The Legend Of Futian Chapter 553

Chapter 553 Cheating

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Ye Futian sat on the huge boulder. He got rid of all other thoughts and focused on fusing his spiritual power with the world. He sensed the Spiritual Qi in the world.

A rainbow of lights shone. Now, the lights of the six elements were brighter while the green wood elemental Spiritual Qi was dimmer. It was the only element that he hadn’t comprehended the Noble Will for, so his perception was slightly weaker.

The six lights disappeared from his senses. Only the green wood elemental Spiritual Qi remained around him. At the same time, his mind went into his life palace. The World Tree towered over the vast space. The sun and moon hung high in the sky. Thunder dragons spiraled around the tree while a golden Roc rested on a branch. The Divine Ape guarded the tree. All his life spirits lived in harmony with the tree as the center.

The wood elemental was different from the others. The wood spells he’d cultivated before were all focused on control. The ones he encountered now were mostly on control too. They were rarely for attacking. However, when he’d been close to dying last time, it was the World Tree life spirit that helped reform his body.

The wood element’s most obvious characteristic was that it encompassed all life and was never extinguished. The man who had killed Du Ao had used a wood elemental spell that became even more frightening when burned.

No matter how the wood elemental was attacked, it would continue standing tall.

Then what was the Wood Will?

In his life palace, the World Tree kept changing color. Sometimes it was gold, sometimes it was purple. The tree shook and the leaves rustled as if it was speaking.

Spiritual light flashed through Ye Futian’s mind. Then he saw green light shine around him. A huge ancient tree sprouted behind him. The branches and leaves expanded wildly, stretching upward and covering the sky. It soon became a huge tree rooted beside the cliff.

The branches swayed in the wind. Spiritual Qi gathered frantically on the tree. Then golden vines appeared, transforming into the deadly lock spell that stretched into the distance.

“The World Tree encompasses all living things. It doesn’t die and the Spiritual Qi doesn’t decay,” Ye Futian mumbled.

Then a sun hung above the tree. It released the fire of a divine furnace to smelt everything. The green light on the tree melted into the furnace, making the fire burn even more vibrantly. The divine furnace’s fire had a green tinge, giving off green flames that were even more terrifying than before.

I understand, Ye Futian thought. This was the wood elemental’s will.

Moving his thoughts, the green Spiritual Qi in the air grew clearer. They rushed wildly into the tree and then entered his body. The so-called Will was one’s comprehension of spiritual power. Once his comprehension improved, he would be faster at absorbing Spiritual Qi and raising his spiritual power too.

In fact, all the wood elemental Spiritual Qi in the world was resonating with him. The entire world seemed to be green and filled with vitality.

“He comprehended again.” Hua Jieyu sat to the side and smiled brilliantly. This guy was so powerful.

Ye Futian had already comprehended Noble Wills of six elements, so he had the abilities. Plus, the wood elemental life spirit was his natal spirit. Naturally, comprehending the wood elemental wouldn’t take too long. However, his spiritual power wasn’t enough. He was still a step away from the Noble Plane, though he was getting closer.

The island city was still lively while the cliff was peaceful. Without realizing, another day passed.

When the sun rose, faint sunlight splashed onto the cliff. It was warm and serene.

Two figures leaned quietly against a boulder. The youth was handsome while the girl was beautiful. She rested softly against the youth’s chest. The breeze lifted her hair softly. The scene was like a painting.

“So beautiful.” Ye Futian looked at the beauty in his arms. It was unclear if he was praising the scenery or the girl.

Hua Jieyu looked up at him. “Did you raise planes?”

“Only a bit more.” Ye Futian rubbed his forehead awkwardly. “Just a bit.”

“So you didn’t.” Hua Jieyu grinned at him. “Then why did you run over here at midnight?”

Ye Futian fluttered his lashes and then looked away. “You didn’t object though.” As soon as he spoke, he felt pain in his waist and he gasped. How come they’d grown up but she still did that?

“Someone kept cuddling with me last night. I wonder who it was?” Ye Futian blinked at the beauty in his arms. Hua Jieyu’s face reddened and she straightened. Just as she was about to move, Ye quickly jumped up and said, “The time isn’t up yet. I’m going to continue cultivating.”

He escaped while speaking. Hua Jieyu stood up. Her beautiful figure and slender legs were so mesmerizing under the sunlight. However, Ye Futian didn’t enjoy the sight. Right now, he faced the rising sun. Divine light shone from his body. A strange aura surged from him too. Then he started practicing martial arts.

Activating the Emperor’s Technique, Ye Futian moved slowly. However, each move seemed to contain an emperor’s power. The Will was strong and lively too.

