The Legend Of Futian Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Bloody

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Ye Futian soared through the air above the Daozang Pavilion. Yun Feng chased after him.

Everyone looked at the two figures, something odd flashing past their eyes. Then they shot into the sky too and went over towards the battle area. Even Yun Shuisheng went forward after a moment of hesitation. He wanted to see too.

The big group soared through the sky. Many people cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace were shocked when seeing the sight in the air. Was something big happening?

Some unrelated people also joined them, making the camp bigger and bigger. Right now, many people were already gathered at the battle area. Just then, many looked up. They saw a group in the air, charging towards the battle platform.

“Someone will engage in battle.” Everyone’s eyes flashed. They stepped toward the battle platform. They wondered who would be fighting that would cause such a commotion.

“That’s Yun Feng. He’s 96th on the Law Rank. He’s the descendant of the Craftsman. The Craftsman is good friends with Sage Daozang. Last year, he sent Yun Feng to cultivate under Sage Daozang. His cultivation isn’t exactly high in the Holy Zhi Palace, but he’s very talented. He has the potential to reach the top of the rank. Who’s in front of him?” someone asked while walking.

“Ye Futian, 97th of the Law Rank. He was number one in the entrance battle at the start of the year.” Some people’s eyes glinted. They looked at the two figures with interest. It would be interesting if two strong cultivators from the rank would fight a Law Battle.

“I heard that Ye Futian had a bad reputation after entering the Holy Zhi Palace. There are many rumors about him in the Daozang Pavilion. Yun Feng had once drawn a picture of Hua Jieyu, but she burned it. Maybe this angered Ye Futian, so he wants to challenge Yun Feng directly.”

Everyone discussed this. Soon, many strong cultivators gathered around the battle podium. Ye Futian descended from the air, landing on the podium. Afterward, Yun Feng came down in a beautiful arc. Countless scrolls danced around him. He was extremely brilliant. He floated down and landed on the platform.

Various figures flew over and landed around the platform. Just as they’d guessed, the ones who would fight this time were Yun Feng and Ye Futian, 96th and 97th on the Law Rank respectively. However, Yun Feng should be a Grade six Noble now. Ye Futian had been a Grade nine Noble when he’d first entered the pavilion. The people didn’t know if he’d improved, but even if he was Grade eight, it was still foolish to challenge Yun Feng.

Strong cultivators of the Daozang Pavilion arrived gradually. They appeared around the platform and gazed at the two figures there. The platform was very big. It was enough, even for a Noble-level battle.

People could fight at any time anywhere in the Holy Zhi Palace, other than the six pavilions, but people still liked to solve their conflicts on the platforms. It was a tradition. Plus, once people stepped onto the platforms, no one from the Holy Zhi Palace could interfere. This meant that they could fight however they wished without hurting or disabling anyone. No one could do anything about it.

Stepping onto the battle podium was a voluntary thing. One had to pay for the consequences of their choices.

“When we first met, you said that you were first in the pavilion battle by luck. Now, it seems that it’s not the truth,” Yun Feng said coolly while looking at Ye Futian. “But it doesn’t matter if it’s the truth. This battle will prove it. You’re 97th on the Law Rank after entering the pavilion. I’d like to see just how strong you are.”

Ye Futian scanned Yun Feng and said, “I’m not interested in people’s positions on the Law Rank. I just know that you’ll regret meeting me after this battle.” As soon as he finished, a beautiful golden Roc appeared. Behind the dazzling wings, rough sounds came from his life palace. Noble Will enveloped the entire space as Spiritual Qi rushed towards him.

At the same time, powerful Spiritual Qi gathered into a golden staff. He grasped it and his wings pumped. Ye Futian rose slowly into the air. A starry world appeared around him.

Yun Feng stared at Ye Futian. The Ye Futian who’d been known to be lowly and surrender no matter who challenged him seemed to have changed today. He seemed too arrogant to even know his place. Which was his true side? Everyone would know after this battle. His true self would appear after Yun Feng defeated him.

“An artist is also called a summoner. My life spirit is a picture. Carving thousands of pictures on my life spirit, observing scrolls, and carving scrolls are how I cultivate. Not everyone can enter my scrolls,” Yun Feng said coolly. He was clearly talking about Hua Jieyu.

“This will be the biggest regret of your life.” When Ye Futian finished speaking, he stepped forward.

“I never regret what I do,” Yun Feng stated. He waved his hand and countless scrolls started dancing. At the same time, his eyes turned demonic. An extremely terrifying spiritual wind enveloped the sky. All the Spiritual Qi in the world rushed crazily into those scrolls. These pictures had already been carved. Spiritual Qi entering the pictures was his strongest attack.

Instantly, all the scrolls dancing in the air floated towards Ye Futian. He was surrounded by scrolls. The various scrolls devoured Spiritual Qi wildly, exuding shocking auras. All the scrolls seemed to be controlled my Yun Feng’s spiritual mind.

