The Legend Of Futian Chapter 540

Chapter 540 Am I Not Good Enough

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“That’s too much.” Zhuge Mingyue smiled and continued, “Surrounded by beauties, what a contented life.”

“Yes.” Hua Jieyu nodded with a grievance. After much anticipation, she had finally met him again, but under such a situation!

“Should I call out to him?” Zhuge Mingyue asked.

“I don’t know him.” Hua Jieyu pretended to be angry and looked away, but she continued to peek in his direction. She saw him talking happily to the beauty beside him with a bright smile.

“Hmmm, Jieyu, I’ll introduce someone more outstanding to you next time. Let’s not care about that heartless man anymore.” Zhuge Mingyue nodded seriously.

“Ahhh” Hua Jieyu blinked and looked at Zhuge Mingyue, but she heard Beitang Xing’er say, “Second sister, little brother is so handsome and outstanding, there will definitely be many girls who like him. Maybe it’s not little brother’s fault.”

“Xing’er, whose side are you on.” Zhuge Mingyue grinned, looking at Beitang Xing’er.

Beixing Tang’er smiled and scratched her ear, while Hua Jieyu said in a touching tone to Zhuge Mingyue, “Sister, maybe what Xing’er said isn’t wrong.”

“…” Zhuge Mingyue blinked and grinned at Hua Jieyu. She had not even punished him yet. She was really hopeless.

Hua Jieyu blushed shyly like Zhuge Mingyue had seen her thoughts. It made her look even more attractive, but that fellow was really too much. One or two would be fine, but he had four beauties by his side.

Presently, Ye Futian did not notice anything. His gaze landed on the Holy Zhi Palace’s spectacular sky stairwell, on the teen playing the guqin. The guqin melody sounded sweet and it was extremely familiar. He had practiced the same piece too many times.

Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen’s gaze also looked towards that direction. Ye Futian looked towards Mu Zhiqiu and Yuan Zhan who were beside him and asked, “Who is he?”

Mu Zhiqiu looked towards the teen in all his glory, sitting quietly there, yet looking as though he had merged with the heavens. His cultivation level was likely very high, and to be in the Holy Zhi Palace at such a young age Even though she had only seen him for the first time, she could guess his identity. There were very few of such people in the Barren State, his impressive demeanor could be seen from one look and he stood out from the rest.

“If I’m not wrong, he is the Young City Lord of the White Cloud City, Bai Luli,” Mu Zhiqiu replied quietly. Ye Futian stared at him and smiled, “He is indeed an exceptional person. I heard that Young City Lord Bai has entered the top ten of the Barren Sky Ranking?”

“Yes.” Mu Zhiqiu nodded. Although Bai Luli’s cultivation level was not high, his prodigious talent had already obtained the recognition of the Barren State’s people. His future was sure to be bright.

“No wonder he can express such imagery through the piece.” Ye Futian smiled.

The piece that Bai Luli was playing was one of the top ten pieces of the Divine Prefecture, the Ukiyo. Although it was only the first half of the piece, the imagery was already divine. Ye Futian admitted that even if he was the one playing, he could not do better.

With regards to how the Young City Lord Bai obtained the Ukiyo’s score, he was not surprised. Back then, he had left the score in the Eastern Barren College. As long as an expert from an elite faction went there, they would be able to get it. With Bai Luli’s background, even if the White Cloud City did not go to get it, it would not be difficult to get his hands on the score.

What did the top ten of the Barren Sky Ranking mean? It meant that the people of the Barren State viewed Bai Luli as one of the ten most outstanding people in the Barren State.

“Which direction is the Nether Road in?” Ye Futian suddenly asked. Previously, the Ukiyo had caught his attention, but Ye Futian naturally would not forget about being able to meet Jieyu and his second sister.

The crowd’s gaze moved towards one of the nine directions and Mu Zhiqiu said, “It appears to be there.”

Ye Futian looked towards that direction and scanned through the crowd in a distant location. He soon saw a beautiful figure looking at him with a weird grin. Her smile gave Ye Futian the chills. He was extremely familiar with that smile, back in the Cottage, whenever he saw that smile, fourth or fifth brother would be in trouble.

“Second sister.” Ye Futian mumbled, then saw the girl standing next to Zhuge Mingyue. He saw Hua Jieyu avoiding his gaze and he did a double take. Something was wrong, how could Jieyu not miss him? If second sister had seen him, it wasn’t possible that Jieyu didn’t.

He saw Beitang Xing’er winking at him and Ye Futian had a realization. As though he had suddenly thought of something, he froze and looked to his left, Gu Yunxi was standing quietly there; he looked to his right, Mu Zhiqiu was beside him speaking to him intimately.

