The Legend Of Futian Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Misunderstanding

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The region around the Law Battle Area was known as the Law Power Zone. Ye Futian spent one day walking around in the Law Power Zone, and he was somewhat shocked. The Holy Zhi Palace was indeed a holy land for cultivators. On the left side of the Law Power Zone, there were the Ice Zone and the Flame Zone, while on the right were the Earth Zone and the Lightning Zone. In the region at the back, one could find an extraordinary storm, as well as countless ancient woods. Among the seven powers, only the element of metal seemed to be missing. However, the Sky Reaching Tower at the front, which was honored as the best place for martial arts cultivators, was glittering in golden radiance and contained metal-elemental powers.

That was the most crowded place. Of course, Ye Futian only visited the exterior of each zone to look at the situation inside. In the end, Yu Sheng, Yuan Zhan, and Yi Xiaoshi went to the Sky Reaching Tower, while Ye Futian went to the left side of the Law Power Zone alone. Such a wonderful place was very useful for him as a Noble Plane cultivator. He would definitely not miss out on the opportunity.

Ye Futian went into the Ice Zone on the left side of the Law Power Zone. The entire place was white. Covered completely in ice, it looked desolate and freezing cold. Ye Futian strolled on the ice and stared at the frozen ancient tree ahead which looked like s an ice statue. Even with Ye Futian’s level, he could still feel an intense wave of coldness. However, he did not stop and continued walking deeper. This was clearly a place for cultivators with ice-elemental powers.

The coldness grew rapidly in intensity. The frozen world, along with the silver, crystal-like tree, presented a different kind of beauty. From the icy ground, many traces of white, chilly gas were being released. The cold gas could actually seep into Ye Futian’s body, and it seemed to turn into a strange kind of ice-elemental Spiritual Qi. They spread across his body bit by bit, causing his blood to flow slowly. Gradually, Ye Futian’s pace, and even his breathing, slowed down. Unknowingly, Ye Futian felt that his thoughts and breathing were becoming slower as the coldness intruded into his body.

Ye Futian closed his eyes. Sensing the world around him with his Spiritual Energy, he discovered that even the flow of Spiritual Qi was diminishing.

The entire world had slowed down.

This was an effect caused by Ice Will. Apart from being slower, Ye Futian’s body was also covered with frost. If this was to continue, he would be frozen here forever.

In this barren, icy world, Ye Futian would very occasionally see other cultivators. They would normally sit down at a certain place, feeling the artistic conception in silence. After a cultivator reached the Noble Plane, absorbing Spiritual Qi and meditating would only allow his Spiritual Energy to grow by a limited amount. In this way, his rate of cultivation would be extremely slowly. To hasten it, he would need to focus on understanding Noble Will. Noble Will of any element would do the job.

Noble Will was something that only Noble Plane cultivators could fully understand. It involved both Spiritual Energy and Spiritual Qi. Therefore, the deeper one’s understanding was, the faster one’s Spiritual Energy would grow. This was the reason why some Noble Plane cultivators were very likely to stagnate at a certain grade, unable to move forward. If both a cultivator’s talents and resources were limited, he might encounter a bottleneck. The disciples of major forces were talented and had various resources, so they could obviously grow faster. For example, in the Holy Zhi Palace, all the disciples were geniuses in the first place. In addition, they had natural resources to help their understanding and cultivation. Why would they not become strong? This was also the reason why cultivators would seek better colleges and forces.

This place is really suitable for Loulan. In the future, I’ll find a way to let her cultivate here, Ye Futian thought. Then, he walked some distance forward again. He realized that the deeper he went, the stronger the artistic conception became and the more he could learn.

In his body, a flame aura was flowing, resisting the corrosion from the coldness and preventing his body from being totally frozen. Sometimes, when he could not persist any longer, he would stop and cultivate.

In this place, even time seemed to have slowed down. As Ye Futian alternated between walking and stopping, seven days passed. His understanding towards the element of ice had also grown deeper. However, he did not give up and continued walking into the deeper part. The cold gas being released from the ground was increasing. Ye Futian activated Freedom Meditation and discovered that a mysterious current was flowing towards him from a place ahead and beneath the ground. It was as though the endless icy Qi was coming from there. He wanted to see what exactly was causing this.

Slowly, Ye Futian felt that he was very close to his destination. In front of him, there was a frozen valley. He activated the fire-elemental powers in his body to the maximum, and only then did he manage to reach the top of the valley. Looking down, he actually saw an icy lakethe Lake of Coldnessinside the valley. Icy currents were precisely being released from the Lake of Coldness and spreading outside, causing the entire place to be frozen.

Ye Futian activated the Freedom Meditation. He could feel a mysterious yet potent power from the Lake of Coldness, but he did not go down impulsively. Instead, he sat down at the top of the valley and closed his eyes, feeling the power around him.

Days passed one after the other. Ye Futian could feel the icy currents that had completely filled his surrounding slowly seep into his skin, blood, and bones.

Suddenly, a beam of divine light appeared which looked like a crescent moon. As the divine light flew on his body, Ye Futian also released one of his Life Spirits, a lonely moon. At the same time, an emerald-green color glittered on his body and an ancient tree could be vaguely seen. Then, the three started to greedily devour the ice-elemental Qi around him. The icy Qi flew into Ye Futian’s body and eventually into his Life Palace. Even the World Tree was covered in frost as it rustled, producing a desolate and cold sight.

