The Legend Of Futian Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Im a Mage, But Also a Warrior

As soon as Ye Futian stopped talking, the people in the banquet room stopped smiling. Moments before, Zhou Mu, the disciple of the Art Saint, had accepted the Ye Futian challenge and even broke his guqin. People were about to latch on this chance and chastise Ye Futian in order to retrieve their dignity. However, even before they began, Ye Futian shocked them again with his overbearing statement.

Musical sorcery was his worst talent?

They had seen many people who were reluctant to admit defeat, but they now considered Ye Futian even worse, almost shameless.

Ye Futian defeated two young geniuses with music spells, and successfully intimidated a lot of others. However, now he claimed that musical sorcery was his weakest skill. He was intentionally humiliating the young men at the banquet, suggesting that they were too lame to even compete with his worst skill. It almost seemed that he forgot the fact that his guqin had been broken within a second.

The big chiefs in the room did not believe him either. He acted like his defeat had not happened.

This was intolerable.

"Your instrument has been broken. How dare you keep talking like this! Show me what you got without your guqin, now." Xu Qing was still mad that he did not get to beat up Ye Futian. He was a Four-star Glory Plane mage with double-element talent, but he did not even get the chance to fight. This was something he felt very angry about.

"You are not good enough for me," Ye Futian said peacefully while walking toward Zhou Mu. Xu Qing ignored his rejection. He stood up from his seat, and the Spirit and Qi around his body started to gather in a frenzy.

Ye Futian stopped walking, and gave Xu Qing a glance. He noticed that thunder bolts clashed around Xu Qing, and rage was burning in his eyes. Xu Qing believed his previous defeat only happened because his spell channeling had been interfered with by the music spell. Otherwise, Ye Futian would have been doomed.

"Thunder spell, the Thunder Vortex." All the thunderbolts converged over his body, and Xu Qing almost looked like Thor's incarnate. Piercing lights were centered in his palm, and its power would be tremendous.

However, Ye Futian started smiling. He also reached out his hands, and suddenly, there were also thunderbolts converging into his palm. Soon, there was a whirl of thunder that formed a sphere in his right hand.

"I can do that too." Ye Futian sounded peaceful. People were so shocked that two boys were channeling the same spell. Even though Ye Futian was in the lower plane, the thunder bolts in his palm were actually more converged than those Xu Qing's palm. It actually indicated that Ye Futian possessed a higher level of control over this spell than Xu Qing did.

Xu Qing was extremely embarrassed. It was considered an utter humiliation to counter the attack of one's opponent with the same spell.

"Charge!" Ye Qing cast his vortex toward Ye Futian. The thunderbolts were so fast that they would pierce through Ye Futian's body in a second. Xu Qing did not stop there. He started converging the fire element to initiate the following spell. As a double-element mage, he was good at spell combos.

However, Ye Futian easily dodged the thunder vortex. He started charging toward Xu Qing, carrying his own thunder vortex in his palm. This spell was supposed to be a ranged attack, but Ye Futian transformed it into melee range. Ye Futian almost teleported across the space between them, and he appeared right in front of Xu Qing without leaving him any time to react. Xu Qing's body was frozen.

Ye Futian was looking at Xu Qing directly in the eye. His palm was so close to his body that Xu Qing was just several centimeters away from death. He realized that Ye Futian was showering him with mercy.

"Are we done?" Ye Futian dispelled his attack, then turned around and kept walking to Zhou Mu, leaving Xu Qing behind him, dumbfounded. He walked and talked in such a peaceful manner that people even somehow started to respect him.

He defeated Xu Qing, a powerful mage, with the exact same spell. How incredible was that? Was it true that musical sorcery was his weakest ability? As a disciple of the Qin Devil, was he still hiding more unknown power from everybody?

Ye Futian stopped in front of Zhou Mu. He laughed and challenged Zhou Mu, "Ye Futian, Three-star Glory Plane. Please show me your ways."

People knew he was doing this intentionally. They already knew his plane. He made this introduction only to agitate Zhou Mu.

Zhou Mu ignored this provocation. The Spirit and Qi started converging in his body. He drew something in the air with his hand, and people noticed it was a sharp sword. The sword was made of gold-element Qi in the universe.

"Zhou Mu is serious." The audience was curious about how Ye Futian would finally be defeated by a real genius.

Zhou Mu suddenly launched his attack. The sword aimed right at Ye Futian's throat, and it was flying really fast. Ye Futian also made a quick reaction. He leaned to his left, and the sword missed him by such a narrow margin that it actually cut off several of his hairs.

