The Legend Of Futian Chapter 606

Chapter 606 End Of Year Gathering

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The Guqin Valley was one of the many relics within the Shengdao Palace, and a famous one at that. Liu Kuangsheng’s illustrious reputation was one of the reasons. Another was that no one had been truly able to touch Liu Kuangsheng’s guqin in the Guqin Valley and get his approval. This was indicative of the kind of character Liu Kuangsheng was. True to the meaning of his name, he lived wildly, and even after his death, none of the palace’s talents had been able to impress him.

The entrance of the Guqin Valley was a stone cave. Many people were gathered here, and at the head of them was Ye Futian. He was holding a guqin in his arms, playing continuously. If Ye Futian were to stop playing, the resonance between him and the Guqin Valley may be disrupted.

Ye Futian could feel the incredibly powerful energy of Musical Will within this valley. He walked through the stone doors into the valley. It was a whole new world on the other side of the arched doors. Startlingly bright and cheery, it was like a private little world of one’s own. There were green plains and strange jagged rocks, mountains, and springs. It was a world filled with life, and an invisible energy seemed to inhabit the space as well. Those were the musical notes that danced in time to Ye Futian’s music.

Behind Ye Futian, many people walked out into the valley as well. Unlike Ye Futian, they felt a sort of pressure, one that surrounded them from all directions in the Guqin Valley. It was as if the Musical Will was seeping into their minds, making them feel incredibly uncomfortable. It was as though they were about to lose their minds.

“Let’s wait outside,” Ye Wuchen whispered. Hua Jieyu and Yu Sheng nodded, and they all retreated. Xu Que, Zhong Li, and many others had come as well, but they too went outside the Guqin Gardens to wait. Only Lian Yuqing followed Ye Futian in, similarly holding a guqin in his arms and playing. However, the musical notes were relentless still in their invasion of his mind.

In the past, even if one was not a Musical Sorcerer, they would still come to the Guqin Valley in order to train their Spiritual Will. But to him, this place held a different significance. Furthermore, regardless of who came here to train, they would not come before the guqin in the Guqin Valley.

Lian Yuqing lifted his head to gaze into the distance. The ground was higher there, and the surroundings elegant. A guqin lay quietly on a smooth large rock. At this very moment, the guqin was actually playing itself, and the musical notes that spread across the space were resonating with the guqin in Ye Futian’s arms.

Lian Yuqing saw with his own eyes how Ye Futian walked forward until he was right before the guqin. This guqin had become famous because of Liu Kuangsheng, and was hailed as an iconic guqin in the Barren State. It was called the Soul Guqin.

Lian Yuqing’s guqin was peaceful and calm, just like his own inner state. He had always wanted to experience just how proudly defiant the enchanted guqin of Liu Kuangsheng’s was, though it was a pity that he never actually got the chance to. Now, he watched as the newcomer to the Holy Zhi Palace, who had been first in the Law Battle, walk before the Soul Guqin and sit down, crossing his legs. He felt a twinge of jealousy towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian had stopped playing by now, and he glanced at the guqin in his hands. He remembered how this guqin from the Ancient Loulan in the Ancient Barren World had been unwilling to follow him back then. Now it seemed like he would never have any use for it in the future. However, Ye Futian would keep the guqin with him as a memento.

Since he had already walked all the way over here, he could predict what would happen next. It was a form of acknowledgment that the musical notes had drawn him here. It would also be a form of inheritance for him as well.

Ye Futian sat down on the ground and looked at the guqin before him. The words “Soul Guqin” were carved into the side of the guqin. It was probably the name of this guqin. He reached out and touched the guqin lightly. In an instant, the strings of the guqin moved, and Ye Futian’s fingers danced along with the strings as well. The surroundings were immediately filled with musical notes, which floated into Ye Futian’s mind.

Ye Futian closed his eyes and immersed himself within the experience, quietly feeling the musical notes that were floating into his head, and remembering every single note, burning them into his memory.An image surfaced in Ye Futian’s head. A middle-aged man sat right where he was, playing the guqin with both hands. It was the previous owner of the Soul Guqin.

As Ye Futian listened to the music, he felt a hint of Guqin Spirit within the Soul Guqin. This was the resonance created between him and the Guqin Spirit, which had also laid down a Musical Boundary around the Guqin Valley to seal the guqin here. If Ye Futian was not playing the Ukiyo song, he would not have been able to even set foot into this place.