When Ye Futian was young, he’d met someone who cultivated in ArtZhou Mu. Yun Feng was clearly stronger than Zhou Mu. His life spirit was a picture.

All these scrolls were carved in Yun Feng’s life spirit. They were similar to spell scrolls. Yun Feng’s attacks were like thousands of spell scrolls. However, he must have put in a lot of effort to carve these picture scrolls.

Boom, boom, boom. The scrolls floating around Ye Futian dissipated. Horrible demonic roars sounded. The scrolls actually transformed into various terrifying demons in the air. There were dragons, phoenixes, Kirins, Xuanwus, Rocs, elephants and more They were like a horrible demon army.

Many hearts trembled. This was Yun Feng’s first time on the battle platform. He’d been quite well-known when he’d entered the pavilion last year, but very few people had seen the Craftsman’s descendant fight. Now that they witnessed it with their own eyes, they were shaken. No wonder he could enter the Law Rank as a middle-level Noble. Everything in the world could enter the pictures. All spells, demons, and ritual implements could be used by the artist.

Artists were also summoners. Every demon that appeared in the air was drawn by Yun Feng. They contained his power and possessed his cultivation plane. It was like an army of mid-level Noble super demons. Everyone started mourning inwardly for Ye Futian. It would be difficult to defeat Yun Feng.

Various spell scrolls appeared around Ye Futian. Spiritual Qi rushed into them, filling them with terrifying power. The light of runes shone and destructive power poured out.

This was the Void Scroll skill that he’d learned from Bai Ze.

At the moment, Yun Feng’s spiritual energy enveloped the entire battlefield. His expression was cold. Hovering in the sky, he waved his hand. The demon army in the sky started charging towards Ye Futian. The entire battle platform shook at that moment.

Almost at the same time, the spell scrolls burst with thunder spells. Purple-gold lightning instantly filled the sky with destructive light, covering all the demons. They struck the demons. The demons shook, but they still charged downward. They’d come out of the picture scrolls and didn’t feel any pain. But just then, a golden figure from the starry world shot forward, charging across the sky.

Starry light dazzled around the figure. There was also a shocking windstorm. It became one with the stars, possessing power that could rip apart everything. Many people saw the golden figure flying below the demons, going forward with the starry windstorm. The scene was majestic.

A huge elephant stepped down, wanting to push Ye Futian down. However, Ye Futian didn’t try dodging it. The destructive starry windstorm moved up. The moment the giant foot was about to stomp on him, the horrible windstorm arrived and tore it apart. Ye Futian continued soaring. He struck with the starry staff, splitting the elephant in half. Like a golden bolt of lightning, he streaked out of the space, charging towards Yun Feng.

Yun Feng’s expression didn’t change. He waved a wand and various scrolls continued to fly out. There were ritual implements carved on the scrolls. Instantly, swords whistled through the sky. These swords were like the sharpest ritual implements and they flew orderly towards Ye Futian.

Is it controlled by his mind? Ye Futian’s expression was cold. Terrifying cold intent descended. The extremely icy intent enveloped the space, making Yun Feng’s mind feel bone-numbing coldness. The sharp swords were covered in frost. They slowed down as if they were affected.

Boom. The golden Roc flew through the sky, passing between the swords. Then another ritual implement created by a scroll arrived. It was a huge and ancient clock. It crashed down, trying to cage Ye Futian in.

Ye Futian didn’t stop at all; he continued forward. Seeing the huge clock, he struck with his staff again without hesitation. With a loud ring, countless eardrums trembled while the clock was shattered.

Such a strong attack. Countless hearts trembled. Seeing Ye Futian continue forward, Yun Feng furrowed his brows. Whooshes sounded. The scrolls behind him flew forward crazily and many heavy mountains appeared. They crushed downward to squash everything.

The body that was like a golden Roc charged towards a mountain with the staff in front. The horrible windstorm wrapped around the body and he passed right through the mountain. It was destroyed in an instant. The other scrolls also missed their attacks. Ye Futian was getting closer and closer to Yun Feng.

“Go!” Yun Feng waved his hand. Countless scrolls flew out like pages of an ancient book. There were endless rustles as the scrolls blocked Yun Feng. They covered the entire sky. The spells arrived after that. Horrible pressure weighed down, fiery birds shot out, icy rivers swept downward, and meteorites fell down.

3,000 spells were cast at once, destroying the entire space.

Boom. Ye Futian disappeared from the spot. The next moment, he appeared before a scroll attack. His staff swept over and destroyed it. The next moment, he appeared elsewhere. He struck with his staff again and a hole appeared in the sky.

He moved towards that hole. The starry world grew more terrifying. A sun and moon hung high in the sky. The sun’s fire and the moon’s water poured down. Riding the meteorite’s windstorm, he fought against the wild law power attacks. They were destroyed continuously, but the starry body seemed undefeatable like a god. His every step seemed to have a unique rhythm that shook the sky. The world and heavens were extremely heavy.