“Oh no.” Ye Futian was dumbfounded. This was bad, could he be blamed for this? Being too outstanding was a mistake as well.

“Zhiqiu, Yunxi, you have to help me explain later on.” Ye Futian said. Mu Zhiqiu gave him a confused look while Gu Yunxi’s eyes sparkled. Could it be?

“Zhiqiu.” At that moment, a voice sounded. Just as Ye Futian was about to walk over to Jieyu, he saw Chen Yuan and the Zhaixing House Chief walking over to him. The Zhaixing House Chief was glaring at Mu Zhiqiu sternly. He was still arguing with Chen Yuan about this matter just now, and what did he see now?

Mu Zhiqiu was actually quietly standing beside Ye Futian. What was happening?

“Grandfather,” Mu Zhiqiu called out to him.

“Zhiqiu, have you taken back the Polearm of Divine Destruction?” Mu Zhifan’s expression was grim. That day, when Ye Futian had taken the Polearm of Divine Destruction, he had also arrived, but Yuan Chen’s threat allowed Ye Futian to take it away.

Mu Zhiqiu immediately understood why her grandfather and brother looked unhappy and lowered her head in guilty. She had wanted to take it, but she had been defeated by Ye Futian again. However, her action made the Zhaixing House Chief and Mu Zhifan’s expressions become even grimmer. Was this her silent confession? Could it be?

“What is going on?” The Zhaixing House Chief was extremely irritated.

“Futian, nice job.” On the other hand, Chen Yuan was full of smiles and looked at Ye Futian appreciatively. Previously, the Gu Clan leader had shared some thoughts with him. That was when he knew that the Son he had picked was talented in other fields on top of his cultivation. Looking at the lineup Ye Futian had, he had to admit that he was impressed.

The frigid beauty of the Zhaixing House had been won over by him. Impressive.

Ye Futian blinked in suspicion. Could there have been a misunderstanding? Why did the Zhaixing House Chief look like he wanted to tear him from limb to limb? Even when he first took the Polearm of Divine Destruction, he didn’t act like this.

It was inevitable that the Zhaixing House Chief would overthink. Not long ago, Ye Futian and Mu Zhiqiu were enemies. Now, both of them were walking side by side jovially, with Chen Yuan’s words in mind, how could he not overthink?

“Grandfather, it’s my fault, I lost to him again in the Holy Road,” Mu Zhiqiu said quietly.

“Even if you’ve lost to him, you can’t” The Zhaixing House Chief was devastated. His granddaughter was beautiful and had outstanding potential. How could this be?

“Zhiqiu, how could you be with a thief?” Mu Zhifan asked emotionlessly. He always felt that Ye Futian had stolen his Polearm of Divine Destruction.

Ye Futian and the people around him raised their heads and looked at Mu Zhifan coldly. Ye Futian frowned, this Mu Zhifan was being audacious.

“Senior, I think that there has been some misunderstanding,” Ye Futian said to the Zhaixing House Chief.

“It had better been a misunderstanding. If you dare to touch my sister, I’ll chop off the hand that did it,” Mu Zhifan interrupted ruthlessly.

“Idiot.” Ye Futian looked at Mu Zhifan, annoyed. He then stretched out his hand and wrapped it around Mu Zhiqiu’s shoulder and looked at Mu Zhifan provokingly.

Mu Zhiqiu’s body shivered and she stared blankly at Ye Futian. In the distance, Hua Jieyu and Zhuge Mingyue looked at them, doing double takes. This was too much.

“You” Mu Zhifan stepped forward, a cruel aura bursting forth. Yet he saw Yuan Zhan, Yi Xiaoshi, Ye Wuchen, and many others step forward and look at him ruthlessly.

“Yuan Zhan.” At that moment, another figure came forward. The figure at the forefront had a huge physique, it was a Golden Ape. He stepped right into the crowd, his gaze on Yuan Zhan, curious why Yuan Zhan would be with a group of humans.

Mount Taixing’s Golden Ape. Chen Yuan and the Zhaixing House Chief looked at each other and thought, then saw Yuan Zhan standing in front of Ye Futian.

When did this fellow get acquainted with the Golden Apes?

“Father,” Yuan Zhan called out to him, then introduced Ye Futian, “this is a good friend that I met in the Holy Road, Ye Futian. Father and grandfather will definitely like him.”

The Golden Ape looked curiously at Ye Futian. Ye Futian had already retracted his hand that was on Mu Zhiqiu’s shoulder and bowed slightly to him and said, “Ye Futian is honored to meet senior Ape.”

“Mm.” Yuan Zhan’s father nodded. His appearance had caused many people’s attention to move towards them. After all, it was the Golden Ape clan from Mount Taixing and could be considered an elite faction.

