The Legend Of Futian Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Talk With You Chi

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Gongsun Ye was totally pissed off. You Xi’s date with Xue Ye was a shame to him. At this moment, how could Xue Ye and Ye Futian dare to make this known to all and ask him to make a concession? Were they mad? He was first place in this Alchemy Conference.How could they treat him like this? He made great achievements both in martial arts and alchemy. People regarded him and Di Gang as the two top talents of Alchemy City.

Gongsun Ye had planned this for a long time before the Conference. He was going to be the winner. Then You Chi would enroll him as his first disciple. He was also going to marry You Xi, the famous beauty of Alchemy City. He was going to be the next legend.

He had waited too long for this day to come. But what happened on the Alchemy Conference had destroyed his fantasies. Everything he’d wanted had been tainted.

Xue Ye took his woman away.

Ye Futian was the winner of the pavilion battle three years ago. Who did he think he was to interfere with Gongsun Ye’s matters and make him stop? Owe him? He was the first of the Alchemy Rank. He didn’t need Ye Futian to owe him.

Ye Futian was only the winner of a battle that was held every three years, but Gongsun Ye was the winner of the Alchemy Conference that was held every ten years! He would definitely become a legend in the world of alchemy. Those top talents of the Barren State would respect him too. In the future, he wouldn’t even need to care about the Holy Zhi Palace. You Chi, the lord of Alchemy City, had never bothered to attend the battle held by the Holy Zhi Palace.

The word “scram” silenced everyone. Eyes all fell on Ye Futian. The big figures also became interested in this show held by the winner of the Alchemy Conference and the winner of the Pavilion Battle.

Looking over and seeing Gongsun Ye’s eyes, Ye Futian knew it was impossible for Gongsun Ye to concede now. From Gongsun Ye’s eyes, Ye Futian saw anger, coldness as well as pride. Obviously, Gongsun Ye didn’t think much about his status as a disciple of the Holy Zhi Palace.

Gongsun Ye turned slowly to You Chi and asked, “Sir, my engagement with You Xi won’t be changed, right?”

“Gongsun Ye!” At this time, Di Kai looked at Gongsun Ye and exclaimed, “It is a tradition that the winner of the Alchemy Conference will marry the city lord’s daughter. This is one of the greatest events in Alchemy City. Since Mr. You has promised, no one can change it. Please don’t mind what just happened. The engagement won’t be influenced.”

“Gongsun Ye, mind your mouth!” one of his seniors warned. Gongsun Ye was from the Gongsun Family, which was old and well-known for Alchemy.

“I apologize for being rude.” Gongsun Ye took a bow and raised a glass. “I’ll take three as punishment.” Then he drank three glasses of wine.

Xue Ye and Ye Futian didn’t look well because they knew that Gongsun Ye was going to marry You Xi no matter what.

“Gongsun Ye.” You Chi also turned to Gongsun Ye. He stood up and said, “I’m sorry about what happened before. It’s my fault. As the host of this Conference, I should be responsible for this too. Now, I would like to tell you something. You are still the one to decide. Please follow me.” Then You Chi stood up and walked away.

Gongsun Ye’s eyes flashed. Was You Chi going to give him an explanation? He stood up too and followed You Chi to the distance.

Many people looked in their direction curiously. You Xi’s appearance probably embarrassed You Chi. He had to arrange this well. People were curious about what You Chi would say to Gongsun Ye.

Xue Ye’s group was also looking at the same direction, but You Chi had separated the rest of them. Then he said to Gongsun Ye, “Gongsun Ye, since you are the ultimate winner of this Conference, you can be my disciple if you’d like. I will teach you everything I know about Alchemy. As for You Xi, I didn’t teach her well. It’s my fault. But before you make the decision, I have to make something clear in case you regret your decision.”

“Sir, what’s it?” Gongsun Ye felt there was something strange. You Chi had called him here for a personal conversation with him. Was there something wrong?

“You Xi is a rebellious girl. She isn’t actually willing to marry somebody she doesn’t know. That’s why she once left home for a while. It was at that time she met Xue Ye. And they did something improper.” You Chi didn’t reveal too many details. He knew that his daughter, by doing this, was protesting his decision.

Hearing You Chi’s words, Gongsun Ye turned pale. Something improper? He knew what it meant. If he married You Xi, it would mean that she’d already had another man before marriage.

