The Legend Of Futian Chapter 597

Chapter 597 The Incomplete Heavenly Manual

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The Sage Douzhan looked at the two of them and continued speaking. “Of course, body-refining is not just about training your physical body. At your cultivation level, you should understand that not cultivating your Spiritual Energy makes you as useful as a disabled person. Apart from that, a body-refining cultivator is also useless without speed. Next, I will teach the two of you the Incomplete Heavenly Manual. It is an extremely ruthless body-enhancing technique, but it could also be incomplete, hence I named it the Incomplete Heavenly Manual.”

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng listened attentively, they were extremely clear of the benefits and drawbacks of martial arts cultivation. Yu Sheng could be considered a martial arts cultivator with his unparalleled physique. However, he had lost to Xu Que in the Palace battle and the reason was obvious.

Ye Futian also cultivated in body-refining, but he had other aspects of his cultivation to worry about. Although his physique was also overbearing, he had not reached Yu Sheng’s level. The Sage Douzhan claimed that he was going to teach them an incomplete manual that was extremely brutal. He wondered how it fared against Yu Sheng’s demonic art.

“I’m telling you all this is to make you understand the strength of body-refining. Especially you, Ye Futian. Your cultivation is all over the place, you must be neglecting your body-refining. If the two of you do not wish to cultivate this technique, I will teach you other body-enhancing techniques.”

“I want to cultivate in this technique,” Yu Sheng said. The more brutal the body-enhancing technique, the stronger its effects would be. Coupled with his demonic art, he wondered how much stronger his physique could get.

“Master, I also want to try cultivating it,” Ye Futian smiled and said.

“Alright, after you have all cultivated this technique to a certain level, I will teach you a combat technique to complement the body-refinement that you have done.” The Sage Douzhan continued, “Now, I will use my Spiritual Will to transmit the Incomplete Heavenly Manual to both of you.”

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng nodded, then closed their eyes. Another eye appeared to open between the Sage Douzhan’s eyebrows, like a demonic Heavenly Eye. Following that, a brilliant light shot into Ye Futian and Yu Sheng’s brow chakra. In an instant, information flooded into their heads.

Ye Futian quietly accepted the technique that appeared in his head. In the shadow of mind, he saw a figure sitting with his knees crossed. a brilliant glow circulated around his body, teaching him how to perform the technique.

After a brief moment, Ye Futian opened his eyes and a glint appeared in them. He explained, “This technique uses external force to forge the body, converting external force into the body’s power. By forging one’s body to the limit, they will be able to open the Seven Star acupoints.”

“That’s right.” The Sage Douzhan nodded and continued, “The Incomplete Heavenly Manual is extremely brutal because it requires you to constantly break through your body’s physical limits until the Seven Star acupoints have been opened. When cultivated to the limit, your body will be as strong as a ritual implement. Geniuses’ spells may exceed their cultivation level, but if you cultivate the Incomplete Heavenly Manual, your body’s strength will also exceed your cultivation level. Moreover, in the Holy Zhi Palace, the requirements for cultivating the Incomplete Heavenly Manual are satisfied.”

“The Law Power Zone and the Sky Reaching Tower.” Ye Futian said.

“That’s right.” The Sage Douzhan nodded again. “The two of you have the inborn potential for body-refining, so don’t waste it. Especially you, Yu Sheng. You are a natural body-refining warrior and you have the chance to become a saint through your physique by forging an invincible body. At lower cultivation levels, spells are the strongest, but at higher cultivation levels, the cultivator with the strongest physique will reign supreme. When the two of you step foot in the eighteenth level of the Sky Reaching Tower, come find me again.”

“Yes.” Ye Futian and Yu Sheng nodded, then left. The Sage Douzhan had looked for them only to teach them the Incomplete Heavenly Manual.

After the two of them had left, the King Kong Sage appeared beside the Sage Douzhan. He looked at the Sage Douzhan and said, “Brother has not paid attention to the battle of the Holy Zhi Palace for many years, why did you take in two disciples all of a sudden?”

Before this, his brother had also taken in Qi Jie.

“It’s not like you don’t know about Wanxiang’s prophecy,” the Sage Douzhan looked at the King Kong Sage and said.

“Humph.” The King Kong Sage huffed angrily and said, “That astrologer is just speaking nonsense. His supposed astrology is just a load of bull, how could he know what the heavens have planned for us and predict the future. Brother, there is no need to pay him any heed.”

“Everything exists for a reason. Since it is there, it has a purpose. The astrologers are able to read the heavens’ plans and prophesize, but they do not do so often for fear of their lives. However, their readings are generally likely to come true,” the Sage Douzhan said.

“Brother’s cultivation level is stronger than him, what right does he have to be able to predict your future? Moreover, brother is a genius, how can your fate be predestined by the heavens?” the King Kong Sage’s tone was cold as he questioned.

“I naturally will not resign to my fate,” the Sage Douzhan said indifferently and continued, “My pursuit is to break through to the Saint level, but I know the difficulties of that. Perhaps, in the process, there will be a disaster that will befall me. That is nothing to be surprised about since I am unable to avoid it. I will face it calmly. However, Yu Sheng and Ye Futian are outstanding talents, especially Yu Sheng. He was born for body-refining, if I am unable to do it, perhaps he will stand a chance.”

The King Kong Sage did not say anything. It was already hard to become a Saint. Countless geniuses in the Barren State had failed to do it. Moreover, it was even tougher to break through to become a Saint through one’s physique. Body-refining was considered the most rudimentary cultivation method.

