The Legend Of Futian Chapter 580

Chapter 580 The Battle Of The Elites

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Ye Futian stared at Huang Jiuge with caution in his eyes. Since the Sovereign Family dared to call themselves the descendants of Renhuang, they were naturally an extraordinary clan. Just look at the techniques Huang Jiuge cultivated in, they were of superior quality.

Yi Xiaoshi and Yuan Zhan had both been defeated by Huang Jiuge.

The sun and moon starlight continued to shine and there were flame and frost wills oozing from the sun and moon, flying towards Huang Jiuge. The two forces engulfed him but Huang Jiuge did not move. He stood there quietly, releasing his martial arts will. A wave of Sovereign Spiritual Qi enveloped his body, allowing the flame and frost to invade.

He had three Life Spirits and was a rare Mandate Sorcerer. On top of that, he was gifted in Spiritual Energy control, but he did not cultivate mainly in spells, but the martial arts. The secret methods that had been passed down in the Sovereign Family were mostly in the martial arts.

The crowd saw a brilliant ray of light as behind Huang Jiuge, his Renhuang Bow Life Spirit appeared. He was very clear of Ye Futian’s battle style. He excelled in multiple abilities and among those, speed was one of Ye Futian’s fortes. If Ye Futian combined speed with his spells, he would be in a very passive situation. That was why he had to destroy that notion for Ye Futian.

When he put an arrow on the bow, Ye Futian could distinctly feel that he had already been locked on by an invisible Spiritual Will. The bow in Huang Jiuge’s hands let out a blinding glow and the arrow emitted a sharp aura.

As Huang Jiuge let go of the bowstring, a ray of light flew across the air, causing a trail to appear as a piercing explosion sounded. In the next moment, the arrow landed in front of Ye Futian with a killing aura and struck Ye Futian’s undying constellation. With a crisp thud, cracks appeared in the constellation. Although it did not break through Ye Futian’s defenses, the horrifying strength still stunned Ye Futian.

Huang Jiuge pulled the bow open again and this time, nine arrows shot through the air at the same time and many people were blinded momentarily by the arrows. The glaring light pierced through the air and flew towards Ye Futian yet again.

Around Ye Futian, the starry storm continued to brew. When the arrows landed, the storm crumbled to dust and turned into a tremendous vortex. His golden Roc wings spread open and Ye Futian retreated. As the thud sounds continued, more cracks appeared in the constellation and it eventually broke. The force in the arrows continued to fire towards him and Ye Futian slammed his fist forward vigorously. However, the golden palm was pierced by the arrows, but the arrows had been weakened to the point that they could not hurt him.

What strong arrows, Ye Futian thought. He had already retreated to the edge of the battlefield. If Huang Jiuge’s opponent had been some other average cultivator at the same cultivation level as him, he would probably have already been defeated in the air the moment the Renhuang Bow had been fired.

At that moment, Huang Jiuge pulled his bow open once again. This time, twelve arrows filled with destructive force locked onto Ye Futian.

Huang Jiuge’s body was also like his bow and the air was rampaging as the twelve arrows flew like meteors towards the starry dimension where Ye Futian was.

Around Ye Futian, a starry storm picked up and rustling sounds sounded from his body. His body resonated with the heavens and a huge amount of Spiritual Qi turned into a starry vortex. The arriving arrows pierced through the vortex, tearing it to shreds. The starry meteorites in front of Ye Futian were rapidly destroyed but were unable to prevent the arrows’ offense. At that moment, Ye Futian moved like a divine bird, soaring across the air, weaving through the arrow rain and approaching Huang Jiuge.

Although he specialized in spells, if the battle continued the same way, he would be the one being trapped. The speed of the arrows was too fast. It was as though they could warp across the distance between them.

Ye Futian waved his arm and spell scrolls appeared in the air. A numerous amount of Spiritual Qi gathered and Spiritual Qi flowed rapidly from within his body into the spell scrolls, causing an alarming aura to seep from the spell scrolls, thunder firing from them.

“The Punishment of the Thunder God.” Ye Futian waved his arm forward and the numerous spell scrolls flew towards Huang Jiuge. In an instant, the skies filled with purple lightning, attempting to drown out the entire area, all flying towards Huang Jiuge.

The Renhuang Bow Life Spirit vanished, replaced by the Renhuang Body. Immediately, Huang Jiuge’s aura became extremely scary, as though the Renhuang had descended into the world. An astonishing martial arts will erupted from his body, causing an illusion to appear in the skies. The Sovereign Spiritual Qi turned into an army with majestic figures on battle chariots, rushing towards Ye Futian. The area had turned into an actual battlefield.

