The Legend Of Futian Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Battle Situation

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“They want to take down Yu Ming first.” The crowd saw the actions of Ye Futian’s team and immediately understood what they wanted to do. Yu Ming used the chessboard as a matrix and would affect their battle. As long as they took down Yu Ming, the rest of Li Futu’s team would be split up and unable to act as a whole.

Yu Ming looked at the air with a cold expression. The brilliant chessboard on the ground flew into the air, turning into a defensive ability that spread out across the air.

In the air, Ye Futian continued to play his Guqin piece. The High Song became even more thundering, and the aura on the seven people beside him became stronger, as though they had all entered a state of rampage under the influence of the Guqin piece.

Behind Huang Jiuge, the Renhuang Body Life Spirit appeared. He was like a descendant of the Renhuang with the Renhuang Sword in his hand, slashing down towards the ground. A blade of light that penetrated the heavens appeared and struck the chessboard. The chessboard slowly split, and Xu Que moved as well. With a graceful arc, the blade in his hand sliced down, splitting the chessboard in two. With a blinding glow, the chessboard disappeared.

At the same moment, the attacks from the experts on the ground landed again. Yun Shuisheng looked down, and a frost will surrounded her body with extreme coldness. Frost surrounded the air, and the icy intent permeated every expert on the ground. They could feel their movements becoming slower and their blood felt as though it was about to stop flowing. Their spells were all being delayed and frozen. Only Li Futu’s body was bathed in endless flames, and he flew into the air, the terrifying flames burning in the air, expelling the frost intent.

Yi Xiaoshi’s vines rushed wildly towards the people on the ground with rustling sounds. At the same time, Huang Jiuge and Xu Que moved towards Yu Ming. Yu Ming’s expression was ruthless. The chessboard Life Spirit behind him lit up glaringly and shone onto Huang Jiuge and Xu Que, slowing them down.

“Kill.” Huang Jiuge fired arrows which tore through the air. However, Yu Ming’s expression did not change as he stretched out his hand and waved it. The chessboard moved and caused Huang Jiuge’s arrows to deviate from their original path and miss him.

Xu Que’s blade landed, yet Yu Ming’s body turned into a shadow. He was like a piece on the chess board, always in motion. It was as though he could predict all of Xu Que’s moves on his chessboard. No matter how fast Xu Que was, he could not escape Yu Ming’s perception.

Wanting to deal with him first? Dream on.

An even more terrifying glow was emitted, and using the heavens as pieces, Yu Ming looked at Ye Futian who was in the middle of the team, and revealed a mocking expression, chanting, “Ground restriction.” As his voice landed, the chessboard that had projected onto Ye Futian’s team surrounded them, trapping them within like a prison cell.

“Li Futu, it’s up to you now,” Yu Ming said. He had controlled his matrix to seal Ye Futian’s team within his chessboard.

Li Futu’s body flew into the air, his Vermillion Bird wings sparkling brightly, covered in inextinguishable flames. He stretched out his palm and a golden flame current rampaged wildly. Gradually, the flames transformed into a Vermillion Bird and flew out from his palm, shadowing the heavens and attacking Ye Futian’s team. The Vermillion Bird’s wings slashed downwards, the flames burning even the heavens.

While Ye Futian’s group was trapped, Li Futu’s ritual implement, Yan Jiu’s sword, Nan Hao’s spear, and the other experts fired their strongest attacks simultaneously towards them.

As expected of Yu Ming, many people thought. Ye Futian’s team wanted to deal with the matrix sorcerer, Yu Ming, but they had not expected to be trapped between a rock and a hard place.

At that moment, Huang Jiuge, Yun Shuisheng, and the rest did not resist and stood still, allowing the matrix to trap them within. They released their formidable Spiritual Energy which combined with the Guqin melody to form a terrifying Spiritual Energy resonance. Ye Futian, who was standing in the middle, was immersed in a brilliant light. At that moment, his Spiritual Energy flooded the entire battle arena. With his fingers strumming the Guqin, Ye Futian lowered his head and continued playing without looking at the attacks descending from the sky. The chessboard’s matrix surrounded them and it seemed like the attacks were about to land on them.

The Vermillion Bird dived towards them, destroying everything in its path. However, at that moment, a formidable force appeared around Ye Futian’s body, surrounding his team within. A veil of light that resembled Starry Brilliance encompassed them. Although the veil was invisible, the Divine Vermillion Bird was unable to break through it. The sword and spear reached as well, rushing towards Ye Futian. But the moment they reached the veil, they were unable to progress. All attacks appeared to falter before the veil.

“What an intense zone force,” some strong Sage Plane figures said while looking at Ye Futian’s surroundings. They could only see a handsome figure playing the Guqin. The eight figures appeared to have combined into one at that moment, all of them encompassed by the imposing light.

