The Legend Of Futian Chapter 583

Chapter 583 Old Friends

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In the Divine City, Starry School.

Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu’s group were strolling in the school and attracted countless gazes. The day before, Ye Futian had returned to the Starry School. He had crossed the Holy Road and gotten first in the Holy Zhi Palace admission examination. The news of the Douzhan Sage taking him in as a disciple had caused a huge uproar in the Divine Sky City. It turned out that the news of Ye Futian’s death last year was fake; he had secretly left to take part in the triennial Holy Zhi Palace admission examination.

In the Holy Zhi Palace, the number one cultivation holy ground in the Barren State, the Douzhan Sage was the seventh on the Barren Sky Ranking and the number one body-refining cultivator in the Barren State.

The Starry School’s disciples all looked at Ye Futian with a renewed respect, the Son of the Starry School was merely a start for him.

Was that goddess-like girl his girlfriend? How beautiful.

Wang Yuqing was also in the crowd. She had a complicated expression while looking at Ye Futian. That was the person that she once thought was shameless? At that moment, she recalled everything that had happened in the past. It was like a dream, the first in the Holy Zhi Palace admission examination, what did it signify? It meant that all the geniuses in the entire Barren State had gathered from countless elite factions and clans. Ye Futian had dominated the entire generation. However, Ye Futian was still the same as before.

“Big brother Futian,” a voice sounded out and a beautiful figure dashed towards him. When Ye Futian saw the figure, a gentle smile appeared on his face and the figure jumped into his arms.

“Big brother Futian, you scared me to death,” Long Ling’er complained miserably. She had really thought that Ye Futian had died.

“Ling’er, aren’t I fine now?” Ye Futian had a doting expression on his face. This little girl was getting prettier and more elegant, but she was still acting like a little kid. He was afraid that Jieyu would misunderstand.

Long Ling’er broke away from hugging Ye Futian and hugged his arm instead. Her gaze then landed on Hua Jieyu, and she asked softly after doing a double take, “Sister, are you a goddess? How can you be so beautiful?”

Hua Jieyu looked at Long Ling’er, then laughed and said, “Of course not. My name is Hua Jieyu.”

“Sister Goddess’ name is so pleasing to the ear too,” Long Ling’er replied.

“This is your sister-in-law, hurry up and call her that.” Ye Futian knocked her on the head.

“No way, I’m still going to call her sister Goddess,” Long Ling’er shook her head and replied, then asked him, “Big brother Futian, how did you manage to trick her.”

“Good looks,” Ye Futian replied.

Long Ling’er gave him a scornful look, then asked Hua Jieyu, “I don’t believe it. Sister Goddess, how were you tricked?”

Hua Jieyu smiled while looking at Long Ling’er, then looked to Ye Futian beside her and said softly, “I was the one who wooed him.”

“Ah” Long Ling’er was in disbelief. Ye Futian puffed out his chest in pride, his girlfriend was still as understanding as ever, giving him face in public.

“Ling’er, you’re messing around again,” at that moment, a gentle voice sounded and a beautiful woman walked over, nodding and smiling at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu.

“Madame,” Ye Futian addressed her.

“What a perfect match.” Madame Long looked at Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu and felt pity for her little girl’s feelings.

“Ye Futian, you’re good.” The Gu Clan Leader also brought Gu Yunxi over and smiled at Ye Futian. He had long known that Ye Futian was not dead, but he did not expect him to be able to come back into the Starry School so quickly.

“Uncle Gu,” Ye Futian smiled and replied.

“The first in the Holy Zhi Palace admission examination. Looks like the Starry School has its most outstanding disciple in its history,” the Gu Clan Leader said. Ye Futian would definitely be able to surpass Long Yitian’s achievements.

“That is only natural.” Chen Yuan walked over and said, “This time, in the Holy Zhi Palace’s battles, not only Ye Futian, but Yu Sheng was also accepted as a disciple by the Douzhan Sage. Ye Wuchen was valued by the Sword Demon and taken under his department. The three of them are all direct disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace’s Palace Lords.”

