The Legend Of Futian Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Fight For It

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In Alchemy City, Ye Futian and the others gathered around Xue Ye and Luo Fan. Zhuge Mingyue checked Xue Ye’s injuries.

“Senior Sister, how is he?” Ye Futian asked.

“Very weak,” Zhuge Mingyue said. “He’s used up all his spiritual energy and used his life spirit. He must have damaged his vitality. We won’t know the result until he wakes up. This idiot.”

“He’s indeed an idiot,” Luo Fan also said.

“I’ll take care of you later.” Zhuge Mingyue glanced at Luo Fan, making him smile wryly.

“Let me see,” a gentle voice said right then. Ye Futian looked over at Phoenix and said, “Phoenix is the disciple of the undying old man. Senior Sister, let her look.”

“Okay.” Zhuge Mingyue made room for her.

Phoenix walked to Xue Ye’s side and released her spiritual energy. Green light flashed instantly, enveloping Xue Ye’s body. The thick aura of vitality oozed out. Green light seeped into Xue Ye bit by bit.

“His vitality is greatly damaged and he’s hurt his core. He’ll be disabled by the time he wakes up,” Phoenix murmured.

Ye Futian paled instantly. “Is there any way to save him?”

“Yes.” Phoenix nodded. She reached out and took a pill from her storage ring. “This is the pill my teacher gave me,” she said. “The Phoenix Pill.”

“The Phoenix Pill that is said to bring people back from the dead?” Zhuge Canyang’s eyes flashed. This medicine was extremely valuable. It could be traded for a Sage ritual implement. Even Sages dreamed about having that pill. Having it could save their lives.

Was this woman going to give it to Xue Ye now?

Ye Futian obviously knew how valuable the Phoenix Pill was. Earlier, Phoenix had used it as her wager at the Casino Alchemy and the others were all shocked.

“Yes, but it’s not that miraculous. If someone is truly dead, he can’t be brought back. However, he’s only a Noble. This pill is able to replenish what he used up today,” Phoenix said. Then she put the Phoenix Pill in Xue Ye’s mouth. The pill melted immediately and Xue Ye glowed brilliantly. He seemed to be blanketed in some miraculous power. The Phoenix Pill’s powerful medicinal effect was mending his body. Gradually, Xue Ye was covered in light. Luo Fan blinked. “Girl, do you have more? I’m hurt badly too.”

“Shut up.” Zhuge Mingyue glanced at Luo Fan.

“Senior Sister, I was just joking,” Luo Fan said with a trembling smile.

“Your injuries don’t need the Phoenix Pill. You just used up all your spiritual energy and didn’t hurt your core like him. This pill will be enough.” Phoenix took out another pill for Luo Fan who accepted it with a smile.

“Thank you. If you need anything in the future, just ask my junior.”

Ye Futian stared at this guy, speechless. However, he still had to thank Phoenix. Looking over, he said, “Thank you.”

“Didn’t we receive many ritual implements earlier? It’s not a loss for me.” Phoenix smiled. Ye Futian made note of her help. In reality, they weren’t very close. Phoenix cultivated in the Daozang Pavilion with Jieyu. She’d only asked him some questions about cultivation before and hadn’t really interacted until this trip to Alchemy City.

A while later, Xue Ye opened his eyes. Various faces appeared in his vision.

“Result?” he asked as soon as he woke up. Clearly, he was still worried about the ranking of the Alchemy Conference.

Zhuge Mingyue glared at him. This guy cared about the ranking instead of his own life.

“Second,” Luo Fan said.

“Who’s first?” Xue Ye asked. He hoped it was You Tu.

“Gongsun Ye.”

“So we still lost?” Xue Ye’s eyes darkened immediately.

“Fourth Senior Brother, perhaps Gongsun Ye will give up because of your relationship with her,” Ye Futian comforted.

Xue Ye sat up and noticed the strangeness of his body. “Why am I okay?” he asked.

“You really think that you can marry You Xi if you disable yourself and win first place? Idiot,” Zhuge Mingyue scolded. “If Junior’s fellow disciple hadn’t given you a pill, you’d be disabled right now.”

“Thank you.” Seeing that Zhuge Mingyue was looking at Phoenix, Xue Ye realized who’d saved him. He thanked her softly, thinking that his junior was very powerful. He always had beauties around him while Xue Ye couldn’t even catch one.

“Since you’re alive, let’s go to the banquet in the city lord’s office. With your performance today, City Lord You won’t kill you.” Zhuge Mingyue’s expression was still cold. Then she started walking towards the city lord’s office. The others all followed her.

“Second Senior Sister, Senior Brother is pretty miserable. Don’t yell at him,” Ye Futian whispered.

“Yell? He’d gotten his life saved. Ask your asshole senior brother what he’d done.” Zhuge Mingyue’s anger hadn’t subsided at all. Ye Futian found this strange. He’d seen Xue Ye and You Xi’s relationship. Why was Zhuge Mingyue saying this?