The music playing in Ye Futian’s mind felt wild and unrestrained to him. He had never learned such a wild song before. Back then, he had learned songs like “The World” and “A Chaotic Nation.” Those were songs that had moments of magnificence and solemnity, but the only word that came to mind as he listened to this song was “wild.” It was as if the song had taken on a form of its own and was on the level of a grandmaster.

At this moment, Lian Yuqing was still struggling outside the Musical Boundary, trying to get to where Ye Futian was. However, he realized that he was slowly losing his Will. If he were really to force his way through the Boundary, he may very well lose his mind.

Finally, Lian Yuqing stopped and sighed as he looked towards Ye Futian. He then turned to leave. He would remember everything that had happened today as a point of motivation for himself. Once he got back, he was going to train his state of mind as well as well as his abilities in the Guqin Path.

Ye Futian stayed in the Guqin Valley for many days. Yu Sheng, Hua Jieyu and the rest waited outside for him throughout. By this time, the sparring sessions had come to an end. The real sparring had started after Ye Futian left, with powerful individuals clashing against each other. Even those at the top of the Law Rank had gotten involved as well. But the fight that Ye Futian had walked out of remained the most shocking battle of this series of sparring sessions.

On the last day of the ten thousand and sixth year of the Divine Prefecture Calendar, many of the Holy Zhi Palace’s disciples left to visit home. Those who didn’t leave kept busy with their training. The new Law Rank was now carved onto the stone wall in the Law Battle Platform area. Once the sparring sessions ended every year, there would be great changes to the Law Rank. However, this year, the biggest change in the Law Rank was attributed only to one person.

Many people were gathered before the Law Rank. Zhuge Xing, Xiang Zhiqin, Yun Feng, and the others were all there, staring at the new rankings. Shockingly, Ye Futian’s name was at the top. He was tenth in the Law Rank. Despite only being a Grade Eight Noble, he had made it to tenth place. This was practically a miracle in the Holy Zhi Palace.

Of course, no one dared to question this ranking. Ye Futian had already displayed the potential of someone who would rank first in the Law Rank from his performance in battle. Furthermore, his skills in sorcery and martial arts were all outstanding, and he had defeated Lian Yuqing in battle using the Guqin Path. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Futian was still at a lower plane, and was not as physically strong, he may have ranked even higher.

Other than Ye Futian, Yu Sheng had entered the Law Rank as well, though he was further down the list. But it seemed like the two names who would eventually be on top had already appeared within the Law Rank. People made it a point to remember Ye Futian’s name.

Where the relics were, there were many people training everywhere as well. Some occasionally had their eye on the Guqin Valley as well. Hua Jieyu was waiting outside the stone doors of the Guqin Valley. Today was the last day of the year, but Ye Futian was still training inside, refusing to come out. Just then, a handsome figure walked out from the valley. All smiles, he gazed towards the countless people waiting outside the Guqin Valley for him.

A smile appeared on Hua Jieyu’s face. Walking up to him, she first threw him a sharp glance before asking gently, “How’s your training?”

“There was the inheritance of a senior within the Guqin Valley,” Ye Futian replied. “I managed to obtain several superb songs and the senior’s guqin. He then chuckled, “Did a day without me feel like an eternity?”

Hua Jieyu pouted at him. She thought he was being incredibly thick-skinned.

“I thought you weren’t going to come out,” Hua Jieyu said softly.

“Why wouldn’t I? I’m planning to welcome the new year with my wife-to-be.” Ye Futian laughed, before looking at Ye Wuchen. “Wuchen, call Chenyu over. Let’s find a place to sit.”

“Sure,” Ye Wuchen replied, “where shall we meet?”

“Up there.” Ye Futian pointed to a mountain. “That’s the highest point in this place, we should get a pretty good view.”

Ye Wuchen nodded and turned to leave.

“Yu Sheng, I’ll get Little Condor to bring Qingxuan over. Let’s head there first.” Ye Futian smiled. Yu Sheng nodded, and they set off towards the tall mountain.