Watching him, Hua Jieyu felt enjoyment. The moves didn’t seem to contain any might, but his aura was getting stronger. Divine light enveloped him as if he was a god coming to earth. Every simple punch seemed able to destroy a mountain.

As Ye Futian continued cultivating, dragon or ape roars occasionally sounded from his body. The expansive movements were like a golden Roc flying in the wind.

He shattered the rock under his feet, rumbling. Cracking sounds came out of his body and an even stronger conception was born. An aggressive force formed in the surroundings. His martial arts intent stretched out as the force became stronger. His aura kept rising.

Boom. Beams of dazzling emperor light shot upward. Seemingly undefeatable, martial arts intent transformed into a horrible force field around him. If one stepped within it, they would feel his unstoppable might press down.

As more cracks sounded, Ye Futian’s body rumbled. Dragon and divine ape roars shook the sky. The golden Roc’s brilliance became one with the surrounding force field. He seemed to be a descending god.

As the horrible light flashed, the stones around him exploded. Ye Futian broke the sky with a punch. An extremely dazzling fist shadow flashed and disappeared in the distance.

Ye Futian stopped. His power was still strong, but he didn’t release it. He turned slowly and smiled at Hua Jieyu.

At that time, Hua Jieyu had a strange expression. She turned to run. “Doesn’t count.”

“Raising planes in martial arts is raising planes too. It’s still the Noble Plane. Why doesn’t it count?” Ye Futian ran after her. Was she not going to keep her promise?

“You didn’t break into the plane completely. Of course, it doesn’t count.” With a wind spell carrying her, Hua Jieyu flew like a fairy. Her figure was beautiful.

“Then let me ask you. Am I in the Noble Plane right now?” Ye Futian yelled. He wouldn’t let her cheat.

“No,” Hua Jieyu insisted.

“Fox, you can’t do this.” Ye Futian made a face.

“If I say it’s not then it’s not.” Hua Jieyu ignored all logic. “Plus, you already slept last night.”

“Gentlemen keep their word!” Ye Futian called.

“I’m a woman,” Hua Jieyu replied.

“You can’t do this!” Ye Futian muttered.

“I learned this from you.”

The two chased each other from the cliff to the island city. Along the way, many people on the ground looked up at this couple enviously.

The city was extremely lively. Hua Jieyu had already descended. Ye Futian went up to her and whispered, “I’ll let it go today, but I’ll remember what you owe me.”

“I forgot.” Hua Jieyu smiled at Ye Futian.

“Then I’ll force it,” Ye Futian whispered in Hua Jieyu’s ears. She blushed instantly and wrapped an arm around Ye Futian, making him gasp.

“I dare you,” Hua Jieyu said, smiling as she looked up.

“I’ll do it. I’m not scared of my wife,” Ye Futian huffed. It was time to show his status in the family.

“Really?” Hua Jieyu grinned at him.

Ye Futian was frustrated. What kind of look was that?

Everyone in the city was walking towards the battlefield. Many recognized Hua Jieyu and Ye Futian. Yesterday, they’d both entered the final list. Because they were so attractive, it was hard not to notice them.

“Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu seem to be really close to each other.”

“I heard that they met long ago. Of course, they’re close, but it’s quite a pity.”

“How is it a pity? They’re both so talented. Ye Futian may have a lower plane, but he’s extraordinarily talented too.”

“Yes, but he’s still far from the Divine Spiritual Sorcerer. Furthermore, if one wants to compare family backgrounds, how can he be compared to Zhuge Xing? With Hua Jieyu’s looks and talent, Zhuge Xing, Bai Ze, and Huang Jiuge are those that suit her.”

“Shh” someone said.

“What are you scared of? The city doesn’t allow fighting. Plus, aren’t I speaking the truth?” the person said, smiling. He didn’t hide his voice.

Many people glanced at Ye Futian, only to see Hua Jieyu grab his hand and smile brilliantly. She looked around and then grinned at Ye Futian. “Did you hear?”

“Yes.” Ye Futian nodded. He looked as if he didn’t care. “See, they all think I’m pretty talented. I’m still not at your level, but I’ll work hard. You can’t abandon me in the future.”

Hua Jieyu smiled like hundreds of flowers blooming. The people around them all froze. Some even stopped walking and gaped at the enchanting girl.

Ye Futian froze too. Then he smiled gently, feeling warm inside. This fox was quite sensitive.

“Silly girl, what are you thinking about?” Ye Futian patted Hua Jieyu’s head and she glared at him with mock anger. They continued forward, leaving the crowd in the wind.