He clenched his fists tightly. His nails dug into his palms. Gongsun Ye took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

“I am responsible for this, but it has already happened,” You Chi said. “If you decide not to marry her, I will make it up to you in other ways. After entering the City Lord’s Office, you will get to know many other beauties of my family. Once you meet someone you love, I will let her marry you. What do you think?” He didn’t actually have to make such a promise. It wasn’t a big deal even if Gongsun Ye knew the fact after their marriage. You Chi was only concerned that Gongsun Ye, the winner of the Alchemy Conference, might hate him and You Xi. That wouldn’t be a good thing for the family. That was why he chose to tell Gongsun Ye the truth and promised that he would make it up to him.

“If I concede like this, I will never be able to move past this mark on my reputation. I will become the subject of gossip.” Gongsun Ye was torn. He lowered his head and coldness flashed in his eyes.

You Xi, you’ll regret it. Gongsun Ye’s heart was cold. He laughed and looked at Chi You. “Sir, it’s a little shameful, but You Xi is such a wonderful girl. I still want to marry her.”

You Chi looked at Gongsun Ye meaningfully, as if he knew what Gongsun Ye was thinking.

“What if You Xi is pregnant?” You Chi continued. He didn’t want to reveal this, but seeing that Gongsun Ye still wouldn’t give up, he had to tell the truth.

Gongsun Ye stepped back and trembled. His face turned paler. If You Chi wasn’t here, Gongsun Ye would have exploded. His fiance was pregnant with another man’s child.

B*tch! Gongsun Ye was furious and needed to vent his anger.

“I won’t change my mind,” Gongsun Ye said determinedly, looking at You Chi.

“Fine, as long as you don’t mind. However, I want you to keep this secret. I don’t want anyone else to know. You understand?” You Chi said slowly. Gongsun Ye felt invisible pressure. He knew the consequence if he dared to tell others, even if he won first place.

“I understand,” Gongsun Ye replied.

“Okay, go back now,” You Chi said. “I will give you a few days to think about it. You don’t have to make the choice now.”

“Yes, sir.” Gongsun Ye turned around and walked away. Seeing his back, You Chi sighed inwardly.

Gongsun Ye was too proud. He wanted everything to be perfect, but he couldn’t make it perfect this time. If Gongsun Ye was willing to concede and spend all his effort in practicing Alchemy, You Chi would teach Gongsun Ye everything he knew and give him a good wife. But Gongsun Ye was like an extremist. You Chi knew he would definitely mind You Xi’s pregnancy. So why did he insist?

The two went back to the dinner as if nothing had ever happened. After a while, You Chi announced, “For those who have made the Alchemy Rank, I will give you three days to decide. I will support any decision you make. Three days later, anyone that wants to join me can come directly.”

Everyone nodded. Top talents like Di Kai and Yan Jun raised their glasses too, feeling a bit curious. Why didn’t You Chi make them decide right now? In such an occasion, most people would definitely choose to stay in the City Lord’s Office.

Three days was enough for other schools to draw these talents over to their side.

Gongsun Ye looked calm but was actually very upset. He knew the three days was for him.

“The Conference has ended, but I still want to see more.” Chu Jijiao smiled attractively and said, “Today, we have so many talents here. It’s a good time to have another competition, isn’t it?”

“You have too many ideas,” said Yan Jun. He looked at Bai Luli by his side and asked, “How are the two headmasters of the Holy Zhi Palace?”

“They are well,” Bai Luli replied with a smile. The two chiefs that Yan Jun had mentioned were number one and number three of the Barren Sky Ranking, respectively.

“I’ve heard that the top chief hasn’t come out for a long time. Is he still practicing in isolation?” Di Kai asked.

“Our head chief is always mysterious like this. I have no idea either,” Bai Luli replied with a smile.

Di Kai smiled meaningfully. Others might have had no idea, but people like Di Kai knew that the number one on the Barren Sky Ranking had been badly hurt. He didn’t reveal the truth and just smiled at people. “Among the top ten on the Barren Sky Ranking, other than number two, the Ice Temple, the other nine are all connected to the people here.”

“You are right.” Yan Jun scanned the crowd. The first and second were Bai Luli’s grand-master and master. The fourth was Bai Luli’s father. Huang Jiuge’s father was the fifth. Zhuge Mingyue’s father was the sixth. The seventh was Ye Futian and Yu Sheng’s master. Chi You was the eighth. Xu Que, the ninth’s successor was here too. Bai Luli was the tenth.

Almost half of the ten people were close to Bai Luli.

“Among people here, who will be the future top ten?” Di Kai smiled and glanced at Di Gang by his side. Actually, they didn’t know that the successor of the second was here too. This meant that the Barren Sky Ranking’s top ten or their successors were all here!