At the peak of that mountain, one could get a bird’s eye view of the area. Staring down at the many relics below, Ye Futian laughed. “Just training in the Law Power Zone alone has taken me half a year, and there’s still plenty of resources left for me to train with for a good while. There probably are still places like the Guqin Valley among these relics. Seems like I’ll be able to train well in the palace for the next few years.” After the sparring sessions, no one would be picking a fight with Ye Futian. Which was good, since he had come to the palace in order to train and ascend to higher planes.

“We’re still going to be training here for a few years?” Yi Xiaoshi clenched his teeth. He was thinking that he wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Seventh brother, if you’re going to be so lazy, I’m going to have to have a chat with Second sister when I get the chance.” Ye Futian grinned at him.

“You think that scares me?” Yi Xiaoshi glared scornfully at Ye Futian, but he still seemed a little unconfident.

“Yuan Zhan, why didn’t you go back to Mount Taihang?” Ye Futian turned to Yuan Zhan and asked.

“The old man had me follow you,” Yuan Zhan replied, gazing into the distance.

“But you didn’t have to stick with me all the way,” Ye Futian rubbed between his eyebrows, marveling at how rigid these demonic beasts could be.

Soon, Yu Wuchen, Liu Chenyu, the Black Wind Condor, Yi Qingxuan, and Loulan Xue arrived at the mountain peak at the same time. Ye Futian smiled at Liu Chenyu. “Chenyu, you’ve become prettier. Looks like our Wuchen has done a good job taking care of you.”

Liu Chenyu had been training in the palace as well. As she transcended to a higher plane, her aura became even more outstanding as well.

“Who is Yun Shuisheng, and why have I been hearing things about her even at the Sword Pavilion?” Liu Chenyu looked towards Ye Futian, seeming to ask in all seriousness.

Ye Futian blinked and looked at the stunning figure before him. “I was in the wrong.”

This woman is ruthless, he thought to himself.

“It’s the last day of the year already, let’s not argue today.” Yi Qingxuan walked up to them, smiling gently.

“Qingxuan’s right.” Ye Futian nodded. “Why does it feel like we’re missing something, like roasted meat or whatnot?” As he spoke, Ye Futian’s gaze landed on the Black Wind Condor, and the Condor jumped up hurriedly, speaking up woefully, “Boss, if there’s anything you want, just give the order and I’ll go get it done.” The Condor was wary of the others having any funny ideas about it. It spooked him.

“Does anyone want alcohol?” a voice rang out. Ye Futian turned to look, and saw Zui Qianzhou walking over with Xu Que, carrying a pot of wine with him.

“Sure.” Ye Futian smiled and nodded. This situation was perfect for drinking.

“Looks like I have no choice but to bring out the good stuff.” Zui Qianchou seemed a little pained. From a storage ring, he took out many wine cups. There was a great variety of cups, with some made of gold and others of jade. Ye Futian was dumbfounded at how exquisite Zui Qianchou’s taste was.

Everyone sat together, and Zui Qianchou poured them all a cup of wine, chuckling, “Despite being alive for so long, I haven’t actually had the chance to welcome the new year with people who aren’t my master. To fate, which brought us all together!”

Xu Que chuckled, thinking to himself that life really was interesting. He had thought himself a person who did not get along with the rest, but after arriving at the Holy Zhi Palace, he had discovered people he didn’t mind, like Zui Qianzhou and Ye Wuchen.

Ye Futian and Yu Sheng seemed like interesting people too. Perhaps this really was the workings of fate at play.

“To fate!” Ye Futian laughed, and everyone raised their cups and drank.

“The sparring sessions a few days ago were really satisfying.” Xu Que grinned. “How long do you all think it will take for us to take over the Law Rank of the Holy Zhi Palace?” Most of those who would predictably be at the forefront of the rankings were here at this gathering.

“Probably three years,” Zui Qianchou replied.

“Three years?” Ye Futian looked towards the Holy Zhi Palace. “I’ve never thought about conquering the Law Rank.”

Zui Qianchou and Xu Que were taken aback for a moment and glanced over at Ye Futian. Then they both chuckled. Indeed, they had forgotten that not everyone had their sights set on the Law Rank. The rankings meant little to Ye Futian.

“Then what about the Barren Sky Ranking in the Barren State?” Xu Que looked towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian was still staring off into the distance. He thought about the Barren Sky Ranking in the Barren State. A smile then appeared on his face, but he did not reply. In years to come when Xu Que recalled this memory again, he would finally understand the meaning behind Ye Futian’s smile.