The Legend Of Futian Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Breaking The Speed Limit

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As the elder on the sky stairwell finished speaking, another figure moved rapidly out of the battlefield. The crowd saw him step out, but nobody was in a hurry to step out as well. The person who had stepped out was an elite genius from the Nether Road named Han Xiang.

In this round, one could step out and select their own opponent, so it was also a test of one’s mental fortitude. Han Xiang was a grade nine noble, which was considered very low on the battlefield. He was at a huge disadvantage. Therefore, he had to grab the initiative without hesitation, otherwise, he would be in danger when others targeted him.

He had thought that even if there was someone who had the same thoughts as him, it would not be those elite cultivators. As expected, he was fast enough to be the first to walk out and grab the chance.

Han Xiang looked towards the crowd at the edge of the battlefield. The majority of them were grade eight and seven nobles. There were not many who were at the same level as him and only two who were of an even lower cultivation level than him. As such, his gaze landed on Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

Ye Futian had previously disabled the Sword Saint Villa’s Yan Nan and was a dangerous figure. Although Yu Sheng had also defeated his opponent to reach here, in comparison, he was less outstanding than Ye Futian. Thus, Han Xiang’s gaze landed on Yu Sheng and he said, “I challenge him.”

His thoughts were to first win one match, that way, he would have one more match to perform. Even if he were to be defeated later on, the chances of being chosen would be higher. That was why he challenged Yu Sheng, to ensure that his chances of winning.

Ye Futian saw Han Xiang look towards him, but select Yu Sheng. He understood the other party’s thinking, that person appeared to be a grade nine noble with decent battle ability. However, his choice of challenger was

He looked at Han Xiang sympathetically. With Yu Sheng’s battling style, Han Xiang probably had no chance left and would have to say goodbye to the Holy Zhi Palace. If he had selected someone else, even if he was defeated, he would at least still have a chance.

Yu Sheng stepped forward and looked at Han Xiang calmly.

“I am Han Xiang, I look forward to seeing your abilities.”

“Yu Sheng.”

The two of them introduced themselves and a horrifying metal storm started to pick up around Han Xiang. The storm was extremely sharp and looked like it could tear apart everything. Moreover, it started to spread from his body and was extremely fearsome.

Yu Sheng’s palm stretched out, his demon Qi rampaging. A dark golden Heavenly Halberd appeared in his hand.

In the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, Elder Ning’s gaze landed on Yu Sheng. He was indeed a demonic cultivator. He had heard that Yu Sheng could even demonize, so Ning Huang had died in his hands.

“Han Xiang is probably in trouble.” Even though the people from the other Holy Roads were unclear, the people from the Dawn Road knew what kind of person Yu Sheng was. The image where Yu Sheng had stood in front of Jinxiao City and declared that he was the killer was clear in their minds.

For Han Xiang to challenge Yu Sheng, it was his misfortune.

A dark golden demonic armor covered Yu Sheng’s body. The cold aura gave Han Xiang a feeling of danger as demon wings sprouted from Yu Sheng’s back and Yu Sheng stepped off the ground, his body flying into the air. He looked down from the air, his dark golden eyes looking down upon Han Xiang, looking disdainfully at everything.

When Han Xiang saw his eyes, he had a thought. Could it be that he had selected the wrong opponent?

Bam. Behind Yu Sheng, his demon wings flapped and he rushed downwards, Heavenly Halberd in hand. Han Xiang did not have too much time to think, and the metal storm that had gathered around his body transformed into razor-sharp debris, raging towards Yu Sheng’s direction. This was a large area-of-effect spell that covered a huge area, leaving no room to escape. Every golden ray in the horrifying metal storm was as sharp as a blade, making jarring sounds as the wind cut through the air.

The horrifying storm tore its way straight onto Yu Sheng’s body, but when it came into contact with Yu Sheng’s armor, it made a piercing sound, like blades scraping against each other. However, it was unable to pierce through, unable to break through the defense of the dark golden armor.

Han Xiang’s expression paled. His assault was razor-sharp, but it was unable to even break through the other party’s armor.

At that moment, a demonic figure appeared in front of his eyes and an imposing might crashed down upon him, instilling fear in him and influencing him to kneel down and surrender.

The metal storm gathered in front of Han Xiang, turning into a giant golden figure. Taking the form of his Life Spirit, it held an extremely sharp golden spear in its hand and pierced towards the air, tearing through everything.

The Heavenly Halberd in Yu Sheng’s hands also pierced forward and an unparalleled killing power descended. It was the God Suppressing Strike.

Bang With a huge impact, the spear fell to pieces and the golden figure was crushed to pieces. The Heavenly Halberd dominated everything and landed on Han Xiang. Han Xiang’s body instantly flew backward and he tumbled onto the edge of the battlefield, coughing up blood. His complexion was pale and his hand was in front of his chest, he could feel that his bones were already broken. This was only because Yu Sheng did not use all his strength, or he would already be dead.

Yu Sheng stood on the battle platform like a battle god, giving the crowd a sense of peerlessness even though the Heavenly Halberd in his hands had already disappeared.

Turning around, Yu Sheng walked back to his position. Han Xiang was still lying there and he looked in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace. Nobody spoke. He was defeated by the Arcana Plane Yu Sheng in one strike, how could he be fancied by the influential figures?