Animation of martial arts Will, this is the martial arts truth. What an overbearing technique, thought the crowd as they stared at the scene in front of Huang Jiuge, overwhelmed by it. The majestic figures held spears in their hand as they broke through everything, unfazed by death as they split the thunderbolts apart. Although they were continuously destroyed, they manage to block the wave of thunderbolts.

Ye Futian continued to shine with the Spiritual Qi’s glow and the rustling sounds continued in his Life Palace, the World Tree shaking endlessly and the Spiritual Qi circulating rapidly. Around Ye Futian’s body, countless golden vines appeared, covering the skies, then they flew like blades, tearing through the air towards Huang Jiuge, who was standing below.

The Renhuang Sword descended and Huang Jiuge held his Life Spirit, the Renhuang Sword in his hands. The Renhuang Body released a Sovereign aura and Huang Jiuge’s body appeared to become extremely majestic. The Renhuang Sword in his hand struck out and flew in a straight arc into the air, causing a terrifying storm to appear, cutting all the vines to pieces.

Huang Jiuge stepped forward, moving together with the Renhuang Sword. The Sovereign aura circulated around his body, as though the Renhuang had descended into the world. He looked into the air and swung the Renhuang Sword yet again. Immediately, the giant sword tore through everything and aimed towards Ye Futian in its brilliance.

Seeing Huang Jiuge approaching, the giant Roc wings flapped and Ye Futian flew towards the clouds. The crowd raised their heads and saw Ye Futian flying in a graceful arc. He stretched out his arm in the air and Spiritual Qi started to flock around him, a starry polearm forming in his hand. Following that, the divine Roc dived downwards. In the starry dimension, an immense force crushed downwards and landed on the Renhuang Sword and Huang Jiuge.

A horrifying rod shadow appeared in the air and with a huge crash, the Renhuang Sword was knocked backward and Huang Jiuge grabbed it with both hands, but his body continued to fall backward uncontrollably.

What a strong attack. Huang Jiuge’s expression was sharp. Ye Futian’s attack was extremely similar to Yuan Zhan’s and appeared to be the same rod technique. The technique was more compatible with Yuan Zhan, but had stronger force when used by Ye Futian. Evidently, Ye Futian had a greater understanding of the technique.

Raising his head, the winds billowed in the skies and the figure descended once again. Without much time to think, an even stronger aura burst forth from Huang Jiuge, the Renhuang Sword howling as it pointed into the air. The martial arts illusion appeared yet again. Figures on battle chariots in an ancient battlefield gave people the feeling that the person wielding the Renhuang Sword had a huge army at his disposal, attacking where the sword pointed at.

A terrifying aura swept the air and clashed with Ye Futian’s Nine Heavenly Attacks. An even scarier crash sounded out and it was like an explosion in the air. The battle chariots were smashed and the lances were broken. The Renhuang Sword was jolted back yet again while Ye Futian flew up into the air again, preparing his next attack.

How strong. The entire battlefield was shaking and countless people thought that as they watched the two of them battle. Was this a clash between the strongest martial arts techniques?

In the skies, Ye Futian wielded his polearm and countless Spiritual Qi gathered around his body, empowering his technique.

Seeing the scene, Huang Jiuge frowned and took out his Renhuang Bow again. 12 arrows fired into the air, trying to stop Ye Futian from gathering more power. He could naturally feel that Ye Futian was getting stronger as the fight progressed by his increasing aura.

The starry storm spell surrounding his body, Ye Futian’s body dived down from the skies. When the starry storm was torn apart by the arrows, the polearm shadows around him swept the arrows away. The third strike of the Nine Heavenly Attacks struck out and after this strike, even Huang Jiuge was knocked to the ground. As he landed on the battlefield, the ground trembled.

Ye Futian continued with his fourth strike and the polearm shadow descended from the heavens directly onto the figure on the ground.

When Huang Jiuge saw the oncoming attack, he pierced his Renhuang Sword into the ground and a frantic wave swept past. Behind him, his Renhuang Body appeared to be transforming and assimilated into his body. A destructive storm rushed forward and countless imposing figures appeared around him, raising their heads towards the air. The surrounding area had a terrifying veil, like a summoning circle. When the polearm shadow landed on the veil, it shattered the veil, causing the imposing figures and battle chariots to all explode into dust and fade away. However, the strike had been blocked and Ye Futian felt a sense of danger, like there was a divine strength being awakened.

“Being able to force me to this point, Ye Futian, you are really strong,” Huang Jiuge said. On his body, countless rays of light circulated around him, as though the Sovereign Spiritual Qi was flowing towards the Renhuang Body and Renhuang Sword.

