The Legend Of Futian Chapter 598

Chapter 598 White Lustrous Flame

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Ye Futian continued to sit at the edge of the Battle Sage Palace, looking at the distant island city.

Yu Sheng had exceptional talent in body-refining. The first of the Seven Star acupoints he had opened should be the Flirting Star Acupoint. Strength filled his legs, causing them to have tremendous explosive power. His body had superhuman speed, and when coupled with movement techniques, he would be exceptionally quick.

He closed his eyes and a roaring sound emitted from his body, his bloodstream struck wildly against his body like a dragon and his Spiritual Qi transformed into a golden Roc and struck his body. Emperor Ye Qing’s body-enhancement technique was different from the Incomplete Heavenly Manual, it imitated the form of demonic beasts. If cultivated to the extreme, he could soar through the skies like a golden Roc and shatter the earth like a Divine Ape. It cultivated speed, strength and other attributes the more demonic beasts he imitated. However, the Incomplete Heavenly Manual would push one’s physical body to the limit. The two techniques could be cultivated in conjunction to enhance the other’s effects.

The blood roared within his body and crackling sounds could be heard from his bones. It was like a Divine Ape had appeared in his body and was trying to break out.

Ye Futian exercised the power to its limit, and a mysterious current flowed through his body. He punched out with his fist and his movements appeared completely instinctive like the law power had become one with his fist. Sunlight sprinkled down, as though he was bathed in the emperor’s glow. His physical body was withstanding unbearable pain, as if it was going to be torn apart. However, it was like he did not feel the pain and continued to train his punches. On his body, a holy light shone.

Bang! With a crisp sound, like his body had been pierced through, a horrifying light penetrated his body. Ye Futian still acted like he did not hear feel it and continued punching and forging his body. The banging noises continued and horrifying rays of light penetrated all parts of his body. With a huge roar, he could feel his body expanding and the roar sounded throughout the heavens, as his body was filled with boundless power.

“Whoo…” Ye Futian exhaled and his breath shot through the air like an arrow. His body seemed as if it was made of metal.

The Gloomy Star Acupoint of the Seven Star acupoints had been opened.

Even though he had only opened one acupoint of the Incomplete Heavenly Manual, Ye Futian could feel its strength. If he opened all seven acupoints, he could indeed do what the Douzhan Sage had said and use his physical body to withstand the attacks of other cultivators in the same level as him with no reaction. At that time, using only his body’s strength and speed, he could easily crush cultivators on the same level as him.

He did not continue to make use of the force and instead sat down to cultivate. Closing his eyes his mind drifted to his Life Palace.

At that moment, it was dazzling in his Life Palace. His Natal Spirit, the World Tree, was swaying, its jade green branches full of life and making rustling sounds. The Sun and Moon were high up in the sky, the golden Roc was shining, the Divine Ape standing tall, the Thunder Dragon spiraling. Moreover, the scene in his Life Palace was scarier now, with the Sun Spirit’s flames being extremely frantic and the Moon Spirit’s cold rays. There was a frigid aura surrounding the area and the space filled with an icy current, originating from the Law Power Zone.

In the Law Power Zone, he had used his Life Spirit to absorb numerous forces into his Life Palace.

The previous time in the Daozang Palace, he had heard Sage Daozang mention in his lecture that different Spirit Zones could evolve through deeper understanding. Back then, when he learned spells in the Cottage, he cultivated in the combination of spells of different elements to form new spells. The strength of those spells was much stronger and if he could really do what Sage Daozang had mentioned and have a deeper understanding of the Spirit Zones, the spells created would definitely have horrifying power.

The past few days, he not only used the Law Power Zones to forge his body, but he also deciphered the different elements and refined his Spiritual Energy. Although he believed in the strength of the body-enhancement technique, he did not neglect his other abilities. Each ability had its specialty, with his inborn qualifications, he would naturally not give up.

The Sun’s flames drooped down, turning into a furnace. The Moon’s rays spilled down and the icy current did not evaporate but permeated the furnace drop by drop. The two forces intertwined, but were still distinct, as though they could not co-exist.

The wood element descended, causing the flames to burn fiercer, appearing eternal. Lightning struck down and Ye Futian walked through all the Law Power Zones, wanting to see if all the elements that he had absorbed would have any change if he used his Sun Scripture’s Sun Furnace to refine them all.

The furnace dimension became exceptionally horrifying, like golden lava had appeared and was flowing around in the furnace like the flames of hell. However, they appeared to lack aggression.

Ye Futian felt the forces in the furnace and appeared to have a brainwave. He remembered Xia Hou who he had met in the Holy Road and the Holy Fire Sect’s Xie Ji. They both specialized in flame abilities, Xia Hou’s Flames of Ruin appeared inextinguishable and capable of burning everything while Xie Ji’s flames turned into a dark lotus and contained incredible destructive power. The Flames of Ruin and the Dark Lotus Flame must have been created by elders. If that was so, why not just create his own flame?

Closing his eyes, his Spiritual Energy entered the furnace, experiencing everything going on inside it. He melded his Spiritual Energy within to perceive the changes.

Time passed by steadily. After a long while, Ye Futian was still sitting cross-legged, but the Spiritual Qi around him was rampaging. There was an intriguing aura wafting in the air. His Spiritual Energy resonated with the heavens and a unique force appeared. A terrifying destructive current appeared in the air and circulated steadily.