He struggled to get up and left the battlefield dejectedly.

Many people from the Nether Road looked at him leaving and felt sorrowful. He previously had a chance to enter the Thousand Holy Island, but he had rejected it. Han Xiang was by no means weak and possessed extremely strong battle ability, but he had been defeated in one strike in this battle. It could only mean that his opponent was too strong. Being able to reach here as an Arcana Plane meant that they were definitely extraordinary.

Now, on this battlefield, there were no weaklings left.

“Next,” the expert on the sky stairwell said.

Another figure stepped out in a flash, and the crowd was stunned to see the person. It was Zhuge Ling, an expert from the Zhuge Clan. Now, the Zhuge Clan was left with only two people, the strongest Zhuge Xing and the grade eight noble Zhuge Ling.

Although Zhuge Ling was not as strong as Zhuge Xing, he was also extremely horrifying. He had already practiced his Thousand Thundering Illusions to an extremely high level. Moreover, he specialized in speed.

Even a person like Zhuge Ling did not dare to wait until the late stage to battle. In the battlefield, there were many others who were stronger than him, so he also needed to take the initiative and challenge someone weaker than him.

As his gaze shifted, Zhuge Ling looked in a certain direction. Many people’s expressions changed, would it be him again?

Previously, Zhuge Ping had already been defeated by him. Was Zhuge Ling going to try now? However, Ye Futian had previously defeated Yan Nan, a grade eight noble. He was probably not going to be that easy to eliminate.

“You.” Zhuge Ling’s gaze landed on Ye Futian. As the crowd had expected, he was challenging Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was slightly depressed. Now that everyone on the battlefield was strong, he and Yu Sheng had been treated like pushovers. After all, their cultivation levels were lower. Grimacing and shaking his head, Ye Futian walked out onto the battle platform and looked at Zhuge Ling. Previously, Zhuge Ping had already lost the chance to be invited by the Thousand Holy Island and now Zhuge Ling was challenging him. Why did they do this to themselves?

The Zhuge Clan was his second sister’s clan. If they did not target him, he would not actively deal with them. However, they all seemed to dislike him, with Zhuge Xing at the forefront of it all.

“You go first,” Zhuge Ling said. His aura was more steady than Zhuge Ping and Yan Nan’s, and he was older than the two. So even though his cultivation level was the same as Yan Nan’s, his cultivation level was more firm.

Yan Nan was previously struck by Ye Futian’s thunderbolt spell and restrained by his wood element spell. Zhuge Ling is different, he excels in the Thousand Thundering Illusions and can cast the thunderbolt spell at the same time. His speed is also very fast, unlike Zhuge Ping who was unable to catch up to Ye Futian. Zhuge Ling’s choice of Ye Futian as his opponent is indeed apt, as his abilities can counter Ye Futian’s. This was the thought of many people as they watched.

In this battle, Zhuge Ling’s chances to win were higher. Although Ye Futian’s battle abilities were exceptional, his cultivation level was lower, so he would be eliminated sooner or later.

To many people, even if Ye Futian could win, he would win one more match at best. After this round, there would be only the top eighty remaining. By then, there would be no place for Ye Futian. Of course, the precursor would be that Ye Futian could first defeat Zhuge Ling.

“Why do you do this to yourself?” Ye Futian looked at Zhuge Ling and said. As his voice landed, a pair of brilliant golden wings appeared on his back. The Roc wings were dazzling and the power of wind enveloped his body. In an instant, a roaring typhoon appeared around Ye Futian’s body.

Bam. Kicking off the ground, his Thundering Illusion Step bloomed and all the crowd could see was an after-image of Ye Futian. He was quick to a horrifying degree.

So fast. Zhuge Ling’s expression changed and his body also left after-images as he moved in flashes of lightning in various directions. However, he realized that Ye Futian was flying towards his true body with a flap of his wings. Zhuge Ling’s expression became grim and thought, looks like his victory against Zhuge Ping was not coincidental.

“Die,” Zhuge Ling yelled as his images struck out towards Ye Futian. One of his images held a thunderbolt spear and pierced forward, the thunder tearing through the air towards Ye Futian’s body. However, he saw Ye Futian’s body move like a phantom, dodging the spear in a beautiful arc.

“Too fast. How can he be this fast,” the crowd looked at Ye Futian’s figure and said.

Numerous phantoms assaulted Ye Futian yet again, but they saw the dazzling golden figure moving with the wind, changing directions rapidly and moving forward. In the battlefield, they could only see his phantoms but not his true self, like a Roc speeding up to its limit.

“What is that movement? It looks like a Roc.”

“It’s a combination of a movement technique and a spell,” someone said in amazement. It was too dazzling.

Zhuge Ling’s expression became solemn. He stepped backward and started to cast an alarming thunderbolt spell. He pointed forward with all five fingers and numerous splendid rays shot forth. However, as the rays shot forth, he saw the Roc’s shadow fly past a ray and the next thing Zhuge Ling felt was a sense of absolute danger.

“Over there.” Many people were stunned as another phantom manifested itself behind Zhuge Ling in the air above his head.

Many people’s hearts were beating out of their chests. How could he be this fast? His speed was even faster than lightning!