The Legend Of Futian Chapter 581

Chapter 581 End

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The Holy Zhi Palace chose disciples once every three years. It was a huge event in the Barren State. So many prides came from the nine Holy Roads. They were all talents famous in their own places and now, they were all gathered here.

After the rounds of eliminations, the final powerful group lasted until the end.

And in the end, Ye Futian of the Dawn Road was number one.

Until now, many people were still unclear about Ye Futian’s background. Some said he was from the Eastern Barren Territory. He’d defeated all the famous figures from the Barren State. He’d humiliated Bai Ze and shockingly defeated Huang Jiuge with one staff. From now on, everyone in the Barren State would know Ye Futian’s name.

Hua Jieyu’s pretty eyes gazed at the figure on the battlefield. She thought back to when she was 15 years old. During the Fall Quarter Examination of the Qingzhou Academy, the youth had shown his brilliance for the first time and received first place in the written examination. At that time, he’d been young and frivolous. He was as pure as a flawless jade and filled with endless fantasies about the future.

Now, they were adults and had experienced the hardships of life. What never changed was that no matter where they went, he was still the brightest star.

Bai Ze, Yan Jiu, Bing Yi and Chu Shang of the Mortal World, Nan Hao and Nan Feng of the Nantian House, and many other figures all had complicated feelings. Who would’ve thought that Ye Futian would reach the highest spot in the end?

Gu Yunxi’s smile was brilliant. She hadn’t improved much through this trip, but she was very satisfied. These experiences would probably be unforgettable for life. However, it was a pity that she probably wouldn’t be able to hear Ye Futian play his guqin in the future. He probably wouldn’t return to the Celestial Pavilion anymore.

“Do you see it, old man?” Chen Yuan asked Mu Chuan. “When did I ever lie to you?”

Mu Chuan didn’t refute it. Instead, he said, “You’re really willing to give someone like this to the Holy Zhi Palace?”

“The Roc will always soar in the nine heavens. Are you looking out for me?” Chen Yuan asked. “No matter what, he’s the one I chose. He’s the Son of the Starry School.”

As the saying went, if a tree stood out from the forest, the wind would destroy it. Being too extraordinary attracted the wrong type of attention, like the Blazing Sun School against Ye Futian.

In the Barren State, the Holy Zhi Palace was the best place for Ye Futian to cultivate. It was filled with talents who were all the best cultivators from around the Barren State. Here, Ye Futian would compete with the top figures. It would be like a battle between pavilions.

The disciples who’d entered the Holy Zhi Palace three or six years ago would all become the motivation for Ye Futian to improve. It was rumored that the competition between the disciples was very intense.

Next, it was time for the big figures to choose their disciples. Countless eyes looked in the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace. Who would become the teachers of the top ten talents?

“Phoenix, Zhuge Xing, Hua Jieyu, if you wish, you can cultivate under me,” Sage Daozang invited. Earlier, Phoenix had said that he wished to cultivate under him. Sage Daozang was well-learned and was the chief of the Daozang Pavilion. Many people were willing to enter it.

“Xu Que, if you wish, you can cultivate under me.” The Sword Demon invited Xu Que because the youth had said he wanted to learn swordsmanship with him.

“Xu Que, Huang, you can enter the Tianxing Pavilion,” another strong cultivator said. It was Sage Tianxing, chief of the Tianxing Pavilion, one of the top six pavilions. It was in charge of the laws of the Holy Zhi Palace.

“Bai Ze, Zhuge Xing, Hua Jieyu, if you wish, you can cultivate in the Holy Sage Pavilion,” an elder from the Holy Sage Pavilion said at that time. This wasn’t an invitation straight from the pavilion’s second chief, but the elder’s words represented the pavilion.

The Holy Sage Pavilion had invited Bai Ze, Zhuge Xing, and Hua Jieyu instead of Ye Futian who had defeated the first two and was the winner of the battle.

The Holy Sage Pavilion was the top pavilion of the Holy Zhi Palace. Huang Jiuge wasn’t invited, because he’d already said that he wouldn’t enter the Holy Zhi Palace. Xiao Junyi wasn’t invited, because he was a disciple of the Dark Sage. The Dark Sage had a bad reputation in the Barren State, so the Holy Zhi Palace obviously wouldn’t accept Xiao Junyi who cultivated with dark power.

But what about Ye Futian? Yu Sheng and Yuan Zhan hadn’t been invited either.

Many people were confused. Some even started whispering amongst themselves. This was the Holy Sage Pavilion. They couldn’t help but start thinking about the invitations.

Was it because of Ye Futian and Bai Ze’s battle? That battle had shown that Ye Futian and Bai Ze probably couldn’t coexist. Then the Holy Sage Pavilion probably chose Bai Ze over Ye Futian because of Bai Luli.

As for why they also invited Zhuge Xing and Hua Jieyu, everyone knew that it probably wasn’t aimed at Ye Futian. It was because Zhuge Qingfeng, patriarch of the Zhuge Family, was also a disciple of the Holy Sage Pavilion. Zhuge Xing and Hua Jieyu were from the Zhuge Family, so it was logical to invite them.

Even the other pavilions were surprised. They obviously wanted Ye Futian but didn’t invite him because the winner always went to the Holy Sage Pavilion. This was an unsaid rule. They wouldn’t go fight for him.

But the Holy Sage Pavilion didn’t want him?

Ye Futian also felt this odd atmosphere. The Holy Sage Pavilion had chosen Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing. They both had conflicts with him. Now, other than Huang Jiuge and Xiao Junyi, only he, Yu Sheng, and Yuan Zhan hadn’t been invited.

