The Legend Of Futian Chapter 594

Chapter 594 The Battle Of The Law Rank

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Xiang Zhiqin mentioned having let Jieyu off the previous time. Evidently, this was not the first time this sort of thing had happened. Xiang Zhiqin was a grade five noble. Against her, Jieyu was at an obvious disadvantage.

It looked like there really was a tradition of newcomers being hazed at the Holy Zhi Palace.

“May I ask what your relation to Yun Shuisheng is?” walking to Hua Jieyu’s side and taking her hand, Ye Futian looked over to Xiang Zhiqin and asked.

Xiang Zhiqin shot Ye Futian a glance. “She’s my senior.”

“Oh,” Ye Futian nodded, “Jieyu is my girlfriend. If you, a mere junior, can meddle with what happened between me and Yun Shuisheng, then why can’t Jieyu speak up for me?

“Are you an idiot?” Ye Futian shot at Xiang Zhiqin. Everyone’s stares hardened. Ye Futian’s words seemed to make some sense. However, in the world of cultivation, it was only one thing to make sense. If Hua Jieyu’s plane was higher than Xiang Zhiqin’s, then she could have said anything she wanted to, and Xiang Zhiqin would not have dared to do anything about it. However, the situation was that Ye Futian and Hua Jieyu were the weaker ones in this equation.

“Of course she can,” Xiang Zhiqin sneered. “If she even wants to battle on your behalf today, that’s fine too.”

“So, in the end, you’re just lording your seniority over us.” Ye Futian chuckled. “Well then, let’s settle things one by one.” As he spoke, he walked towards Yun Shuisheng. The people who had gathered close by dispersed, watching Ye Futian. They were wondering what he was going to do. News of how he had insulted Yun Shuisheng had spread through the Holy Zhi Palace.

Ye Futian approached Yun Shuisheng, and her cool gaze flickered towards him before he said, “Let me resolve what happened between the two of us. The misunderstanding from before was my fault from the start. I take responsibility for it. But it was a genuine mistake on my part as well. If you think I did it intentionally, then there isn’t much point to an apology. You can do as you like, then.”

Yun Shuisheng looked into Ye Futian’s eyes. His gaze was clear and devoid of any frivolity. His expression made it easy for one to believe his words.

“I believe you,” Yun Shuisheng replied.

“That would make things easier,” Ye Futian said. “When you woke up, I told you it was a misunderstanding and tried to explain. If you had let me do so then, there would have been no problem. Instead, you attacked me immediately without even hearing me out and even said you were going to kill me. Who would have been able to stand that? Furthermore, you chased me all the way to the Sky Reaching Tower and even wanted to take me away. Many people tried to make me stay then, but how could I be blamed for acting in self-defense? How would I dare to leave with you under that sort of situation?”

Yun Shuisheng did not say anything in response.

“I understand where you are coming from,” Ye Futian continued, “but I hope you can do the same for me, too. Whether or not what happened at the cold lake was a misunderstanding, it was my fault. I apologize for what I said at the Sky Reaching Tower as well, it was uncalled for. It isn’t that I am scared of you, I just don’t see the need to continuously harp on such a trivial matter, to the point where it even implicates my significant other. You are free to do whatever you want when it comes to me in the future. I’ll accept it. But this is purely between the two of us, it has nothing to do with Jieyu, nor does it have anything to do with the Daozang Palace.” After speaking his mind, Ye Futian then turned to leave.

Watching him walk away, Yun Shuisheng spoke up as well, “Let’s put this matter to rest then.” Ye Futian stopped at her words and smiled. Then he continued walking forward and approached Xiang Zhiqin.

“Now that things between me and Yun Shuisheng have been cleared up, it’s time to settle things between us. You’ve meddled in our affairs twice by this point, once at the Sky Reaching Tower, and right now at the Daozang Palace. You’re even going as far as to bully my girlfriend. Tell me, how should we settle this?”

“Older sister Yun may have forgiven you, but you’re still a despicable man. Sneaking up on Wang Yu, insulting older sister Yun. You’re in the Law Rank, yet you choose to lose by default in order to avoid battles. You seem to not know what shame is.” Xiang Zhiqin glared at Ye Futian. She had been taken aback by his question. How did he intend to settle this then?