"What?" Ye Futian sensed danger coming from behind. After missing the first strike, the sword turned around and flew back at him. However, meanwhile, another sword was approaching from the opposite direction. With a single stroke, swords were created endlessly.

"Controlling the swords with mental power?" Ye Futian was shocked at this ability. Invoker and musical sorcerer had the similar abilities in mental control.

Ye Futian summoned a terrifying gold-element storm around his body to protect himself. The barrier was a dark gold, almost like a solid armor. When the swords connected with the barrier, rather than breaking through, they were absorbed by the armor.

Since Zhou Mu was summoning hundreds of swords, each individual sword did not contain power strong enough to break through the barrier. But the quantity was just so immense. The swords Zhou Mu summoned were arranged into rows. Hundreds of swords hung all around the barrier Ye Futian summoned, not attacking. Zhou Mu was obviously looking for a weak spot to concentrate his attack. Meanwhile, he kept summoning more and more swords into the fight.

Ye Futian believed he must act now to grab the upperhand. He suddenly came out of the barrier and appeared before Zhou Mu with wind-element power. He realized that as the disciple of the Art Saint, Zhou Mu was a perfect invoker. However, he seemed to be really weak at martial arts. Melee ranged attack might provide a good opportunity for Ye Futian.

Countless swords suddenly started moving and chasing after him again. Several of them were deployed around Zhou Mu's body as defense mechanism. They were forming an array to intercept Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian slid through the defense, and kept approaching Zhou Mu.

Zhou Mu also knew melee range was his weak spot. He initiated a wind-element spell to drive his body away from Ye Futian. The array of swords moved with him. As Ye Futian approached, the swords kept attacking him continuously. Zhou Mu was trying to block every possible route for Ye Futian.

Ye Futian finally became impatient. He stopped dodging, and formed the golden armor around his body again. With the swords continuously crushing the armor, cracks started to show, and the armor finally shattered into pieces. However, a pair of wings appeared on his back. The golden wings covered his body from the swords, and he almost reached the melee range of Zhou Mu.

Meanwhile, Zhou Mu had also finished his final summoning. He summoned a Demon Lion with wings on its back. In fact, people had never seen a Demon Lion like this. This monster was only made real because Zhou Mu was such a powerful invoker that he was able to inject his creation into form without being limited by reality.

The Demon Lion pounced on Ye Futian. People were shocked at how Zhou Mu kept summoning different forms of monsters by drawing. His incomparable mental power made it possible for a sorcerer to block a warrior outside his melee range.

When the Demon Lion almost reached his body, Ye Futian finally released his natal spiritthe Devine Roc. He decided not to hide this ability anymore because he had already released the roc in Donghai Academy.

"A Mandate Sorcerer." People were surprised and awed.

The Devine Roc was made of wind and gold element powers. However, Ye Futian was also a musical sorcerer. People were curious where that power of mental control came from. It obviously did not belong to the Devine Roc.

A gold and gray storm consisting of both gold and wind elements converged around his body. Soon, he jumped into the air, and the speed he showed obviously came from the wind-element spell.

Ye Futian became the incarnate of Devine Roc himself. The Devine Roc crashed with the Demon Lion in the air, and it generated a strong shock wave, knocking over many desks.

While people opened their eyes again after the shock wave, they noticed that the Demon Lion failed. The momentum of Devine Rock tore the lion into pieces of Spirit and Qi, which soon disappeared in the space.

The audience lost any previous estimation of how powerful Ye Futian was supposed to be. He was a musical sorcerer, a multi-element, a Mandate Sorcerer, and a warrior. He even had such a powerful natal spirit. It seemed as if he had no weak spots at all. No wonder he said musical sorcery was his weak link.

He had not been lying.

Lin Xiyue was astonished. She never imagined that the pretty boy she met would soon unveil his disguise and show how powerful he was.

Nandou Wenshan felt a little bit frustrated. Now it was apparent that the disciple of the Qin Devil was more talented than the disciple of the Art Saint. The only reason Zhou Mu did not lose the fight in an embarrassing way was because he was still in the higher plane.

"That's all you got? You are in the higher plane than I am." Ye Futian laughed at Zhou Mu. Zhou Mu was seriously pissed off, and decided to release his own natal spirit. The natal spirit was a shadow with the eyes of Satan. Evil mental power was permeating around Zhou Mu.

Ye Futian recognized this natal spirit. It was a mind controlling natal spirit, and Ye Futian believed there was quite a lot of similarities between this one and the Eyes of Storm he possessed.

Ye Futian was about to turn to the audience and announce that the fight was over. However, he suddenly perceived Zhou Mu's natal spirit. But it was too late. The mental power pierced into his mind, and somehow started warning him.