Following that, wisps of flames appeared in the air. It was a white flame, it did not appear elusive, but flowing. It burned brightly and soon, the area was full of the flames. Burning sounds could be heard in the air and the flame had a demonic beauty.

“Success,” Ye Futian mumbled softly. He opened his eyes and stopped controlling his Spiritual Energy. However, the countless flames continued to burn in the air, getting even more vigorous, as though an inextinguishable flame. Even if nobody controlled the flames, it would not be extinguished until it had burned up all the Spiritual Qi in the area.

“This flame is pure and untainted, like a glass lamp. Let’s call it the White Lustrous Flame then,” Ye Futian muttered to himself. Everyone’s perception was different, so the flame that they created would naturally be different as well. The Flames of Ruin was a different color from the flame that he had created. Although they both contained inextinguishable might, Ye Futian was naturally not going to name his flame after it.

Ye Futian broke into a smile. Although he did not break through his cultivation level in this period of time, he had significant improvement in his body-refining and his spells. This year, he had stepped into the Noble Plane and entered the Holy Zhi Palace to cultivate. Although his cultivation level did not improve as rapidly as before, it was still increasing gradually and he was growing stronger. If this trend continued, he would step into the Upper Noble Plane after three to five years of cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace or even be close to the Sage Plane.

Cultivation was the one thing he had never dared to neglect. There were many people waiting for him to become strongerBig brother, second sister and the rest of his brothers and sisters. They were all waiting for him to grow stronger. His masters and his godfather who had disappeared were also likely waiting for him to become stronger.

Standing up, Ye Futian left the place.

The 10006th year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar was coming to an end. At the end of every year, many of the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples would gather for a sparring session to compare their learnings. Not long after, many of those whose families were in Zhongzhou City would go home to visit their families.

In the Divine Prefecture, even to the cultivators, the end of the year was still an important event for them. In the core of the Holy Zhi Palace, there was an area with many magnificent towering palaces. At that moment, many people had come to that area for the sparring session.

Out of the 3,000 disciples from the six palaces, many had stepped foot into the area. They wanted to see how the other Holy Zhi Palace disciples were faring. After all, to many of them, even though they were all cultivating in the Holy Zhi Palace, they barely met each other, just once a year, and there were many people who did not know each other. Only those elites who had made it into the Law Rank were known by all, even among the elite geniuses of the Barren State, there were those who would end up as nobodies in the Holy Zhi Palace.

At that moment, in a certain location, a group of people was walking on the road, their gazes on the people all around.

“One year passed really fast. I’ve only raised my cultivation by one level this year, looks like I’ll only be able to be an onlooker in this year’s sparring session,” a teenager said with tones of indolence in his voice.

“Don’t be so humble. The sparring session isn’t ranked by battle ability, you can spar in whichever field you want. However, this year’s sparring session will still be focusing on those people on the Law Rank. After all, they are the group that attracts the most attention,” another replied.

“I’ve heard that there’s a batch of newbies this year who are rather interesting. The first among them is already the 81st on the Law Rank and is only a Grade Eight Noble. Even, Bai Luli’s younger brother, Bai Ze, was dominated by him, it’s as if Bai Ze has no presence in front of him,” another voice sounded out from within the group.

“Even the young masters from the White Cloud City were dominated? This is interesting indeed. What a pity that his cultivation is on the lower side, he probably doesn’t have any place in this year’s sparring session,” someone voiced his opinion while lamenting.

The group of people chatted while walking and many people among the crowd watched as they came closer.

The disciples from the Holy Sage Pavilion. Many people had glints in their eyes as they thought that. Moreover, the person leading them was Hua Fan, the first on the Law Rank. He had already obtained the right to enter the Sage Palace. After he had finished participating in this year’s sparring session, he would enter the Sage Palace to cultivate.

This year’s sparring session was likely to be his last one in the Holy Zhi Palace.

“Many people are discussing you,” Hua Fan said to a teen standing beside him. That teen was the second young master of the White Cloud City, Bai Ze.

Bai Ze’s expression was grim. He had initially wanted to brilliantly obtain first in the Holy Zhi Palace admission examinations. However, he was brutally defeated by Ye Futian and humiliated in public. Even after he had entered the Sage Palace, he was still criticized by others.

“After stepping into the Holy Zhi Palace, my cultivation level has reached the peak of a Grade Seven Noble. If he dares to come forth this sparring session, I will challenge him publicly to erase my humiliation,” Bai Ze said coldly. This year, he had had tremendous improvement.

“I heard that he defeated the Daozang Palace’s Yun Feng a few months ago. Previously, Yun Feng was already a Grade Six Noble who was on the Law Rank, you should be more cautious,” another person beside him said.

A glint appeared in Bai Ze’s eyes. He had previously heard that as well, Ye Futian’s reputation after entering the Palace was dismal and it was only restored after he had challenged the Daozang Palace’s Yun Feng and brutally defeated him.

“In the past, the person who got first in the Holy Zhi Palace admission examination would always enter the Sage Palace. This time, Ye Futian went to the Battle Sage Palace instead. I would really like to meet him,” Hua Fan said softly.