The Legend Of Futian Chapter 550

Chapter 550 Elder Ning Steps In

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When Ye Futian pointed at Yan Nan and shouted the three words, countless gazes landed on Ye Futian again. Previously, Xie Ji had challenged Ye Futian and he had conceded. After all, the difference in cultivation level was evident. Now, what confidence did he have to challenge Yan Nan?

Yan Nan was a grade eight noble, also two cultivation levels higher than him. Moreover, Yan Nan’s potential was extraordinary, even though he had been defeated previously, it did not mean that his battle ability was not strong. How was Ye Futian going to surpass difference of two cultivation levels?

Yan Nan also stared at Ye Futian ruthlessly. His previous defeat was already a humiliation to him. Now, the Arcana Plane Ye Futian actually dared to challenge him?

He did not challenge Ye Futian, but Ye Wuchen, because Ye Futian had already conceded once. If he challenged him, Ye Futian would probably concede again, so he had chosen Ye Wuchen.

Yet, after suffering a loss, Ye Futian had pointed his finger and him and ordered him to get the f**k over here.


Whoosh! Sword Will started to circulate around his body and Yan Nan’s body dashed forward like a sword being pulled from its sheath, heading for the center of the battlefield.

“Since you want to scram, I’ll grant you your wish,” Yan Nan said as he walked in the air. This fight, Ye Futian was the challenger. As long as he could crush Ye Futian convincingly, he would be eliminated with another loss. He would not even have the right to enter the Thousand Holy Island.

Behind him, a sword floated in the air, countless Sword Wills surrounded the shadow sword and the Edgeless Great Sword appeared again. With every step he took, it was as though a Sword Will pierced Ye Futian’s body.

Around Ye Futian’s body, meteorites started to form. It was like a starry dimension above his head with brilliant meteorites revolving around his body, providing a sturdy defense.

However, Yan Nan was a swordsman and had a terrifying attacking ability. He would not care about the defense of an Arcana Plane cultivator, he would slice through it like a hot knife through butter.

If Ye Wuchen had not cast the Illusory Sword Technique at the end, his offense would not have been defeated.

Hummmm! An intimidating aura descended and Yan Nan’s Life Spirit turned into a Great Sword and swung down towards Ye Futian, tearing through everything in its way. If he had the chance, he would definitely kill Ye Futian without hesitation.

As the Edgeless Great Sword dropped from the sky, the meteorites it came into contact with were all shattered into dust. The starry defense was unable to stand up to the might of the sword and were all crushed.

“Die!” Yan Nan exclaimed mercilessly, his Great Sword increasing in speed all of a sudden and slashing towards Ye Futian’s body.

Ye Futian retreated and the Great Sword pierced into the ground with a huge thud.

“Is this what allowed you to be arrogant?” Yan Nan looked at Ye Futian sarcastically. His Great Sword humming, it started to chase Ye Futian again, but Ye Futian’s speed was still extremely fast, just like his previous battle with Zhuge Ping, he was mainly dodging.

Crash! The Sword Qi shattered and the Sword Life Spirit returned to Yan Nan. Yan Nan looked mercilessly at Ye Futian and thought, since the great sword can’t catch up, I’ll use the sword of light.

Yan Nan’s body turned into a sword ray and charged towards Ye Futian. Wherever his body passed by, the sword would roar and countless Sword Qi moved alongside his body towards Ye Futian.

“Kill!” With a resounding roar, the light sword’s shadows tore through the air like flashes of lightning towards Ye Futian’s body.

However, at that moment, an invisible gravity and frost will appeared in the heavens and everything felt like it had slowed down. Ye Futian’s hands struck out and large golden palm prints manifested, colliding with the swords of light. However, the palm prints were pierced through and destroyed, but the might of the swords were also weakened and unable to threaten him.

At the same time, the shadow blades appeared out of the blue, but Ye Futian transformed into the constellations, the glimmer of the stars surrounding him. As the shadow blades slashed towards him, all they could hear was bam, bam, bam Three consecutive rumbles later, the Starry Defense had cracks in it, as though if another attack was to land, it would crumble to pieces.

“Still not admitting your defeat?” Yan Nan sneered. He stretched out his arm, his Sword Life Spirit appearing in his palm. An imposing Sword Qi circulated in his palm and in a flash, his body was headed straight towards Ye Futian.

“Be careful!” On the outside, Li Qingyi who was watching the battle shouted out instinctively.

She could see that Yan Nan wanted to kill Ye Futian.

A horrifying amount of lightning circulated around Ye Futian’s body and the Thunder God’s Aegis appeared in front of him. Yan Nan descended in front of him and slashed out with his blade. Numerous sword shadows appeared in the heavens and slashed on the aegis, cleaving it apart.

“The Punishment of the Thunder God.” A sharp glint appeared in Ye Futian’s eyes as the lightning in the shattered Thunder God’s Aegis remained in the air. The golden-purple lightning gleamed as it rushed towards Yan Nan’s body along his sword. With the speed of lightning, the Punishment of the Thunder God landed on him as he tried to approach for a close-range strike. However, a sword veil circulated around Yan Nan’s body and as the lightning rushed towards him, Yan Nan could only feel his Spiritual Will and body both becoming numb, like he was struck by lightning.