The Gu Clan Leader and Madame Long looked at Yu Sheng and Ye Wuchen who were standing behind Ye Futian. They had always been very low-profile beside Ye Futian and never exhibited their strength. Who could have expected that the two of them were also this outstanding?

There were rumors that Yu Sheng had fought his way into the top ten with his grade nine noble cultivation level. If he had not fought someone who specialized in spectral movement and countered him, he might have been able to make it into the top three.

“College Chief.” Someone appeared in a flash and reported, “The Blazing Sun School and Bright Moon School College Chiefs have brought people to visit.”

“Oh?” Chen Yuan had a gleam in his eyes and said, “When did they become so courteous?” He looked in the distance and had a cruel smile. He replied, “Invite them to leave.”

“Come on, brother Chen, don’t be so quick to turn us away.” At that moment, a voice sounded, then Yang Ding and Gong Kui walked in together.

“The three schools were originally passed down from the same source, let’s not be so distant. This time, the Starry School’s Son Ye Futian has such an achievement, we’re also happy for him, so we’ve come just to congratulate him,” Yang Ding said.

“Yang Ding, do you even believe what you’re saying?” Chen Yuan looked at the other party. How hypocritical. Back then, the two of them had a huge battle and he had destroyed the Blazing Sun School twice.

Ye Futian also nearly died in the hands of the Blazing Sun School.

Now, he was happy for Ye Futian?

“Brother Chen, you also have to look at it from my perspective. Back then, Ye Futian had obtained the divine teachings, but he was the Starry School’s Son. How did you expect me and brother Gong to think about it? Of course, we also wanted to see what the teachings passed down by our ancestors were like, but we were fooled by little brother Ye,” Yang Ding replied. He also knew a little about the Holy Zhi Palace’s battles, so he naturally knew that Ye Futian’s divine light did not vanish. They had been tricked.

However, he was unable to kill Ye Futian now, so what else could he do? Get on his good side, of course. Ye Futian and his two friends had become disciples of Palace Lords. If just one of them entered the Barren Sky Ranking and wanted revenge, they would be in trouble.

“Little brother Ye, it was indeed my greed that made me invite you to the Blazing Sun School, but I definitely did not intend to kill you. It was that person’s selfish act. He has already been killed by brother Chen and my Blazing Sun School has been destroyed twice, suffering heavy losses. Today, I’ve come specially to apologize for that.” Yang Ding then continued, “Also, since you’ve also received the Blazing Sun School’s teachings, I have a suggestion. How about you become the Son of the Divine Sky City’s Top Three Schools?”

The Starry School’s disciples were all appalled. The Blazing Sun School Chief had come personally to apologize for his actions and wanted to resolve the conflict they had previously.

“Futian has already entered the Holy Zhi Palace, why would he want the position of Son. What is this, icing on the cake, after hitting him when he was down?” Chen Yuan asked bitterly.

“Brother Chen, I have no such intention. That time, I was just overcome by greed and took a divine light.” Gong Kui explained, “But now we all understand that Ye Futian deserves to own the divine teachings. If Ye Futian is able to restore the glory of our ancestors one day, I pledge that my Bright Moon School will definitely follow him.”

Ye Futian scoffed when he heard Gong Kui’s words. He was too hypocritical, if one day, he wanted to deal with the Bright Moon School, would Gong Kui dare to go against him?

“My Bright Moon school is the same,” Yang Ding pledged sincerely.

“Since the two elders are so sincere, I will not bear a grudge over the matter. However, there was someone who wanted my life back then in the Bright Moon School. Moreover, Shang Yunfeng’s death leading to his parents assassinating me in the Celestial Pavilion felt fishy. I hope that Chief Yang can put effort into investigating, that way, I will feel more at ease,” Ye Futian said.

“Alright, I will investigate it thoroughly,” Yang Ding promised.

“Since that is so, there is nothing else. After you’ve investigated the matter, Chief Yang can just notify Chief Chen. Elders, you may take your leave now,” Ye Futian said.

