strong cultivators from the other island cities arrived. People instantly looked up at them. They were the ones from the nine Holy Roads who’d gathered here now.

The people below looked at the incoming strong cultivators with anticipation. Were they finally here?

“Look there. The prides from the Arid Road are here.” Everyone looked over and saw people walking over. One of them was a very young and handsome youth. His eyes were like lightning, shining like stars.

“That would be Bai Ze.” Many eyes fell on this youth. Bai Ze was an extreme talent from the White Cloud City. He joined the Holy Road after entering the Noble Plane. Apparently, he’d opened countless relics on the Arid Road. No one could stop him. Now, his cultivation had reached the pinnacle of Grade-8 Noble Plane. He was probably one of the strongest this time.

“The Nether Road is here too.” Someone looked in another direction and saw figures appearing gradually.

“Look there.” Someone pointed in a direction. A group was walking over. Everyone was attractive, especially two of them.

“Zhuge Xing, Hua Jieyu,” many people murmured. They recognized these two. Zhuge Xing was the pride of the Zhuge Family’s younger generation. Hua Jieyu was Zhuge Mingyue’s sister.

“As beautiful as the rumors say.” Many more gazes fell upon Hua Jieyu. Her appearance seemed to add color to this vast space. She was so beautiful to look at. Seeing her was an enjoyment.

“We’re here,” Zhuge Mingyue said, smiling as she appeared beside Hua Jieyu. There was another innocent beauty beside them. Apparently, she was Beitang Xing’er, Zhuge Mingyue’s junior sister. She was always beside Zhuge Mingyue.

“Yes.” Hua Jieyu nodded.

“Delectable,” many people praised after seeing Zhuge Mingyue standing with Hua Jieyu.

“Chi Meng of the Demon God Clan.” At that time, someone’s eyes fell somewhere behind Hua Jieyu on a youth. He had a beastly figure and a blood-red line between his brows. It looked extremely demonic and was the mark of the Demon Gold Clan.

“The Barren Road is here too.”

The people looked towards yet another direction. The mass of strong cultivators had arrived. They came from nine different directions. There were many talented figures amongst the sea of people.

When the people of large forces saw their juniors, they smiled faintly.

At that time, Chen Yuan appeared somewhere with an elder beside him. It was the leader of the Zhaixing House with a youth beside himMu Zhifan.

“Chen Yuan, you’re the only one here from the Top Three Schools. Why are you so active? Are you waiting for Ye Futian? He’s talented, but you think he can survive the Holy Road with his cultivation?” the head of the Zhaixing House said mockingly. These two were old rivals. He was still angry about how Chen Yuan had taken Ye Futian into the Zhaixing House to take the Polearm.

“You don’t have to worry,” Chen Yuan said coolly.

“Zhiqiu is also in the Dawn Road. You better pray that the guy didn’t run into Zhiqiu. Otherwise, the Polearm would probably be back with the Zhaixing House,” the man said, laughing. He seemed very confident. When Mu Zhiqiu entered the Holy Road, she was already in the Noble Plane. He was free, so he decided to visit the Holy Zhi Palace. After all, Mu Zhifan was also cultivating here.

Chen Yuan gazed at the head of the Zhaixing House and gave an ambiguous smile.

“What are you smiling about?” the head of the Zhaixing House asked after seeing Chen Yuan’s odd expression.

“You shouldn’t pray that they meet. Your granddaughter is quite pretty. I heard that the Son of my school isn’t only talented in cultivation.” Chen Yuan smirked.

The head of the Zhaixing House’s expression changed and he scoffed. “Don’t speak nonsense. Your little heir isn’t qualified. Zhiqiu will become a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace, like Zhifan.”

“There are many people cultivating on the Thousand Holy Islands. He’s just a disciple on an island. What are you so proud about?” Chen Yuan mocked.

“How many from your school has entered the Holy Zhi Palace?” the other shot back. Neither let each other go.

They argued, tit-for-tat, attracting much attention. Those that could come all had extraordinary statuses. Not even Sages could come if they wanted, but these two old guys were arguing.

At that time, people gradually walked over from the distance. Chen Yuan and the head of the Zhaixing House stopped arguing. They looked at the incoming group.

The Dawn Road’s people had finally arrived. They attracted a lot of eyes too.

Just then, a huge figure started walking over. It was a huge golden ape. Seeing its appearance, Chen Yuan and the Zhaixing House head stared hard at it too. They knew that this was the Golden Great Ape clan from Mount Taixing in the center region. They ruled Mount Taixing and were a frightening force. The mountain leader was at the front of the Barren Sky Rank too.

There was a stone wall in the distance, above the steps to the Holy Zhi Palace. An extraordinary elder stood there. His features were very sharp. He looked into the direction of the Dawn Road. A group of strong cultivators arrived before him. They also looked there with pained expressions.

“Elder Ning, Ning Huang was killed. They must have used lowly tricks. Otherwise, with Ning Huang’s abilities, how could it be possible? We must take revenge,” someone murmured.

The elder scanned him coldly and said with authority, “This is the Holy Zhi Palace so you better be obedient. Otherwise, no one can protect you.”

“Then I’ll wait for when we leave. But Elder Ning, the one who killed Ning Huang can’t become a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace.” These were from the Ning family. They’d been waiting for a long time, filled with anticipation, but only received the news that Ning Huang had died.

Elder Ning huffed. He scanned the people coldly. The only one he had hope for to take his place had been killed. This upset him greatly.

“From what I know, the one who killed Ning Huang is from the Eastern Barren Territory and is close to Zhuge Mingyue of the Zhuge Family. Think more clearly,” Elder Ning said. He glanced at the Zhuge Family and then at the beautiful figure still playing his guqin.

Right then, in Zhuge Mingyue’s direction, Hua Jieyu looked over at the Dawn Road cultivators. Zhuge Mingyue smiled at her. She knew what Hua Jieyu was waiting for. Would that guy really be with the Dawn Road?

Then a group of figures came over in the sky from the Dawn Road’s direction. The instant she saw a handsome figure amongst them, Zhuge Mingyue smiled brightly. “Indeed.”

Hua Jieyu looked with her pretty eyes and saw the one she’d been missing every day. A beautiful smile bloomed on her face. Many people gaped at her as if her smile was the only thing in the world.

“Heh.” Zhuge Mingyu chuckled softly and then an odd expression filled her eyes. “He’s still like before.”

He was surrounded by pretty girls.

“He really knows how to enjoy himself. As expected of our junior.” Zhuge Mingyue giggled. Finally, Hua Jieyu noticed the people around Ye Futian. She obviously knew Loulan Xue, but there was also Qin Yin and Li Qingyi behind him. They were pretty, but not beautiful.

But there was also Gu Yunxi with beauty worth a city’s treasures.

Mu Zhiqiu was even more beautiful. She looked a fairy, standing there quietly.

Hua Jieyu blinked and her smile turned resentful. This guyhadn’t changed at all!