These days, he’d traveled the six law power zones and had cultivated in the Sky Reaching Tower. This hadn’t been a waste of time. All of his elemental powers had strengthened. His will had strengthened too.

Many people discovered with a shock that the various law power attacks towards Ye Futian were either burned by the sun’s fiery furnace, frozen by the icy will, or buried by the meteorite windstorm. Even if they reached Ye Futian, they would be torn apart by the windstorm around him.

The advancing figure gave everyone a strange feeling. It was as if everything was clearing a path for him. Loud booms sounded continuously. Everything kept getting destroyed. An unstoppable might was born around Ye Futian while the attacking scrolls in the sky seemed to become extremely insignificant.

Seeing Ye Futian walk over, Yun Feng’s life spirit floated before him. There was a blurry figure drawn on the boundless scroll. It was so big it looked like a god, filled with unparalleled might. This was Yun Feng’s final drawing. He’d put all his comprehensions from cultivations into this unclear figure. He imagined it as a top god. Every bit of his improvements and comprehension would strengthen the artistic conception in the picture.

Now, he poured his spiritual power into this picture. The figure seemed to come to life. It walked out of the scroll like a looming god. It was filled with extreme power.

Is this the Yun Family’s final picture, the Art Soul?

The figure that walked out of the picture crazily absorbed the Spiritual Qi in the world. It seemed to have the most perfect body. Apparently, the Craftsman had transformed all his comprehensions into this Art Soul. It was like a true Saint.

Yun Feng had seen many people stronger than him, even Sages. Thus, his Art Soul also contained unparalleled power. Right now, it raised its huge hand and smashed down at Ye Futian. The palm covered the sky. But Ye Futian continued advancing. Aggressive martial arts will was unleashed. It turned into a horrible force field. Everything around it seemed to be flattened. It was like an emperor.

Thud. He took another step and Yun Feng’s heart trembled. Then he saw Ye Futian raise his staff. Ye Futian’s body seemed to become a boundless shore. A 100-meter-long staff shadow appeared. It smashed down with the power of the world.

At that moment, Ye Futian’s aura wasn’t any weaker than Yun Feng’s Art Soul.

There were terrifying rumbles. Everything in the surroundings was destroyed. A regular attack couldn’t even get close. When the huge staff came down, the huge arm shattered. Then the head and body were pulverized under the staff too.

When the staff fell upon the scroll, it shook. Then with a cough, Yun Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale.

“You want to draw a god?” Ye Futian walked over. Yun Feng looked up with a pale face. “Why don’t you draw me instead?” Ye Futian reached out and grasped Yun Feng’s neck. Yun Feng struggled against Ye Futian’s hands. There was no color in his face at all.

Ye Futian looked back. Flames shot out and burned the scroll that had Hua Jieyu’s picture.

“How did you make it into the Law Rank?” Ye Futian held onto Yun Feng’s head and hurled him down. Many people were shaken by this scene.

Boom! The battle platform shook. Yun Feng vomited blood. He tried to move Ye Futian’s hands, but he obviously couldn’t.

Below the platform, countless eyes from the Daozang Pavilion were frozen on them. Xiang Zhiqin and Lian Yuqing were especially shocked by this.

Yun Feng had been bloodily defeated.

Ye Futian still gripped Yun Feng’s neck. “You all said that I’m shameless and don’t dare to fight anyone,” he said coldly. “Today, I gave in, but do you think you qualify?” With that, he lifted Yun Feng’s body and smashed it down again. So many of Yun Feng’s bones broke, but Ye Futian controlled it well. Yun Feng wouldn’t be disabled. But even if he couldn’t disable Yun Feng, he would still make him remember what “respect” meant.

Xiang Zhiqin’s eyes were frigid. She knew that Ye Futian was talking to Yun Feng, but the words were meant for the others too. For countless months, many rumors had mocked Ye Futian, but was it true that he didn’t dare to accept anyone’s challenge? Was it true that he didn’t have the temperament of the pavilion battle’s winner?

Today, Ye Futian told him that it wasn’t that he didn’t dare. It was his natural arrogance. He didn’t care even if people insulted him.

Yun Feng’s mouth was covered in blood and his face was ashen. He looked mangled. He was a pride too, but today, he’d been destroyed like this. Ye Futian was purposely using the cruelest way to humiliate him.

“Enough?” Lian Yuqing asked coldly.

Ye Futian looked up and sneered. “You’re the ones who wanted to fight. Now, you’re the ones who want to stop. Is this the temperament you spoke of? You’re allowed to mock me but don’t let me resist?”

With that, Ye Futian stood up. Dragging Yun Feng’s body, he stepped towards the edge of the battle platform. Many people pitied Yun Feng when seeing his tragic state.

Just as Ye Futian had said, Yun Feng probably regretted meeting him now. That handsome harmless-looking youth was like a demon when angered.

“This is the challenge that you wanted. Satisfied?” Ye Futian tossed Yun Feng’s body down the platform. Countless eyes fell upon Ye Futian.

This was the winner of the pavilion battle!