The Legend Of Futian Chapter 59

Chapter 59: I Will Be Waiting for Him Here

Ye Futian froze, conscious of the force of spiritual energy. Spiritual Energy was an invisible force. If a powerful cultivator in the Arcana Plane made a move with the energy, it was definitely possible for it to go unnoticed by others.

"That's enough. Go home," a low voice resonated in his mind. It was hard to tell who the voice belonged to, but it did not seem to mean any harm. The voice only wanted to persuade him to stop here.

In reality, Ye Futian had already announced his leave after defeating Xu Qing, but Zhou Mu stepped up, so he could only continue to fight. Hua Fengliu once lost to the Art Saint and even had his Life Spirit disabled. Then today, people insulted him. The Art Saint's disciple made the first move and went as far as destroying the guqin that Ye Futian played, he could not just walk away after defeat. How would that reflect on Hua Fengliu?

That was the reason for his attacks on Zhou Mu.

Just as Ye Futian was deep in thought, Zhou Mu had completed yet another drawing. This time, it was a large golden dragon, ferocious and arrogant. The Golden Dragon revolved around Zhou Mu's being, the energy from his Life Spirit rushed out in a crazed manner and descended on the dragon. It was as if a real dragon was present. Those that were shocked by Ye Futian were now in awe because of Zhou Mu. He was even more intimidating since he was going all in.

Ye Futian showed no expression. A wild force of Spiritual Qi gathered in his body and formed a golden roc. He flew into the sky and shined brighter than anything else. At this point, Ye Futian's only option was to fight until the end. However, he still appreciated the voice for warning him.

Zhou Mu and Ye Futian moved at the same time. The Golden Dragon and the Golden Roc were about to collide. The Spiritual Qi in the atmosphere went wild and the skies began to change color. High level cultivators at the venue joined hands to create a force field to block out the powerful energy given off by Ye Futian and Zhou Mu's attacks.

Just then, Ye Futian felt another force of spiritual energy invade his mind. This time, there were no warnings, but a direct attack. Ye Futian felt a stabbing pain, then his nerves began to grow numb, almost like he was about to lose all his senses. Just as he was approaching Zhou Mu, Ye Futian lost control of the flow of Spiritual Qi.

BOOM! A loud crash. Ye Futian had no idea where the attack came from, but after he was attacked, his own attack on Zhou Mu was weakened by a significant amount. The Golden Dragon imploded, Zhou Mu and Ye Futian retreated at the same time. All of these events happened in the span of minutes. When Ye Futian landed on the ground, he felt no anger, but smiled instead.

There were a lot of important people present at today's celebration. It was only natural that they could not put down their pride to intrude in a battle between two youngsters, but if they couldn't do it blatantly, they could do it in secret. Looks like the first voice that warned him knew that this would happen.

Who was it that warned him? And who was it that attacked him?

Obviously, Ye Futian was not dumb enough to reveal that he had been attacked. His attacker was most likely looking for an excuse to put him in his place. If he were to come out and accuse of the high authority figures, then they would have a legitimate reason to get rid of Ye Futian.

"Thank you for this experience." Ye Futian smiled. However, he was not looking at Zhou Mu when he said this, but to the group of VIPs. His attacker would understand what he meant.

"I have unwillingly disturbed your celebration, Lord Luo. I am grateful for your understanding. If you'll excuse me, I shall be on my way now." Ye Futian smiled as he bowed and turned to leave. He didn't not want to fight any longer. His attack had already resorted to this method. If Ye Futian did not stop the battle, he would only be at a disadvantage.

"The battle isn't over. Are you really leaving?" Zhou Mu shouted at Ye Futian's back. He seemed to have gained quite a bit of confidence.

"Zhou Mu, that's enough," said the Art Saint. Zhou Mu was stunned, but when he recovered, he spoke again, "If the opportunity ever comes again, we shall finish where we left off. At that time, I will be sure to give it my all."

"Sure. Today is Lord Luo's celebration, so I didn't want to cause too much of a ruckus. Therefore, I only used about fifty percent of my power. When we battle again, you'll see what I'm talking about," said Ye Futian as he continued on his way out of the palace.

His words piqued Zhou Mu's interest. Ye Futian was able to drive him to a breaking point, but now he said that he was only using half of his powers?


"Maniac." Everyone began voicing their opinions of Ye Futian. Somebody tried to brown-nose the Art Saint once again. "The Art Saint was nice enough to let him go without making him look bad after being defeated by Zhou Mu, how dare he say such ridiculous things? Absolutely preposterous!"

"That shameless b*stard." The insults continued around the venue.

"Zhou Mu's performance was fascinating! He is definitely fitting as your disciple, Brother Hua," complimented Lord Luo. Many people agreed with him, but the high-powered people present knew even though Zhou Mu was able to fend off Ye Futian's attack towards the end, there was no telling how things would have ended had they continued their battle. Plus, Zhou Mu was two levels above Ye Futian. His victory in this battle was nothing to brag about.

Xia Fan did not look too good. He realized that he never got to truly get to know Ye Futian. His extraordinary gifts would explain why Hua Fengliu was willing to take him in as a disciple and even went crazy to try to save him. Ye Futian had to be rid of as soon as possible. He could not be allowed to keep growing stronger.

