The Legend Of Futian Chapter 592

Chapter 592 A Grade Eight Noble

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Everyone at the Daozang Palace wore tense expressions on their faces. Two beauties of the Daozang Palace were actually at odds with each other over what Ye Futian had said.

Many were actually a little envious of Ye Futian, who had ranked first in the Law Battle and had garnered a bad reputation for himself. It made people somewhat jealous to see how protective Hua Jieyu was over him. But Ye Futian had also been that beast who had insulted older sister Yun.

“Younger sister, Zhiqin only meant you well. Why act this way?” Yun Feng piped up from the side, breaking the tension between the two. Xiang Zhiqin smiled snidely. Since Hua Jieyu liked Ye Futian, there was nothing she could do about it anyway.

“I just feel sorry for you, younger sister,” Xiang Zhiqin spoke calmly. “Insulting older sister Yun, launching a sneak attack during someone else’s challenge. With such behavior, it’s better that you take note of it in future, younger sister.”

Hua Jieyu looked at Xiang Zhiqin. There had been much discussion over Ye Futian in the Daozang Palace. Having paid attention to what was being said about him, Hua Jieyu was not surprised by what Xiang Zhiqin had just said.

Hua Jieyu walked over to Yun Shuisheng. Looking down at her, she spoke, “Older sister Yun, I don’t know what caused the misunderstanding between the two of you, but I hope you can understand how he might feel being hunted down by a senior of your cultivations and plane. If he has done anything to offend you, I apologize on his behalf and ask for your forgiveness. But I assure you, he is definitely not what you think he is, older sister.”

Yun Shuisheng looked up at the startlingly beautiful face. She had been training in seclusion at the cold pond all this while and had no idea what was happening in the outside world. It was only after returning to the Daozang Palace that she learned that the man who had belittled her was actually the top disciple amongst those who had just entered the palace. Furthermore, she was shocked upon hearing that Hua Jieyu was his girlfriend, and it hit her that the events of that day might have indeed been a misunderstanding. But even if it was a misunderstanding, it was insulting to have been embraced by a man like that. That was why she had persistently pursued Ye Futian the other day.

Thinking about that incident made feelings of indignation rise in her. But as Ye Futian was a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace, after all, there was nothing she could really do to him anyway. Besides, Hua Jieyu was a junior of hers, too. As such, Yun Shuisheng replied, “If he can make a public apology to clear the air, I’ll let this incident go.”

“Thank you, older sister.” Hua Jieyu smiled at Yun Shuisheng before her gaze turned once again to Xiang Zhiqin. “As for those supposed challenges, the disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace are all amazing characters in their own right. If a group of people of a high plane was to surround a grade nine noble who had just entered the palace, demand that he entertains their challenges and smear doubt over the integrity of his conduct, then I think those people should reflect on their own behavior first.”

“That’s enough,” a calm voice rang out. The owner of the voice sat quietly on a praying mat before them. He was clothed in white robes that billowed onto the floor, with a guqin in front of him. Just the outline of his figure alone belied an incredible aura that was like none other.

“You’re new to the palace, younger sister, so perhaps you’re not too aware of the culture here,” the man said. He turned to the side and said, “Just as you’ve said, the disciples of the Holy Zhi Palace are all amazing in their own right. That’s why it isn’t that much of a humiliation to lose in a normal challenge due to being of a lower plane. One can always train and participate in a rematch. In a way, this is how disciples of the palace motivate each other to train harder. Everyone who has entered the palace, even those at the top of the ranks, have all been met with similar setbacks before. Ye Futian’s actions are understandable, but as the top disciple amongst the newcomers and as one whose name entered the Law Rank upon entering the palace, he’s seen as someone special. As such, people will naturally be more critical towards whatever he does. Zhiqin was speaking out of good intentions.” The man’s voice was gentle, and there seemed to be a mystical quality to it that made his words especially convincing.

“As for Zhiqin,” he continued, “some of the things she said were indeed out of line. Let’s not pursue this matter any further.”

Many of the Daozang Palace disciples were gazing at the figure. His face was turned to the side as he continued staring ahead.

“Since senior has spoken, I will speak no further,” Xiang Zhiqin responded.

Hua Jieyu threw a glance. She was still somewhat unhappy, but she did not put up any further resistance and returned to her own seat. There was nothing she could do to change the thoughts of others, but time would reveal all.

“Older brother Lian really is outstanding,” people commented as they looked over at the man who had spoken. That man was Lian Yuqing, a Musical Sorcerer who was the successor that would inherit the Guqin Techniques. He was the strongest among the nobles in the Daozang Palace and was ranked fifth in the Law Rank.

Both Lian Yuqing and Yun Shuisheng were two of the strongest nobles in the Daozang Palace. Many people knew that Lian Yuqing’s goal was to catch up with Bai Luli, who was tenth in the Barren Sky Ranking. As much as the Law Rank was nicknamed the mini Barren Sky Ranking, in reality, there was still a huge gap in the abilities of those in the different rankings.

Suddenly, several people could be seen walking towards everyone from afar. Instantly, the disciples got up in a flurry and bowed. The man at the head of the party was Sage Daozang himself. He was the sole reason why hundreds of disciples had gathered here. They were all here to learn from him.

Sage Daozang’s knowledge was vast, and of the six Palace Lords, he was the most well-rounded. As such, many cultivators of different professions were willing to learn from him. These included people like Musical Sorcerers and Painters, among many others. Under the guidance of Sage Daozang, they could ask him questions they had during the cultivation process and seek clarity through his answers.