Nonetheless, his sword strike did not stop. If Ye Futian dared to be so insane, then he would die.

As the sword landed, it did not cleave Ye Futian’s body in two, as golden vines started to appear and tangle around Yan Nan’s sword. The hardy vines were successively sliced apart and Sword Qi simultaneously rushed towards Ye Futian. However, at that moment, a pair of giant shining Roc wings appeared on Ye Futian’s back and folded up, shielding Ye Futian from the onslaught of the Sword Qi.

At the same time, Ye Futian’s wings shuddered and he transformed into a flash of golden lightning.

Yan Nan felt that something was amiss and let go of his sword, retreating. However, the gravity and frost will had affected his speed.

“Scram.” Yan Nan saw Ye Futian rushing towards him and his finger pointed forward, Sword Qi rushing forth. However, he only saw a golden after-image and felt wind and thunder. The Roc’s wings, Thundering Illusion Step and Wind Aviation. When the three of them were used together, how fast could one get?

Yan Nan could see the golden after-image being magnified in his field of vision, curving in a perfect arc, avoiding his Sword Qi. A fearsome sword veil appeared around Yan Nan’s body, he had been forced to defend once again.

“Freeze,” Ye Futian growled and the frost spell landed. Yan Nan’s blood felt as though it was about to stop flowing and his speed decreased yet again. However, the sword veil around his body shattered the oncoming frost will.

However, at that moment, Ye Futian had already reached and a golden after-image appeared above Yan Nan’s head. He immediately cast the Fatal Entanglement and terrifying golden vines constricted Yan Nan’s head, then his arms and legs.

Many people’s expression paled, especially Yan Jiu, who looked especially grim. What was Ye Futian trying to do? He was controlling Yan Nan, not allowing him to concede defeat.

A muffled howl sounded out, Yan Nan’s throat had been constricted and he was unable to control the flow of his Sword Will. He had been completely restrained in the air.

“Let go of him, he admitted his defeat,” Yan Jiu shouted.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked menacingly at Yan Jiu, then replied emotionlessly, “I heard nothing.” As he finished speaking, the golden vines pierced through Yan Nan’s arms, severing all the tendons in his arms. Yan Nan trembled in pain as the vines around his neck and head disappeared, only then could they hear his screaming voice.

“Since he’s already disabled, there’s no need for him to stay,” Ye Futian said nonchalantly, the vines flinging Yan Nan a distance away. Yan Jiu moved in a flash and caught his body, only to see Yan Nan’s arms dangling helplessly. His eyes filled with killing intent.

“I’ve been disabled?” Yan Nan’s body shuddered, unable to believe that it was real.

Yan Jiu looked at Yan Nan and said, “Even with broken arms, you will still be able to cultivate.”

That was all he could do to console him.

Yan Nan’s eyes filled with agony, as though blood could drip out of them. He had extraordinary potential and wanted to enter the Holy Zhi Palace to spread the name of the Sword Saint Villa. However, he had been disabled by an Arcana Plane cultivator, no less.

Many gazes landed on Ye Futian and Yan Nan. To Yan Nan, it was a tragedy. The genius of the Sword Saint Villa, disabled in both arms.

How cruel of Ye Futian. Just because Yan Nan insulted Ye Wuchen for being crippled, he turned Yan Nan into a cripple.

“Everyone.” At that moment, on the sky stairwell, the elder hosting the battles looked towards the experts from the Holy Zhi Palace to see if anyone was willing to take in Ye Futian.

“Intentionally controlling others so that they are unable to concede defeat and disabling one’s arms in a battle. His methods are too sinister,” a gruff voice sounded out. Many people looked towards the person who had spoken, it was a Sage Plane figure from the Thousand Holy Island.

Ye Futian heard the voice and raised his head in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace. Sinister? The elders from the Holy Zhi Palace should have seen that Yan Nan’s battling methods were attempts on his life.

“I’ve heard that this person has come from the Dawn Road and is a bloodthirsty and cruel individual,” another person agreed.

Ye Futian had a glint in his eyes and felt that something was amiss. There was someone who was targeting him. He did not know anyone from the Holy Zhi Palace, if there was someone he had offended, it would be Ning Huang’s elder. He did not know if Ning Huang’s elder was among the two people that had spoken.

Elder Ning was not among the two that had spoken. At that moment, he was in a location high up and the Ning Clan was there as well, watching the scene quietly. Moreover, Elder Ning was drinking a cup of tea leisurely. With his position and status, why would he get involved personally?

If Ye Futian were to enter the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate, it would not be that easy to kill him.

To him, an Arcana Plane cultivator was not worth mentioning. If he valued that person’s potential, that person would be a genius, but if he did not like that person, he would be but a mere ant.

Although the potential that Ye Futian had just revealed was acceptable, he had killed Ning Huang. Ning Huang was the successor that he had handpicked, and he heard that they had even taken the ritual implement he had given Ning Huang. How impudent.

That was why he wanted to stop Ye Futian from entering the Holy Zhi Palace. As long as Ye Futian did not enter the Palace, killing him would be as easy as squashing an ant.

Of course, he was not in a hurry, neither would he step in himself.

Because of the two voices, nobody spoke for a period of time, causing the scenario to become awkward. As an Arcana Plane cultivator who had disabled Yan Nan’s arms, he should have been vigorously fought for!