“Zhiqiu, explain yourself,” The Zhaixing House Chief looked towards Mu Zhiqiu and said.

Mu Zhiqiu glared at Ye Futian. This fellow was causing trouble on purpose.

“Just kidding. I hope senior doesn’t mind. I have a girlfriend.” Ye Futian smiled brightly, then pointed towards behind the Zhaixing House Chief and said, “She’s over there.”

The Zhaixing House Cheif turned around and the rest of the people all looked towards where Ye Futian’s finger was pointing. It was the direction of the Nether Road.

“Who is it?” The Zhaixing House Chief asked. There were so many people in the Nether Road, how could he know who she was? Was Ye Futian making fun of them?

“The most beautiful one.” Ye Futian beamed. The crowd instinctively looked towards Hua Jieyu, who was standing beside Zhuge Mingyue. Although there were many beauties in the Nether Road, the most beautiful one could be seen at an instant. If Zhuge Mingyue and Hua Jieyu stood there, nobody else could compete with them.

Those who had heard Ye Futian’s words all had suspicious expressions. It was not possible for it to be Zhuge Mingyue, so, he was referring to Hua Jieyu?

Where did this idiot come from?

“You mean, Hua Jieyu?” Mu Zhifan was cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace, so he had naturally heard of Hua Jieyu.

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded, smiling.

“Idiot.” Mu Zhifan saw Ye Futian’s smiled and his expression was disdainful. He looked at Ye Futain and said, “Hua Jieyu, cultivating in the Zhuge Clan, Zhuge Mingyue’s sworn younger sister, a Divine Spiritual Sorcerer, your girlfriend?”

Ye Futian looked at Mu Zhifan’s expression and was irritated, he had been looked down upon.

“Don’t create trouble for yourself,” Mu Zhiqiu advised him softly. This kind of joke was not to be casually made. If he was heard by the people from the Zhuge Clan, they would not let Ye Futian off.

“That’s right, brother Ye, it’s best not to joke about this,” behind him, Xie Wuji and the rest tried to persuade him as well.

Ye Futian rubbed the peak of his nose, then walked forward. He was actually walking in the direction of the Nether Road.

The crowd looked at him with weird expressions. Gu Yunxi’s gaze had been on Hua Jieyu all this while. She had previously heard Ye Futian say that he had a girlfriend. She was always imagining what kind of remarkable girl Ye Futian’s girlfriend would be. Now that she saw Hua Jieyu, she was like the beauty in her imaginationa Goddess.

As she thought of it, Gu Yunxi smiled brightly, only this type of girl could be a good fit for him.

At that moment, numerous gazes landed on Ye Futian as he walked gradually towards the Nether Road. Zhuge Mingyue and Beitang Xing’er saw him walking over. Hua Jieyu also looked at him, then turned away. This fellow actually dared to touch other girls in front of her, shameless.

Finally, Ye Futian walked over to the Nether Road area. He walked in front of the three of them and smiled jovially. The two of them looked at him with a weird grimace, then looked towards Hua Jieyu.

Ye Futian saw that Hua Jieyu was not looking at him and was a little guilty. He said in a small voice, “Jieyu, I missed you so much.” As his voice landed, the entire space fell silent. It started from the Nether Road, then the other places as well, countless gazes fell on them. Ye Futian’s voice was not loud, but because of Zhuge Mingyue and Hua Jieyu, many people’s attention was on them and they had heard what he said.

What did he say to Hua Jieyu?

“Do you have a death wish?” Mu Zhifan’s expression was frosty, he had been paying attention to what was happening all the while.

“I don’t know you.” Hua Jieyu glared at Ye Futian with a pained expression. Evidently, she was still angry. However, the crowd did not pay close attention to Hua Jieyu’s expression and only heard his words. In an instant, many people looked coldly at Ye Futian, what an impudent fellow.

“Where did this idiot come from,” someone even said mockingly.

Hua Jieyu frowned. Even though she was feigning anger, she could not bear to hear others humiliate Ye Futian.

“Sigh, I’ve come such a long way to find you, how heartbreaking.” Ye Futian sighed. Hua Jieyu turned around and glared at him resentfully. Who was the one being wronged now?

As she thought of this, she took small steps towards Ye Futian.

The numerous gazes froze as they saw Hua Jieyu walk to Ye Futian’s side. Afterward, under their stunned supervision, Hua Jieyu stretched out her arm and helped Ye Futian to straighten his messy clothes with the gentleness of a lover. She had a look of helplessness in her eyes, and her gaze turned towards the Dawn Road and said pitifully, “Who are they? Am I not good enough? Tell me, I’ll change.”

Seeing the alluring beauty before him, Ye Futian felt as though he was about to melt. However, why did he have an ominous premonition?