The Legend Of Futian Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Please, Bring It on

The boy was not talking loudly, but his voice was still rather firm. Suddenly, the banquet was silenced.

"Ye Futian, disciple of the Qin Devil, hereby delivers happy birthday to Lord Luo with White Feather Garments, on behalf of my master."

People were surprised that this young musician was the disciple of the Qin Devil. The White Feather Garments had totally taken over their mind, which indicated that there was strong mental power contained in that music spell.

The power was especially demonstrated by the young men and women who started dancing along. If not for the interruption from the Art Saint, they would still be possessed by the mental power in that song.

Yun Rou now looked at Ye Futian with absolute surprise. This seemingly careless boy was actually quite powerful. The song he just played, the Melody of White Feather Garments, was one of the most renowned royal waltzes. It was said that if this song was played by a powerful sorcerer that specialized in music spells, people listening to it would soon be trapped into a world of illusion.

Lin Xiyue and Xiao He were also looking at him. They felt shocked that this "ordinary" young musician was in fact the disciple of the famous Qin Devil.

So, was he a musical sorcerer?

"Ye Futian, where did I hear this name before" Some students of Donghai Academy were mumbling, because this name rang a bell for them. Soon, they realized who he was, and wondered if this boy was the same person who recently became famous in Donghai Academy.

Art Saint and Lord Luo were both staring at Ye Futian, feeling confused. They never anticipated that the disciple of the Qin Devil would show up in this banquet as the musician. If Nandou Wenshan had not mentioned the Qin Devil, or people had not satirized him, this boy would still be playing peacefully.

Nandou Wenshan heard from Nandou Ku that the Qin Devil had high expectations for this disciple. He realized the reason. According to the vibe of this boy, he was almost the younger version of Qin Devil.

Now, silence haunted the place. It was just too dramatic for the disciple of the Qin Devil to show up in this situation.

Xia Fan was sneering at Ye Futian. He did not believe that Ye Futian actually dared to announce his identity under these circumstances.

Meanwhile, Ye Futian stood up, and bowed slightly to the person running the School of Emperor Star in Donghai Academy. "Greetings, Professor, from Ye Futian, the School of Finance Star."

"You are a student of that school?" The supervisor was surprised about the fact that the disciple of the Qin Devil was currently studying at the School of Finance Star. Obviously, he did not pay much attention to this boy, who had recently become rather famous in Donghai Academy.

"I was admitted recently." Ye Futian took out the name tag from his pocket. The supervisor from the School of Emperor Star nodded slightly, without saying anything.

At that moment, Xia Fan's face turned very pale. He could not believe that Ye Futian had been admitted to Donghai Academy.

With his identity as a Donghai Academy student, and that this was a public birthday banquet, it would be difficult to do anything to him. Even though the supervisor from the School of Emperor Star seemed not to like Ye Futian, as long as he was a student in Donghai Academy, people could hardly be harsh to him.

Lin Xiyue was looking at Ye Futian, totally distracted. She remembered that Ye Futian used to tell her that he was studying at Donghai Academy. At that time, she believed that he was bragging, but it seemed that he was actually telling the truth.

In fact, she should not be blamed. She met Ye Futian on a ship to this city, and at that time, the Spring Term Entry Test had ended. That was why she and Xiao He both believed Ye Futian was bragging.

So, there remained only one possibility for Ye Futian to enter Donghai AcademyYe Futian was well appreciated by someone running the School of Finance Star, so a rare exception was made for him. She totally realized what it meant. Ye Futian was possibly much more talented than other students in Donghai Academy.

Other people were also confused about this admission. Donghai Academy was the best school in this province, and Ye Futian was given an exception soon after he arrived. Zhou Mu, the disciple of Art Saint, was well-known for his extraordinary talents. However, now, the disciple of the Qin Devil stepped out, and shocked the whole audience with White Feather Garments, which indicated that he was also unusual. Things were getting interesting.

"That's a good song. How's your master doing?" Lord Luo asked him, his voice monotone. Ye Futian played that song as a birthday gift, so he must not lose his politeness in this situation.

