The Legend Of Futian Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Mount Taihang

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In the direction of the Holy Zhi Palace, everyone looked at the crowd below and many smiled.

“Catch.” At that time, there were various sounds. Many big figures reached out, throwing numerous badges downward. A badge appeared before everyone who would cultivate in the six pavilions of the Holy Zhi Palace. It was naturally the same for Ye Futian. The badge that hovered before him had the word “Battle” carved on it. They put a shred of spiritual energy into it and then put it away. This represented their status as a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace.

“You have three months to take care of the matters in the outside world and then enter the pavilion. Of course, you can enter now. As for the future, you will listen to your elders,” the elder on the steps said.

“The audition for new disciples will end now. Many friends are from all over the Barren State. You can return now,” the man continued. The big figures of the Holy Zhi Palace rose. They either walked towards the pavilion or started chatting amongst each other.

It’s over, everyone in the vast crowd thought. It would be another three years before the next great event.

In the direction of the pavilion, Bai Luli stood up. He gazed at everyone present. Instead of going to his brother Bai Ze, he turned and left with the elders of the Holy Sage Pavilion.

Bai Luli was young, but only the big figures of the Holy Zhi Palace knew about his status.

“Finally, it’s over.” Ye Futian looked at the King Kong Sage who’d turned to leave and smiled. During this journey, he’d entered the Noble Plane, comprehended various martial arts intents, and entered the Battle Sage Pavilion. This was perfect for him. From now on, he had a place in the Barren State. He wouldn’t be pretending to be dead and escaping for his life like before.

He wondered what those from the Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School would think now.

Many people gathered. Hua Jieyu walked to his side. She grabbed his hand and their eyes met, smiling. Hua Jieyu had chosen the Daozang Pavilion and they wouldn’t cultivate together, but they were still both in the Holy Zhi Palace. They could meet often. They wouldn’t be separated for years like before.

“Remember what you promised me.” Ye Futian fluttered his lashes. He still had it in his mind. Hua Jieyu stomped on his foot.

Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen, Yi Xiaoshi, and Yuan Zhan walked over too. Ye Wuchen would enter the Sword Pavilion to cultivate with the Sword Demon. The others would join the Battle Sage Pavilion.

However, Loulan Xue and the Black Wind Eagle didn’t enter the Holy Zhi Palace. Ye Futian didn’t know if they could stay by his side.

Zhuge Mingyue walked over and smiled. “You two can finally fly together,” she said to Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu.

“Senior Sister,” Hua Jieyu said, a bit shy.

Ye Futian also called out, “Senior Sister.” His eyes were emotional. His Second Senior Sister always thought for him. When could she truly be with Third Senior Brother? They faced much more pressure than Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu. After all, they’d been dating for a long time and were close to the parents.

“What are you doing? Trying to get emotional?” Zhuge Mingyue’s smile was bright. “I helped you take care of Jieyu for more than two years. Now, she’s yours.”

“Yes.” Ye Futia nodded forcefully. Then he asked, “Oh right, Senior Sister, if I cultivate in the Holy Zhi Palace, can Loulan Xue and Little Eagle come too?”

He’d heard that even those from the Thousand Holy Islands couldn’t enter the core island easily.

“Those who cultivate under a pavilion’s chief can bring their family. You can too,” Zhuge Mingyue said. The inheritor chosen personally by the pavilion chief natural had a different status.

“Understood.” Ye Futian nodded.

Zhuge Mingyue grinned at him. Then she reached out to pet Ye Futian’s head. “It’s so great to see you all grow up bit by bit,” she said, smiling. “It probably won’t be long before you really can take care of me. I’ll be able to relax then.”

“It won’t be that long.” Ye Futian smiled.

“Junior, you must cultivate well.” Beitang Xing’er’s eyes shone with anticipation. She knew that even though Second Senior Sister always took care of Jieyu and the Ye Futian, she actually had high expectations for Ye Futian. One day, he would be able to soar in the heavens and create the Cottage in their hearts.

“Xiaoshi, the junior has surpassed you. Just keep eating and get fatter,” Zhuge Mingyue said, looking at Yi Xiaoshi.

“I” Yi Xiaoshi was frustrated. He lowered his head and sighed. He couldn’t refute it and he was ashamed.

“Remember to take care of the junior,” Zhuge Mingyue reminded.

“I know, Senior Sister,” the fatty said dejectedly.

“I’m going now,” Zhuge Mingyue said.

“Where are you going?” Ye Futian asked.

“Going to my family, of course. Come visit when you’re free.” Zhuge Mingyue smiled and left. Beitang Xing’er followed, but she turned around to wave goodbye at Ye Futian’s group.

Zhuge Mingyue walked over to Zhuge Canyang’s side and whispered, “Let’s go.”

Zhuge Canyang glanced at Ye Futian before leaving the family members away. Zhuge Xing also left.

“Your senior sister seems to treat you very well,” Chen Yuan whispered, walking over.

“Of course. Second Senior Sister is the best senior sister in the world.” Ye Futian looked at Zhuge Mingyue’s back with a bright smile. His senior sisters and brothers were his closest family in the world.

“What’s your plan?” Chen Yuan asked. “Will you enter the Holy Zhi Palace right away?”

“I promised Yuan Zhan that I’ll visit Mount Taihang with him and visit the seniors of the Ape Clan,” Ye Futian said.

“That works too. Mount Taihang is on the way to the Divine Sky City. I can take you there.” Chen Yuan nodded. He wondered if the story behind Ye Futian and Mount Taihang had something to do with the staff technique.