“I entered the Holy Zhi Palace to train, not to play these silly games with all of you and participate in meaningless challenges. Furthermore, you do things like issuing challenges to those of a lower plane than you and then forcing them to accept it, or imposing your own views on other people. Then you even crow about it like it’s something to be proud of. Maybe it’s because you’ve been spoilt rotten as the princess of the Xiang Kingdom, that’s why you like to force your self-centered beliefs onto others and believe this is something that is natural and acceptable.”

Ye Futian shot Xiang Zhiqin a cold glance, and said, “Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you were being a b*tch?”

Upon Ye Futian’s words, everyone froze and stared at them. If what Ye Futian had said to Yun Shuisheng earlier had carried hints of an insult, then this was full-out humiliation. Ye Futian had entered the Daozang Palace and humiliated Xiang Zhiqin in front of everyone.

Xiang Zhiqin’s expression changed in an instant. She was at a loss at what had just happened. This was the first time anyone had dared to describe her in such insulting terms. The immense pressure of a Grade Five Noble began to spread across the space. Xiang Zhiqin’s long hair fluttered in the wind, and the elegance of her demeanor was undercut by a cold rage. Everyone present could sense that Xiang Zhiqin had been genuinely angered by Ye Futian’s words.

At this moment, a man in white robes strode into view. People gave way to him and stared at the figure walking towards Ye Futian and Xiang Zhiqin. It was Lian Yuqing, a disciple of the Daozang Palace, and fifth in the Law Rank.

Lian Yuqing had a guqin in his hands and was charming in his long white robes that went all the way to the floor. Looking at Ye Futian, he spoke, “They say you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear. I’ve heard rumors in the Daozang Palace that the disciple who placed first in the Law Battle this year was a despicable and shameless person. I always thought that might be an exaggeration, and seeing you come here to the Daozang Palace to apologize to Yun Shuisheng and put this matter to rest made me believe in my own judgment even more. Since you placed first in the Law Battle, perhaps you might have some flaws, but not to the extent that it is unacceptable. But now I’ve realized that I may have been wrong in my judgment this time.

“Using such a term to insult a peer, and a lady at that, I’m extremely disappointed in you,” Lian Yuqing continued. He had entered the Holy Zhi Palace six years ago. In his year, he had placed third in the Law Battle, and the two people above him were now first and second in the Law Rank. They were all top-notch individuals.

Those who had come on top in the Law Battle three years back were now incredibly well-known in the Holy Zhi Palace as well, and Ye Futian was the top disciple in this year’s Law Battle. According to precedence, Ye Futian was set to have illustrious achievements and enter the Law Rank sooner or later. However, his behavior really was quite unacceptable.

Ye Futian looked over at Lian Yuqing. With a guqin in his hands, he really was a charming-looking man. Judging by the other disciples’ attitude towards Lian Yuqing, though Ye Futian had no idea who he was, he surmised that he probably was held in high regard at the Daozang Palace. However, what did all that have anything to do with him?

“Am I supposed to care whether or not you’re disappointed?” Ye Futian shot Lian Yuqing a cold glance. Anyone could stand at a distance and take the moral high ground over something that wasn’t their business.

Ever since Ye Futian entered the Holy Zhi Palace, he had never spoken kindly to anyone. The disciples of the palace were all talents hailed by the people, and all of them were exceedingly arrogant as well. He had wanted to train in peace, but all sorts of troublesome things kept happening to him.

Outside the Sky Reaching Tower, Xiang Zhiqin had ordered people to surround Ye Futian and forced him to choose one of them to challenge. If he lost the battle, then he would not be allowed to leave easily. If Ye Futian had not defeated his opponent that day, who knew what sort of humiliation he would have been forced to face.

Today at the Daozang Palace, Ye Futian had only planned to come see Jieyu, quietly listen to Sage Daozang’s lecture for a while, then leave with Jieyu. And yet Xiang Zhiqin had jumped on him again. Furthermore, it seemed like he wasn’t her only target. Hua Jieyu seemed to have been bullied by her as well, and that Ye Futian could not tolerate.