Completely unaware of the conflict happening within the Daozang Palace, Ye Futian was still intent on training in the Law Power Zone of the Holy Zhi Palace.

A canyon lay along the southern area of the Law Power Zone. The canyon brimmed with a frightening dark grey energy, which turned out to be a hurricane that tore apart everything within range. This area was an incredibly barren one, and it seemed as if the vast raging hurricane was in the canyon.

At this very moment, a person sat cross-legged in the midst of the hurricane, allowing the roaring winds to slice across his body, tearing his top and slashing through his flesh like unforgivingly sharp blades. His body was riddled with thread-thin, bloody cuts left by the winds, and traces of wounds that had been healed over could be seen as well.

Ye Futian had truly experienced the savage violence of the hurricane within this area. Wind Intent at its mightiest manifested in a powerful attacking force that was like a blade, stabbing at every part of Ye Futian it could reach and harboring an intense energy that tore apart everything in its way.

After a long while, Ye Futian stood up and began walking deeper into the canyon. A month later, Ye Futian appeared within the earth area that was located in the eastern part of the Law Power Zone. Three months after that, he set foot into the destructive lightning area, which was also in the same eastern part of the Zone.

Time flew by in a haze. Spring changed into summer then into autumn, and in the blink of an eye, it was the end of autumn already. The fire area was a world consumed by flames, emanating frightening destructive energy. Waves of fire currents surged towards Ye Futian and seeped into his body.

The flames of this area were incredibly powerful, and the fire currents that had entered Ye Futian’s body felt as though they were about to consume everything in their path. Where Ye Futian stood, all was barren and lifeless, having been destroyed by the flames. But one occasionally saw a few cultivators who had come here to train as well.

This place looks like a mountain range that has been burned to ashes, Ye Futian thought to himself as he walked towards the center of the fire area. Fire currents that were even more powerful than before came rushing towards him, invading his body and even worming into Ye Futian’s mind in an attempt to burn away his will.

A rustling sound came from within Ye Futian’s Life Palace. Jade green light flowed along the surface of his body, swallowing up the fire currents that passed through his body bit by bit. Within his Life Palace, these flame currents shot straight for the World Tree Life Spirit and attached themselves to it in an aggressive attempt to incinerate the Life Spirit.

“Come” Just then, a mystical voice rang out inside Ye Futian’s head. There seemed to be a special magical quality to the voice as it summoned him.

“What’s that sound?” Ye Futian’s expression changed. He continued walking, stepping through the sea of flames. A mountain lay ahead, and it seemed like the voice was coming from there.

“Come over here,” that same mystical voice rang out again, guiding him forward. Ye Futian gradually neared the mountain, and the power of the flames grew stronger as well.

“Don’t go any further if you value your life,” someone warned from afar, opening their eyes to shoot Ye Futian a calm glance.

Ye Futian stopped and turned to look at them, but at that moment a loud bang was heard, and the mountains seemed to have been blown apart. Ye Futian turned his gaze back to see a gigantic Divine Fire Bird before him. That Divine Fire Bird had three feet and was as dazzling as the sun itself. It was a Divine Bird of the Sun, the Three-Legged Golden Raven.

A streak of fire current energy shot viciously towards Ye Futian. He retreated in a flash, only to feel several Three-Legged Golden Raven shadows rush into his mind in a bid to incinerate him.

Using the Holy Will, Ye Futian kept his will intact and retreated far away before he looked forward again. The mountain was actually a massive matrix, and it was glowing blindingly bright now. The Three-legged Golden Raven charged again with a roar, but it was sealed by the matrix and could not go any further.

It’s no wonder that these flames are so wild, given that they were generated because of this Three-legged Golden Raven. It would be good if I could consume a demonic beast of this level in future, Ye Futian thought to himself. It seemed like he had gotten into some sort of bad habit at the Cottage.

Ye Futian then thanked the person who had spoken for the reminder. The person did not reply, closing his eyes to continue training. Ye Futian was not bothered by this, and he trained here for a period of time before leaving the place.

When Ye Futian returned to the Sky Reaching Tower once more, Yu Sheng had already entered the tenth level of the Tower already. Ye Futian directly entered the ninth level and endured the incredibly mighty pressure present there. As of now, he had already broken through to a higher plane in terms of sorcery and was nearing the threshold of the next plane in terms of martial arts.

After seven days in the ninth level of the Sky Reaching Tower, a cracking sound came from Ye Futian’s body. A roar emanated from within his body and something seemed to shift about him. Around Ye Futian, an even more powerful streak of Martial Will glowed.

At this moment, Ye Futian had progressed into the eighth grade of the Noble plane in terms of martial arts and sorcery. He took in a deep breath before he walked down the tower and exited. Now that Ye Futian had made a breakthrough in his cultivation and had become a Grade Eight Noble, he could afford to take a two-day break. He was going to head to the Daozang Palace to see how Jieyu was doing with her own training.

“Cultivation really is time-consuming, so much time has actually passed.” Ye Futian smiled wryly. As one transcended into the higher planes, it took longer to grow one’s abilities and break into the next plane.

On the way there, many people recognized Ye Futian and looked at him with some interest. This was the newbie who entered the Holy Zhi Palace after emerging as the top disciple from the Law Battle and had immediately raised a furor, attracting a terrible reputation for himself. He had disappeared for months after that, though it was unknown whether or not that was an intentional move to escape the rumors. And now Ye Futian was back. According to rumors, his girlfriend Hua Jieyu had gotten into a conflict with many people at the Daozang Palace, and it was all because of him.