At the party venue, besides the rivalry between the Art Saint and Ye Futian's master, the Guqin Devil, nobody had anything against Ye Futian himself. Even if they had been humiliated by him today, it could not be considered a bloody feud. Therefore, they had no need to be wary of Ye Futian. However, it was different for Xia Yan. If he allowed Ye Futian to keep getting stronger, Ye Futian would definitely try to kill him.

"I never expected Ye Futian to be able to withstand a battle with Zhou Mu. He is pretty gifted. No wonder the Guqin Devil took him as a disciple. When I was in the City of Qingzhou, I even saw him flirting with Hua Jieyu. The two of them seemed to have an extraordinary relationship. I'm afraid she has fallen victim to his lies. Ye Futian harbors bad intentions," said Xia Fan. His words drew everyone's attention. It was obvious that Xia Fan had something against Ye Futian.

"Hua Jieyu is the little princess of the Nandou family, and from what everyone said, has an excellent gift. Brother Nandou, you should keep an eye out," said Lord Luo. Nandou Wenshan looked at Lord Luo and said, "Thank you for your advice, but Hua Jieyu was in Qingzhou City cultivating under her father's guidance and Ye Futian is his disciple. It's only natural that they will be in good relations with one another. However, I will still remember to have a talk with her."

"I'm sure that you will come to your own conclusions," nodded Lord Luo. Beside him, the Art Saint was in deep thought. After a while, he spoke up, "Ye Futian did not come to convey his blessings. If my predictions are correct, he came because Lord Luo could heal Hua Fengliu's injury."

Lord Luo was stunned. "You're saying that he originally wanted to come and ask me to heal his master?"

"That's right," nodded the Art Saint. He thought back at home Ye Futian stood up to the people who insulted Hua Fengliu and could not help but say, "Hua Fengliu choose a good disciple."

The Art Saint personally complimented Ye Futian. Nobody knew what to say to that.

"Zhou Mu, head to Donghai Academy's School of the Emperor Star tomorrow," the Art Daint said suddenly. His voice was calm, as if he knew that just one word could get Zhou Mu into the school without testing. In addition, none of the high-powered authorities thought that this was strange. On the contrary, it seemed like such a normal thing. Even the elder from the Emperor Star school did not seem to have a problem with this. Ye Futian would have never seen this coming.

"Okay," Zhou Mu nodded. Hua Jieyu of the Nanou family was also in the Emperor Star school. Also, Ye Futian attended Donghai Academy as well.

"A big congratulation to the School of the Emperor Star for gaining yet another spectacular student." Lord Luo smiled at the elder.

Lin Xiyue observed everything in silence. Ye Futian's handsome figure appeared in her mind. That reckless fellow had no idea of the relationship between the Emperor Star school, the Art Saint, and Lord Luo. It was a good thing that he was clever. Although he was reckless, he was also careful. He did not do or say anything that could be used to threaten him in the future. Although a public setting such as this could not be considered dangerous, it seemed like Ye Futian had already made some enemies.

The celebration continued but could not return to the atmosphere at the beginning of the event. Lord Luo was supposed to be the only star of the night. However, his spotlight was stolen by Ye Futian.

At this moment, Ye Futian was headed back to Donghai Academy mounted on the black wind eagle. The wind blowing on him cleared his mind as well. He knew clearly that his actions today were reckless, but he could not bear to watch as the Art Saint received everyone's respect, and his disciple flooded with compliments, while Hua Fengliu was disabled and insulted to make the Art Saint look better.

"I'm afraid I've offended some people today," Ye Futian muttered. He must be careful from now on. Especially around Xia Fan. Ye Futian knew that after the battle, Xia Fan was definitely going to try to kill him. As for the others, they may worry about their reputation and therefore not be able to take care of Ye Futian personally, but that did not mean they wouldn't try to operate in the shadows. This point was evident when he was attacked during the battle against Zhou Mu.

The person who attacked me is either the Art Saint or Lord Luo, Ye Futian thought to himself. They were both sorcerers of the Spirit Element.

And the person who gave me that warning was most likely the elder from the School of the Emperor Star, Ye Futian analyzed.


When Ye Futian got back to Donghai Academy, many people stared at him. He was becoming more and more well-known around campus. However, Ye Futian paid them no attention and continued on his way. It was then that several people came up and blocked his path.

"Ye Futian," said the leader of the pack.

"Yes?" Ye Futian had never seen this person before.

"Jing Yang of the School of the Flirting Star wishes to challenge you. Why do you keep avoiding it?" asked the person.

Ye Futian looked at the person in front of him and thought of how stupid this was. He did not want to acknowledge them and so, he chose to escape from the side.

"When you said you didn't have time, it was just a poor excuse, wasn't it? You only got accepted into the School of the Finance Star because you defeated students from our school. Are you scared now that you got into the academy? Is this who you really are? Don't you think you're disgracing your school?" the person continued to pester Ye Futian.

There were many onlookers at this point. Ye Futian stopped in place. With his back still facing the students of the Flirting Star school, he said, "I'm not in a good mood right now, so you better shut up and stop trying to pick a fight with me, or else you'll regret it."

Finishing what he had to said, Ye Futian was ready to walk away again, but the person would not take no for an answer. He laughed and said, "You're really opening my eyes to something new. I've never met a person who can be so thick-skinned after being too chicken to battle."

The foot that Ye Futian picked up to leave was placed on the ground once again. Everyone watched as he turned around with a bright big smile and said, "Tell Jing Yang, I will be waiting for him here."