Right then, Luo Fan patted Ye Futian’s shoulder and said telepathically, “Junior, don’t tell anyone, but Fourth Senior Brother has already had sex with her.”

Ye Futian felt awkward. This

“And she has it already,” Luo Fan added.

Ye Futian tripped and stumbled forward. He almost fell. Luo Fan grabbed his shoulder to steady him, but Ye Futian’s brain had almost stopped working.

This guy Ye Futian finally understood why Second Senior Sister was so angry. Even he wanted to kill his senior brother.

Wasn’t this suicide? Who was You Xi? She was the daughter of You Chi, the top armorer of the Barren State and eighth on the Barren Sky Ranking. He’d already proposed to marry You Xi to the first place of the Alchemy Conference. Even so, Xue Ye had had sex with You Xi and even got her pregnant This was no different from suicide.

Ye Futian finally understood Second Senior Sister’s reaction in the Holy Zhi Palace. Indeed, she couldn’t save Xue Ye. Even the Zhuge Family’s patriarch couldn’t help. Xue Ye was looking for death. Ye Futian felt that it was a miracle for him to live until now.

“What’s wrong?” Hua Jieyu asked. She found Ye Futian’s reaction strange.

“Nothing.” Ye Futian composed himself and stopped talking for now. He couldn’t spread this news. Otherwise, You Chi might actually kill Xue Ye. Thankfully, You Xi’s stomach was still small and no one could tell. Otherwise, no one could save Xue Ye. Now, they had to see if there was still a chance.

You Chi had seen Xue Ye win second place in the Alchemy Conference. He’d probably consider forgiveness too. After all, this was a scandal and he wouldn’t want it to spread. If Xue Ye could marry You Xi, this scandal would be covered instead of exposed.

The city lord’s office had already prepared a grand banquet. After Ye Futian’s group arrived, the banquet began. They quickly found their seats and sat down. Many people looked towards them and especially at Xue Ye. Had he really woken up so quickly?

You Chi also glanced at Xue Ye, but no one could tell what he was thinking from his calm expression. While making armory earlier, he’d acted as if he didn’t even see Xue Ye. His endurance was terrifying.

“This year’s Alchemy Conference is over,” You Chi said to everyone. “Since we are all here, the promise from before is still effective. All the lords of the major families of Alchemy City are here personally. The 100 of the Alchemy Rank can choose whichever family they’d like to cultivate in. Of course, you can also join the city lord’s office.”

“Today’s final battle was incredible,” the family lord of the Zhou Family said, smiling. “It’s even more impressive than the last one ten years ago. If anyone is willing to join the Zhou Family, we will definitely treat you well. We will provide the best cultivation and armory conditions.”

“The same for the Lu Family,” the respective family lord said. After that, the other families all spoke out, but they didn’t say anything specific. Evidently, they couldn’t compete so directly. However, this kind of invitation was tradition. The people could choose for themselves. After all, they should know that the top 100 were still weaker than the top ten. If they entered the city lord’s office, City Lord You Chi still wouldn’t have time to teach them, and they’d have fewer opportunities. There were many talents in the city lord’s office. The top talents of every decade joined it. If they joined the city lord’s office, they would be able to receive tips from the seniors there and have a good atmosphere. However, they wouldn’t stand out and receive special training. Thus, not everyone would choose the city lord’s office.

“Of course, you don’t need to rush. If the top ten chooses the city lord’s office, they can practice armory with me. For the top three, I will personally teach you my techniques,” You Chi continued. This was what he’d promised before. “Of course, if you have other choices, I won’t blame you. This is your choice.”

“I’m willing to cultivate in the city lord’s office,” Xue Ye said first. Many people looked at him. This guy had an ambiguous relationship with You Xi. He obviously wanted to cultivate in the city lord’s office.

You Chi scanned him indifferently but still nodded. “Alright.”

Gongsun Ye’s expression was extremely ugly. He stared coldly at Xue Ye. Coincidentally, Xue Ye looked up at him and said, “Gongsun Ye, I already knew You Xi beforehand. You won first place in the Alchemy Conference, but if you can give it up, I would be grateful from the bottom of my heart. If you need anything in the future, I will help you.”

This guy. Many people looked at Xue Ye, intrigued. Was he publicly begging Gongsun Ye? Everyone understood what he wanted Gongsun Ye to give up, of course. Evidently, Xue Ye had only won second place, but he still hadn’t given up. He wanted to fight for it through Gongsun Ye.

Gongsun Ye stared coldly at him. He felt insulted.

“You’ve already seen what’s between my senior brother and You Xi,” Ye Futian said. “It isn’t fair to you, and it’s my senior brother’s fault. But things are already as they are, so why don’t you just give them your blessing? If you have any requests, I will try my best. We will owe you in the future.” Since Xue Ye and You Xi already had a child, he had to help fight for Xue Ye. And there were only two options: Gongsun Ye and You Chi.

In reality, Gongsun Ye was the only option. After all, if Gongsun Ye insisted, You Chi couldn’t take back his words!

Gongsun Ye raised his head and sent a mocking glare at Ye Futian. “Scram!”