“Break,” Ye Futian said. Immediately, his body was surrounded by countless bolts of lightning. in the next moment, thunderstorms appeared and tore through everything, resembling the rage of the Thunder God. The heavens shook in response, and the thunderbolts appeared to have multiple colors. Green, golden, purple All the thunderbolts turned into dragons and serpents, and frantically devoured everything around them. The Vermillion Bird was struck by lightning and howled in agony. Its huge body pierced by the lightning. Its limbs were all surrounded by dreadful lightning and its body was completely torn apart. All the other attacks were also nullified, and even the chessboard was destroyed by the thunderbolts.

“Spiritual Energy resonance, using the Guqin melody as a medium for Spiritual Energy to cast spells.”

“Is this Liu Kuangsheng’s Guqin piece?” many people commented as they watched. At that moment, the resonance was still active and Yun Shuisheng had a glint in her eyes. The frost in the heavens descended onto the battle platform, and she stretched out her palm and the snowstorm landed on the other team. Yan Jiu, Nan Hao, and the rest of the other team were all buried within the snowstorm, and their consciousness started fading as their thoughts came to a halt.

“Go,” Ye Futian said. As his voice landed, the people surrounding him flew forward and Huang Jiuge headed directly for Yu Ming.

Yu Sheng launched off the ground, pouncing towards Yan Jiu, a terrifying golden glow surrounding his feet as he stomped down. Yan Jiu growled in anger and broke out of the ice. His sword slashed forward, tearing through the air.

Bang. The footprint crushed the sword strike that had yet to reach its maximum power. Yu Sheng then stepped on Yan Jiu’s chest, pummeling him into the ground, crushing numerous rib bones in the process.

In another direction, Xu Que headed for Nan Hao, his figure like a sword, dripping with a thirst for blood. Nan Hao was already affected by the frost spell and was unable to deflect Xu Que’s sword. Blood trickled from his arm and his spear fell to the ground. There was even a trace of blood on his throat. He fell to the ground, unable to continue battling.

Phoenix flew towards Xie Ji instead. The Divine Phoenix shadowed the heavens and devoured the opponent’s destructive Flame Lotus and sent Xie Ji flying. Yuan Zhan assaulted Di Zhou, the two of them trading blows crazily. Di Zhou repeatedly fought back, and under the Guqin melody, Yuan Zhan attacked bravely in a flurry of strikes. Yi Xiaoshi flew towards Xiang Zhiyan, his vines rushing madly at her.

The sudden reversal caused many people to be stunned, especially the crowd who had bet on Li Futu’s team. They were flustered that they were going to lose. However, those who had bet on Ye Futian’s team in the last round of betting had sparkling gazes. A four-to-one payout, if Ye Futian’s team won, they would be the biggest winners.

Bing Yi looked at the battle arena, saw that her team had been dominated, and was at a loss. She fired her spells and flew forward, but saw Yu Sheng, who had just dealt with Yan Jiu, walking towards her like a demon.

Total annihilation.

Li Futu also had a grim expression when he saw the situation in the arena. He released his Life Spirit, a Vermillion Bird Spirit and an immensely huge flame figure. The golden flame figure looked like a god. Following that, a golden flame armor appeared on Li Futu’s body, making him look as though he had been possessed by a god. His body contained a huge amount of destructive force.

Bam. He stepped forward, his body flying into the air, heading in his wife’s direction. When Yi Xiaoshi’s Emperor’s Vine engulfed them, Li Futu stretched out his palm, golden flames spewing from it, burning the vines to ashes.

Li Futu’s eyes turned golden, and the giant Vermillion Bird behind him swayed, causing the flames to burn even brighter. The vines were all incinerated, and Li Futu’s body flew towards Yi Xiaoshi like a ray of light.

“Retreat.” Yi Xiaoshi heard a voice in his head and he backed off immediately. Li Futu continued to charge forward, even when he saw Xu Que’s sword slashing towards him. He grabbed the sword with his bare hands. Although the sword sliced towards him, his golden palm appeared to have hardened beyond belief and burned Xu Que’s sword.

Li Futu continued stepping forward and delivered a punch. Xu Que’s body turned into a flash of lightning and retreated. Li Futu’s offensive ability was terrifying after he flared up.

Countless gazes stared at Li Futu. Could the Fire Emperor Palace’s elite genius reverse the situation with his own ability?

An imposing frost current descended and prevented Li Futu from continuing forward. Yun Shuisheng landed in front of him, covered in a frost armor. Her slender arm stretched forward, colliding with Li Futu’s seemingly godly flame arm. When their palms clashed, the image that most people expected did not appear. Yun Shuisheng was not burnt. Although her body was weak, she stood firmly without moving an inch.

Around the two of them, a terrifying storm brewed. A storm of ice and fire, each trying to erode the other. The storm continued to expand in the air, the flames burning through space and the snow permeating the skies.

The crowd could see the flames invading Yun Shuisheng’s arm. The golden flame was extremely overbearing and attempted to melt the ice on her body. Similarly, the armor on Li Futu’s body had been invaded by the frost, and it was making its way into his body.

Li Futu stared at the figure in front of him. He came from the Fire Mountain and his flames and body had been tempered by the mountains’ flames thousands of times, yet, the girl in front of him could withstand and resist it.

Was the Holy Zhi Palace really such a scary place?!