After Ye Futian and Yu Sheng had obtained the body-enhancing technique from the Sage Douzhan, they started their cultivation.Moreover, they already had strong body-refining foundations and the Incomplete Heavenly Manual could build on their foundation to break through their limits.

In the Flame Zone of the Law Power Zone, two figures stood barefoot in the sea of flames. Their feet were in extreme pain as the violent flames burned their bodies. Their skin was crimson, and their bodies looked like they were going to be torn apart. However, they did not use their strength to resist it and used their bodies to experience it. They used the Incomplete Heavenly Manual to induct the power of the flames into their bodies and allow it to forge their bodies.

This was what the Sage Douzhan meant by extremely brutal. The cultivation of the Incomplete Heavenly Manual required the use of external force to forge one’s body. After the cultivation was complete, their bodies would already have been forged thousands of times, so a spell at the same level was nothing to fear.

In the Lightning Zone, they bathed in the countless thunderbolts, allowing the lightning force to strike their bodies wildly, using the lightning to forge their bodies. The lightning circulated on the surface of their bodies and was then inducted into their body, into their flesh.

In the Storm Zone, they withstood the storm’s tearing force and even ran against the storm without using any movement techniques, merely going against the wind and using the air pressure to forge their bodies.

In the Ground Zone, giant rocks continually fell down, striking their bodies. They could feel themselves getting closer to their limit step by step, breaking through step by step to withstand even stronger attacks.

Their cultivation period was very mundane, but it was fruitful. Ye Futian and Yu Sheng stepped into all the zones of the law power zone to forge their bodies. As times passed, they could feel that their already strong bodies were getting even more frightening. In the future, their ability to withstand attacks would definitely be stronger. However, this cultivation method could only be described as insane. Ye Futian’s body experienced countless limitations and he would have to force himself to continue doing so in the future, to allow his body to be brutally injured, to be burned by flames, frozen by ice and torn apart by storms.

In the blink of an eye, a few months had passed. Yu Sheng had already secured a spot in the 12th level of the Sky Reaching Tower.However, Yu Sheng was in extreme pain at that moment. An exceedingly horrifying force crushed down on his body like there were pagodas pressing down on him and smashing his body. Impact sounds could be constantly heard and blood trickled from his mouth, but he clenched his teeth and continued to bear it.

The 12th story of the Sky Reaching Tower, this was a place that only extremely strong Middle Noble Plane cultivators could reach, but here Yu Sheng was, resisting the pressure of the twelfth level.

Bam, bam, bam! Rays of golden light drilled holes through his body, but he did not give up. He continued to use the Incomplete Heavenly Manual and transferred the force to his legs.

Bang… Huge sounds could be heard like something was being punctured. With a pshhh, Yu Sheng spewed out a mouthful of blood and his legs looked like they were being punctured by waves of force and a horrifying light could be seen at his sole and back.

“I’ve succeeded.” Yu Sheng walked down the Sky Reaching Tower and made a mad rush for the exit. The ground started shaking and many people looked at Yu Sheng. What was wrong with this burly guy.

At that moment, Yu Sheng launched off the ground with his feet without using any movement techniques. His body flew straight off the ground into the air, like a flash of lightning.

Soon, Yu Sheng’s body landed from the air onto the ground. With a huge wham, the ground split apart and two footprints could be seen. Yu Sheng continued to propel himself into the distance, and many people looked at the figure getting further away curiously. What was up with this guy?

A figure shot towards the edge of the Battle Sage Palace and rushed towards the clouds, landing on the Battle Sage Palace. With a huge thud, Yu Sheng landed on the ground and appeared beside a figure.

The teenage figure opened his eyes and looked at the person beside him, asking, “Yu Sheng, what’s up?”

“I opened an acupoint,” Yu Sheng looked at Ye Futian and said.

“How do you feel?” A glint appeared in Ye Futian’s eyes. The Incomplete Heavenly Manual required a person to open the Seven Star acupoints.

“The strength in my feet has increased exponentially; they have very strong explosive strength now. I don’t need to use any movement techniques to jump into the air, but it uses the potential of my body instead. Perhaps, my legs will start to ache not long after.”

“The cultivation of the Incomplete Heavenly Manual is originally detrimental to one’s body, however, the opening of the Seven Star acupoints is just the start of unlocking one’s potential. If there is no need to, do not use it. Only use the explosive power when you really have to,” Ye Futian said, smiling. The Incomplete Heavenly Manual had recorded that if all Seven Star acupoints were opened, the human body’s potential would be stimulated to its limit and they could become a giant and have unparalleled explosive power that could rival a mountain.

“What are you so excited about?” Ye Futian stared at Yu Sheng.

“It feels fantastic after opening an acupoint. Moreover, the Incomplete Heavenly Manual does not clash with my demonic art and can even complement each other. That was why I wanted to try it out and ended up here,” Yu Sheng said.

“Bragging?” Ye Futian glared at him and said. He must have done it on purpose. However, he was also very happy for him. The demonic art could be cultivated in conjunction with the Incomplete Heavenly Manual and the Sage Douzhan would teach them another technique in the future. Yu Sheng’s body would only become more and more formidable.

Seeing Yu Sheng’s embarrassed smile, Ye Futian said, “Alright, have a break. Go and visit Qingxuan, it’s coming to the end of the year soon. You’re not allowed to cultivate at the end of the year.”

“Alright.” Yu Sheng nodded and left.

Ye Futian’s gaze landed on the distant Holy Zhi Palace. How fast it had been, another year was passing. He had heard that the Holy Zhi Palace would have a sparring session at the end of the year. At that time, he would be able to see the elites among the Noble Plane in the Holy Zhi Palace!