They’d come together.

“There are still some left. Why are you all being so generous?” that strong cultivator from the Holy Sage Pavilion said. The others realized he wanted them to choose.

Clearly, the Holy Sage Pavilion wouldn’t choose Ye Futian’s group. It wasn’t that he didn’t approve of them. It was just that he’d chosen Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing. The others could take Ye Futian.

“If you’re all willing, you can cultivate in the Daozang Pavilion,” Sage Daozang said, smiling. He obviously wouldn’t be generous. The pavilion was willing to accept anyone in the top ten, but he could only choose some for the balance.

“The same for the Tianxing Pavilion,” the chief said. Since the Holy Sage Pavilion let them have the three, he wouldn’t let go of the chance.

Elder Ning made a face. He was an elder of the Tianxing Pavilion.

“The Battle Sage Pavilion wants them,” the King Kong Sage said. Everyone’s eyes flashed and turned towards him. Other than the Holy Sage Pavilion, only the Battle Sage Pavilion had two members of the Barren Sky Ranking.

“If the Battle Sage Pavilion wants them, why can’t you fight for it?” Sage Daozang said, smiling. “Is the King Kong Sage interested in taking a disciple personally?”

“Not me,” the King Kong Sage said. “Ye Futian, Yu Sheng, if you’re willing, you can cultivate under the chief. Yuan Zhan and Yi Xiaoshi can also join the Battle Sage Pavilion.”

“The Sage Douzhan is accepting disciples?” Sage Daozang’s eyes flashed. Sage Douzhan had been cultivating in isolation for many years. No one knew what level he was at now. He hadn’t accepted disciples in a long while either. He must really like Ye Futian and Yu Sheng.

“Yes,” the King Kong Sage said.

Countless people looked towards the Holy Zhi Palace, their hearts trembling. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng’s group really did suit the Sage Douzhan. Their explosive powers were domineering while the Sage Douzhan was the best in martial arts in the Barren State. He was seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking.

There were only six super figures before him.

Huang Jiuge looked up in the air, surprise flashing past his eyes. He remembered his father had once said that the Sage Douzhan was the one person on the Barren Sky Ranking that he didn’t want to fight with. This was someone who could fight to the death. He was terrifying.

His father was fifth on the Barren Sky Ranking. It was imaginable how terrifying the Sage Douzhan was.

Ye Futian looked towards Zhuge Mingyue. Then he heard her voice in his mind, “Choose the Battle Sage Pavilion.” Earlier, she’d told Ye Futian to be prepared for not entering the Holy Sage Pavilion. She hadn’t considered the Battle Sage Pavilion at that time, but since they were willing to accept Ye Futian and Yu Sheng, they were the obvious choice.

The chief of the Holy Zhi Palace didn’t care about outside matters, so the second chief was the most powerful. After that, the most powerful was the Sage Douzhan. He was also the most suitable for Ye Futian and Yu Sheng. The second chief probably didn’t have the time to teach younger disciples.

Ye Futian’s eyes flashed. He was also clear that this was the best choice for him now.

Gazing at the King Kong Sage, he said, “Senior, we have a master.”

“No problem,” a deep voice said from the distance. “Inherit my legacy but keep your master in your heart.”

“It’s the Sage Douzhan.” Everyone turned serious. This was someone in the top ten of the Barren Sky Ranking.

“Senior, can I cultivate in the Battle Sage Pavilion too?” a bright voice said at that time. Many people looked to the side of the battlefield. A beautiful figure stood there, looking towards the Holy Zhi Palace. It was Hua Jieyu.

“The Battle Sage Pavilion doesn’t suit you,” Sage Douzhan said. “Do not waste yourself.”

“Jieyu, the senior is right,” Ye Futian said. The Battle Sage Pavilion was probably a place for battles. That was why they wanted him and Yu Sheng.

Hua Jieyu looked at Ye Futian, seemingly unwilling.

“Alright, start to choose,” the elder on the steps said.

“I’m willing to enter the Daozang Pavilion,” Phoenix said, bowing to Sage Daozang.

“I’m willing to enter the Tianxing Pavilion.” Huang made his choice.

“I’m willing to enter the Sword Pavilion.” Xu Que naturally chose the Sword Demon.

“I’m willing to enter the Holy Sage Pavilion.” Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing chose the Holy Sage Pavilion.

“I’m willing to enter the Daozang Pavilion,” Hua Jieyu said. Many people were shocked. The Holy Sage Pavilion had also invited her, but she chose the Daozang Pavilion instead.

Bai Ze and Zhuge Xing glanced at her, but Sage Daozang smiled.

Ye Futian glanced at Yuan Zhan and Yi Xiaoshi. They communicated telepathically. Then he said, “We are willing to join the Battle Sage Pavilion.”

Everyone chose where they wanted to cultivate. The triennial enrollment of Holy Zhi Palace disciples was officially over.

The Thousand Holy Islands had chosen hundreds of disciples. However, other than the Wanxiang Pavilion, the five pavilions of the core island had chosen less than 100 people. Those who entered the main pavilions were even fewer.

Ye Futian’s group had benefited the most. Under everyone’s eyes, they’d become war gods with one battle. Everyone knew them and now, they’d also become disciples of the Sage Douzhan, seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking. They’d truly shot to the top.

Nan Feng, Bing Yi, Yan Jiu and the others who’d had conflicts with Ye Futian felt troubled. Ye Futian’s status was above them now!