"My professor was set up by a villain, and has been crippled for a while. Now he is peacefully living in his own garden, unbothered by the mess happening outside." Ye Futian sounded peaceful. However, Xia Fan felt mad. He had just been referred to as a "villain".

People looked at him. This youth said only what was necessary. He told them that Qin Devil was now living on his own, crippled, and did not care about that what was going on outside. This speech successfully prevented further trouble for his professor.

"Today, I was going to play the song peacefully to entertain the guests here, and did not intend to interrupt the fun going on. However, so many people started to insult Mr. Hua Fengliu." He glanced at the audience and kept talking, "I am not a great student, but still, I have dignity, so does my professor. I cannot act like nothing is going on when people are insulting my professor. I know there are a lot of talented young men in this place who have some negative impressions of him. I will accept any challenge if you believe I am not being appropriate."

He paused for a second, then stared at those who insulted Hua Fengliu. "Please, bring it on."

He was only 16-years-old, and now there were so many big chiefs of this city sitting in the room. However, the way he talked was neither humble nor pushy. Every word from his mouth was firm and solid.

The talented young men were showing off their achievements and complimenting each other. However, suddenly, someone who had been silent announced that he would challenge any one of them. How dramatic was this?

The Qin Devil definitely deserved a disciple with such guts.

People did not know what to say. The girls who used to talk with him felt that, in the past, they did not know him at all. The true self he hid was so different.

Those who insulted the Qin Devil now looked embarrassed. This boy was acting polite, yet had a firm will. They were totally overshadowed by his personality, not to mention being challenged.

"What plane are you on, boy?" Lord Luo asked to err on the side of caution. If he was too powerful, it would be better for the people challenged to just ignore him rather than having their *ss kicked.

"Three-star Glory Plane it is," Ye Futian replied peacefully. Lord Luo did not say anything, but started looking at the young men in this room. Three-star Glory Plane was impressive for a boy his age, but not too rare for other young men attending the banquet.

"I accept your challenge." Someone stood up from his seat. It was the swordsman who responded. He was in the same plane as Ye Futian, a Three-star Glory Plane Swordsman.

"Okay, just show us your best. You don't have to worry about damaging this place at all," Lord Luo told them. There were so many powerful people in this place that the audience would be well protected from the fight.

"Understood." The swordsman unsheathed his weapon, and stepped toward Ye Futian.

Ye Futian went back to his guqin, and slowly sat down. The girls already evacuated the place for him.

Since someone was insulting the Qin Devil, he should absolutely defeat those people with the techniques he inherited from Hua Fengliu, which were the music spells.

He started playing, and suddenly the room was full of a feeling of desolation. Some of the people soon felt as if they were brought to a state of illusion, where they were left alone in a deep woods in a mountain.

"That is a music spell." Some powerful people soon recognized what it was. The Rainbow and Feather Garments he played were not injected with much mental power, so the effect was not truly strong. But since Ye Futian was being serious this time, the song was played with immense power of mental control.

The swordsman also initiated his attack. He charged as fast as thunder toward Ye Futian. However, there was a continuous sound. It pierced through his eardrum with a magical power, and he was also drawn into the illusion. Now, he saw himself charging toward Ye Futian, but in the background was a cliff.

He realized he had been mentally attacked. He soon ignited his blade with the fire-element power he possessed. He jumped off into the air and came down with authority. His hands were holding the sword firmly, and the blade was pointed exactly at Ye Futian's forehead.

Ye Futian suddenly sped up his fingers. His fingers were now insanely fast, and there was a dragon vaguely roaring in the song. Soon, he swung his hand towards his opponent, and the swordsman saw a dragon flying right at him. The dragon was not hurt by the blade at all, and totally engulfed his body in a second.

In reality, people saw the swordsman suddenly stop his attack. He looked painful and desperate, and soon after, he fell onto the ground, severely injured.

Ye Futian finished the last note of his song, and said peacefully, "You all insult my professor but can only train disciples at this level?"