The atmosphere became tense again. No one could believe that Ye Futian had actually dared to talk back to older brother Lian, who was fifth in the Law Rank.

“Older brother Lian, in the Daozang Palace, Xiang Zhiqin throws around insults like ‘shameless’ and ‘despicable’ on a regular basis when it comes to describing Futian. Even today, in front of everyone, she’s talking about him in the exact same way. If she can insult him, why is he not allowed to respond i?” Hua Jieyu stared at Lian Yuqing, her tone frosty.

“As a man, and the top disciple to emerge from the Law Battle, it is only right that he is gracious to others,” Lian Yuqing replied, looking at Hua Jieyu.

“You may be fifth in the Law Rank, but it appears that there isn’t much difference between the character of you and Xiang Zhiqin,” Hua Jieyu spoke coldly. Lian Yuqing’s gaze flicked back to Hua Jieyu, only to see Ye Futian holding Hua Jieyu’s hand. There really was no point in trying to reason with these people.

“Since you all like to force people to accept these supposed ‘challenges’ so much and expect ‘graciousness’ from them, then let me see just how gracious all of you people at the Daozang Palace are.” Ye Futian looked around at the crowd. “I’m Ye Futian, a Grade Eight Noble. If anyone wants a challenge, I’ll gladly accept.”

Since everyone was quibbling over graciousness, Ye Futian announced his plane to everyone upfront. He was going to see if those of a higher plane would be so shameless as to attack him still.

Xiang Zhiqin took a step forward before a voice rang out, “Zhiqin.”

Everyone’s gaze snapped over to the person who had spoken. It was Yun Feng, who walked out and said, “I don’t agree with this person’s behavior as well. Since I’m closer to him in terms of ranking, let me take this battle instead.”

In the Law Rank, Yun Feng was in the 96th place, while Ye Futian was in the 97th. Previously, Yun Feng had claimed before the Law Rank that this year’s entry battle could be a flop. Evidently, he believed that if he had not entered the Palace directly last year and entered the Law Battle instead, he would have been the most dazzling individual.

“Younger sister,” Lian Yuqing said, “Yun Feng is a Grade Six Noble, he’s perfect for this. Ye Futian has defeated challengers two planes above him to become the champion of the Law Battle, and furthermore, your rankings in the Law Rank are close to each other. A challenge like this will not be seen as bullying.”

Xiang Zhiqin nodded slightly in agreement. Her expression was still cold as she turned to glare at Ye Futian. She had never been insulted like that before.

Yun Feng walked forward, and the people around him scrambled to make way for him. Ye Futian nodded at Hua Jieyu, and she retreated as well. The two were to battle on this sacred learning ground.

Yun Feng was very young, and he was fair and handsome. Smiling at Ye Futian, he announced, “I’m Yun Feng, a Grade Six Noble. I am a Painter.” Upon finishing his words, a dazzling light shone from behind him and instantly, paintings flew out all around him. It was as if millions of paintings were suspended in the air, with each painting containing immense power within.

Ye Futian looked at Yun Feng. Yun Feng’s Life Spirit was similar to that of Ye Futian’s fourth older brother’s Million Treasure Books. It was very interesting.

Looking at the various paintings, Ye Futian’s expression suddenly changed. One of the scrolls had an image carved into it. It was a painting of Hua Jieyu.

“Yun Feng.” Hua Jieyu’s expression changed as well. Currents of energy rolled off her body, and her eyes were cold.

“Please don’t take offense, younger sister. You burnt my scrolls previously when I was painting, after all. But this has always been the way of my training, I will incorporate everything that is beautiful and good in this world into my paintings. It is not to target you. I hope you can understand,” Yun Feng explained. There were all sorts of painting scrolls behind him, containing images of people, demonic monsters, ritual implements, and many more.

Hua Jieyu’s face was pale, and she looked at Ye Futian. Ye Futian’s expression was equally cold. Suddenly, he rose up into the sky, moving out of the Daozang Palace.

Everyone was stunned. Yun Feng followed after him, asking, “What is the meaning of this?”

“We’ll settle this at the Law Battle Platform,” Ye Futian replied coldly. After seeing that painting, he had decided to not battle at the Daozang Palace.