The sword howled in the ground and the Renhuang Body was growing. Next, an unparalleled figure appeared as though it had been summoned by the Renhuang.

The Renhuang Sword similarly grew in size and the summoned figure grabbed the Renhuang Sword with both hands and an alarming storm formed, threatening to tear everything apart.

Ye Futian did not hesitate and struck out with the fifth strike of the Nine Heavenly Attacks. With the force that could split the heavens, the strike landed and polearm shadows covered the entire battlefield. However, at that moment, the summoned Renhuang Body figure pulled the sword from the ground and swung it into the air. A formidable beam appeared and the polearm shadows vanished. The overbearing power split even the air and Ye Futian’s body was sent flying, his body shivering.

Huang Jiuge stood below, raising his head and bathing in the Renhuang’s glow. He appeared to have merged with the Renhuang Body figure and held the Renhuang Sword, as though the Renhuang had reincarnated, giving others a sacred feeling.

Many people saw the illusion and some even believed that the Sovereign Family was really the descendants of the Renhuang.

“You can give up now.” Huang Jiuge raised his head and looked into the air. As a grade nine noble, for Ye Futian to be able to battle with him to this extent was something to be proud of. However, as the descendant of the Sovereign Family, he had to obtain first in this time’s Holy Zhi Palace admission to prove himself to the world. This was also the first time he had made an appearance in the Barren State. He would create a legacy for the Sovereign Family from today onwards.

“Many people compare you with Bai Ze, but he’s not even worthy to battle with you,” in the air, Ye Futian replied. At the edge of the battlefield, Bai Ze looked extremely grim, but the crowd agreed with Ye Futian’s words.

Ye Futian had battled with the two of them, so he was naturally the most qualified to give his opinion. Moreover, Huang Jiuge’s strength was indeed ridiculously strong, especially the Huang Jiuge now, who was literally invincible.

If it had turned out as they expected and Huang Jiuge battled with Bai Ze, Bai Ze would most definitely be crushed. However, Ye Futian’s existence allowed them to witness Huang Jiuge’s true strength and bear witness to a worthy final battle. Even if Ye Futian were to be defeated, he could still be proud of it.

Huang Jiuge looked into the air, but saw that at that moment, Ye Futian had closed his eyes and a fearsome aura was roaring around his body. In the starry dimension, an innumerable of starlight gathered around him and formed a giant starry polearm in front of him, causing many people to be astonished.

Ye Futian was going to continue battling.

At that moment, the crowd saw countless meteorites flying down from Ye Futian’s starry dimension onto Huang Jiuge, but they were sliced apart before they reached Huang Jiuge. However, the meteorites appeared to be neverending. At that moment, Huang Jiuge felt a faint pressure, as though all the meteorites in the air were weighing down on him, it was extremely heavy.

At that moment, Ye Futian recalled the elder Snow Ape’s Nine Heavenly Strikes. The Nine Heavenly Strikes’ will resonated with one’s cultivation level.

The sixth strike resonated with the Sage’s will.

The divine light surrounding his body flowed as the starry force merged into one. A shocking roar sounded out and the crowd saw a Divine Ape shadow appear on Ye Futian, its hands gripping a colossal starry polearm.

The Divine Ape leaped down from the heavens with the force of the previous five strikes and the force of the starry dimension and struck out with its polearm. The strike was basic and simple with no tricks.

However, Huang Jiuge felt threatened by it. The huge Renhuang figure held the sword in both hands, swinging it towards the skies. At that moment, a scary sight appeared in the air.

The huge Divine Ape was fighting against the Renhuang, the starry polearm and the Renhuang Sword clashed in the air. In the next moment, an invisible light veil swept across the area and turned into a frightening storm. Even the crowd standing outside the battlefield were shivering wildly, but their attention was focused on trying to see what was happening on the battlefield.

When the cataclysmic storm had faded away, Ye Futian was still standing in the air and Huang Jiuge was still standing on the ground, as though the two of them had never moved.

The wind had a stinging sensation to it.

Pshhhh! As a soft voice sounded out, Huang Jiuge spewed out blood as his knees trembled like he did not have the strength to continue standing. However, he kept his body straight and did not collapse.

“It’s your victory,” Huang Jiuge said dejectedly. The last strike of the polearm was as though the heavens had given all its strength to it, crushing everything in its way.

“It was luck,” Ye Futian replied. He was indeed lucky, only he himself knew how much strength he had used to win the battle. It was too difficult. If it had not been for the sixth strike of the Nine Heavenly Strikes, the one who had been defeated would still be him.

The simple conversation by the two of them made the countless onlookers freeze and the area fell silent.

The final battle for the Holy Zhi Palace: Ye Futianfirst!