“Would you like to visit Divine Sky City? That Long girl probably misses you,” Chen Yuan said, smiling. He’d like to see the expressions of Yang Ding and Gong Kui.

“Sure.” Ye Futian nodded. “I miss Ling’er too.

“Don’t misunderstand. She’s my sister,” Ye Futian explained after seeing Hua Jieyu look over.

“Ah, sister.” Hua Jieyu nodded and smiled.

“What kind of expression is that?” Ye Futian felt awkward.

“Futian, I want to visit the Eastern Barren Territory,” Ye Wuchen suddenly said.

Ye Futian’s eyes flashed. He obviously knew why Ye Wuchen said that. The Liu Kingdom of the Eastern Barren Territory had had huge changes, so Liu Chenyu was still there. After losing her parents, she only had her brother, Liu Feiyang. Back then, they’d snuck away. It had been more than two years. Wuchen definitely missed her. Now that Ye Futian and Jieyu were together again, they’d settled down. Wuchen naturally would think of Chenyu.

“Okay. Jieyu and I miss our master and masteress too. And Big Brother.” Ye Futian smiled and nodded. “Chief, can you help me with something?”

“I understand.” Chen Yuan nodded. Ye Futian’s group would be slow when traveling to the Eastern Barren Territory, but if a Sage was with them, they would become much faster.

Ye Futian looked around to his friends. Mu Zhiqiu, Qin Yin, Li Qingyi, and Xie Wuji were standing there, looking at him.

“What, we’re strangers now?” Ye Futian asked. “Are you all preparing to leave?”

“I’m going to the island,” Mu Zhiqiu whispered.

“Zhiqiu, what are you talking to that guy for?” Mu Chuan yelled. Chen Yuan rolled his eyes. Was this old guy still pretending to be strong?

“I’m leaving. In the future, I’ll cultivate in the core island too,” Mu Zhiqiu said to Ye Futian before leaving.

Ye Futian smiled. “I believe you.”

“We prepare to go back too,” Qin Yin said. She hadn’t been chosen.

Ye Futian nodded. “Qingyi, if you don’t wish to go back, you can cultivate in the Starry School in the Divine Sky City.”

Li Xun had died in his hands. White Sovereign City wouldn’t dare to take revenge on him, but it would be hard for Li Qingyi.

“No need.” Li Qingyi shook her head. The city lord was her father and her mother was still there. How could she not return?

“Qin Yin, can you let Qingyi cultivate in Mount Jiuxian? You can go back with her,” Ye Futian asked Qin Yin.

“I would do it even if you don’t tell me.” Qin Yin nodded.

“We’ll go back together too,” Xuanyuan Bashan said.

“Take care,” Ye Futian said.

“Take care.” Everyone nodded.

“Master Ye, wish you the best future.” Many people looked over at Ye Futian now. They were the people who’d traveled the Dawn Road with Ye Futian.

“You too,” Ye Futian said, smiling. Then he soared into the air, preparing to depart.

Many people from the Dawn Road waved at Ye Futian. The youth that they’d gotten to know on the Dawn Road had become number one in the battle. He would become a legendary figure of the Barren State in the future. It was destiny to get to know someone on the Divine Sky Ranking. They might be able to brag about it in the future.

Everyone began departing gradually. Countless people soared towards different directions.

Chen Yuan brought Ye Futian’s group and the Starry School disciples away. They rode on ritual implements. They’d come on the Holy Road and would now leave by crossing Zhongzhou City.

Barren State, Mount Taihang

Sunlight fell upon the mountain. A huge golden figure sat on the mountaintop, dazzling under the sun. He stood on a boulder on the cliff. Looking into the distance, he was filled with majesty.

A handsome white-clothed figure sat quietly not too far from him. He was playing his guqin. The music turned into an image that passed into the golden figure’s mind. Many golden apes were watching from the distance. The mountain was silent for a long while after the music ended. The huge figure was still standing there quietly, looking into the distance.

Suddenly, an ape roared. The shocking roar shook the world and even the immense Mount Taihang trembled. Many golden apes rushed over. They looked at their king from afar, confusion filling their eyes.

Chen Yuan and the others on Mount Taihang were shaken too. Chen Yuan didn’t do anything. Since Ye Futian came, the king of the Golden Great Apes wouldn’t hurt him. He was someone on the Barren Sky Ranking, after all. If he really did try hurting Ye Futian, Chen Yuan wouldn’t be able to stop him anyway.

Just then, the great ape actually fell to his knees and kowtowed towards the distance. All the Golden Great Apes knelt too and bowed in the same direction.

Their king seemed to be worshipping something.

Ye Futian watched quietly from the side. He could feel the cold sadness. Many of the demon beasts were unified. The king that led them was extremely respected. The Snow Ape was the ape emperor and had led all the great ape clans. This ape senior must be extremely sad to know that he had died.

“My name is Yuan Hong. The Ape Emperor had personally chosen this name for me when I was very young. At that time, the leader of the Golden Great Apes was my father.” The great ape stood up. He still looked into the distance as if reminiscing.

“Now, they’ve all left me.” Yuan Hong’s voice sounded abnormally tired. He turned and stared at Ye Futian with his huge eyes. “Tell me,” he said, “who are you?”

“Excuse me?” Ye Futian’s eyes flashed.

“The Ape Emperor won’t teach his best technique to an outsider. If you’ve only seen that battle, how could you learn it and coincidentally be there?” Yuan Hong stared at Ye Futian. Heavy might descended. “I want to know the truth. You may be the last human who was with the Ape Emperor.”

Ye Futian gazed at the great ape and nodded lightly. “Let me show you another picture then.”