“Okay, I’ll be on my way to investigate it now.” Yang Ding nodded. He had checked on the matter before as well, so he knew that it was indeed weird.

Gong Kui also saluted and said his goodbyes. The two of them had come to alleviate Ye Futian’s anger. Chen Yuan did not say anything, Ye Futian’s handling of the matter was appropriate, the rest would be up to Yang Ding to manage. Moreover, Ye Futian did not have the ability to deal with Yang Ding and Gong Kui, so it was naturally better to make peace and settle the score in the future.

“Chief Chen, I should be on my way to the Eastern Barren Territory now,” Ye Futian said. It was sufficient to just stop over in the Divine Sky City, he was also only going to stay for a few days in the Eastern Barren Territory. Afterward, he would go back to the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate.

“Alright.” Chen Yuan nodded and said, “I’ll accompany you back then.” He still had to watch out for Ye Futian’s safety.

“I’ll be in your care then.” Ye Futian nodded, then turned to Madame Long and said, “Madame, I hope that you can take out some time to help out with the Celestial Pavilion.” After all, Shen Yu and Wang Yurou were still in the Celestial Pavilion.

“Okay.” The Madame nodded and said, “Why don’t we let Wang Yurou come to the Starry School to cultivate, I’m sure the College Chief will agree.”

“Yes.” Chen Yuan was naturally fine with it.

“Thank you, Madame.” Ye Futian smiled and nodded.

“I want to follow big brother Futian and play too!” Long Ling’er said.

“Again?” The Madame glared at her.

“Haha, it’s fine to bring Ling’er along. I’ll come back together with her,” Chen Yuan said.

“I guess so.” The Madame shook her head helplessly and said, “Sorry to trouble you, College Chief.”

“Let’s go,” Chen Yuan said and the group flew into the air.

The Starry School’s disciples all looked at the figures in the distance. They could probably only look up to Ye Futian in the future.

The Gu Clan Leader pat his daughter Gu Yunxi on the shoulder and said gently, “Let’s go.”

“Mm.” Gu Yunxi nodded lightly.

In the Eastern Barren Territory, the situation had stabilized after the revolution. The College had become the only holy land in the Eastern Barren Territory. There were no other factions that could match it. The Sword Saint was already a Sage Plane cultivator and Mr. Du leaving back then had caused a huge commotion in the Eastern Barren Territory. Now, there were three factions on the Book Mountain: The College, the Sword Saint Mountain, and the Moon Clan.

However, there was only the College now.

The Qin Dynasty, the Liu Kingdom and many other factions had become a thing of the past. Apart from the College, there were only the Witch Clan and Qianqiu Temple still standing as elite factions.

Now, the Witch Clan’s witches were also cultivating in the College. The College did not discriminate and was willing to impart their teachings to all.

At that moment, in a courtyard on the Book Mountain, a group of people was seated around a table having a feast. It appeared especially crowded.

“Fengliu, now you and Yi Xiang are both in the Noble Plane, I also have to cultivate harder. Otherwise, I’ll be caught up by you two gradually,” an elegant figure smiled and said. On that person, there was an imperial aura and by his side, there was a pair of teenagers who looked extraordinary.

“Brother Ye, it was only thanks to your protection back then that we have our achievements today.” Hua Fengliu was still his handsome and suave self, the person sitting opposite him was the emperor of the Hundred Lands’ Cangye Kingdom, Emperor Ye.

“You’re being too distant. If I did not know you, I would not have the chance to come often to the College to cultivate. I am able to lead such a carefree life as the emperor, occasionally coming to the Eastern Barren Territory’s holy land to cultivate. If it was in the past, who would dare to imagine that? Now, you don’t know how respectful the other emperors are to me and Emperor Nandou,” Emperor Ye laughed and said.

“Indeed.” Beside him, Nandou Wenshan nodded in agreement.

Hua Fengliu and Nandou Wenyin also smiled. They were now getting older and leading contented lives.

Emperor Ye would often invite Nandou Wenshan and Yi Xiang to come to the Book Mountain to visit him. A group of old friends sitting around and chatting was indeed an enjoyable pastime.