At the moment, Ye Futian was somewhat shocked. He actually managed to do it. After he entered the Noble Plane and understood more about Noble Will, the World Tree could actually absorb the will of various elements. Of course, this was because the coldness was seeping into his body slowly. If someone attacked him by casting a powerful ice-elemental spell, he would be frozen to death before being able to absorb anything.

In the blink of an eye, three more days passed. Ye Futian’s body was already covered in white frost. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and even his pupils seemed to have been turned silver. Shaking his body, the frost on his body dropped to the ground. Then, he stood up and walked slowly towards the Lake of Coldness in the valley. Accompanied by many rustlings, emerald-green stems and leaves extended from his body, absorbing the icy currents flowing past him.

Finally, he reached the edge of the Lake of Coldness. His body was covered by frost which was then absorbed by his Life Spirit, and the whole process kept repeating itself. He knew well that without the World Tree, he would not have made it this far, and would have not dared to try it in the first place.

“It’s not water. It’s an icy lake condensed from the icy currents. What’s down there?” Ye Futian muttered to himself. The stems of the World Tree continued to extend of from his body and entered the Lake of Coldness, going deeper. Ye Futian also walked out and submerged into the lake slowly. His World Tree Spirit enveloped his body and he did not dare to be even slightly careless.

In the Lake of Coldness, Ye Futian continued his way down with his entire body covered in his Life Spirit. As he went deeper, he finally saw what was on the bed of the Lake of Coldness. It was a crystalline, silvery snow lotus which was so clean that not even the slightest amount of dirt could be found on it. The petals of the lotus were also silver in color. As it swayed in the lake slowly, icy currents were released from it.

“This place is frozen and contains an endless amount of coldness. Is this only because of the lotus below?” Ye Futian was astonished. What lotus was this? Although he knew that there were many rare things in the world, this was the first time he saw such a powerful snow lotus.

The lotus had given birth to an entire world, one that was covered by intense coldness.

Ye Futian’s body was covered by his Life Spirit, but he could still feel how terrifying the icy currents trying to invade his body were. He did not want to stay any longer.

“What’s that?” Suddenly, Ye Futian actually saw an ice statue beside the lotus. Someone was frozen inside. Was this someone from the Holy Zhi Palace who had died by entering the relic with brute force?

The vines of the World Tree swept out and grabbed the ice statue. Then, Ye Futian ascended from the bed of the lake. He did not want the frozen body to remain there forever. Very soon, Ye Futian was out of the Lake of Coldness again. He brought the ice statue and left the valley, returning to the top. Then, he put the statue down.

Ye Futian looked at the ice statue as his glance turned into a long stare. The person inside the transparent ice statue was actually an extremely charming lady. Moreover, she was wearing only simple undergarments. She looked sexy and exquisite, and her skin was white and flawless, as if it had merged with the ice.

“That’s so unfortunate,” Ye Futian muttered to himself. With such an outstanding appearance, she must have been a genius from a top family or force. She actually died cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace.

Ye Futian put his hand on the ice and his fire-elemental power slowly melted it away. Very quickly, a flawless body was lying on the ground. Her skin was as pure as snow, as if she had merged with the ground. Perhaps because she had been frozen, no injures could be observed on her body and her skin looked extremely delicate.

“Even if you want to cultivate, why did you have to dress like this and enter the lake?” Ye Futian muttered to himself, not knowing what to do. If he just carried the corpse of the beauty outside, there would certainly be a huge misunderstanding. However, it was also bad to just leave her here.

“Please forgive me.” After withdrawing his Life Spirit, Ye Futian took out a piece of cloth and put it around the lady’s body. He could not care if there would be a misunderstanding. Who asked him to be so kind? Then, he picked the body up off the ground. He could feel that the lady’s skin was still soft and smooth, just like that of an ordinary person’s.

Lifting his foot, Ye Futian walked towards the outside.

In the silvery world, Ye Futian carried the body towards the entrance. Suddenly, someone asked, “Is it comfortable?”

“Yup.” Ye Futian nodded subconsciously.

“Wait…” Ye Futian staggered and immediately looked at the person he was carrying. He saw a pair of clear and pretty eyes staring at him, as cold as the freezing world. Then, he felt her breath and heartbeat.

“A corpse coming to life!” Ye Futian immediately withdrew his hands. Accompanied by a soft thud, the lady fell to the ground. However, she did not seem to have felt anything and was still staring coldly at Ye Futian. Then, she got up from the ground. With her back facing Ye Futian, she took out her clothes from her storage ring and covered her wonderful body up with a silver-colored windbreaker. When she turned around, Ye Futian raised both of his hands up and said in a shaking voice, “It’s just a misunderstanding…” He really wanted to curse. Was this lady mad? She ran to the Lake of Coldness to be frozen, and also had not worn enough clothing.

The lady was still staring at him. Then, she reached out her hand. Immediately, Ye Futian was slowly frozen as an extremely intense coldness seeped into his body.

Ye Futian shivered. The lady was at the peak of the Noble Plane.

“Err…” Ye Futian wanted to curse, but he still smiled and explained, “It’s really a misunderstanding…” The coldness continued to invade his body. Stomping on the ground, Ye Futian jumped into the air immediately, his speed as fast as lightning. However, an enormous ice wall suddenly appeared on the path before him. At the same time, his body was almost frozen and he could hardly move.

“Listen to my explanation!” Ye Futian shouted. How unlucky did he have to be?